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Nascar Aloe - "Angel Dust"
조회수 1411 일 전
Fake Names - "Brick"
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Ariel View - "Reptilia"
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Alkaline Trio - "Smokestack"
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The Garden - Dancing Goblin
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The Frights - "Kicking Cans"
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smrtdeath - "Back With Me"
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The Garden - Peephole
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THICK - "Mansplain"
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Nascar Aloe - "Fist Fight"
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The Garden - Sink
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THICK - "Bumming Me Out"
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Early Eyes - "I'm Enough"
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Neverkept - "Complicated"
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The Garden - Dumpster
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Greer - "Song For Me"
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The Frights - "Leave Me Alone"
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Nascar Aloe - "IRAQ (IWRECK)"
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THICK - "5 Years Behind"
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LiL Lotus - "Never Get Away"
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Bad Religion Christmas Yule Log
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Raised Fist - "Venomous"
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Claw Hammer - "William Tell"
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Raised Fist - "Into This World"
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  • gerry forbes
    gerry forbes 3 시간 전

    Sick insane video guys/love this song🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • mathis
    mathis 3 시간 전

    I need to post this comment to say thank you guys, what you did with this song is fucking FUCKING AMAZING. I never hear something like this ! It's sounds so good, so beautiful, it's simply the best song of my life. You cannot imagine the emotions that I feel when it's the last chorus, I've reach stage of motivation and pleasure so hight that you can't even imagine. So, for all of these guys: thanks you ❤

  • Mason Watkins
    Mason Watkins 3 시간 전

    this song sucks tho

  • jxssmddxs
    jxssmddxs 3 시간 전

    no one could rap faster than Eminem Ronnie: Hold my beer...

  • jxssmddxs
    jxssmddxs 4 시간 전

    its nice to know Ronnie still has his screaming abilities after ll this time

  • Nick Keses
    Nick Keses 4 시간 전

    Running naked in a hotel hallway feels like a mood 🙃

  • Champ Shurado
    Champ Shurado 4 시간 전

    This is the Ronnie that i know not on a popular monster.:(

  • Champ Shurado
    Champ Shurado 4 시간 전

    I listened to a new.ronnie music but still cant move on this kind of music of him i love this than his new music :(

  • Marco Giustozzi Mosquera

    The drummer is like.. krplus.net/bidio/gb6LmnGRk2SZo2k

  • Nicolas T
    Nicolas T 4 시간 전

    0:52 Cleetus McFarland LOL

  • nurimep
    nurimep 4 시간 전

    I hope they're doing ok.

  • Timothy3010
    Timothy3010 4 시간 전

    I’m your new biggest fan.

  • Who Me
    Who Me 5 시간 전

    Oh that skateboarding time... when I was young.

  • Shiny Tyranitar
    Shiny Tyranitar 5 시간 전

    Ah memories

  • A K
    A K 5 시간 전

    So much shitty music out there these days.

  • Iqmal Hakimi
    Iqmal Hakimi 5 시간 전

    Ronnie voice is wayy better now.

    XANAX 5 시간 전

    ( ゚д゚)OMG!!

  • Charlene Amarillo
    Charlene Amarillo 5 시간 전

    2020 ❤

  • Sri Rejeki
    Sri Rejeki 5 시간 전

    like coment subcribe ^_^...

  • Sri Rejeki
    Sri Rejeki 5 시간 전

    Subcribe like coment &_&...

  • Donovan Platt
    Donovan Platt 5 시간 전

    sick track

  • soso le
    soso le 6 시간 전

    That first think came to mind when i heard this is it'll be AMAZING if Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir danced to this song 😭😭 it'll be just epic

  • Lale Gator
    Lale Gator 6 시간 전

    anti-white guilt?

  • Sharon Lizardo
    Sharon Lizardo 6 시간 전

    I disagree what he disagrees but still love their music!! 🖤🖤🖤🤘🏻 oh wait is that Corey?

  • Fhee Nara
    Fhee Nara 6 시간 전

    Yeah I wake up every morning with my head up in a daze I'm not sure if I should say this, fuck, I'll say it anyway Everybody tries to tell me that I'm going through a phase I don't know if it's a phase, I just wanna feel okay, yeah I battle with depression, but the question still remains Is this post-traumatic stressin' or am I suppressing rage? And my doctor tries to tell me that I'm going through a phase Yeah, it's not a fucking phase, I just wanna feel okay, okay Yeah, I struggle with this bullshit everyday And it's probably 'cause my demons simultaneously rage It obliterates me, disintegrates me, annihilates me 'Cause I'm about to break down, searching for a way out I'm a liar, I'm a cheater, I'm a non-believer I'm a popular, popular monster I break down, falling into love now with falling apart I'm a popular, popular monster I think I'm going nowhere like a rat trapped in a maze Every wall that I knock down is just a wall that I replace I'm in a race against myself I try to keep a steady pace How the fuck will I escape if I never close my case? Oh my God, I keep on stressin', every second that I waste Is another second sooner to a blessing I won't take But my therapist will tell me that I'm going through a stage Yeah, it's not a fucking stage, I just wanna feel okay, okay Motherfucker, now you got my attention I need to change a couple things 'cause something is missin' And what if I were to lie, tell you everything is fine? Every single fucking day I get closer to the grave I am terrified, I fell asleep at the wheel again Crashed my car just to feel again It obliterates me, disintegrates me, annihilates me 'Cause I'm about to break down, searching for a way out I'm a liar, I'm a cheater, I'm a non-believer I'm a popular, popular monster I break down, falling into love now with falling apart I'm a popular, popular fucking monster Yeah, here we go again, motherfucker, oh We're sick and tired of wondering Praying to a God that you don't believe We're searching for the truth in the lost and found So the question I ask is, oh, where the fuck is your god now? 'Cause I'm about to break down, searching for a way out I'm a liar, I'm a cheater, I'm a non-believer I'm a popular, popular monster I break down, falling into love now with falling apart I'm a popular, popular monster I'm a liar, I'm a cheater, I'm a non-believer I'm a popular, popular monster

  • Alex G
    Alex G 7 시간 전

    Check out Ai Mori´s Russian cover of this song. It's incredible and the closest Sam Carter impression I have heard to this day

  • Electro Gravy
    Electro Gravy 7 시간 전

    wOOO ONE MIL VIEWS 👏👏👏👏 congrats! also i kind of grew up listening to this song, ill always come back to it eventually, and helped me find specific music i enjoyed :^)

  • Laura Leonardi
    Laura Leonardi 7 시간 전

    The facts that the dancers don’t have all the same body type is actually very good❤️

  • santiago arroyo
    santiago arroyo 7 시간 전

    The lighthouse 2019

  • Bentz5000
    Bentz5000 7 시간 전

    6th April 2020 and the world is not in great shape.

  • maybellene ¡
    maybellene ¡ 8 시간 전

    "hated more than trump is" 😂

  • Nadia Vásquez Dapueto

    They are physically equal to Julian Casablancas! Is incredible

  • Whatever Forever
    Whatever Forever 8 시간 전

    i truly don't understand how can anyone dislike this. this is pure masterpiece <3

  • dartagnan
    dartagnan 8 시간 전

    so proud of how far youve come.

  • Butterscotch Raptor
    Butterscotch Raptor 8 시간 전

    izz nothing

  • Hailey Buchanan
    Hailey Buchanan 8 시간 전

    I‡ never ends

  • Sleep For the wicked
    Sleep For the wicked 8 시간 전

    very late to get to these comments and i know no ones gonna see this but i can remember at the beginning of my 7th grade year, going to the hospital and when we went outside to play, i would have my earbuds in, i would listen to this song while experiencing the scariest things i have ever felt. ‘dont let your fears take control’ i still remember to this day this song getting me through so much. how far i have come and this song being a small but large part of me trying to find myself and what my purpose is. so im just here to say im very grateful for this song and the message behind it.

  • aberze100
    aberze100 8 시간 전

    Missed opportunity to call it "The Drug in Me is New"

  • Nevaeh Burgess
    Nevaeh Burgess 8 시간 전

    Don't let tik Tok touch this one

  • Mare HD
    Mare HD 8 시간 전

    All of the sudden everyone in the comments is depressed.

  • Kyrese Disney
    Kyrese Disney 9 시간 전

    "I'm not an addict . I just came here lookin for some friends." Me too. Me too.

  • Thilo Wille
    Thilo Wille 9 시간 전

    Ronnie is the best

  • Ernesto Salazar
    Ernesto Salazar 9 시간 전


  • sticksman1979
    sticksman1979 9 시간 전

    Takes me right back to being 16.

  • Gang Poop
    Gang Poop 9 시간 전

    Walter in da music video?! Ngl he do be a good actor doe😳

  • Gang Poop
    Gang Poop 9 시간 전

    Yes I was in the video

  • NEXUS2040
    NEXUS2040 9 시간 전

    Too bad those narcissistic celebrities didn't sing this song instead of Imagine.

  • John S.
    John S. 9 시간 전

    Congrats on 12,000,000 views!

  • Will Thrill
    Will Thrill 9 시간 전

    I listened to this the day it came out. I’m still here, I can not get enough! Absolutely amazing.

  • lucas lobato
    lucas lobato 9 시간 전

    Alguém em 2020 ? Deixa o joinha pra fortalecer 👍

  • tonywords
    tonywords 10 시간 전

    is this TV guy with his endless promises supposed to be trump? Just wondering cause of the little hair fix he does when one of the extras brushes him lol

  • hey
    hey 10 시간 전

    yes i listened to this in 2007. i was 1 year old tho so ion remember

    BRYKNM 10 시간 전


  • Luke Gambino
    Luke Gambino 10 시간 전

    "Where TF is your god now?!" Dayuum I felt that 😎

  • Nichole Raineri
    Nichole Raineri 10 시간 전

    No way is this the falling in reverse I grew up on

  • jake
    jake 10 시간 전

    W A L T E R

  • WhamBlam
    WhamBlam 10 시간 전


  • Marcelo Lanz
    Marcelo Lanz 10 시간 전

    2020 BRAZIL 😊

  • Osbaldo Leon
    Osbaldo Leon 10 시간 전

    I’m dancing to this song while I took off my clothes and became naked. 😭

  • Taylor
    Taylor 11 시간 전

    It’s literally insane, in a good way, how much Ronnie has been able to adapt to all the music that is in right now

  • Taylor
    Taylor 11 시간 전

    high quality video, high quality song

  • Zidzan
    Zidzan 11 시간 전

    God Women Tradition Kin You have to be a special kind of brain dead to think loving these things is a bad thing.

  • Megan Gaskill
    Megan Gaskill 11 시간 전

    Is Ronnie okay? Like in all seriousness

  • death pain
    death pain 11 시간 전

    2:54 i love how it gets so heavy its great

  • Anipso
    Anipso 11 시간 전

    RIP to ETF who let go of such an amazing singer who has gone through such an amazing transformation to create this master piece.

  • Bloody Bunny
    Bloody Bunny 11 시간 전

    Smells like 2009 again and its GREAT

  • Megan Gaskill
    Megan Gaskill 11 시간 전

    This is IT man ❤️ FIREEEE

  • Jaspyn Handfield
    Jaspyn Handfield 11 시간 전


  • there are 447 people in the US named Peter Griffin

    The secret bits are the slowed beginnings of Genocide and Come Out and Play, respectively

  • Jaspyn Handfield
    Jaspyn Handfield 11 시간 전

    Here after the reimagined version, who's also crying

  • Galleta man
    Galleta man 11 시간 전

    Amigo, que temazo me trae recuerdos jajaja

  • The Eye
    The Eye 11 시간 전

    It's been a while since I last listened to this song. Good to see my son digging this kind of music, too. He's 9 years old now. I feel so old.

  • 《《mikey zømbie》》

    Im thinking hazbin hotel jaja

  • wowmateo
    wowmateo 12 시간 전

    I really miss my friend. Thank you for the beautiful way to bring my brain toward him. He committed suicide 3 years ago. I'll never understand it and always hate it, but this expresses my feelings. I love you Ian.

  • HealeyC
    HealeyC 12 시간 전

    I don't even know what Tictok is.... Fun! I noticed the guitar was green instead of white this time. And they didn't look like good girls. Lol

  • joko homo
    joko homo 12 시간 전

    One of the best ever. Fuck you if you don't agree.

  • S. Stewart
    S. Stewart 12 시간 전

    Y'all did awesome with this song

  • Kyubi Crasher
    Kyubi Crasher 12 시간 전

    Legends of rock anyone?

  • Max Mitchell
    Max Mitchell 12 시간 전

    This is such an amazing song

  • SpaceCat 101
    SpaceCat 101 12 시간 전

    This song got me into punk :)

  • Alexander Hetrick
    Alexander Hetrick 12 시간 전

    How do they get the lyrics wrong on the update? Struggle, not battle. Bad epitaph. Square them dudes up Ronnie.

  • Binayshee Johnson
    Binayshee Johnson 12 시간 전

    Dame this song touched my heart

  • Joseph Wilcock
    Joseph Wilcock 12 시간 전

    I JUST NEED A PLACE TO scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS THAT SO WRONG? do you have a place? I'm SAFE & GOOD!!

  • RavenA Aquarius
    RavenA Aquarius 13 시간 전

    I honestly like this version better than the original

  • ty o
    ty o 13 시간 전

    Um.... it’s actually party rock IS

  • Jerrod Littleton
    Jerrod Littleton 13 시간 전

    How does Ruby Soho only have 542 likes. I am quitting humanity on that one

  • 1960's Clint Eastwood
    1960's Clint Eastwood 13 시간 전

    I still feel The Cold Breath on my neck. It's watching my steps but I can't question the decision of "why can't I be next?"

  • Tony Wijaya
    Tony Wijaya 13 시간 전

    its like an indian song

  • OddOneOut665
    OddOneOut665 13 시간 전

    I miss this lineup for ETF. One day they'll come back, as soon as Ronnie stops being such a massive D-Bag on the Socials...

  • Tv Show
    Tv Show 13 시간 전

    used to listen to this alot as a kid, hits harder now.

  • Daniel Hyatt
    Daniel Hyatt 14 시간 전

    This is the real tiger king

  • DroneRaccoon
    DroneRaccoon 14 시간 전

    simp theme

  • Sim unition
    Sim unition 14 시간 전

    Dark Days infected by Chinese Corona Virus. .

  • Guilherme Jardim
    Guilherme Jardim 14 시간 전

    For Bolsonaro and Trump...

  • mluman83
    mluman83 14 시간 전

    This is the Carona Virus Epidemic emotional and economical timeline, historically expressed in under 6 minutes. You are welcome future humans.

  • x Dxzyh
    x Dxzyh 14 시간 전


  • ThatGuyFromOverThere
    ThatGuyFromOverThere 14 시간 전

    Sounds like a more rock version of Tom MacDonald

  • Adriano Oliveira
    Adriano Oliveira 14 시간 전

    Punk is not dead, subscribe krplus.net/bidio/c6aKlqijX4nTqoI

  • Bryan217
    Bryan217 14 시간 전

    Oh man considering what is happening right now in the world this song means a lot more now.

  • Nascar Evolution
    Nascar Evolution 14 시간 전

    We’re not gonna talk about NASCAR running around naked, huh?