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How 2 Be Healthy
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The Weird Side Of Amazon
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Bad Boys On TikTok
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I Am Hot = Comedy?
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Greg Family Dinner
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  • Yara Azzeh
    Yara Azzeh 2 시간 전

    Sooo i have 3 million sisters and brothers

  • Tragic Animatic
    Tragic Animatic 2 시간 전

    7:30 Literally what our gym teacher does

  • Annika Unknown
    Annika Unknown 2 시간 전

    Why did I just finally realize that Drew is in the music video

  • Skylar
    Skylar 2 시간 전

    i turned on notifications and got merch am i truly greg?

  • Sleep Is for the weak
    Sleep Is for the weak 2 시간 전


  • K1NG_ DAVEEsee
    K1NG_ DAVEEsee 2 시간 전

    5 almonds a day keeps the cancer away

  • LegalDeer
    LegalDeer 2 시간 전

    Brave of you to assume that the build a bear school was meant as a kids hobby

  • April W.
    April W. 2 시간 전

    Anybody watching in 2020? Anybody notice how music.ly is soooo old

  • Sky Holland
    Sky Holland 2 시간 전

    It’s official *They’re on drugs*

  • Will Green
    Will Green 2 시간 전

    Dam those affects

  • i love mac n cheese
    i love mac n cheese 2 시간 전

    you should watch descendants

  • The Shamanite
    The Shamanite 2 시간 전

    Munch, munch, crunch it.

  • Killua
    Killua 2 시간 전

    Dude wearing a ratataoing

  • Rat Oberrath
    Rat Oberrath 2 시간 전


  • Anna Adams
    Anna Adams 2 시간 전

    “Paul was never real” is just like that Edward Norton movie where he’s an alter boy with two personalities

  • Lily Vitalis
    Lily Vitalis 2 시간 전

    hey wouldn't it be nice to just _resurrect your child?_ or maybe even _go back in time?_ like it doesn't matter whether or not Charles would ACTUALLY do it, the fact that they didn't think of that (at least to my knowledge) is a little weird

  • Zander-notch77
    Zander-notch77 2 시간 전

    6:02 e a sports “it’s in the game”

  • Socks and Sandals
    Socks and Sandals 2 시간 전

    i get 11 dollars from working at taco bell....

  • Anikka J.
    Anikka J. 2 시간 전

    “Wish.com! We don’t know either!” 😂

  • Mya Lyster
    Mya Lyster 2 시간 전

    It is called musical theatre

  • itsdatboi yep
    itsdatboi yep 2 시간 전

    i wonder whats gonna happen? whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooah it exploded

  • pap lol
    pap lol 2 시간 전


  • Koda LaForce
    Koda LaForce 2 시간 전

    porn hub ads

  • Mr.Clean'sSlave
    Mr.Clean'sSlave 2 시간 전

    Damn dude, that doggo be droppin' bars

  • Meaghan Merida
    Meaghan Merida 2 시간 전

    There had better be a new video with Danny trying all of these products or i swear to God that hair cream is going on my nipples.

  • Yasmin H
    Yasmin H 2 시간 전

    Am I the only one really concerned with all the cat masks and other stuff and worried that some sociopath might be buying and using them 😔

  • Ranger Puppr
    Ranger Puppr 2 시간 전

    0:40 did he put a hole in the backboard lol

  • Z Z
    Z Z 2 시간 전

    “How do you stay away from water your whole life” - idk live in rural Texas.

  • the Russian cat
    the Russian cat 2 시간 전

    When you wish on wish .com you can a hol dam bomb any thing your heart desires with the FBI staring at you

  • Dystopyx Rose
    Dystopyx Rose 2 시간 전


  • rasheed rahama
    rasheed rahama 2 시간 전

    But that Netflix series Instatble was amazing

  • Zander
    Zander 2 시간 전


  • ChrisSpams
    ChrisSpams 2 시간 전

    I hate how I can't read the rest of his shirt

  • Sky Holland
    Sky Holland 2 시간 전

    I think we’ve all learned something *Think outside of the box*

  • CrystalBesta Hi
    CrystalBesta Hi 2 시간 전

    My aunt always laughs at minions memes and shows them to me and I try not to cringe

  • Gwendolyn Gavin
    Gwendolyn Gavin 2 시간 전

    Is it just me or does he look so young in this video??

  • Anna Adams
    Anna Adams 2 시간 전

    This borderline sounds like psychosis no joke. Like he’s almost convinced himself he’s a different person.

  • Sam and dinosaur sticker sisters

    thats very simaler to my schools PE 😁

  • Priscilla Donahue
    Priscilla Donahue 2 시간 전

    1:23 ...Psychopaths

  • The 8th member
    The 8th member 2 시간 전

    Ok but why does Danny looks like a younger jazza in the thumbnail 😂😂

  • Charizard Feraligatr
    Charizard Feraligatr 2 시간 전

    hey dan i turned on notifications like. more than a year ago and never told you. i have been greg, but am i TRULY greg?

  • not that guy
    not that guy 2 시간 전

    best vlog ever

  • That equestrian Penelope


  • pippa skye rushton
    pippa skye rushton 2 시간 전

    forget about organs, you are a water balloon. everyone is.

  • Ann Norfray-O'Connor
    Ann Norfray-O'Connor 2 시간 전

    I am greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg

  • juligar63jr
    juligar63jr 2 시간 전

    Guys a spider was in my leg and I smack Ed it with the phone and my leg hurts (not rlly) (it was beh beh spider) k bye

  • Sophia :3
    Sophia :3 2 시간 전

    If you are truly Greg (let's see how many Greggs there are!) l l v

  • Michael Kitto
    Michael Kitto 2 시간 전

    Australian cigarette packages have gory "this could be you if you use this product". Check it out if you're game.

  • TrippEE Panda
    TrippEE Panda 2 시간 전

    Put dolphin man Easter eggs in your videos

  • S.C. Principe
    S.C. Principe 2 시간 전

    Funny 😆😆😆😆😄😃😄

  • Max Hermann
    Max Hermann 2 시간 전

    Ah yes this is how our year will get worse

  • DatBear
    DatBear 2 시간 전

    I love the photo of you drinking water in the background. Its beautiful

  • Akfreeze
    Akfreeze 2 시간 전

    im a gamer

  • Sophie Helders
    Sophie Helders 2 시간 전

    Danny what year did you think titanic came out?

  • David Estabrook
    David Estabrook 2 시간 전

    So this is like he reverse little mermaid mixed with teen wolf!?

  • Ygritte Snow
    Ygritte Snow 2 시간 전


  • DatBear
    DatBear 2 시간 전

    "And the horses yelling, MEEEEEEEEE" - Danny, 2018

  • Jessica Uguccini
    Jessica Uguccini 2 시간 전

    I’ve never laughed so hard in my entire life

  • SadMomTM
    SadMomTM 2 시간 전

    You're such a delight

  • Alison Sherman-Green
    Alison Sherman-Green 2 시간 전

    He is just weird

  • Xochilt Rodriguez
    Xochilt Rodriguez 2 시간 전

    I had a wish ad pop up on fb that was of cute tiny penis stress balls and I bought it for my brother in law for Father’s Day.

  • Valeria Pinto
    Valeria Pinto 2 시간 전

    kurtis stopped using his green screen in his videos so danny could use it

  • Gacha_piper
    Gacha_piper 2 시간 전

    i am no joke no scam a true Greg uwu

  • Si Guy
    Si Guy 2 시간 전

    My mom would go insane over Collin key’s Kitchen if you saw them destroying it should freak out

  • becca f
    becca f 2 시간 전


  • Wen LeafLife
    Wen LeafLife 2 시간 전

    im sorry, i started die laughing when he said im a guy i can pee outside, i could pee in my own mouth, with dead serious face. omg danny, he doesnt know how funny he is, i cant

  • Skylar O'Brien
    Skylar O'Brien 2 시간 전

    Tell me why I had an add about Trump’s birthday at the start of this video.... i-

  • Name
    Name 2 시간 전


  • I love doggo
    I love doggo 2 시간 전

    Well job done Danny... i mean Drew... or is it Danny? Or Drew?

  • Zuriel Bonny
    Zuriel Bonny 2 시간 전

    is it just me or does danny look like Noah schnapp and Tall fishman combined

  • nabapip
    nabapip 2 시간 전

    please watch 16 wishes. that was my CHILDHOOD and it features more debby ryan acting nonsense!!!

  • Nerd Girl
    Nerd Girl 2 시간 전

    When you like Star Wars, Star Trek, and The Notebook in addition to wearing glasses. I don't have a speech impediment, though! speech therapy when i was 4 helped a lot with that

  • Leah Boisvert
    Leah Boisvert 2 시간 전

    I brought makeup brushes off there once. Took five months to come in and the seller tried to charge $400 to my credit card, but at least it was what I ordered?

  • Carmina Donald
    Carmina Donald 2 시간 전

    8:58 honestly my fav part and i couldn’t stop laughing i laughed for like 5-10 min bc of his face

  • Max Allin
    Max Allin 2 시간 전

    This gives off strong lonley island in 2011 vibes

  • Offbrandrice
    Offbrandrice 2 시간 전

    Hey Danny, if you want to suffer something worse than Collins key and troom troom then look up "just ameerah" on KRplus, she's WORSE than both Collins key and troom troom combined

  • maya deville
    maya deville 2 시간 전

    You almost got slapped by legal again!

  • Shadow_Realm Artz
    Shadow_Realm Artz 2 시간 전

    0:57 *Im in this clip and I don't like it*

  • Lewis Tough
    Lewis Tough 2 시간 전

    My notifications have been on for as long as Elton John has been standing

  • sav mclean
    sav mclean 2 시간 전

    wasn’t collins a magician a few years ago?

  • Lewis Tough
    Lewis Tough 2 시간 전

    I got a wish ad before this lol 😂😂 it was the *sMaRt WaTcH* one

  • Davisin
    Davisin 2 시간 전

    Fun fact: oh nanana it's actually a brazilian music

  • Grayson and Weston Okorie


  • Screech Owl
    Screech Owl 2 시간 전

    One time my family and I were watching marvel movies, and when Hawkeye was with his family and being lovey with his wife my stepmom said “it’s funny how they tried to make him seem likable” LMAO

  • Truly Greg
    Truly Greg 2 시간 전

    8:33 social distancing, before his time

    AURORA FULTZ 2 시간 전


  • Watermelon Jesus
    Watermelon Jesus 2 시간 전

    I love sauerkraut

  • C E
    C E 2 시간 전


  • Gayvin uwu
    Gayvin uwu 2 시간 전

    Now I kinda want Danny to cover the princess protection program.

  • Gachalite Elise
    Gachalite Elise 2 시간 전

    Danny: I just wanted him to take off his shirt and pants for like a second- what the fuck- Ad: ESCAPE TO THE WORLD OF ANIME I think I will, thank you Funimation :D

  • CoolDolphin28
    CoolDolphin28 2 시간 전

    this came out one year ago today im moved to tears😭

  • Squirtle plush productions

    11\10 would not look at

  • MFA_ Chaos
    MFA_ Chaos 2 시간 전

    just how the ladies like it :)

  • Layla Marie
    Layla Marie 2 시간 전

    I think the ice cream has a polish accent. Do all of them have polish accents then?

  • Joe Kramer
    Joe Kramer 2 시간 전

    how tf ybn cordae caught up in this shit

  • Trent Pelletier
    Trent Pelletier 2 시간 전

    Those poor fish that they own

  • Just Maruka
    Just Maruka 2 시간 전

    "Are you sad? Stah- gross.. don't be"

  • Лиза Роллинс

    why is nobody talking about the picture in the ad @2:33

  • 1v1quickscopes Srub
    1v1quickscopes Srub 3 시간 전

    our high school rivalry got as far as a fight that lasted over lunch (about an hour) and it was talked about all morning

  • {HopePebble}
    {HopePebble} 3 시간 전

    I have an ad for Scales right next to this video