March Madness
March Madness
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2024 March Madness women's bracket predictions, 1 month into the season
Autumn Johnson takes us through her 2024 March Madness bracket predictions through the first month of the women's college basketball season. South Carolina is her No. 1 overall seed.
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  • @JoeMama-mp9jb
    @JoeMama-mp9jb 4 시간 전


  • @jameslaughter5183
    @jameslaughter5183 5 시간 전

    Having your commercials 10 times louder than the commentary leads to viewers skipping ads much more frequently. So Advertisers, you are not getting what you pay for. And "March Madness", your production is good but your sound is not being professionally managed.

  • @peterhrncirik9171
    @peterhrncirik9171 7 시간 전

    I'm still the best ❤🏀 wien 2023,winner World cup 3×3❤🏀

  • @VincentGordon-ev6sy
    @VincentGordon-ev6sy 8 시간 전

    Coach Kim is sexy ❤️🔥👀

  • @raylitty7379
    @raylitty7379 9 시간 전

    Such an Amazonian

  • @Marmullak_es
    @Marmullak_es 10 시간 전


  • @jacobmervin7810
    @jacobmervin7810 12 시간 전

    JJ was right 😂

  • @miloscoopy2469
    @miloscoopy2469 13 시간 전

    Iam excited seeing JJJ In Nba as I've seen Luka early on

  • @Chopper71
    @Chopper71 13 시간 전

    I have watched this game again. Reese has defiantly missed a lot of baskets. In her range she should be executing those baskets with no issues. Alot of foul issues on both sides.

  • @MHull-ml9te
    @MHull-ml9te 14 시간 전

    I hate this game. Jersey was awoken when Peters went deep & could’ve established pride there cause NJ/NY is so sleep to college sports. They fumbled when the coach & players left. These yankee mfs will never learn. Sometimes money AINT the motive - - Charlotte raised/ UNC fan

  • @Jiltedin2007
    @Jiltedin2007 18 시간 전

    The UCLA Bruins road to this NCAA Final was definitely one for the Storybooks! From 4th Place in the Pac-10 they found their way to the NCAA Tournament and on the way to the Final they knocked off Top Seeded DePaul in the Second Round of the West Regional.

  • @ahmedsyed1100
    @ahmedsyed1100 18 시간 전

    Andy Katz pronouncing Shead like Sheed is why I’ll never trust an Andy Katz Power 36 - He doesn’t watch ball

  • @hoyageorge
    @hoyageorge 18 시간 전

    Amazing game. I was there, under the basket, as a Hoya cheerleader. Watching this game again, 41 years later, I'm struck by how much as changed in the game, most notably the shot clock and three-point arc. I think had there been a shot clock back then, Hoyas would have won this game. Their defense was suffocating.

  • @corether.lookastadsjohnson5439


  • @richardchargingcloud6590

    her mental health issue with being to busy with this or modeling, she know her assets

  • @TonyFarley-gi2cv
    @TonyFarley-gi2cv 22 시간 전

    Your players don't got enough rotation speed or distance to contract the motions of where they like to shoot from even to stay warm at the length of the provisions above their shooting average

  • @lakerskid2013
    @lakerskid2013 23 시간 전

    The scoreboard doesn’t really tell the story, it was basically Northern Kentucky just not being able to hit enough of their shots. This game reminds me a bit of the Southern University vs Gonzaga game 10 years ago, except that one was a little closer and Southern just couldn’t hit shots at the end of the game when they were in more striking distance. At least Fairleigh Dickinson did what Northern Kentucky didn’t do.

  • @deliverydoctor
    @deliverydoctor 23 시간 전

    Such a great person and coach!

  • @drunkenmonkey1975


  • @huntersquires7107

    I think what happened to Purdue was awful for them, but not nearly as bad as it was for UVa just due to the fact that UVa was the first one. At least Purdue knew it had been done.

  • @JalaLlee-yn9pv

    😂😂😂😂😂😂Robbie grabbing the most expensive things he can find

  • @jaybirddaniel387

    Heels shoulda hired outside the program for once

  • @josephmercurio4759

    Where's the rest of the crowd? This felt like a covid year game with the empty stands 😂

  • @SportsFan95
    @SportsFan95 일 전

    As a huge Duke Fan, this team might be the worst Duke Team ever as far as this early in the season/their performances. We are most likely going to be Unranked now after 2 Atrocious/Garbage games. I see this team making the NIT at Best. Absolutely pathetic. Yikes. No urgency or consistency in this team.

    • @erichall3090
      @erichall3090 일 전

      Sportsfan - You took the words out of my mouth. Scheyer is garbage and these so called clown leaders of this team. Proctor, Mitchell, Roach and Fil - no leadership at all. I see why they came back, the NBA scouts probably gave them the word "stick around" the NBA definitely not your destination.

  • @rancylouie137

    Not for spurs, we need elite playmaker

  • @user-hr5gb4yz3k

    when is Purdue going to understand you can't win games without speed you have to put others good players around your main player look at Ralph Sampson he never one the big dance because they never put players around

  • @Glassjoe108
    @Glassjoe108 일 전

    Where’s Indiana you never talk about them smh

  • @OutWest-BibleStudy

    I was a senior in HS when Sampson was named the head coach. As a freshman the program had nothing going for it outside of Coach Sampson. I remember games at Hoffeinz with almost no crowd. I remember taking a bus to TSU to watch games while the stadium was rebuilt. I remember Rob Gray's layup against SDSU to give us our first tournament win since 84. And I remember watching us play in the final four as a graduate student in my last semester at UH. Coach Sampson IS HOUSTON BASKETBALL

  • @comfortsheriff1352

    No game has ever! got me to go on repeat every week ❤❤❤❤

    @HOTBOYxPOOK 일 전

    Juju the truth 🎯

  • @teddystys
    @teddystys 일 전


  • @deanalan23
    @deanalan23 일 전

    Great interview!! I love Andy's questions and Hubert speaks from the heart, also drawing on all of his amazing experiences. I can't think of a better coach to represent the University of North Carolina.

  • @terrencealston370

    Love it!!! I think these ladies will tell coach ANYTHING going on with them. She is what you call a LEADER in more ways than one!!!

  • @Grwm_Sevin
    @Grwm_Sevin 일 전

    This shows u can come back for the win if ur loosingggggg

  • @ajwysopal
    @ajwysopal 일 전


  • @letsfixthis
    @letsfixthis 일 전

    Tony Bennett

  • @bobbyleemayflower2479

    "Turn the ball over and struggle from three..." That is what exactly happened last night against Northwestern. Back to their same MO. However, at the end of the day, I dont care about reg seson wins/losses anymore. We must make a FF run this season.

  • @tjoost
    @tjoost 일 전

    In Tony we trust.

  • @DustyNads
    @DustyNads 일 전

    At the final buzzer I looked at the cheerleaders, the ones happy, and the ones sad; all I could think of is…, we’re all in our 60s now. 😮😢 It seemed like a forever to get to 1984 and a 20 something; but like a fraction of that to get to now.

  • @horvaton
    @horvaton 일 전

    Reminds me of Tim Hardaway Sr., the built, talent, and mobility is uncanny. lol

  • @tsa3183
    @tsa3183 일 전

    Anthony edward 2.0

  • @carolinafine8050

    Oh wow!! Who is she and where did she go??

  • @jshelhorse
    @jshelhorse 일 전

    Scientifically, mathematically and statistically, up to when UVa was "upset" by UMBC, a 16 seed should've upset a 1 seed at least 6 times. That it had not yet happened is the statistical anomaly, not that it finally happened then.

  • @jshelhorse
    @jshelhorse 일 전

    Total class. I aspire to be as grounded, level-headed, and existent in the moment as Coach Bennett.

  • @swimmingpooltalk6363

    Welcome to the Spurs

  • @simplehuman1798

    Read the UMBC coach’s lips at the end, after the shot clock violation that meant nothing, and he’d realized the enormity of the situation. You don’t see the F word used many times in a POSITIVE context.

  • @simplehuman1798

    Okay, the three-pointers, but the rebounding and the hustle, and the D!?!?!?!…..Like, WOW!!!!!!

  • @fleurybreedin3682

    Awesome interview Coach Davis!

  • @xlr8nflo
    @xlr8nflo 일 전

    He says all the right things and gives you great insight. But doesnt change the fact that even if he says they got more athletic this year, they are still running the same offense and get caught when they are cold from three and turn the ball over.

  • @fleurybreedin3682

    Love Coach Davis. Go Tar Heels!