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How the Creators of DBZ Tenkaichi picking the Characters for the new Game
😂😂😂 say they not doing this! They had everybody in the last one I can only imagine who they putting in Tenkaichi 4
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  • OG Berserker
    OG Berserker 23 시간 전

    5:50 "Wait wait put the weapon down and fight like a real nigga" "Oh Well..I am a real nigga before I'm a gawd" That shit took me out!!

  • Javier Gaiter
    Javier Gaiter 23 시간 전


  • Alex Alfaro
    Alex Alfaro 일 전

    Ahh yes the ninjas from the village hidden in the DARKNESS. 🤣

  • Mac Xavier
    Mac Xavier 일 전

    Nah, bro fucked up. He waited till he woke up to start guarding him. You've gotta start guarding Steph while he's asleep; that mf dreams about shooting 😂

  • Cam2Koo
    Cam2Koo 일 전

    i made it literally 2 seconds and was deeeaad🤣🤣

  • Rency Cadigal
    Rency Cadigal 일 전

    I'm the type to ask for price before sayin yes

  • VLONE VilliN
    VLONE VilliN 일 전

    "NO NO NO MAN YOU GONE HAVE TO KILL ME" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ambre Midavaine

    Its over hahahahh

  • grahamyodude
    grahamyodude 일 전

    The fact that the second time he said "Back in this bitch" he said "bih" to shorten it even more is gold.

  • LilNelly2010
    LilNelly2010 일 전

    Not Drake lol

  • Awsome kid
    Awsome kid 일 전

    Still waiting for Anime house 7

  • sellz Alv
    sellz Alv 일 전

    Dat beat hard af tho

  • Takesha Moore
    Takesha Moore 일 전

    This nigga Michael and Jason I’m gone 😂

  • dom316
    dom316 일 전

    I couldn't tell where RDC was going with this. Thought for a second they were gonna add c list characters, and then make the top tier DLC.

  • lilmeat
    lilmeat 일 전


  • Mr.Eggscellent69

    I like to think this is the video that Kendrick Lamar ghostwrote 😂

  • Jamere Robinson

    Bro y’all are sorry fr😂😂😂 love the vid tho need more content like this

  • Deku Visuals
    Deku Visuals 일 전

    This is Mappa😂😂

  • Jake From State Farm

    Is that drake from degrassi? Does it look like him 😂😂 miss these types of vids

  • NyOs
    NyOs 일 전

    I laughed so hard 😂😂😂😂

  • Luchamasterfit

    The chaarcter that immediately comes to mind for me is Miroku from yu yu hakusho. Black hole in his hand, from the very start the god damn bees were in every major fight

  • playgod
    playgod 일 전

    The new tenkaichi not gonna be better then tenkaichi 3. Other than the look

  • itsjusttyree
    itsjusttyree 일 전

    I feel like there’s times where dub and sub can give off a stronger mood compared to the other sometimes

  • facemuscles9
    facemuscles9 일 전

    “Y’all got Swishers?” Na, but we got Spit and Swallow.

  • itsjusttyree
    itsjusttyree 일 전

    After watching this video, I am glad I did not work in food service…

  • Charlietheturdil

    What about The Big Gete Star

  • jmac
    jmac 일 전

    i mean if i was like powerfull enough i would of brought pain both them bitches then killed him then lead the akastuki

  • WeeZ Dreamer
    WeeZ Dreamer 일 전

    I wonder how many new fans of RDC know about The Black Avengers and When People Take Anime Too Far videos. That's still the greatest videos ever posted on youtube

  • Rhywyn
    Rhywyn 일 전


  • Jayato Uchiha
    Jayato Uchiha 일 전

    1:22 you and I both

  • Rhywyn
    Rhywyn 일 전


  • Drugz Munny
    Drugz Munny 일 전

    I respect anyone who gets annoyed by something and then gets a career just to change it. Tweeting at the company ain't gonna do it.

    YS_SAUXIN 일 전

    Where tf is the new video game house

  • Crystal Not Found#TysmFor275Subs!!

    I died laughing lmao. If ppl rlly did this there would be alotta more children saved each year. Most ppl just ingnore the alerts.

  • PsychoLogisch
    PsychoLogisch 일 전

    Yeah gen-z and their climate change..

  • Wonderlandqueen

    I'm honestly impressed how they researched which articles were written as well.

  • Daniel P
    Daniel P 일 전

    Full Power Energy Wave 😂

  • Quandale Dingle damnton

    7 years later this shit still funny as hell 😂😂

  • Hen
    Hen 일 전

    Man's just fighting like he a Yakuza character

  • memory man gaming

    I want playable giant characters

  • 2AW
    2AW 일 전

    Leland still run like that 😂😂😂

  • Spoiler Alert!

    Hahahaha rewatching this again just cause I wanted a laugh and I’m glad I did

  • Will Jessup
    Will Jessup 일 전

    Well this didn’t age well for the nets 😂

  • ZoeDutch 514
    ZoeDutch 514 일 전

    bro in is socks no sandals on he never was ready for akatsuki

  • Akuma Makima
    Akuma Makima 일 전

    They should add in that robot girl that bodied vegeta and goku 😂

  • Arthur morgan
    Arthur morgan 일 전

    bro used his yakuza styles

  • violette259
    violette259 일 전

    prince from dubai lookin ass lol

  • Akuma Makima
    Akuma Makima 일 전

    I never heard of any of these characters. I know broly but wtf is bio broly? 😂

  • Unchained Demigod

    What is that song from?