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Billie Eilish - xanny
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Billie Eilish - bad guy
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Billie Eilish - hostage
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Billie Eilish - watch
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Billie Eilish - watch (Audio)
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Billie Eilish - Bored
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Billie Eilish - Bored (Audio)
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Billie Eilish - Bellyache
조회수 354M2 년 전


  • Andras Tóth
    Andras Tóth 5 초 전

    She is singing in CD Quality...Amazing talent!!!

  • Chloe Dimailig
    Chloe Dimailig 7 초 전

    this gives me 90s vibes 😌✌️

  • Mind Games
    Mind Games 12 초 전

    It is the magician's (Zimmer's) genius...

  • x lion
    x lion 17 초 전

    When I saw 2.4m likes on a comment , I searched on google for most liked comm.. ASAP and I was Right

  • Bea Serrano
    Bea Serrano 28 초 전


  • yres cz,sk
    yres cz,sk 43 초 전

    cool Billie Elish i love you

  • Pross Game
    Pross Game 분 전


  • Abel De negro
    Abel De negro 2 분 전

    Nadie se le compara

  • Keira Asta-Ferrero

    Love this version much better!

  • Abel De negro
    Abel De negro 2 분 전

    Es la mejor cantante

  • Маргарита Долгушина

    She is crazy😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Sebastiam Becchi
    Sebastiam Becchi 2 분 전

    Is the best

  • Tomas Chupek
    Tomas Chupek 2 분 전

    We don't need only strong vocaIs. I love about Billie Eilish the fact that she is well recognized and acclaimed for her alternative singing style and true expression. She is an icon of change in this world. And she is cute and funny person :) #newgeneration

  • Black Soul
    Black Soul 3 분 전

    that's what you get, never trust the devil


    todas sus canciones son tetricas pero son cool

  • AmritsGotKicks
    AmritsGotKicks 4 분 전

    Love this song it's so deep 😭❤

  • Milana Alex
    Milana Alex 4 분 전

    Россия тут? Я не лакопопрошайка но просто лайкни комм пусть американцы думают что я написала что-то крутое)))

  • son guku tv
    son guku tv 4 분 전

    Billi wow coll

  • David Tegg
    David Tegg 4 분 전

    i love the blues, but this song does nothing for me

  • AlesPlays
    AlesPlays 4 분 전

    This Will happen to you if you drink Coca Cola

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 4 분 전

    Can't understand a word ffs. Stop over pronouncing every word love. Why are all these singers bloody clones of one another? No actual music these days. Shit off!

  • Abel De negro
    Abel De negro 4 분 전

    No importa como te vistas siembre serás ermosa

  • Amandine Biwole
    Amandine Biwole 6 분 전

    ❤️ all your songs

  • Firstsam _
    Firstsam _ 6 분 전

    I love her so much and her song ❤️💕xx🎶

  • Dick Fino
    Dick Fino 7 분 전

    Remember kids: if you work hard, study music theory, make meaningful connections with other artists and persevere, it's still not as good as having two parents in the music industry!

  • noran byouty
    noran byouty 7 분 전

    I love you billie oooo my god ....i love you😍😍

  • Shane Simpson
    Shane Simpson 7 분 전

    I don’t really listen to her music, but from what I’ve heard before and this performance, she has grown substantially as a vocalist.

  • van nevem csak nem mondom meg

    in my option, it's not a sad song💁

  • makoto neko nyah
    makoto neko nyah 7 분 전


  • its nobody get out now do not look at my play lists

    "I am the d e p r e s s e d guy"

  • Katie
    Katie 8 분 전

    You know, I just realized that both the person hosting this episode and the musical guest are both vegan. Woody Harrelson is a vegan. I remember in an interview for The Edge of Seventeen, Hailee Steinfeld was talking about the scene where Woody's character shares a cookie with her and the cookie was a vegan cookie because Woody is a vegan.

    ZHEMO 9 분 전

    такая противная рожа у неё

  • Maisie Birch
    Maisie Birch 9 분 전

    I love You billie But you won’t see this 😔

  • Haylee Garcia
    Haylee Garcia 9 분 전

    Omg this is my favorite song !!! I’ve bin here for billie eilish since day 1 !!!! She’s the best and when she sings it live 🤯!!! It’s so gooooddd your incredible Billie and your only 18 🤯💘💘💘🥳🥳

  • Jamie Gregus
    Jamie Gregus 9 분 전

    Poeple say she got shot

  • Undisputvd
    Undisputvd 9 분 전

    This makes me wanna be able to flip so bad....

  • Ali Roshani
    Ali Roshani 10 분 전

    Only God know how trash this song is !

  • Weed On paras
    Weed On paras 10 분 전


  • Dale Stennett
    Dale Stennett 11 분 전

    Am I the only person who doesn't like this song ..... I've liked everything else she has produced so far... expect this

  • Tiana E.M.S
    Tiana E.M.S 11 분 전


  • Zayin Jordan
    Zayin Jordan 11 분 전

    Wtf shit

  • meme land
    meme land 11 분 전

    I still think they should've named it the crazy guy or the depresd guy

  • Tomas Chupek
    Tomas Chupek 11 분 전

    We don't need only strong vocaIs. I love about Billie Eilish the fact that she is well recognized and acclaimed for her alternative singing style and true expression. She is an icon of change in this world. And she is cute and funny person :) #newgeneration

  • Kate Sipa
    Kate Sipa 11 분 전

    It is so amazing

  • Erica Holmes
    Erica Holmes 11 분 전

    who else had to turn their brightness up for the first time to watch this video? Just me, okay.

  • Iza bella
    Iza bella 12 분 전

    Возможно в этом есть смысл

  • Viviana Del Angel
    Viviana Del Angel 12 분 전

    Music sad ??

  • جزائري متشيع

    Lucifer = hell

  • Dario Šundov
    Dario Šundov 12 분 전

    Listen to these two 🎶

  • Ariana G
    Ariana G 12 분 전

    Billi 😍😍😍😍

  • Deya ASMR
    Deya ASMR 13 분 전

    Alguien que hable español??? 😢❤

  • Problem Slayer
    Problem Slayer 13 분 전

    Quite possibly the best female voice ever heard

  • Just for Lawls and Trolls REREREREREREEE

    The new pokemon DLC is looking great!

  • Kiremuಠ_ಠ
    Kiremuಠ_ಠ 13 분 전

    I was so focused on Billie and her voice that I never took in the crowds screams until the comments pointed it out. This song makes me cry because I just recently got my heart broken and I understand the lyrics and her voice is just absolutely amazing. Please, Billie, don’t let the world corrupt you.

  • Ariana G
    Ariana G 13 분 전

    Billi 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • spemka
    spemka 14 분 전

    Anyone else keep replaying that high note because it's so satisfying ?

  • Keith Blount
    Keith Blount 14 분 전

    Incredible. I’m not ageist (I’m 53) but poise and confidence, which are normally built over years of life experience, are out in front of this performance. I’m listening to Rush, Dire Straits and and Hootie, but suddenly Billie pops up .. WTF .. never heard of you but you nailed this ... be VERY proud indeed

  • Julia 12
    Julia 12 14 분 전


  • Pete Martin
    Pete Martin 14 분 전

    Fair play too her cos this song is terrible. Sam Smith's song was 10 times more memorable

  • Janette Luna
    Janette Luna 14 분 전

    The crowd is so annoying like damn wait till the end to go crazy

  • Ash TBo
    Ash TBo 14 분 전

    I can only pay attention to everyone screaming over her

  • Сонай Юсеин

    epic ...

  • Happy Smile
    Happy Smile 14 분 전

    3:30 I got the chills holy moly 🥵

  • Nancy Gee
    Nancy Gee 15 분 전

    she sang like a champ. she went above her usual octaves.

  • Miriã Borges
    Miriã Borges 15 분 전

    God is a woman!!💚

  • kostrakop
    kostrakop 15 분 전

    Haw can someone sane make this.....and people like this??......incredible.

  • Rose Duffy
    Rose Duffy 15 분 전

    And other singers

  • Miriã Borges
    Miriã Borges 15 분 전

    Deus é uma mulher sim e eu posso provar!!

  • Elie adjemian
    Elie adjemian 15 분 전

    does not have the soul of 007

  • Sidhu Moosewala
    Sidhu Moosewala 15 분 전


  • Rose Duffy
    Rose Duffy 15 분 전

    I love bille elish she's my favorite singer and Khalid



  • Олег Верещагин

    Awesome 🥰

  • Lyuben Vachkov
    Lyuben Vachkov 16 분 전

    Im 4 minutes into the song. When does it start?

  • Dane Jacko
    Dane Jacko 17 분 전

    To be honest. I didn't listen to much Billie, but when I found this song on the radio, I just fell in love with it

  • Spain Linked
    Spain Linked 17 분 전

    Fabtastic!! Love bond themes, the films and Billie is so amazing

  • Eiman Anwar
    Eiman Anwar 17 분 전

    Skyfall is better

  • eric smilymcgee
    eric smilymcgee 18 분 전

    why does it say oof next to die

  • nikol 1.o Uribe uribe


  • Tu Li Shii
    Tu Li Shii 19 분 전

    Billie you are amazing

  • Hillary Araujo
    Hillary Araujo 19 분 전

    E muito encrivel

  • J Davies
    J Davies 20 분 전

    Lana del Rey wannabe.

  • S. Rathgeber
    S. Rathgeber 20 분 전

    This is in any means the most emotional Bond song. My god this girl is so special.

  • Adrian Dmoch
    Adrian Dmoch 20 분 전

    thank you Billie!

  • Lohith Leegone
    Lohith Leegone 20 분 전

    I'd be grateful if you could spare sometime to check out my covers and originals... you'll love it 😘🥰

  • George Whitehead
    George Whitehead 21 분 전

    Profound and hauntingly beautiful 🎶

  • Kayla Burse
    Kayla Burse 21 분 전

    Wizards of Waverly Place😋

  • Ivo Bogic
    Ivo Bogic 21 분 전

    I'm the 32.500 comment lol

  • Mr. 2Thumbs
    Mr. 2Thumbs 21 분 전

    This is really bad. Really bad. Just some chick mumbling with autotune to a synthesized beat about what a horrible person she is. Literally zero talent required to develop this utter crap.

  • Lara Troost
    Lara Troost 21 분 전

    There are no words to describe the feeling you get

  • Hector Cabrera
    Hector Cabrera 22 분 전


  • Thor Haakon Sandberg

    Thor Haakon Sandberg: Im the bad guy = 1776. Thor Haakon Sandberg: Im the bad guy - King nr nine = 1776. Thor Haakon Sandberg: Law and order = 1776. Thor Haakon Sandberg: Law and order - King nr nine = 1776. Thor Haakon Sandberg: Divide & conquer = 1776. Thor Haakon Sandberg: Red Dragons Mouth = 1776. Thor Haakon Sandberg: Red Dragons Avenger = 1776. Thor Haakon Sandberg: Number nine = 1776. Thor Haakon Sandberg: Number nine - King Lucifer = 1776. Thor Haakon Sandberg: USA Lucifer = 1776. Thor Haakon Sandberg: USA Lucifer - King Lucifer = 1776. POKER FACE "Satan" nr nine = 666. ;)

  • Ruta Ziuriene
    Ruta Ziuriene 22 분 전


  • Lohith Leegone
    Lohith Leegone 22 분 전

    I sing covers and originals.... hope you'll like it 🥰 if you could spare sometime to check it out 😘😘 😘

  • Vanesa Jeii
    Vanesa Jeii 22 분 전

    I'm crying so hard now...I just fucking love u...

  • özlem Demir
    özlem Demir 22 분 전

    you are so cute im your biggest fun i wish one day i can see you..

  • Jian youssef
    Jian youssef 22 분 전

    Omg that's so kras I love her about And she just has to keep fighting she has to be proud and whoever likes her likes who ever you love her all billie Eilish is just the best ❤️😍🖤

  • Lohith Leegone
    Lohith Leegone 23 분 전

    Hey I make music too, if you could spare sometime to check it out 🥰 I'd be grateful... love you 😘

  • Hannah Hobden
    Hannah Hobden 23 분 전

    2020 Billie: I’m the Bond guy.