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  • Estrella Huerta
    Estrella Huerta 7 시간 전

    My prayers Bruce Willis a great actor and person for a long happy life together with his love ones even if away from acting don't give up hope and family please pray for his well being and this disease don't progress too fast 🙏❤️

  • EG
    EG 7 시간 전

    Gun sales spiked during BLM summer of love. The same party who cheered on these riots want to disarm you. Oh the irony

  • Mihail Sandu
    Mihail Sandu 7 시간 전


    WHIPLASH 7 시간 전

  • datrelle g
    datrelle g 7 시간 전

    So the Resource Officer saw him, didn't try to stop him and what , just ran away like a scared bitch leaving those kids to get slaughtered!

  • Cat's paw
    Cat's paw 7 시간 전

    Heavenly Father, Free Us From All Evil. 🙏💔😔

  • hostiliscivitas
    hostiliscivitas 7 시간 전

    The police did nothing to help those poor kids. We need police reform, not gun reform!

  • Violet2816
    Violet2816 7 시간 전

    Not everyone can donate blood😐 I know I can’t

  • Lori McMain
    Lori McMain 7 시간 전

    I’m so glad he won!

  • junior silva
    junior silva 7 시간 전

    She's so beautiful!

  • mojo4406
    mojo4406 7 시간 전

    Nothing to do with law abiding citizens criminals don’t follow the law…End of story

  • Bob Woods
    Bob Woods 7 시간 전

    Let's give thanks to all the school children, country music fans, church goers, supermarket patrons and everyone else who sacrifices their lives every year so we can run around with AR 15s and pretend we are tough guys in the military.

  • reempire888
    reempire888 7 시간 전

    Dozens of school shooting this year? Boy I must have missed most of them.

  • Luke Boyd
    Luke Boyd 7 시간 전

    Quick, decisive action... 40+ minutes to get a staff member to open the class room door. CYA.

  • Anonymous Truth
    Anonymous Truth 7 시간 전

    The failure of the security system stopping him is a tragedy. How did he get past someone to get inside?

  • beatyourfaas
    beatyourfaas 7 시간 전

    Maybe we should have a Background Check system that actually does it’s Job. Gun control measures won’t work if we still allow these problematic individuals to buy their murder weapons while they are planning their crimes, through legal background checks. The background check system is broken. It gets bogged down and approves the sale to criminals and those supposed to be precluded( like Dylan Roof the NC Church shooter who should have been precluded from purchasing, or domestic violence, felons etc) The NICS has a spot for mental health alerts from medical professionals, but no states ever update it because of privacy concerns. How many of the recent mass shooters have had some mental health issues (parkland,naval yards, Ft Hood, I think sandy hook?) Why don’t we allow doctors to Say something if the See something? We broke our system. It needs to include a tiered mental health alert system from medical professionals. We probably should also have a more scrutinized check at The First purchase. These POS shooters are constantly seen buying or acquiring their murder weapons immediately leading up to their crimes. They were never law abiding gun owners, as they always intended on using their first guns to do evil. We need a better check, we need to have confidence in the check,and the State needs to have confidence in both the check and the checked Citizens. I have no confidence in the NICS background check system, because it keeps selling to these mass shooters. If a Citizen has been checked, I should trust they are trustworthy, I should expect that my State trusts as well. But it’s clear as we continue to see gunmen who legally obtained, that the system is not checking, and is instead approving the sales to madmen. We Need a Better Check. Requiring 100% background checks won’t do jack$hit to stop these events, because these A$$Hats are already passing background checks. We should be trusted once we’ve been checked, but the check needs to actually work. Selling to mass shooters on the same day or immediately preceding their crimes is a Failure of NICS I abhor the removal or retardation of our rights, especially if the limitations fail to increase security. But I would see the benefit to a more thorough background check and a mandatory waiting period on the First purchase. We deserve a better system, we deserve to trust ourselves, we deserve to actually be trusted once checked. What we have now provides neither security nor trust, it’s a facade.

  • wranglerboi
    wranglerboi 7 시간 전

    It horrifies me that Gov. Abbott is so appalled (as I listened to him berating a system that "allows" such atrocities to happen), yet HE is one of those many lawmakers who refuse to DO anything about it. So much easier (yes, I'm being sarcastic) to complain than act? My parents taught me that ACTIONS speak louder than words.

  • Zen
    Zen 7 시간 전

    I wish more Schools had teachers like her. She’s very optimistic.

  • Drakkar_Night
    Drakkar_Night 7 시간 전

    40 minutes to an hour for response time. “They put together a plan of action.” 🤦🏻‍♂️ if this doesn’t outrage you… 😡🤬 on standby on their phones while children are getting slaughtered. Poor training in law enforcement.

  • M N
    M N 7 시간 전

    All the ppl saying cops are heroic. BULLSHIT, Cops are "COWARDS"

  • Dee Thomas
    Dee Thomas 7 시간 전

    They were typically silent when the victims were Black Americans #no tangibles, no vote! Save your own ass during the midterms!

  • Elite Elite
    Elite Elite 7 시간 전

    14y old and driving?

  • Jane Dougherty
    Jane Dougherty 7 시간 전

    Thank God for people like Becky Ruvolo. She has a heart of gold and is an amazing mama. God bless this precious little family ❤️❤️

    SCOTT COLLINS 7 시간 전


  • sawssman
    sawssman 7 시간 전

    Why include the part about the license? I don't think that's the part people are worried about. Edit- in the same video u say the shooter was in the school for 40 minutes, I'd hold off on calling any of the cops "heroes"

  • Tim Black
    Tim Black 7 시간 전

    “Common sense gun control “. What an oxymoron

  • Susan Stocks
    Susan Stocks 7 시간 전

    Listen to that man scream. Perhaps if you work towards gun control you wouldn't have this issue. I think when little children are murdered in cold blood and you're still worried about your damn gun laws you need to shake your head. And you're screaming because they're going to take away your guns for heaven's sake sit down have a cup of tea and think about the stupidity of not having gun control. This isn't about male ego and the NRA constitutional rights to bear arms it's about saving children and their parents. Not by putting them in a prison with military at the door. Look at the problem not a dumb solution. It's either that or the military is going to take over there's your choice boys.

  • fabz hdz
    fabz hdz 7 시간 전

    The staff in school Has fail the students the majority of the time you spend more time in school then at home you get to see this child how his performing. They need mentor Some teachers are only there for the pay.

  • Ldb ent
    Ldb ent 7 시간 전

    Just noting the quantity of comments that seem to be protective of guns versus those that seek to be protecting against the slaughter of small children with assault weapons. White men in powder wigs in the 1700s wrote a great doctrine but they did not have infinite wisdom.

  • Mihail Sandu
    Mihail Sandu 7 시간 전

    Pula cr ouata are da toate ..are si ciorini in oaua ..

  • Buck Robertson
    Buck Robertson 7 시간 전

    Nothing heroic about waiting 40 minutes to go in. Every policeman and all special agents should be fired . Bunch of bungling fools.

  • Matej Belica
    Matej Belica 7 시간 전

    They should stop selling weapons to the people

  • Kenneth Pereyda
    Kenneth Pereyda 7 시간 전

    You can't stop a psycho demon possessed person by restricting our right to own guns, that would be delusion

  • mike granda
    mike granda 7 시간 전

    What cowards these positions are they just run away and don’t even look at the camera maybe instead of shooting up schools these but jobs should head to Washington then maybe those corrupt pieces of human garbage will do something about the shit hole this country has turned into

  • dell cargill
    dell cargill 7 시간 전

    Were the doors not locked?

  • Tracey Patterns
    Tracey Patterns 7 시간 전

    2021 mass shooters Surprise!

  • Elsa Garcia
    Elsa Garcia 7 시간 전

    Wtf animal there just angels this hurts I’m not a parent but this hurts 💔😢 I am an aunt that could be one of my great nephews and niece

  • Advanced Vinyl Repair
    Advanced Vinyl Repair 7 시간 전

    Sends 40 billion without oversight to neo Nazis in Ukraine, complains that shootings happen in America.

  • Jim Wong
    Jim Wong 7 시간 전

    40 minutes for response times absolute ridiculous

    SCOTT COLLINS 7 시간 전


  • Ronnie Reyes
    Ronnie Reyes 7 시간 전

    She deserve the Title.

  • R. Rush
    R. Rush 7 시간 전

    B'S like always from the Republicans it's time to remove those Republicans senators that refuse to do anything.

  • Charles Downing
    Charles Downing 7 시간 전

    The way these people spin is nauseating. "Capitol Hill appears to be dead locked again, despite broad and growing public support for common sense gun control." Right. That would explain gun sales being at an all time high. This story is about how the government approved carriers of guns absolutely failed to save any lives. There is no public support for more regulation. None.

  • Kenneth Pereyda
    Kenneth Pereyda 7 시간 전

    Please someone tell me what common sense gun laws are

  • datrelle g
    datrelle g 7 시간 전

    40 minutes? What were they waitin for? Maybe for him to fall asleep or run out of ammo?Just like all the other massacres, if just one cop had done his job instead of being paralysed with fear, most if not all those victims would be alive today.

  • Advanced Vinyl Repair
    Advanced Vinyl Repair 7 시간 전

    The lawless make the laws.

  • Katrina Parker
    Katrina Parker 7 시간 전

    "BETA" O'Rouke is an aggrandizing bastard!! He's so self-serving. He's disgusting. He wants us to be like Shanghai: locked down by Health Nazis/government with no way to fight back! If you vote Democrat, you are voting for your own imprisonment.

  • steven nguyen
    steven nguyen 7 시간 전

    When I went to school in SoCal, whenever some crap was going down within a few miles away, schools in my district would enter lockdown. This was as standard as those earthquake drills. Doors were locked, and teaching continues. These was what does lockdowns did.

  • Stryg Wp
    Stryg Wp 7 시간 전

    A crazy person can get a gun with or without legal paper work or background checks ect. Most ppl I know have guns without a license. And that’s here in strict California. And for the lack of security in schools….you can blame blm for that. With the defund the police.