The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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"Ew!" with Ariana Grande
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Dubsmash with Selena Gomez
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  • Pavithra Buddika

    Am I doing a good job ?👀

  • Charity Blalock
    Charity Blalock 2 분 전

    my favorite part is maya, noah, and priah’s part

  • Clayton Musick
    Clayton Musick 3 분 전

    "Every door has a handle, and those handles... are wheels" "Get outta here!" Hahaha 😂😂😂

  • Mohammad Ghezi
    Mohammad Ghezi 4 분 전

    فقط بازو های دختره

  • Mxnson.hxrrington

    Noah and mayas voice is just 🤌🤌🤌

  • Rebecca McKenzie
    Rebecca McKenzie 4 분 전


  • Thị Oanh Nguyễn

    She's really in a higher level 🤯🤯

  • Sol Zamora
    Sol Zamora 4 분 전

  • Lewis
    Lewis 5 분 전

    Those two blinks at the end - it was like she went into a zone and actually surprised herself, then came out of it.

  • Suáve
    Suáve 7 분 전


  • worm
    worm 8 분 전

    but u go thru multiple doors in ur house to get to ur damn suitcase that has 4 wheels, and a car has 5 doors - more doors have been made than wheels bc they existed before cars etc

  • Rabiye Kunt
    Rabiye Kunt 8 분 전


  • Rabiye Kunt
    Rabiye Kunt 8 분 전


  • Rabiye Kunt
    Rabiye Kunt 9 분 전


  • Camille R-H
    Camille R-H 9 분 전

    Jimmy and Rachel are the same person! 🤣🤣

  • ary mora
    ary mora 9 분 전

    jimmy annoying as hell lmaooo

  • Vonchon Vlagzz
    Vonchon Vlagzz 10 분 전

    " nice name Toulouse" Bisaya Be like🤣🤣🤣

  • Meera AL-Emadi
    Meera AL-Emadi 11 분 전

    Naaaaaa yAaaAaAAa

  • Garrett Houston
    Garrett Houston 11 분 전

    Kanye's sweatin

  • Ryan Albertson
    Ryan Albertson 11 분 전

    How did a man so unable to string words together end up as host of the tonight show?

  • Tiga Tune
    Tiga Tune 12 분 전

    wow not prepared at all

  • Jose Montemayor
    Jose Montemayor 13 분 전


  • Leslie Linero
    Leslie Linero 14 분 전

    Imagine they did the recap, but they still delay the release date.

  • LegendaryPO
    LegendaryPO 15 분 전

    That 16 years old kid looks more like she’s 26…..

  • Wayne Bothma
    Wayne Bothma 16 분 전

    Want to put it in?

    RUSTY 16 분 전

    Done this for years and nobody gives a shiit lol it's not a talent

  • Sleep Deprived
    Sleep Deprived 16 분 전

    You got to be an idiot to cheat on this woman

  • Bella Sousa
    Bella Sousa 17 분 전


  • w
    w 18 분 전

    Gaten is great. Fallon is a POS

  • G F
    G F 18 분 전

    She is so spot on with these very talented!

  • Chubby Jub Jub
    Chubby Jub Jub 19 분 전

    Nate Bargatze is one of the best to ever do it! Keep killing it man

  • Kevin Cummings
    Kevin Cummings 19 분 전

    Was it for Fyre fest? 😅

  • Chubby Jub Jub
    Chubby Jub Jub 19 분 전

    I love watching this show when I don't have to listen to Jimmy Fallon talk!

  • khaila
    khaila 20 분 전

    we need a full version of that’s what i like by shawn

  • maxchalk
    maxchalk 21 분 전

    Ooooh that ending.. 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • samavia razzaq
    samavia razzaq 22 분 전

    10 rupey kaat over acting kay

  • Benevolent_1432
    Benevolent_1432 22 분 전

    This is my favorite segment!!

  • Moisés Crespo
    Moisés Crespo 22 분 전

    I fucking love music. That's it. That's the comment.

  • Rabiye Kunt
    Rabiye Kunt 22 분 전


  • Gvnchhy
    Gvnchhy 23 분 전

    Obviously his voice is gonna be deep he is literally 30 and 2 since the carrie diaries it’s been deep before. Also when he talked like Elvis I literally screamed

  • Sarah Tanna
    Sarah Tanna 23 분 전

    Am i the only one rewatching this song every after one day,from the clothes colors to the voices plus the handsome faces,precious humans💜❤️

  • Света Светова

    Длякаждого ток шоу новые наряды

  • Eduardo Mollinedo
    Eduardo Mollinedo 24 분 전

    Wow, I literally cried with this interview. Thank you, Ariana DeBose, for being thee representation. You are an icon.

  • scout
    scout 24 분 전

    🤡 Demi 🧔🏼‍♀️

  • Bailee Jones
    Bailee Jones 27 분 전

    i absolutely love sadie

  • can't think of a username

    Is this how she got famous? Because otherwise I'm out of ideas.

  • Relaxing Rhythm Channel

    She is so beautiful 😍 , I can see a resemblance of Britney Spears in her facial features 😍

  • Bophelo Hlalele
    Bophelo Hlalele 29 분 전

    Karma is a bitch🤣🤣

  • Malcolm Burn
    Malcolm Burn 30 분 전

    Jimmy youre a sucker and an idiot. How'd things work out in Ukraine now?