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Following in the footsteps of Roberto Carlos | A Chat with Augusto | Serie A 2022/23
It’s hard to believe that a regular starter in Serie A was known as “Wooden Leg” in his teenage years. Carlos Augusto proved his childhood friends wrong by acquiring heroes status at Monza and becoming the Brazilian defender with the highest goal involvement rate, beating the record previously set by the legendary Roberto Carlos | Serie A 2022/23
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    QARA TUBE 시간 전

    Pass Di maria 🤯

  • mister s
    mister s 시간 전

    Roberto carlos was not better than PAOLO MALDINI

  • Abdirahman Chango
    Abdirahman Chango 3 시간 전

    That is class act ❤

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  • Gruz 1417
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    шедевр начал Ангиса он перехватил мяч (дважды) при атаке Атланты, Виктор отдал удобный пас и наконец венец всего гол шедевр Квары, слов нет, БРАВО!