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Wolves 2-4 Leeds United | Highlights
A dramatic afternoon as we end up on the losing side at Molineux. Jonny, who later received a red card, scored a long range effort and Matheus Cunha got his first goal for the club, but it wasn’t enough.
Nelson Semedo was denied a penalty and Matheus Nunes saw red from the bench in a tempestuous game.
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  • israel gallegos navarro

    Lastima lo q le paso a Raúl,, pero no me canso de ver los resumen de los wolves,, esas remontadas peleaban a todos... 31 marzo 2023

  • real baconlover 689
    real baconlover 689 11 시간 전

    go wolves

  • Ryou_ 【999haven】
    Ryou_ 【999haven】 14 시간 전

    Best wolves team off all time

  • Angel Dybala
    Angel Dybala 15 시간 전

    Sin exagerar Raúl si estaba al nivel de los grandes goleadores del mundo , con 1na o 2 temporadas mas que hubiera tenido así de buenas antes de la lección , seguro un equipo grande lo compraba, lamentablemente después de la lección no fue el mismo:(

  • David
    David 19 시간 전

    Who the hell is NEVS???? The name is NevEs

  • israel gallegos navarro

    Veo sus goles y algunos son fantásticos de jugadas elaboradas antes de su lección.

  • Daniel Guzman
    Daniel Guzman 일 전

    inventan la mquina del tiempo... los pibes: taclean a david luis antes del intento de asesinato que cometio

  • Luis Eduardo Morales

    Hoy 30 dé marzo del 2023 viendo esté video cuando Raúl andaba en su mejor momento, pero hasta que llegó un pseudo jugador a desgraciarle su carrera, después de eso hasta el día de hoy mí Raúl ya no es lo mismo 😢😢😢😢 ojalá y volviéramos a ver ésa versión para nuestro mundial.

  • Splice™
    Splice™ 일 전

    The worst things always happen to the best people

  • imani_ chim
    imani_ chim 일 전

    Залипать на Хи Чана✅

  • Hernan L15
    Hernan L15 2 일 전

    I want to see him come back to this

  • Flores Narváez José Gabriel

    Regresen ese prime de Raúl Jiménez, nos hace mucha falta😓

    • Serg
      Serg 2 일 전

      Se merece un descanso y prácticar bastante para agarrar su forma de nuevo y quitar ese miedo que tiene después de la lesion

  • T0UK0_0
    T0UK0_0 2 일 전

    2020 saa the worst year 💔😕

  • paco veyro
    paco veyro 2 일 전

    Debieron inhabilitar a david Luiz Fue con todo la mala zaña!

  • Jon Bon
    Jon Bon 2 일 전

    Man this commentator needs to get a grip. Digging way too much into the players if they make one mistake. Shouting when a decision doesn’t go Wolves’ way. This is coming from a United fan, so I have nothing against Wolves, but he’s just really annoying

  • Felix Yjz
    Felix Yjz 4 일 전


  • Rupert Jr
    Rupert Jr 4 일 전

    Just chuck all the sweets into mini bowl, and there will be more than 43 green sweets in there

  • H Thomas
    H Thomas 5 일 전

    Ref in this game was absolutely shocking and VAR is a joke

  • Aden
    Aden 5 일 전

    Just hit a peach with him near the half way line on fifa

  • Pedro Neto
    Pedro Neto 5 일 전

    G.O.A.T Club 🐐

  • Official rTech F1 roblox leauge


  • Jensen Goucher
    Jensen Goucher 6 일 전

    Come on wolves

  • Ryou_ 【999haven】

    nah bro this is one of the teams that are all connected with each other . the chemistry is what keeps this team soaring above everyone. thank god Raul survived , glad to see him back. I teared up when everyone started crying.

  • Vusal Mammadov
    Vusal Mammadov 6 일 전

    i m going to hell. 9:21

  • Freddie
    Freddie 6 일 전

    Who loves neves

  • Freddie
    Freddie 6 일 전

    Ruben neves I just don’t think u understand he’s better then zidan cause we got Ruben neves

  • Elton Guimarães
    Elton Guimarães 7 일 전

    an attack that doesn't score goals and a defense that delivers, we have to be careful not to fall, joao gomes has to be in the starting lineup not because he's Brazilian, more because of his ability to hunt and prevent the plays from happening against the wolves.

  • David
    David 7 일 전

    Watching this video, and others like it, beggars the question why the hell we let Jota, The Donk go????

  • Wtf Iaaan
    Wtf Iaaan 7 일 전

    Both teams are lovely hope both beat relegation

  • Mario Andrade
    Mario Andrade 7 일 전

    Parabéns moleque você é demais de uma simplicidade monstra ...e essa gagueira de deixou mais elegante cara ...fica em paz tá tudo xouuu

  • Cian
    Cian 8 일 전

    Hahahahaah they actually put the softest pen claim ever in the highlights as if it was one

  • Bruno Sousa
    Bruno Sousa 8 일 전

    Torcedor do wolves desde criança, bora nação

  • KTX-Boladão
    KTX-Boladão 8 일 전

    Vai meu cria arrasa ❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤

  • D Tox
    D Tox 8 일 전

    If we let him go it will be ridiculous.

  • Nathaniel
    Nathaniel 8 일 전

    Commentators > Liverpool fc

  • Byd is Me
    Byd is Me 8 일 전

    Justin Hubner Go🔥

  • Rare Football
    Rare Football 9 일 전

    How many chances can you possibly convert? Wolves were so wasteful

  • Ademilson Franciscodejesus

    João Gomes vai fazer muita falta no FLA, Deus abençoe grandemente a vida e a carreira, grande sucesso nessa nova jornada 🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Axlplayinggoat
    Axlplayinggoat 9 일 전

    Neto is so amazing

  • Axlplayinggoat
    Axlplayinggoat 9 일 전

    Wolfes can you buy kerem Aktürkoğlu please Im your biggest fan in Universe plz🙏🙏😎😎

  • human
    human 9 일 전

    I love him so fun to watch if he comes city I feel like he would be banging goals for fun with haaland because he is a good playmaker he just assist haalnd

  • Eduardo Maciel
    Eduardo Maciel 10 일 전

    João gomes joga mto, só precisa de mais minutos

  • abesworld
    abesworld 10 일 전

    He's a massive flop

  • Kaydee Duminy
    Kaydee Duminy 10 일 전

    Must say this is a great win and performance from Leeds

  • Tyo Susilo
    Tyo Susilo 10 일 전

    almost all the attacks that result in goals start from the right side of the wolves defense, I think the left defense guarded by justin hubner has done a good job, but after all the game of football is teamwork, a weakness on one side becomes a weakness of the whole team


    ⚽️🏃‍♂️Is a start of Live ok!

  • Cameron Bierman
    Cameron Bierman 11 일 전

    Van Dijk regen.

  • Ana Contreras
    Ana Contreras 11 일 전


  • SurfBlade
    SurfBlade 11 일 전

    Unlucky lads, we go again

  • Captain Gmod🇺🇦

    All the likes are Leeds fans :) glad we won