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Martha Stewart's Thai Fried Rice ALMOST IMPRESSED Uncle Roger
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Martha Stewart, the original girlboss make Thai fried rice.
Original weejio:
Uncle Roger's favorite noodles and dumplings (US only):
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Uncle Roger HATE Rachael Ray Adobo
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  • @vasanthagangasani654
    @vasanthagangasani654 9 시간 전

    I am from India and we saw him iski maa ki

  • @Kaminuru_Zero_Energy
    @Kaminuru_Zero_Energy 9 시간 전

    “Nephew kidnappa”

  • @bcgreen1966
    @bcgreen1966 9 시간 전

    Wasn't pasta invented in Asia?

  • @Grebeny
    @Grebeny 9 시간 전

    Where's the replica?

  • @LukeAtherton-hs7fw
    @LukeAtherton-hs7fw 9 시간 전

    Jamie Oliver made me hate mushrooms when my mum followed his recipe

  • @vincentiusvino2422
    @vincentiusvino2422 10 시간 전

    I can taste it from here...🤮

  • @theyhaventfedmesince
    @theyhaventfedmesince 10 시간 전

    No offense, but I don't want an Asian to judge how spices or sauces look. Especially knowing how bad or worse looking they are in the Asian market. I was talking about the spice shops in the Indonesian traditional market.

  • @user-iq9zk7hc1o
    @user-iq9zk7hc1o 10 시간 전

    ''Flavour more important the flavor''-A true chef

  • @SungazerDNB
    @SungazerDNB 10 시간 전

    I like how Uncle Roger's editor still puts all the dangerous content in the outtakes, kind of negating all the effort of avoiding the statements in the first place. It's very anti KRplus, as it should be!

  • @sinner13halloweenfiend76

    I put baby carrots and KoЯn to mine lol

  • @fritziereynoso7557
    @fritziereynoso7557 10 시간 전


  • @michaeldavesantos
    @michaeldavesantos 10 시간 전

    Nick is such a nice guy

  • @ejpatrick1950
    @ejpatrick1950 10 시간 전

    Nah why he took a shot at my son Jamie Oliver 😅😅

  • @nwobodochimaobi3831
    @nwobodochimaobi3831 10 시간 전

    That’s how you know the movie is fiction.😂😂😂

  • @joohee73
    @joohee73 10 시간 전

    exorcism cracked me up

  • @af8811
    @af8811 10 시간 전

    Uncle Rogy : and then you ruin it with green... Hulk be like : ssst, someone's calling me ?????

  • @GamerFamBrianYTc
    @GamerFamBrianYTc 10 시간 전

    0:25 - 0:31 😂

  • @eoko666
    @eoko666 11 시간 전

    Bruh my mom can make it better

  • @hiranmayeesahoo972
    @hiranmayeesahoo972 11 시간 전

    1st step - make garam masala

  • @RedaHarrouss
    @RedaHarrouss 11 시간 전

    what is this hahaha

  • @garyhyndman1105
    @garyhyndman1105 11 시간 전

    Hes a fkn drama queen.

  • @AmAsfLesbian
    @AmAsfLesbian 11 시간 전


  • @MyDogHasDoDoOnHisButt-Edits

    Uncle roger is a Texan now

  • @mrkhadang
    @mrkhadang 11 시간 전

    Damn 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @ixnatallietheidiotxi8710

    If it has a good flavor but a shitty texture it ruins everything

  • @DarkVeemon
    @DarkVeemon 11 시간 전

    I feel like when it comes down to it, weak flavor is a lot easier to fix afterwards then weak texture, which is why getting the texture right is more important than getting the flavor right.

  • @aswathythayil6346
    @aswathythayil6346 11 시간 전


  • @Hairysteed
    @Hairysteed 11 시간 전

    _"That's why they call it CCPea"_ -9000 social credit!

  • @BisayangGamay1
    @BisayangGamay1 11 시간 전

    cant stop laughing while watching Auncle Roger is one of a kind..foiiiyooohhh lol

  • @ranjivabraham6505
    @ranjivabraham6505 11 시간 전

    uncle roger shut up we use chicken breast itself.

  • @zevfeistory
    @zevfeistory 12 시간 전

    12:28 no wonder they ban you from entering china 🤣

  • @Cxrseddd
    @Cxrseddd 12 시간 전

    have you seen chef

  • @vincenzofranchelli2201

    isnt risotto rice

  • @Diarywawa12
    @Diarywawa12 12 시간 전

    Hahaah nasi kangkang

  • @bhaveshjaiswar5725
    @bhaveshjaiswar5725 12 시간 전

    Omnivorous left the chats

  • @pandu2129
    @pandu2129 12 시간 전

    You were gained an Indian nephew by protecting our butter chicken. By the way whatever he made butter chicken that's white version not Indian version.

  • @user-is5bv5kl8i
    @user-is5bv5kl8i 12 시간 전

    Cool tip from my Japanese parants is to lay the palm of your hand on the rice and it the water touches a little above the nuckles its a good amount or just use the finger. Finger is simpler but whats better then all of that is to just get a rice cooker

    • @user-is5bv5kl8i
      @user-is5bv5kl8i 12 시간 전

      The measurements are already on the inside of the rice cooker

  • @zarzarmoe9115
    @zarzarmoe9115 12 시간 전

    Health is the most important

  • @yourheem9
    @yourheem9 12 시간 전

    Bro violated the rice before it turn 16. Rice need to become 16 to orgasm.

  • @HKNMMusic
    @HKNMMusic 13 시간 전

    Should be MSG image

  • @user-mj8bd4hc3b
    @user-mj8bd4hc3b 13 시간 전


  • @Lavender_therian
    @Lavender_therian 13 시간 전

    THAT LOOKS DISGUSTING 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • @tinahunt8241
    @tinahunt8241 13 시간 전

    Hi I’m white

  • @vincenzofranchelli2201

    it wasnt red