ENGSUB Weekly Idol EP561 Le Sserafim

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  • 게시일 2022. 05. 11.
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    JF ODEN 개월 전 +3285

    I'm glad eunchae is not just cute maknae but she's also smart and proactive. She doesn't just do the cute maknae role but will also show some reactions and will call out the members bs and tease others.

    • minji yun
      minji yun 일 전

      @R A F I - Once & Forever- VIP & EXO-L🇮🇳 no 15

    • BPunisherFox
      BPunisherFox 일 전 +1

      Why downgrade a cute thing? Being cute is not easy, look, many maknae in kpop group is not even cute or cant do a cute things, which is why theres a new thing called "fake maknae" because the older member have a natural cute side on them

    • star sky
      star sky 개월 전 +1

      @R A F I - Once & Forever- VIP & EXO-L🇮🇳 she’s 15 but turning 16 in november

    • minji yun
      minji yun 개월 전 +1

      @R A F I - Once & Forever- VIP & EXO-L🇮🇳 15

    • Dana Cuizon
      Dana Cuizon 개월 전

      I'm starting to love her! Her personality is a bit mature, and she can blend well with anyone

  • Da da
    Da da 개월 전 +1546

    sakura is a secret leader. she encourages the members and gives excuses for them to protect them. such a lovely unnie.

    • Andreina Pereira
      Andreina Pereira 개월 전

      @Who am I what is the heaviest job for the oldest?

    • ELLIE王榆榕
      ELLIE王榆榕 개월 전 +5

      @Who am I its not that never, BTS and TXT have said it before if I remember correctly, the reason they don't have the eldest as leaders is of the eldest's decision to be the leader's leaning shoulder. The leader selection process for Enha was documented too, they spent 40 days on it

    • Da da
      Da da 개월 전 +3

      @nothing personal that’s not her job, she just does it tho. she isn’t required to do those things but she still does.

    • nothing personal
      nothing personal 개월 전 +3

      that's basically what's oldest member's job in Hybe.

    • Valac Clara
      Valac Clara 개월 전 +17

      If ever this two will be leaders,,,
      I think Sakura is more on leader who is good at encouraging the members.
      And Yunjin is more on a leader who speak well.
      But since Chaewon can do both, she gets the role/position of leader.

  • Engineer At Large
    Engineer At Large 개월 전 +2554

    LE SSERAFIM is a combination of elegance and chaos! SLAYERS!

    • ereen fiqah
      ereen fiqah 6 일 전


    • hxllo.jihah._
      hxllo.jihah._ 14 일 전

      ​@Jester Gan that's the point of weekly idol. You need to show what u got. Is this ur first time or something?

    • Lovie Slayer
      Lovie Slayer 개월 전 +1

      and BULLY😉

    • Le Faucon Blanc
      Le Faucon Blanc 개월 전

      @Jester Gan hater

  • Jarapon
    Jarapon 개월 전 +2502

    This group is unstoppable because it has Sakura the center of the idol universe, Chaewon the exquisite beauty, and the surprise of 2022: Kazuha the goddess of idols!

    • Hyuka TXT's beloved maknae🐧🐧
      Hyuka TXT's beloved maknae🐧🐧 11 일 전

      @SLYTHERIN'S HEIR it's actually "Heo" because among all the surnames that sound like "huh", it's only Heo. Even Lee Minho's character in Legend Of The Blue Sea, is named 'Heo Joon Jae' and it sounds like 'Huh'. But I think you can actually say it both

    • Andreina Pereira
      Andreina Pereira 개월 전

      @Yxnotmin Are you?

    • Yxnotmin
      Yxnotmin 개월 전

      @Andreina Pereira are you 10??

    • Andreina Pereira
      Andreina Pereira 개월 전

      @Yxnotmin omg what a boomer

  • micah
    micah 개월 전 +702

    Why is Yunjin so underrated? Gurl can sing, dance, act, entertainment + her visual and height is otherwordly. She's one of my pick since pd48 and i am so happy seeing her reach her dreams with 2 of my most beloved former izone members 🥺💖

    • Ayeisha Gee
      Ayeisha Gee 개월 전

      @micah oh she looks like Aria Jin in some angles. They're both pretty and tall.

    • micah
      micah 개월 전

      @Ayeisha Gee nope, she only joined produce 48, not ywy.

    • Ayeisha Gee
      Ayeisha Gee 개월 전 +1

      Did Yunjin also went to Youth with You or probably she just looks like that trainee I saw?

    • ennaesoR kraP
      ennaesoR kraP 개월 전 +1

      not underrated if i can say, she is gain more attention than the other member?

    • trisha
      trisha 개월 전 +5

      Yunjin is underrated both in Korea and international... It's always the talented ones that get the least appreciation but it's ok I'm still rooting for Kirinchan and will post about her as much as I can

  • J
    J 개월 전 +817

    i died at kkura's wisdom quotes, i adore her so much. she is so much fun to watch on variety shows
    kazuha's ballet is so pretty, that leap was wow

    • Valac Clara
      Valac Clara 개월 전 +7

      yea kkura's wisdom quotes made this ep a lot funnier, I'll remember it. +Eunchae wisdom quotes too haha I love this group already

    • pasta made by jin rapper 👽
      pasta made by jin rapper 👽 개월 전 +3

      Yes 💀💀

    • Faoziah Nur Addini
      Faoziah Nur Addini 개월 전 +17

      Kkura is unstoppable now, since she speaks Korean well.

  • Selfosophist
    Selfosophist 개월 전 +853

    Can definitely see why Hybe went after Chaewon, she really is something special. Really like Eunchae's Kim Sohye-like smile too. It's going to be interesting watching this group grow.

    • ArtThrob Crafts
      ArtThrob Crafts 개월 전 +4

      Eunchae here reminds me of actress go ara

    • syk17
      syk17 개월 전 +4

      Omg I never realised she looked like sohye! She also reminds me of Chinese actress tan songyun

    • I'm A Loner
      I'm A Loner 개월 전 +18

      Owh you are have same thought with me about Eunchae,cause her wide smile remind me of Sohye 😊

  • O•Solé•Mio
    O•Solé•Mio 개월 전 +1323

    This chaotic group must be protected at all costs😂 at first I'm like "are they close to each other? I don't think so" but after watching there contents I can't help but to fall in love with with their hyper energy and unexpected charms😚

    • starlight7🌠
      starlight7🌠 개월 전 +2

      @O•Solé•Mio They were loving the ot5 cause of hos they weren't a bully and how the choreo looks cleaner but the thing with the choreo is the choreographer like why make a dance if its gonna have some members being blocked like she/he could've find a way to make the choreo look good with 6members

    • O•Solé•Mio
      O•Solé•Mio 개월 전 +5

      @starlight7🌠 actually I don't know anymore😧 the victim show a lot of evidence... I don't want Garam to be kick out but a lot of knetz was loving the OT5... and I also think Garam change for her own sake... but you know kpop world is a mess, Garam became successful and the other was now trying to ruin her life maybe the victim is envious? That's why she/he is doing this

    • starlight7🌠
      starlight7🌠 개월 전 +4

      @O•Solé•Mio What if she and the victim was proven to be bullying each other would u still want to kick her out? And watching this vid makes me wonder if she really is a bully or just changed for the better and im think she was 12 yk how kids are getting themselves into some mess butmost of these ppl are like 17 -20 like there forgetting how it was like to be a kid

    • O•Solé•Mio
      O•Solé•Mio 개월 전 +5

      @starlight7🌠 In Garam's situation right now I think it's better if hybe let go of her

    • starlight7🌠
      starlight7🌠 개월 전 +3

      Pls don't be mad at me but I think garam gets along with the group well unless its an act but just because of her past I don't think she should be kicked out but my opinions keep changing but its up to source music and hybe to decide

  • Nasrun Sj
    Nasrun Sj 개월 전 +962

    LESSERAFIM are going to be one of the most successful groups this year, the members are so talented,have an opera singer and a ballet in their groups,their VISUALS>> , they have THE SAKURA and THE CHAEWON.

    • yomi •
      yomi • 개월 전

      ​@Lunaly ღ yes sure but like they really arent the first gg if we also gonna talk abt b4 they became hybe. the person obv mentioned glam for a reason💀 le serrafim is their second gg.

    • yomi •
      yomi • 개월 전

      ​@hiiammarsfromasia! gfriend and fromis_9 arent even the first hybe known as bighit did have a girlgroup before jhope n jimin were even in the mv. the group disbanded cz some member was problematic. so hybe should learn from their mistakes and do better w le serrafim, garam can just go- we really dont need her.

    • oohvcjenncyy
      oohvcjenncyy 개월 전

      that so garam ruined it ...

    • chryztalll
      chryztalll 개월 전 +3

      I'm waiting for the Yunjin-Kazuha sub unit it would be fireee

    • Iris Aerizen ❤️💚
      Iris Aerizen ❤️💚 개월 전

      I'm afraid they won't...

  • Exclamation
    Exclamation 개월 전 +696

    I think it's hilarious how Sakura, Kazuha, and Garam were supposedly awkward at the beginning bc after watching their MV reaction, they were easily the loudest of the group lmao they kept screaming at and with each other 😂 I love that for them

    • JK&VmaiBebe
      JK&VmaiBebe 개월 전 +8

      to me I see Garam and Kazuha as a quiet persons because they don't talk much but my guess are wrong they are the Loudest

    • Kim Manoban
      Kim Manoban 개월 전 +32

      yeaah they 1st floor mates 😂, so loud and chaotic

    JF ODEN 개월 전 +604

    "If you close your eyes... it's dark"
    - Sakura Miyawaki

  • Pseudocide
    Pseudocide 개월 전 +696

    "Seraphim" is also another word for a type of angel! I wonder if the company took that into account as well when creating the name for the group. Works really well!

    • lulu
      lulu 28 일 전

      @hanatake yeah and you are a sinless saint a child of god so pure so white

    • Levi Berg
      Levi Berg 개월 전 +1

      @Samuel Raji As a Christian, it does have religious meaning. Not that I particularly care that the group is named that, but to write it off as just "mythic" is doing Christianity a disservice. Again, I have no problem with the group name. I'm just saying that seraphim are in fact religious and not just mythic.

    • RuRu's Ruto
      RuRu's Ruto 개월 전

      @hanatake it's not proved yet tho
      Well even i think she is not innocent but it isn't proved yet so let's not talk about it mate !

    • RichelleG.
      RichelleG. 개월 전

      That is my first thought aside from I'M FEARLESS

  • Miro Vio
    Miro Vio 개월 전 +526

    Eunchae's aegyo isn't cringe, wow, a new world opened up for me🤣

    • chryztalll
      chryztalll 개월 전 +1

      I think i like hers the most out of all gg

    • cellophane
      cellophane 개월 전 +4

      @CheeseOh I mean most idols even cringe at their own aegyo tho 😅

    • sds ban
      sds ban 개월 전 +3

      @CheeseOh most are cringe, especially when they are forced to do it.

    • Miro Vio
      Miro Vio 개월 전 +10

      @CheeseOh of course a lot are cringe since some of them are just asked to do it and not all idols are on the cute side.
      Even cute idols overdo it sometimes for entertainment.
      Please don't take the comment on a negative light.

    • CheeseOh
      CheeseOh 개월 전 +4

      If you find most aegyo cringe that's kinda sad

  • mojo jojo
    mojo jojo 개월 전 +229

    kazuha has the grace and elegance of a ballerina and the charisma, boldness of a rock star

    • ADee SHuPA
      ADee SHuPA 3 일 전

      @Chou Tzuyu ちょ 쯔위

    • Chou Tzuyu
      Chou Tzuyu 26 일 전 +1

      @mojo jojo she reminds me of Mina from Twice

    • mojo jojo
      mojo jojo 개월 전 +5

      @Samuel Raji an aura is felt not seen, she didn't have to show much for me to sense her charming aura.
      i don't know what gg are you keeping up with but for me i barely watch groups in general on variety shows, except for (G)-idle, they're really entertaining, and recently i've started following WJSN they're pretty good too, i suggest you check them out

    • Samuel Raji
      Samuel Raji 개월 전

      She hasn't shown much of her personality imo but I haven't watched much of their content apart from this. Most ggs are super boring in variety shows hopefully they grow into it more.

  • cskylove
    cskylove 개월 전 +73

    Heo Yunjin is so damn pretty. She has actress vibes among all of them

  • claire
    claire 개월 전 +515

    i was waiting for yunjin to introduce herself as an opera singer tho, i hope she would show off her opera singing skill next time

    • Jaz
      Jaz 개월 전 +13

      @Seranyte what melzer means is that she's not a professional opera singer, as in someone who actually works as an opera singer. She's just trained in classical singing due to her club activities back in US. So yes, she can sing classical, like in an opera, but is not an opera singer, technically speaking.

    • Seranyte
      Seranyte 개월 전

      @melzer 13 Yes but she already showed it in pd48

    • melzer 13
      melzer 13 개월 전 +22

      I don't think she was really an opera singer like how kazuha can say she is a pro ballet dancer. I feel like Yunjin just probably was trained in classical singing when she was attending performance arts school in NY but never actually became an opera singer, ya get what i mean?

    • yunjinz
      yunjinz 개월 전 +1


    • Seranyte
      Seranyte 개월 전 +5

      Me tooo

  • Waku Waku
    Waku Waku 개월 전 +350

    Sakura's improvements are crazy from her singing to dance to facial expressions and stage presence

  • 도치단
    도치단 개월 전 +248

    can't stop laughing at the part where yunjin was doing burpees and she was about to fly off HAHAHA but honestly i am so impressed, why is no one talking about her?!?

  • YouMakeMaryStay
    YouMakeMaryStay 개월 전 +592

    I tried so hard not to adore them, but I think I'm gonna fall head over heels for sakura. Chaewon has a charm too

    • kinkid foo
      kinkid foo 개월 전 +7

      Sakura's personality is like totally opposite from her stage performance! Fun fact about Sakura, she is a gamer and likes to dress down

    • Just BB
      Just BB 개월 전 +4

      Tbh i never understood the hype with her. But after seeing her in some variety n just videos in general i can understand now. She is so sweet n caring, hard not to like her.

    • rosy moon
      rosy moon 개월 전 +8

      @Faoziah Nur Addini that's what they call having 4D personality 😂 reminds me of shuhaha from i-dle she's very weird and when she's having blank face i forgot she's that pretty

    • Faoziah Nur Addini
      Faoziah Nur Addini 개월 전 +10

      Sakura is too weird that sometimes I forget that she is the visual

    • Kimi Repo
      Kimi Repo 개월 전 +22

      She has chill personality and u would think other members like her much =)

    IXIX MCMLXXXII 개월 전 +153

    She’s actually a ballet dancer compared to other gg members who say they know ballet 😂 I honestly think she’s going to end up being everyone’s bias wrecker

    • Bini
      Bini 개월 전 +1

      Cheng xiao is a ballet dancer

    • Aya🐰
      Aya🐰 개월 전 +2

      She remind me of arin omg when i first saw her, which they both look like suzy.

  • jessynharebelde
    jessynharebelde 개월 전 +375

    LMAO Yunjin in the burpee test 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and her laugh is contaugious! Chaewon and Yunjin duet was amazing!

  • sasasa darkheart
    sasasa darkheart 개월 전 +283

    Kazuha ballet is so mesmerizing
    Eunchae is so cute
    Sakura is so funny

  • Renowi
    Renowi 개월 전 +342

    U can see sakura as expert entertainment show here, and I think if eunbi watch this and watch chaewon when explain about their group, I think eunbi will proud...😊

    • Cherry Blossom
      Cherry Blossom 개월 전 +17

      She is bro, I'm sure Eunbi unnie is so proud for the both of them🤧 missing Iz*one moments❤️

  • VideosTop
    VideosTop 개월 전 +86


  • DxSam
    DxSam 개월 전 +250

    Hybe is lucky to have such gems

    • Nur Aziz
      Nur Aziz 개월 전 +1

      @Jooody ouh i see... Thank you for the info 👍😉

    • Jooody
      Jooody 개월 전 +3

      @Nur Aziz when hype acquired sorurce music and other company’s clarified that they will not interfere in management and Profits will be distributed equal as contract of g frinde that on source

    • Nur Aziz
      Nur Aziz 개월 전

      @Jooody what about gfriend are not they disband after being in hybe because hybe was the biggest shareholders of the some entertainment [i don't know if it is the correct name] ?🤔🤨

    • Jooody
      Jooody 개월 전

      @rosy moon and also entertainment industry it Built up on who the Investors gambled on even if the management company

    • Jooody
      Jooody 개월 전 +2

      @rosy moon hype is not the best and have it flows but it’s match. Better than a lot of Entertainment Hype is smart compiny thay know what artists should debut And whitch not and they knew how to Treat their artists And hype isn’t like other entertainment company’s trust me if was there idols unhappy it’s wall show

  • Rome
    Rome 개월 전 +356

    I had such a great laugh at Garam naming all the ramyeon wrong and Chaewon just not succeeding at eating the apple in a sneaky matter.

  • e u p h o r i a
    e u p h o r i a 개월 전 +366

    True fact: Le sserafim members are melting everyone's hearts with there golden chemistry multi-talented

    • starlight7🌠
      starlight7🌠 개월 전

      @Buddy Ninja But I fine she fits well with the group I mean what she did is not okay at all but I fine she is really good with the group and I was paying good attention to her to see if she was making faces and she wasn't and maybe she changed and she was only twelve and everyone changes over the years but this is my Opie and I respect yours

    • Buddy Ninja
      Buddy Ninja 개월 전 +3

      Except garam.

    • Grace Gonzilo
      Grace Gonzilo 개월 전

      I'm 💯 agree with you 😭👏

  • ahmad Fiq
    ahmad Fiq 개월 전 +203

    Just realised Kazuha personality and the way she talk just like Mina from Twice. And both of them is Ballerina. Omg Black swan Mina and White swan Kazuha.. ❤️

    • cheeta_tuberofficial
      cheeta_tuberofficial 개월 전 +6

      @Masinis Kereta Malam Actually Kazuha is born and raised in the Netherlands but engaged her Japanese side along the Dutch one as well

    • arisa___
      arisa___ 개월 전 +12

      what's with the replies.. they're both lovely and can do ballet, no need to compare who's better yall

    • Masinis Kereta Malam
      Masinis Kereta Malam 개월 전 +6

      both of them came from same country and same dance studio called urizip. what a coincidence right?

    • racoonstarch
      racoonstarch 개월 전 +6

      I know hahahhaha she talks like Mina they're both a ballerina hahahhaha

    • Sapphire Phoenix
      Sapphire Phoenix 개월 전 +48

      Kazuha is a world class professional ballerina.... She even won many international medals....

  • lova368
    lova368 개월 전 +73

    Sakura is getting prettier and prettier, i wouldn't surprised if she become actress one day. Her vibe now is so mature n elegant

  • Shinshin Jeon
    Shinshin Jeon 개월 전 +406

    Not gonna lie garam's visual is insane. Especially when she's too close on camera..

  • ponds
    ponds 개월 전 +505

    34:01 literally made my jaw drop with how sudden (and smooth) that was, haha. our white swan did amazing~ 🦢

  • Sheldon Cooper
    Sheldon Cooper 개월 전 +63

    one day you guys gonna realize, how much positive vibes and growth factor yunjin gives to this group. dont take her for granted.

    • Casy Strawberry
      Casy Strawberry 개월 전 +6

      Yess i agree so much, i love her kind, loving to the other members and fun personality. And also we should not take anyone in this group for granted honestly, they all have their own charms and play a big role in the group. Though its obvious theres a big difference in comments for each of the members here. Sakura, garam and kazuha is always talked about while yunjin, eunchae, chaewon is the least. I put more comments about certain members just to even it out 😂

  • Marian Capadngan
    Marian Capadngan 개월 전 +170

    I love watching le sserafim contents because of their cuteness and goofiness, they are just so natural in front of cameras and there’s just no awkward scenes/ dead air with them. you can also tell how they are not afraid to show who they rlly are! their friendship is also very genuine !!

  • fromdaegu
    fromdaegu 개월 전 +95

    We're all can tell that they're really really close and care about each other, that's amazing because they're only trained together for just 1 year and the chemistry between them are not joke

    • melzer 13
      melzer 13 개월 전 +1

      Actually, some of them hasn't even trained for one year and joined the team late like eunchae.

    • Casrielito
      Casrielito 개월 전 +2

      I love the teasings

  • Erin
    Erin 개월 전 +99

    I am obsessed with their singing at the end, Chaewon singing 07 Britney is literal perfection, it just suits her voice so well and is so pretty. And Yunjin’s vocals are stunning! In love with all 6 💕

  • teddy bear
    teddy bear 개월 전 +53

    3:27 well she didn’t lie…she really did sing in their debut and THEN she left

    • teddy bear
      teddy bear 개월 전

      @Pineappleanimal Lover ik, unfortunately hybe claims they’re not kicking her out *boooo* the group is more successful and has gained more popularity after she went on hiatus, which is a good indicator of what the public views should happen. in general, people don’t want to support a bully

    • Pineappleanimal Lover
      Pineappleanimal Lover 개월 전 +1

      No she didn’t

    • Cherrystay
      Cherrystay 개월 전 +1


  • kyytn n
    kyytn n 개월 전 +102

    Chaewon and Sakura made me stan this group but all 6 of them makes me stay. My new ult group after IZ*ONE 🥺

    • Casy Strawberry
      Casy Strawberry 개월 전 +2

      Me too 💖

    • kkuranotkura
      kkuranotkura 개월 전 +3

      Me too I'm here for ssamkkura but I end up loving all 6 of them. They are my ultimate gg now

    • Kim Manoban
      Kim Manoban 개월 전 +4

      me too, cause in iz*one sakura is my bias , and now i stand them

    • Kitty
      Kitty 개월 전 +3

      Ikr!! Me too

  • rougeless
    rougeless 개월 전 +174

    Sakura is so cute supporting her members

  • jessie ✰
    jessie ✰ 개월 전 +119

    42:15 the way you can see chaewon go to hug yunjin and then start giggling about it with eunchae after yunjin accidentally doesnt notice therye all so cute

    • Wieda Zul
      Wieda Zul 개월 전 +1

      I see it too 😂😂 that’s so funny, I can imagine how chaotic their dorm is 😂😂

  • Casy Strawberry
    Casy Strawberry 개월 전 +163

    Chaewon chose the perfect song to compliment her vocals. She sounded so beautiful 😍 Yunjin sounded amazing too

  • Atoma
    Atoma 개월 전 +99


    • Bhilpayal91 Payal
      Bhilpayal91 Payal 개월 전 +2

      She's lika a female version of Jeonghan from Seventeen

  • Chulo Skrt
    Chulo Skrt 개월 전 +170

    Garam is considerably more like a maknae. They treat garam like a baby.

    • Ryan Stone
      Ryan Stone 24 일 전

      @euri huh? This was from a month ago. My priorities now are completely different. Forgot I even said this.

    • euri
      euri 24 일 전

      @Ryan Stone u should set your priorities straight. u seem to reply the same comment to everyone saying something nice about Garam here lmao.

    • Ryan Stone
      Ryan Stone 개월 전 +4

      @Angjele nah mate. I’m talking about Garam’s accusations

    • Angjele
      Angjele 개월 전 +4

      @Ryan Stone I mean not really? They were just saying she seems like the maknae over eunchae which is a pretty neutral statement to make.

    • Ryan Stone
      Ryan Stone 개월 전 +12

      This aged poorly

  • kkuranotkura
    kkuranotkura 개월 전 +96

    I lovethe part whenYunjin is too fast during burpee test and garam is too slow plus the dorm skit is so funny. I love LE SSERAFIM sm, all of them are talented I love their personality too

  • Belle
    Belle 개월 전 +48

    Le sserafim's chemistry is so natural, it's like they've been together for years. You can't feel any superiority complex from them especially from Sakura and Chaewon who have experiences. And I like how SouMu isn't pushing any special treatment to ruin the group's chemistry.

    • Will T
      Will T 개월 전 +1

      soumu knows how to treat their girls and get the best out of them.

  • Dusty☾︎
    Dusty☾︎ 개월 전 +149

    Imagine at the End-of-the-Year award shows, Yunjin sings opera & Kazuha dances ballet 🔥

  • Lindzie P
    Lindzie P 개월 전 +84

    Hybe really have some common traits on their trainees 😄 kkura is like jin delivering quotes or dads joke, and sunghoon also on that side. Theres also ramyeonz bros and now they have ramyeonz sister 😄 then jake and jungwon also have sister in Lets go 😆, and if its Aces there are yeonjun, hee, kookie and here its hyunjin and chae. In dancing jimin can dance with kazuha and sunghoon as well. Oh my theres so many similarities in the groups i cant list it all but i remember sunoo cutee when eunchae also is so cute singing that otoke otoke 😊

  • Jessiree Faith Telan
    Jessiree Faith Telan 개월 전 +100

    They were so funny and chaotic at their first variety show, they are comfortable too with our 2 MCs💙

  • Charlie Boi203
    Charlie Boi203 16 일 전 +3

    I miss Kim Garam they all seem sooo happy together❤
    Edit: The host are soo full of energy and charisma very nice to watch🤗‼

  • Amer Amurao
    Amer Amurao 개월 전 +226

    I really really like Sakura but Eunchae and Kazuha are my wrecker. 😍

  • auri
    auri 개월 전 +87

    wow seeing chaewon and yunjin in a duet is reminding me of when they sang together in pd101...

    • Cecilia
      Cecilia 개월 전 +4

      and the fact they were in the same group for ITNW before, they're reliving the memories

  • Nicole Gutierrez
    Nicole Gutierrez 개월 전 +59

    Kazuha name should be talented queen cuz she's so talented, the way she was doing ballet was amazing, she really is a professional dancer, and the way yunjin was doing her burpees was hilarious 😂 I had fun watching this, this group will become one of the biggest kpop groups I just know it. LE SSERAFIM FIGHTING

  • Nicholas Louie
    Nicholas Louie 개월 전 +23

    Kazuha doing the splits & the members saying "SLAY" was iconic. Chaewon trying to eat the apples without anyone noticing but keeps failing, and Garam guessing ramyeon but gets them all wrong was so funny. Just a really fun episode, jammed with entertainment.

  • Webe Rumah
    Webe Rumah 개월 전 +64

    I love to hear Yunjin's laugh through out the video. It's so loud and it makes me laugh too! 😄

    • Risky risky Wiggy wiggi
      Risky risky Wiggy wiggi 개월 전 +1

      She's one of my bias since pd48

    • klyra
      klyra 개월 전

      @Webe Rumah nice🥰🥰🥰

    • Webe Rumah
      Webe Rumah 개월 전

      @klyra wow! Mine is zuha, yunjin and garam..
      Guess we have the same interest! 😉 cool!

    • klyra
      klyra 개월 전 +1

      She is less biased but anyways she is my bias
      Yunjin then zuha then garam

    • Webe Rumah
      Webe Rumah 개월 전 +2

      @klyra No problem 😆 she's my bias after kazuha. And i do realize that people don't really SEE yunjin eventhough she's the first person that caught my attention in the MV.

  • leah shin
    leah shin 개월 전 +23

    Garam and Sakura should have a ship name
    They're so cute 😭❤️
    Sakura treats garam like her daughter UwU 😭

  • Roxana Montoya
    Roxana Montoya 개월 전 +36

    Kazuha is really a gem , excited to see more of her!

  • 이규의 ♡
    이규의 ♡ 개월 전 +124

    i love sakura energy 😂 and the girls look comfortable and enjoying the show 🥺 Le sserafim fighting ✨✨
    + wait... I didn't know there's promotion for Ryeowook's MV at the end until someone tweeted it 🤣 thank you WI staff! (or maybe that was Hyuk's request? haha) 😚💙

  • Harmony Funtime
    Harmony Funtime 개월 전 +33

    I just realized when Eunchae smiles she looks a lot like Yeri 😲

    • Iza Ama
      Iza Ama 개월 전 +4

      also her personality, she reminds me to yeri

  • minasanblinknevie
    minasanblinknevie 개월 전 +65

    among the gg who debuted so far and got invited to this show this was the funniest episode for me. Haha, I love how natural they are when communicating. I can sense that they are really close to each other cuz look at them they have chemistry which is really important for a group. I guess i really have to stan them.

  • zerosteph
    zerosteph 개월 전 +20

    this was probably the funniest weekly idol ep ive watched in a while omg im looking forward to seeing them on more variety shows cus they are HILARIOUS

    • xuimod
      xuimod 개월 전 +7

      The hosts did a great job of bringing out the chaos from the girls. Teasing them most of the episode, making them peel apples, do burpees. The hosts did a great job making this a fun episode for Lesserafim.

  • Naefel Luces
    Naefel Luces 개월 전 +68

    Sakura and Chaewon: It's been a while since we came back here.
    Me: Yeah it's been 2 years.
    These girls will really be one of my comfort zone.

  • Yeonjun Noona
    Yeonjun Noona 개월 전 +131

    Atinys have Jongho the fruit breaker
    Sserafans have Yunjin the fruit chopper

  • Andi Fadly
    Andi Fadly 개월 전 +54

    I really love how Lesserafim promote their group.. giving more chance on the new face instead of focusing on the well known members.. it feel balance..

  • Nas White
    Nas White 개월 전 +39

    I love how Sakura mothers Garam.
    And Eunchae is continuing the legacy of savage maknae’s. She’s so cute and adorable with her deep voice 😂

  • g c
    g c 개월 전 +55

    Chaewon and Yunjin's voices are sooooo good!!!!

  • LI CCL 213
    LI CCL 213 개월 전 +53

    Sakura reminds me of jeonghan from SVT hehe, such cute personalities and some expressions they make are similar

    • Bhilpayal91 Payal
      Bhilpayal91 Payal 개월 전 +3

      Whenever I see Sakura, i always saw Jeonghan in her. Their visual, smile, personalities look very similar 😄

  • Bee 🐝
    Bee 🐝 개월 전 +79

    They are so random but interesting.
    They are so playful yet talented.
    Chaotic yet serious.

  • dragon Snowflake
    dragon Snowflake 개월 전 +39

    Yunjin is really charismatic .Love all the girls , they all are talented and beautiful 💜

  • OuterspacePanda2
    OuterspacePanda2 개월 전 +80

    I enjoy watching them cos they always lift each other up and support every member. Their chemistry is 🤌 (ps. We love u Garam)

  • Morgan
    Morgan 개월 전 +35

    I’ve been anticipating this episode and it did not disappoint me. Lesserafim is unstoppable!

  • Green Onion
    Green Onion 개월 전 +36

    Sakura is so funny 😆 everyone is so cute!

  • g c
    g c 개월 전 +40

    I stan ot6 but the member that made me stan le sserafim is yunjin so she's very special to me huhu

  • Cayona, Ian Jake M.
    Cayona, Ian Jake M. 개월 전 +62

    Who knew elegance and chaotic can be a mix to become a powerful group?

  • P P
    P P 개월 전 +60

    Sakura is very charming. 🌸

    BOLLA 개월 전 +16

    Every member was able to display their charms and talent very well!
    Also the hosts did such a great job involving them in the show c:
    P.S.: here's a list of small moments in the episode i enjoyed:
    18:18 "Hmm?" (Chaewon)
    23:45 "Pretty Gourmram and the Bird of Bad Luck Eunchae"
    27:32 Shy Zuha
    36:56 Really makes you think (Sakura)
    38:51 Speedrunner (Yunjin)

  • feedthesnake
    feedthesnake 개월 전 +24

    I know this group is amazing because my bias changes everyday!

  • WTT 321
    WTT 321 개월 전 +18

    The moment I’ve been waiting for!! 🤩🤩
    I’m so happy Sakura is doing so well and feeling very confident with her Korean speaking skills 🥰
    The others are just as amazing and hilarious too! Hadn’t chuckled this much in a while lol 😂

  • Teru ✨
    Teru ✨ 개월 전 +9

    i can finally see Sakura in variety shows again 🥺🌸

  • f l a v i a
    f l a v i a 개월 전 +69

    Garam's so pretty even when eating noodles esp at 24:15 she looked like she was doing a commercial. Somebody give her a ramyeon advertisement at this instant!

    • Nero Bianco
      Nero Bianco 개월 전 +1

      @bangtan's magic shop never admit to guilt over anything when it comes to a rumor. If it is unconfirmed there is no need to apologize. Bullying accusations are made so many years after the events that they are just not worth pursuing anymore. Netizens choose to bully idols over rumors and things that may or may not of happened years ago. They bully these idols not for justice but for the satisfying feeling of ruining an idols image and dreams. Its just the same mentality that bullies have, they hate something in themselves and want to bring someone down with them.

    • bangtan's magic shop
      bangtan's magic shop 개월 전

      @Nero Bianco whuuut????

    • Nero Bianco
      Nero Bianco 개월 전 +1

      @bangtan's magic shop this is the mistake a lot of people make when it comes to accusations. If the idol just admits they're guilty then the hate from online bullies will stop. This is just another example of the entitled bully mindset that netizens have. Netizens have 0 person connections with this idol, yet they feel like they are entitled to an apology for something that doesn't personally effect them.

    • bangtan's magic shop
      bangtan's magic shop 개월 전

      @Nero Bianco u sure she's innocent? there's too many evidences against her. i'm not trying to say that she deserves to be bullied by internet trolls she just needs to come clean and admit the accusations (if those are really true we don't really know)

    • Nero Bianco
      Nero Bianco 개월 전

      ​@bangtan's magic shop horrible how bullies on the internet come after innocent idols.

  • Naganoxone
    Naganoxone 개월 전 +26

    27:52 sakura kazuha and garam skit is soo funny, i repeat it like 10 times 🤣😂

  • laura patricia
    laura patricia 개월 전 +9

    30:10 ok but eunchae and yunjin suddenly doing ballet pose together in the background is so funny

  • S1234
    S1234 개월 전 +39

    I didn't stan izone but god Sakura is so funny 🤣😂 Love Her!!

  • Amora Nyein
    Amora Nyein 개월 전 +9

    I really love how saku chan take cares of the younger ones especially garam and kazuha..and eunchae too..

  • JustMiriTingz
    JustMiriTingz 개월 전 +25

    they’re all so comfortable for a rookie group, i just know they’re gonna get big later on, they look like they could be the biggest thing of the 4th generation

  • Sigy Toushiro
    Sigy Toushiro 개월 전 +13

    Kazuha are so stunning. I can't keep my eyes on her. Garam and Eunche are gorgeous too. Perfect Idol 💗💗💗

  • I'm just vidu
    I'm just vidu 개월 전 +8

    Wow they're so talented. I love their choreography and it enhances each member's qualities.
    And I love Sakura. Such an angel.

  • Literary Girl
    Literary Girl 개월 전 +12

    They are so bubbly and chaotic. My energy can’t keep up. Hahaha. Natural entertainers. There is no boring and awkward scenes with them. Just smiling for 50 minutes straight.

  • Doussa ARMY
    Doussa ARMY 개월 전 +11

    idk but i really felt interaction between eunhyuk and yunjin! i really love both of them and yunjin is my bias
    and i loved how cute eunchae was and natural chaewon was I'm in love with le sserafim

    • Jessiree Faith Telan
      Jessiree Faith Telan 개월 전 +1

      Yeah same, as a Yunjin and Eunhyuk biased I love this little and cute interaction between them.

  • HER
    HER 개월 전 +20

    I really really really like how comfortable they are abt teasing each other even in front of "strangers", that just means they're really close.. they're getting bolder nd bolder nf i love it

  • Henning
    Henning 개월 전 +11

    You know what I've noticed? Eunchae has a pretty deep voice amongst all the recent maknaes.

  • Seranyte
    Seranyte 개월 전 +17

    I wanna see Yunjin singing opera next time please ! Love them !!

  • Cherry Mae Fabiantes
    Cherry Mae Fabiantes 개월 전 +6

    Eunchae reminds me so much of RV YERI. Her smile and her energy😳

  • Yancelle Shane Chu
    Yancelle Shane Chu 개월 전 +47

    Eunchae’s smile is such a cutie and kazuha looking elegant 😭💖

  • Chicken 🐓🍗
    Chicken 🐓🍗 개월 전 +4

    Yunjin really made me Stan this group and I'm loving it

  • chen
    chen 개월 전 +24

    Bts - suga
    Txt - soobin
    enhypen - heeseung
    svt - s-cops
    le sserafim - sakura
    i'm engene

    • 사랑
      사랑 10 일 전

      This is so random, wtf

    • chen
      chen 개월 전 +1

      i know they are all talented but there is something about them that i like the most...

    • Bhilpayal91 Payal
      Bhilpayal91 Payal 개월 전 +3

      All of them are introvert

  • Faiz Hasnul
    Faiz Hasnul 개월 전 +69

    Impossible not to like Sakura

  • Jilucy Uli
    Jilucy Uli 개월 전 +20

    Sakura is so effortlessly elegant😍😍

  • Eazaell X
    Eazaell X 개월 전 +5

    Eunkwang and Eunhyuk reaaly are the BEST MC DUO of weekly idol !!

  • Isa
    Isa 개월 전 +5

    Kazuha reminds me a lot of Twice's Mina in terms of personality, she has this princess aura, full of elegance and looks super calm

  • Iksha SoneBebe
    Iksha SoneBebe 개월 전 +15

    3:21 Lol Eunhyuk did you predict the future or what !?

  • kookiesncreammm
    kookiesncreammm 개월 전 +17

    I love Yunjin's attitude and I didn't know that she has a deep voice while talking