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2020 Playoff Predictions!
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Rookies to Watch in 2020
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Post NFL Draft Power Rankings!
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2020 NFL Draft Grades
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Who Won the 2020 NFL Draft?
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The Greatest Video Chat EVER!
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  • Ryan Baron
    Ryan Baron 13 시간 전


  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 13 시간 전

    If we're talking just beautiful passes that #6 mat Stafford one was a dot and deserves to be #1

  • MattR.
    MattR. 13 시간 전

    I want to think this game is realistic, but then I look at some of those records, yikes. Some that stand out The Browns having a better record than the Saints The Patriots and the Jets having the same record The Buccaneers having the best record in the NFC The Broncos in last in the AFC West I could go on...

  • B
    B 13 시간 전

    167 million views ♡♡♡

  • Treyasaurus
    Treyasaurus 13 시간 전

    That obj run kills me

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 13 시간 전

    Here's a video of Beyonce being a fan of Shakira for almost 4 minutes straight:

  • Bryson Tang
    Bryson Tang 13 시간 전

    are you a fan of the both teams ?

  • Abraham Barajas
    Abraham Barajas 13 시간 전 She lip synced all Selena's vocals😂😂😂 she wasn't good enough to sing, even with autotune🤣 dont get me wrong, I'm glad she didn't sing, it would've ruined the movie

  • Bryson Tang
    Bryson Tang 13 시간 전

    ok dude

  • Bryson Tang
    Bryson Tang 13 시간 전


  • King Puth
    King Puth 13 시간 전

    Que ternurita ese fan de Thalia que se hace pasar por fan de jlo, ese tal jim 😂 que en realidad es la misma persona que la morena Brown y el Martin 😂 thalifans entiendan que por más cosas que comenten, por más que traten de desacreditar a Shakira, no lo van a lograr, por más hate que tiren no van a cambiar el hecho de que Shakira es súper exitosa, más famosa que Thalia y que se presentó en el súper bowl. Tampoco van a cambiar que el 99% de los comentarios son hacia Shakira, sus comentarios de hate se quedan opacados ante todos los elogios que recibe Shakira, solo le Dan like 3 o 4 personas a sus comentarios de hate 😂😂 nos hagan más el ridículo aquí.

  • Kelly Westbrook
    Kelly Westbrook 13 시간 전

    GO COWBOYS!!!!!!

  • Bryson Tang
    Bryson Tang 13 시간 전

    is it cool I subscribed to this cannel

  • Bryson Tang
    Bryson Tang 13 시간 전

    I see the steelers did a flips

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia 13 시간 전

    Were Seattle at??

  • Chrissi Simidou
    Chrissi Simidou 14 시간 전

    The outfits of bought was terrible.........😀

  • King Puth
    King Puth 14 시간 전

    After all these years, and Shakira is still the sexiest woman in the world.

  • María Jose Sabas
    María Jose Sabas 14 시간 전

    Esa ropa de los bailarines de jlo cuando aparece jbalvinla venden en wish

  • Payton Axtell
    Payton Axtell 14 시간 전

    The bears should have won this

  • Geno J
    Geno J 14 시간 전

    Junior seau.....get props! 👊respects

  • Salvador Gamero
    Salvador Gamero 14 시간 전

    Shakira shakira 🎶🎶🥰😍

  • MrCwhitt75
    MrCwhitt75 14 시간 전

    I've waited 45 years for this!!! It is good to be a Chief!!! Another1 coming in February

  • Nathanael Robinson
    Nathanael Robinson 14 시간 전


  • Newfilms
    Newfilms 14 시간 전


    After the interception in the 4th of Mahomes the Niners did everything wrong, terrible clock management and a lack of urgency on defense destroyed them, plenty of credit to Mahomes and KC for playing 60 minutes of football.

  • Joyce Kwengan
    Joyce Kwengan 14 시간 전

    Jlo an chakira the best

  • Tara Titsworth
    Tara Titsworth 14 시간 전

    Go Kansas City Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ricardo Adame
    Ricardo Adame 14 시간 전


  • Alisha Johnson
    Alisha Johnson 14 시간 전

    Dang those moves

  • Tobytriv
    Tobytriv 14 시간 전

    How is 20:34 7?

  • LordZoth6292
    LordZoth6292 14 시간 전

    This game will only help Gardner grow as a QB, best of luck to you GM! WHO DAT BABY!

  • TheKillerB
    TheKillerB 14 시간 전

    AFC divisional: more like top 5 first halves


    Lol the North was so atrocious this year

  • BankrollXayy
    BankrollXayy 14 시간 전

    If Russell has designed run plays he would be top in the leugue in rushing

  • TheKillerB
    TheKillerB 14 시간 전

    Where is packers vs lions week 17? Bad matchup but great game.

  • الفهد عّ
    الفهد عّ 14 시간 전

    The best video I’ve ever seen on KRplus since it started

  • Malu Gomes
    Malu Gomes 14 시간 전

    I want my Ariana Grande superbowl halftime show

  • Samira Soso
    Samira Soso 14 시간 전

    Wouaah shakira 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jack W.
    Jack W. 14 시간 전

    Everyone’s sleeping on the broncos

  • 1000 subscribers no videos

    Todd Gurley was a runner up 2 years in a row

  • KD3
    KD3 14 시간 전

    The one game us Lions fans cheered for the Packers. #payback

  • Anthony Dipaola
    Anthony Dipaola 14 시간 전

    Dis is cool

  • Anthony Dipaola
    Anthony Dipaola 14 시간 전

    This is making me smart👍

  • matt13r1
    matt13r1 14 시간 전

    Tony is so good in the booth

  • Bobby Craig
    Bobby Craig 14 시간 전

    An Old Friend Of Mine And His Dad were at that 🏈Game at Candlestick Park that day And Where After the Game was Over following The Catch 2 I was looking for both of them on Television While during the point after show where with all of those crowds cheering Flamboyantly !!!!!!!! 😉😉😉😉😉🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

  • Diontae Daughtry
    Diontae Daughtry 14 시간 전


  • Damien Daniels
    Damien Daniels 14 시간 전

    Sad thing is that Miami still had a chance for the playoffs after this win. Instead of winning out, they lost out.

  • 80's RULE!!!!!!!!
    80's RULE!!!!!!!! 15 시간 전

    Joe buck has called 2 Championships for KC...2015 Royals World Series and Chiefs 2019/2020 Super Bowl...

  • Arturo Garcia
    Arturo Garcia 15 시간 전


  • 80's RULE!!!!!!!!
    80's RULE!!!!!!!! 15 시간 전

    If this is Mahomes having a bad game and can still win a Super Bowl? I'll take that every day. .

  • Crazy Bean
    Crazy Bean 15 시간 전

    When they say simulation but it’s actually madden

  • Pamela Cruz
    Pamela Cruz 15 시간 전

    Aquí la que prendió fue Shakira

  • Ramon Foster
    Ramon Foster 15 시간 전

    Omg Ruggs is fast asf. Effortless sub 4.3

  • Troy Boyo
    Troy Boyo 15 시간 전

    Seacocks fans salty rn

  • Eric Badu
    Eric Badu 15 시간 전

    It was pass interference, but whether Dallas down by 10 could have won, that's another matter. Anyway biggest interference on Dallas was getting rid of head coach jimmy Johnson.

  • Sandra Yamile Castro Beltrán

    Shakira 😍🥰

  • Christopher Pauletto
    Christopher Pauletto 15 시간 전

    i like the dolphins

  • HankCScorpio
    HankCScorpio 15 시간 전

    This video is the best argument against the EA exclusive deal. We need some competition. Garbage physics.

  • Sparta
    Sparta 15 시간 전

    2:40:31 that f bomb slipped past the censors XD

  • Paul Sterkowitz
    Paul Sterkowitz 15 시간 전

    this list is actually trash lmao

  • Aljun Porcincula
    Aljun Porcincula 15 시간 전

    Why did JLo lip sync tho? This perf goes to Shakira, no doubt!

  • yeferson andres caicedo belalcazar

    Una pregunta ¿luz dary campos la coreógrafa de shakira estuvo en este show como bailarina?

  • Eric meng
    Eric meng 15 시간 전

    Chiefs o line killing the titans..

  • zinouba fatimi
    zinouba fatimi 15 시간 전

    shakira shakira !!! what a legend the best part of JLO was on 7:55

  • Lazer
    Lazer 15 시간 전

    Th3 greatest catch is the helmet catch

  • Javi Espinosa
    Javi Espinosa 15 시간 전

    ✨ PODER FEMENINO EN KRplus ✨ #Shakira, #KatyPerry y #TaylorSwift son las únicas cantantes femeninas en lograr tener 2 vídeos en la plataforma de #KRplus en rebasar más de 2.500.000.000 de Views.❣️ Nuestra shakira es la única que hasta el momento lo ha logrado con dos vídeos en diferentes idiomas (Chantaje en español y Waka Waka this time for África en inglés). Canal de Shakira:

  • Drexmvile Backup
    Drexmvile Backup 15 시간 전

    im wondering why i feel like im watching the end game

  • Dan Stevens
    Dan Stevens 15 시간 전

    NFL champion Eric Berry

  • Joshua Tan
    Joshua Tan 15 시간 전

    whos watching after watching shakira and j.lo? 😂

  • Martin Nguyen
    Martin Nguyen 15 시간 전

    I think the chargers will win like nobody can comeback w a 24 pt lead it’s impossible


    1:25:00 did she just steal from that guy?

  • Christian Lynch
    Christian Lynch 15 시간 전

    "And they do appreciate the fact that he played on a big stage in college" Top ten phrases that precede cataclysmic events.

  • Just Insane
    Just Insane 15 시간 전

    So epic