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Extreme Acro Dares and Stunts
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My Son's First Kiss **sweet**
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2 Photographers Shoot SOFIE DOSSI
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  • Ryleigh Krenzler
    Ryleigh Krenzler 8 시간 전

    hi Jordan Matter

  • la p'tite diablesse
    la p'tite diablesse 8 시간 전

    HOOOOO Y A DES GENS QUI PARLENT FRANCAIS DANS LA VIDEO 😁😁😁 Sinon ce que tu fait est génial continue 😁

  • Diego Lee
    Diego Lee 9 시간 전

    I don't now wich one is my favorite photo

  • Laceymae Cooper
    Laceymae Cooper 10 시간 전

    Anyone else watching this at 3.8 million subscribers?🤣❤️

  • Alaa Al-Essa
    Alaa Al-Essa 11 시간 전

    Affaf and jack r so cutee!❤️

  • Инна Куликова

    это нечто потрясающее

  • Alya Alvarado
    Alya Alvarado 19 시간 전

    the one where she is walking on water it's absolutely amazing. You're a great photographer.

  • WWE FigureCollecter10
    WWE FigureCollecter10 21 시간 전

    I have a channel and what I do is comment on my videos and pin my comment and wait for people to comment so it isn't disabled but a lot of my videos have disabled videos

  • 1000k likes with no vids Pls like my channel


  • -Panda-
    -Panda- 23 시간 전

    Omg Sophie Dossi has the beautiful i color im so obsessed

  • Cheri Lynn & AG

    Can i schedule a shoot with you

  • Josephine Salyers

    I like the one that makes her hafe of her head was pinking out of the water

  • Margo Nitrof
    Margo Nitrof 일 전

    I can do the thing she did with her toes on her right foot at 6:08 like reverse them but people tell me it's not good for my feet but I still do it lol 😂

  • tatacutecat
    tatacutecat 일 전

    Also can we do it next to the Beach I changed my mind about going to new York City

  • tatacutecat
    tatacutecat 일 전

    And I hope you make this a video on KRplus

  • tatacutecat
    tatacutecat 일 전

    oh and my address is 1242 Pasadena I think but I live on Pasadena and I hope we can do this in new York City plssssss I love you

  • tatacutecat
    tatacutecat 일 전

    Hi Jordan my name is santoria and I am a flexible gymnest and I live in Michigan and really like to go pleases but I was wondering if I can to a 10 minute photo challenge and if you will except this my mom's phone number is 313 739 9896 I hope you except this and can you please bring Anna

  • Thea Bendaly
    Thea Bendaly 일 전

    whose house is that???

  • Jordin Kornega

    I liked the one where Sofie was walking on the water

  • Josh Ahrens
    Josh Ahrens 일 전

    When Jordan matter said next stop Los Angeles the girl behind him was like uhhhhh that guy is wierd😐

    • Issy I guess
      Issy I guess 7 시간 전

      Josh Ahrens omg I thought I was the only one here in 2020 😂😂

  • Lishy Gee
    Lishy Gee 일 전

    omg 😱

  • Pickles World
    Pickles World 일 전


  • Kim Keane
    Kim Keane 일 전

    You need to get Navarro’s chear team on here!!!!!😬😂

  • Melissa Gayler

    Don't suck in helium from a balloon because when I did it I've passed out😔😳

  • kandy
    kandy 일 전

    she looked like a water girl that loved to read and haunted the water-

  • Claudia Flores

    I really want to get picked ilove your vids i watch all of them

  • Sheila Kelleher

    Jordan you should do a ten minute photo challenge but make Sophie Dossy do 30 photos

  • Neusa Nascimento

    So fun

  • aishling richardson

    So cool

  • Olive Adele
    Olive Adele 일 전

    its gross on 4:51 and a few seconds more

  • Malak Salem
    Malak Salem 일 전

    I like it ❤❤👍👍❤❤

  • Richardine Kordom

    I love you so much and i love your KRplus Videos

  • Evita Llido
    Evita Llido 일 전


  • Jalexa Rivera
    Jalexa Rivera 일 전

    hi jordan i just finished stuff i love you so much your the best i am a little flexible but i can not go to los angeles

  • KrIsNa YoUTUbE cHaNnAl To enjoy

    3:59 I saw jack Payne aka shark from the grave gang

  • Flowers Flowers
    Flowers Flowers 2 일 전

    Must you scream with every scene and every video?

  • Vishanie The best 101


  • Natailyee
    Natailyee 2 일 전

    2:49 WHAT?! that's so cool

  • Arianna Luque
    Arianna Luque 2 일 전

    that was epic

  • AN LE
    AN LE 2 일 전

    Do a split Sofie Dossi

  • tiona ng
    tiona ng 2 일 전

    nice taking picture

  • Matilda Berggren
    Matilda Berggren 2 일 전

    Girls ✌️ Boys🤟

  • Alicia Robinson
    Alicia Robinson 2 일 전

    I love all the pics and my name is Aryel

  • E_-Zz.
    E_-Zz. 2 일 전

    I like oll

  • London Johnson
    London Johnson 2 일 전

    Jordan I want you to do a 10 min pic challenge with Maddie Ziegler

  • any video
    any video 2 일 전

    Who else hates when you really want to write a comment that will get you to 7k likes but it's disabled.

  • Gilbert Aguilar
    Gilbert Aguilar 2 일 전

    Jordan you have 190 k likes, when is part# 2?

  • Gilbert Aguilar
    Gilbert Aguilar 2 일 전

    Sofie is awesome.

  • Melissa Crisp
    Melissa Crisp 2 일 전

    Jordan you should make Soffie do Contortion under water

  • Victoria Ulsøe
    Victoria Ulsøe 2 일 전

    Sofie is so pretty I’m jelly

  • Amy’s Gaming
    Amy’s Gaming 2 일 전

    Ok so what is the camera you use I want to start becoming a Proffessional

  • Jannat Ahmad
    Jannat Ahmad 2 일 전

    Sophie takes being photogenic to another level

  • Maireann Bari
    Maireann Bari 2 일 전

    You should do more underwater photography, this time maybe with the whole hype house?

    • Issy I guess
      Issy I guess 7 시간 전


  • Mari Rami
    Mari Rami 2 일 전

    10 minutes photo challenge while sky diving

  • Amelia Myra
    Amelia Myra 2 일 전


  • Browny 7
    Browny 7 2 일 전

    Do it again

  • Bee Santanillo
    Bee Santanillo 2 일 전

    Ur daughter had very long legs in that photo

  • Richard Riego
    Richard Riego 2 일 전

    The old town road was released in may 18 but sofie sung it in may 4..what how it that possible...tell me if there is wrong in what i have been discovered

  • Pavla Fryštacká

    Omg I love your videos so much!!!!!!!

  • Rebecca Mangubat
    Rebecca Mangubat 2 일 전

    Happy birthday Sofie oh and can I have a shout-out I've watched your video when I was one years old and I'm just like Sofie

  • Kitty Kay
    Kitty Kay 3 일 전

    Omg those pics are so pretty

  • Carlos Parker
    Carlos Parker 3 일 전

    So cool 😎💯🌈🍜🧸

  • SN Family
    SN Family 3 일 전

    Can you please do this More

  • I Sandali Di Cristo

    sofie amazing soles and feet

  • panda bärchen
    panda bärchen 3 일 전

    I watch this for like a thousend times and I just don't get over it how nice Pauline is😍😍 she's so sympathic even if she is so reach😂

  • Life with Elaina
    Life with Elaina 3 일 전

    I loved the walking on water

  • houwlingwoolf
    houwlingwoolf 3 일 전

    !!!PLEASE READ!!! could you make an alt account on youtube were you post a video every vid on your main account so we can comment

  • houwlingwoolf
    houwlingwoolf 3 일 전

    Th eonly thing I dislike the book is tearing at the edges and you can see it so well I *hate* it

  • houwlingwoolf
    houwlingwoolf 3 일 전

    I was hearted in ()ne of sharks videos

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash 3 일 전

    I dare you to do ice skating rink. Only in 3minutes.

  • Aaron Games
    Aaron Games 3 일 전


  • Jamaila Lao
    Jamaila Lao 3 일 전


  • Jamaila Lao
    Jamaila Lao 3 일 전


  • gisela More
    gisela More 3 일 전

    Holaaaa ,💗💟💓💞💕💌💔💋💖💝💘♥💜💙💚💛❤👅

  • Ciara Donohue
    Ciara Donohue 3 일 전

    I saw the video you announced the London 24hour challenge I really want to come

  • Dr. Rainbow Sprinkles

    What a KRplusr party

  • sdwillis39
    sdwillis39 4 일 전

    I thought it was just Sofie

  • Toyin Joseph
    Toyin Joseph 4 일 전

    Do a backbend underwater

  • Nevaehs jazz
    Nevaehs jazz 4 일 전

    I love all of them! your the best photographer ever!

  • Chris Spencer
    Chris Spencer 4 일 전

    Your so flexible 😱

  • Emma Qiu
    Emma Qiu 4 일 전

    Jordan can you try to do a challenge where you do photos to charli or someone else like sofie BUT.... blindfolded. Btw love your vids

  • Ariana's Grande
    Ariana's Grande 4 일 전


  • jewel jewe1 name roblox sewgamers3


  • 장명순
    장명순 5 일 전

    All!! They are so goooddd

  • Phoebellen Vlogs
    Phoebellen Vlogs 5 일 전

    :42 omg the look on her face

  • Won Lee
    Won Lee 5 일 전

    Her ballet shoes got wet!!!

  • Syd Babyrabbit
    Syd Babyrabbit 5 일 전

    She just wasted a perfectly good pair of point shoes 😭

  • Valery Hernandez
    Valery Hernandez 6 일 전


  • No or
    No or 6 일 전

    you are amazing & so talented love your energy

  • Hi u probably don’t know me :D

    Jordan: release all the air from ur lungs Sofie: u tryna kill me?

  • Unice kim
    Unice kim 6 일 전

    11:45 when they jump in the water it goes like "splash" when Jorden matter tries "bonk"

  • Xheng Pearl
    Xheng Pearl 6 일 전

    John another underwater photo with sofie pls. On a clearer water..

  • dianuh rahma n 00

    Oh, so great. What they're doing. I wish I could be like this.

  • Lily Morris
    Lily Morris 6 일 전

    I love how the scooter is way to small for Sophie! XD lol 😂

  • Sadie Spaulding
    Sadie Spaulding 6 일 전

    who was pained abt the tap shoes getting so scratched?

  • Antonella Gomez
    Antonella Gomez 6 일 전

    Jumping off of the walls and in water that is Ben azalert thing

  • Antonella Gomez
    Antonella Gomez 6 일 전

    When they are party 🎉 is that Ben azarlt on the slip and slide I am a fan

  • Shelly Ramdass
    Shelly Ramdass 7 일 전

    He at soifi take a picture underwater Don't get it wet I love all three photos ❤️💖😍 I love soifi and Jordan and his daughter 💗💖

  • Anya Gomez Tigreros

    Love your KRplus

  • Aniba Alam
    Aniba Alam 7 일 전

    LOL! In the mermaid one I could see Sofie Dossi’s legs! PLEASE tell Sofie Dossi I said Hi! I’m her BIGgEST FAN I watch her EVERYDAY!!