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Louisville vs. Ole Miss - 2023 NCAA women’s Sweet 16 | FULL REPLAY
Watch Louisville play Ole Miss in a full game replay from the Sweet 16 of the 2023 NCAA women's basketball tournament.
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  • Kirk Davis
    Kirk Davis 8 시간 전

    ….why she moving like Curry

    MAVERICK 97 8 시간 전

    shoot me if you want but I have just seen a player better than Steph Curry and it is a Girl.

  • Kelvin Gilley
    Kelvin Gilley 8 시간 전

    Sir Charles is the GOAT 🐐 🎤🎥

  • Sloppyjoe
    Sloppyjoe 8 시간 전

    His voice is therapeutic ❤

  • NRS205
    NRS205 8 시간 전

    ya he is great , 'right between the eyes!'

  • David Blain
    David Blain 8 시간 전

    3:54 Ya know, that guy wearing #30 is pretty good..

  • Brady Dicarlo
    Brady Dicarlo 8 시간 전

    Is it me or do UCLA and Gonzaga always have great games against one another in the tournament?

  • branden preacely
    branden preacely 8 시간 전


  • Ken Reitzel
    Ken Reitzel 8 시간 전

    If Pistol Pete and Diana Taurasi had a baby it would be this young lady. She’s amazing.

  • Lighting Bolt81
    Lighting Bolt81 8 시간 전

    If LeBron only knew how many rings that kid took from him lol

  • Jeff
    Jeff 8 시간 전

    SDSU is going to do the same to FAU. Should be a great giant killer finals this year!!!

  • TheUnknown
    TheUnknown 8 시간 전

    Kevin Harlan, a masterful voice.

  • Woe
    Woe 8 시간 전

    Girls? I WANNA SEE MEN!

  • Anthony Mann
    Anthony Mann 9 시간 전

    that NCAA basketball never fails to deliver

  • Brian Jacobs
    Brian Jacobs 9 시간 전

    Hey is that Coach Mark Barnhizer at 8:44

  • Brian McGuire
    Brian McGuire 9 시간 전

    Bloody ads!

  • David Frazier
    David Frazier 9 시간 전

    She was a dog 🐶

  • ArenaLegends
    ArenaLegends 9 시간 전

    The constant movement....the handles....shes literally Steph Curry. Its hilarious that they don't double team her as much as they should....she makes so many EZ 3s because she isn't being double teamed and her 1 defender gets shaked.

  • robert Spiller
    robert Spiller 9 시간 전


  • joeysniffs
    joeysniffs 9 시간 전

    Feel bad for that kid he's new Bill Buckner of basketball

  • Brian McGuire
    Brian McGuire 9 시간 전

    What is it with the bloody ads.

  • RJTurbo
    RJTurbo 9 시간 전

    Brea Beil locking🔒 her up😂😂

  • T Mack
    T Mack 9 시간 전

    Instead of excuses for #1 seeds and “blue bloods”, they just need to win the games. I am a SDSU fan and instead of them getting credit, excuses are made for the teams that have lost to them. Every team in the final four deserves to be there.

  • whitney b simmons
    whitney b simmons 9 시간 전


  • John Ector
    John Ector 9 시간 전

    The way the commentator pronounces the word "in" drives me crazy. LOL!

  • Matt Ensley
    Matt Ensley 9 시간 전

    Britney is a dude

  • Iisa Cruz
    Iisa Cruz 9 시간 전

    Keep sleeping on my Aztecs, D and experience wins Championships! GO AZTECS!

  • Terrence Newman
    Terrence Newman 9 시간 전

    That gave me the chills I love this game 🏀💪

  • Vigi Lante
    Vigi Lante 10 시간 전

    That dude can hoop

  • Davo Flatts
    Davo Flatts 10 시간 전

    I don’t even need to watch this to know he won’t pick UConn

  • Timothy Courts
    Timothy Courts 10 시간 전

    Van Gundy watched his bracket get broke like that 😂😂

  • Cory Jackson
    Cory Jackson 10 시간 전

    Van gundy just lost a bet he can’t pay with that face🤣🤣

  • PumpkinπPlayz
    PumpkinπPlayz 10 시간 전

    My friend is his cousin

  • AJ
    AJ 10 시간 전

    It's crazy how good Cotie McMahon is and she's just a freshman...

  • Mike Texas
    Mike Texas 10 시간 전

    Ball goes in Announcer: YAAAAAHHHOOOOOO

  • John Holmes
    John Holmes 10 시간 전

    That LSU girl needs to do something about her uni eyebrows

  • john west
    john west 10 시간 전

    coaches should teach their players to take layups or short jumpers not trying to be like steph curry who ruined the game of basketball. watched 30 seconds and I am done