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Superb Cunha goal in battling defeat | Arsenal 2-1 Wolves | Highlights
Wolves put on a valiant display on their return to the capital for the second time in a week as their second half fightback against Arsenal fell narrowly short.
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  • @SaviologyIita
    @SaviologyIita 16 시간 전

    This highlights are better than Arsenal ones.

  • @kenny832
    @kenny832 16 시간 전

    Channy needs to stop going down so easy - you’re better than that

  • @johnpaul252003
    @johnpaul252003 16 시간 전

    It was a gift dont get it twisted

  • @jueunchoe0408
    @jueunchoe0408 17 시간 전

    If Wolves had just improved their defence, they could win. Hee Chan, don't give up and just win next time. You are a bull ! I hope José doesn't get hurt too much. He is the best goalkeeper. Come on, Wolves!

  • @safinanamujju6105
    @safinanamujju6105 17 시간 전

    The way Gabriel Jesus dribbled the ball among 3 defenders I class

  • @noufohere1663
    @noufohere1663 18 시간 전

    as a Gunner thnk you for this amazing highlight

  • @gbemigaakiniola8744
    @gbemigaakiniola8744 19 시간 전

    Wolves were decent in the final 90

  • @Phatkuz18
    @Phatkuz18 19 시간 전

    It could be easily a 5-0

  • @Ethioutforlunch
    @Ethioutforlunch 19 시간 전

    As an Arsenal fan you guys fought well which is something some teams don't experience Fair play to wolves and I can't forget how stressful you make me in the final 10 mins

  • @user-cf9yi3gu6k
    @user-cf9yi3gu6k 19 시간 전

    Arsenal could have more goals

  • @plutoniumconglomerate1001

    프리미어리그 세계 최고 선수들 5명이나 막으려 달려들었다. 신급 슛을 보인 황희찬 최고다..

  • @LoveSerah
    @LoveSerah 21 시간 전

    As an arsenal fan, didnt expect we had an easy one with wolves. I think wolves gave too much respect to Arsenal, they could have been more physical man. Look at how they killed the big teams, this was way to soft.

    • @Motivation_Editz07
      @Motivation_Editz07 16 시간 전

      No wonder look at our last matches 2 penalties against us in fulham match and also a nonsense penalty in Sheffield United match

    • @lenraby5920
      @lenraby5920 16 시간 전

      Wolves fan here, faire win. Unfortunately we cannot be physical as any challenges in penalty area 100% will go against us, that alone is in the lads minds at the moment.

    • @come.on.you.wolves
      @come.on.you.wolves 20 시간 전

      We are missing lemina and gomes, the main Physical pivots, not only that but also Pedro Neto and ait nouri, 2 of our top 3 dribblers in the team, even Jose sa got a slight knock in this game, we could have given you a challenge if we had our full team, but you probably would have won anyways.

  • @rhemamusic6502
    @rhemamusic6502 21 시간 전

    Arsenal need a 9

  • @ssekandiakram
    @ssekandiakram 21 시간 전

    Hey gunners😁♥️🤸

  • @klesa4152
    @klesa4152 22 시간 전

    아스날 상대로 잘한거 같아요

  • @user-jo9jy4tg7s
    @user-jo9jy4tg7s 22 시간 전

    황희찬 부상없이 너무 잘해주고있어요❤

  • @user-jo9jy4tg7s
    @user-jo9jy4tg7s 22 시간 전

    🐺울브스ㅠ 그래도 끝까지 최선을 다해준경기^^👏 🐂황희찬 힘내 파이팅

  • @user-ll9jb6ox5v
    @user-ll9jb6ox5v 23 시간 전


  • @kuwatsriyono7957

    Justin hubner debut..

  • @purplepatch25

    2 chances at the end in the whole 100 minutes and these guys think they deserve a point, brother by that logic we should be 5 6 nil up

  • @user-uh5ow1qb6j

    희찬군 수고했어요 ~❤

  • @amerianpop5613

    Tomiyasu absolutely pocketed unknown korean player and Cunha.

  • @psv-ne6lc
    @psv-ne6lc 일 전

    Hwang doesn't deserve a Top 5 big club like Arsenal. Mitoma>>hwang Tomiyasu>>son We have to admit it.

    • @user-ss5yh6cd4u
      @user-ss5yh6cd4u 22 시간 전

      Tomiyasu > Son ???? Mitoma > Hwang ???? Has Tomiyasu ever been nominated for the Ballon d'Or? That defender who passed to De Bruyne last time? How many goals did Mitoma score this year? And how many games did you play in? Poor Japanese guy, busy denying the truth, poor life. 😅 The more you do that, the worse your perception of Japanese people becomes. 😂

    • @BGDK-sv4we
      @BGDK-sv4we 22 시간 전

      ​@@user-bc1pm3lj7tWhy do Koreans feel inferior to Japanese players?😂

    • @user-bc1pm3lj7t
      @user-bc1pm3lj7t 일 전

      At least Son and Hwang have more than 7 goals

    • @user-bc1pm3lj7t
      @user-bc1pm3lj7t 일 전

      😂😂then why mitoma ghosting for 11games

  • @auuuuugisel
    @auuuuugisel 일 전

    Justin hubner ❤

  • @BohlimCreation

    That Korean guy was unlucky today

  • @pio1517
    @pio1517 일 전

    What happen to Jose sa?

  • @KY-en2ns
    @KY-en2ns 일 전

    Wolves had some chances in the second half. 2 goals of Arsenal in the first half decided this game.

  • @santiagomuller1079

    Although in the development of the match Arsenal deserved to win by more difference, in the final moments we fought to tie the match. The only positive thing about today was that, the fighting spirit until the end. Of course, on Tuesday we need to win to be calm.

    • @KY-en2ns
      @KY-en2ns 일 전

      I agree. I respect this team's attitude of fighting until the end.

  • @febryoktadinata

    More effort

  • @isaacsole7864

    Hello it’s the arsenal guy again obviously I’m happy with the result, but I can’t lie I was soooo stressed in the final 90 anyway fair result well done wolves for the effort :)

  • @satellite4107

    황희찬 이번 경기에서 아무런 임펙트를 주지 못했다... 확실히 여기서 한계를 보이는건가 아니면 더 성장할 여지가 남아 있는건지 모르겠지만 월클의 벽은 생각보다 높다

    • @satellite4107
      @satellite4107 15 시간 전

      やっぱり韓国人はすごく怒っているんですね www これがファンさんの限界です

    • @user-ss5yh6cd4u
      @user-ss5yh6cd4u 22 시간 전

      축구선수가 맨날 임팩트를 어케 주냐 맨날 임팩트주면 발롱도르 받겠지 오늘 눈에 안 띄었던건 사실이지만 울브스는 황희찬때문에 이긴 경기가 몇갠데 오늘 경기력 갖고 황희찬 욕할거면 앞으로 경기 못 뛴다

    • @psv-ne6lc
      @psv-ne6lc 일 전

      @@roy_mezz-awake2470Tomiyasu 3assists for premier

    • @dalgonamaster56
      @dalgonamaster56 일 전

      뭘 경기보면 초딩도 알수있겠는걸 주저리주저리 써놨냐? 너 뭐라도 됨? ㅋㅋㅋ

    • @user-mf8qd5or2f
      @user-mf8qd5or2f 일 전

      @@user-uf1wv4ox2w言いがかりやめてくれ笑 コメ主韓国人だろ

  • @TAeJUnJANg
    @TAeJUnJANg 일 전

    가슴이 웅장하다

  • @derekpugh6819

    Should have got a point ☹️

    • @alexsteadman8013
      @alexsteadman8013 19 시간 전

      @@iykeharrison9161obviously not clinical enough at finishing 🤷‍♂️

    • @iykeharrison9161
      @iykeharrison9161 일 전

      Are you serious? You guys are lucky you didn't concede at least 6 goals. This game should have been wrapped up long before you were gifted a goal.

  • @arising8412
    @arising8412 일 전

    we did brilliantly despite the loss, hope sa is okay, COYW 🖤🧡🖤🧡

    • @redfox7641
      @redfox7641 일 전

      Good goal at the end tho 👍

    • @redfox7641
      @redfox7641 일 전

      Not really didn’t play well was dire for most of the game

    • @iykeharrison9161
      @iykeharrison9161 일 전

      You guys were lucky not to concede at least 6, with the amount of chances wasted by Arsenal

  • @tirtoananda4348

    Brilliant Save From Jose Sa + Goal From Matheus Cunha. Wolverhampton Wanderers Defeat Against Arsenal FC In The Emirates Stadium. Commentator : Mikey Burrows.

  • @joe-vl3nd
    @joe-vl3nd 일 전

    Great player 👍🇬🇧

  • @Steve...66....

    Future England player, no doubting 🐺🐺

  • @sambishop2193

    Cheating for all to see. No matter who you support you can see it with your own eyes

  • @ddakjjihua1656

    축구신 : 내가 골은(황이) 넣게 해줄게

  • @shoongpink
    @shoongpink 일 전

    희찬띠~🩷 오늘 아스널전 경기도 응원해요 오늘 이길꺼예요!

  • @bao_duckhoo
    @bao_duckhoo 일 전

    곤룡포좌다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 사랑해 희찬 ㄷㄷㄷ

  • @Hope-ky7hn
    @Hope-ky7hn 일 전

    Tf why is this video on Wolves channel

  • @rlaaudtjq
    @rlaaudtjq 일 전

    Right place, right time!

  • @klesa4152
    @klesa4152 일 전

    패널티 망할

  • @klesa4152
    @klesa4152 일 전

    유투브 이름이 반쪽이네😅