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Among Us In Minecraft...
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Among Us In Minecraft...
조회수 10M년 전
조회수 3.8M년 전


  • Daniella and nyala
    Daniella and nyala 시간 전


  • Alan Roberto Juarez Escobar

    There is literally no one talking about alyssa

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 시간 전

    Omg omg😍🤍✨

  • SuperLjud
    SuperLjud 시간 전

    Is Dream infected by the egg cus that explains why did he suddenly turn evil

  • Men2
    Men2 시간 전

    You just had to mention that Phil was old xD

  • Kail
    Kail 시간 전

    La’manberg is on the map this means this was taken awhile ago.

  • Waffles
    Waffles 시간 전

    Are we going to start getting c!dream lore?

  • Miss Sunset
    Miss Sunset 시간 전

    Dream said « oh my GOD »! LEGENDARY

  • ~•PuppiePupcake•~

    "Like Phil, he's pretty old" lol

  • Dan Z
    Dan Z 2 시간 전

    new dream lore????

  • sunflower in a shower
    sunflower in a shower 2 시간 전

    my fucking god

  • mr.Shgamingguy
    mr.Shgamingguy 2 시간 전

    Why dose it even say warning.

  • heidibakker78
    heidibakker78 2 시간 전

    Hi dream

  • That_dinonuggie
    That_dinonuggie 2 시간 전

    Dream lore? Huh This will be interesting…

  • Lotte De Wispelaere
    Lotte De Wispelaere 2 시간 전

    I'm sure this is gonna be epic once again

  • MinneUnderIt
    MinneUnderIt 2 시간 전

    okay so this is totally out of context, but did you guys also notice that this editing style is (almost) the exact same as Manatreeds? I know Manatreed is probably not Dream (not saying he isn't because i'm still 50% sure it's him lol) but I just noticed it and wanted to share this with you guys :) have a great day <3

  • Alvaro Molero
    Alvaro Molero 2 시간 전

    Why they didnt put a block and remove the water?

  • its kelly
    its kelly 2 시간 전

    so that's when he was in the prison right? or beforehand? because if it was in and Punz was a guard (which I think he was?) then... damn. anyways thats how ranboo lost two of his cannon lives i guess

  • Julie Beasley
    Julie Beasley 2 시간 전

    Lore is pog

  • TheOneScoutly
    TheOneScoutly 2 시간 전

    Literally no one cares. The smp should have ended like 6 months ago or something

  • Box Supremacy
    Box Supremacy 2 시간 전

    this video just looks amazing! excited for the stuff you lot have planned!

  • Nightmare
    Nightmare 3 시간 전

    ok that was nice to see very good video production :)

  • • C r y  B a b y •
    • C r y B a b y • 3 시간 전

    God gave us lore

  • Anand
    Anand 3 시간 전

    Plot hole: Why didn’t Tommy see them in the afterlife

  • Tommaso Que
    Tommaso Que 3 시간 전

    So we still don’t know the exact origins of the Revival book but that Dream at first didn’t know anything about it, so maybe like enchantment books he just found it somewhere.. or Bad got it from the underworld and constructed it, then lost it for Dream to find. Also RANBOO WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON- HIS CHARACTER IS CONFUSING ENOUGH AND NOW THIS?!

  • j4dey
    j4dey 3 시간 전

    Tbh I don't even watch the Dream SMP but this...is amazing (and terrifying)

  • CreativeCalamity
    CreativeCalamity 3 시간 전


  • Babyblue5632
    Babyblue5632 3 시간 전


  • Ella
    Ella 3 시간 전

    SAD-IST is preparing for a new animation rn... I can feel it WITH MY GU-

  • Ruhzz
    Ruhzz 3 시간 전

    What daaaaaa

  • daily yelluw
    daily yelluw 3 시간 전

    why is this built like a movie I love it

  • WS'camel
    WS'camel 3 시간 전

    41:30 - why are there ametyst blocks?

  • arino donichi
    arino donichi 3 시간 전

    What happened to not making content on the DSMP in order to give the smaller guys a spotlight?

  • Xepher Marie
    Xepher Marie 3 시간 전

    really did phil like that

  • KitSucksAtYoutube
    KitSucksAtYoutube 3 시간 전


  • Crash! Jam
    Crash! Jam 3 시간 전

    Mans really just went, "I mean- Phil's old- no one would question if he- ya'know"

  • HopefulHaji
    HopefulHaji 3 시간 전

    Literally my brain barely ever comprehends Dream's clutches like It took me a good minute to process his lava door clutch

  • Sky Malaran
    Sky Malaran 4 시간 전

    Can't wait👀

  • Ahmed Rind
    Ahmed Rind 4 시간 전

    Vic and lazer It will awesome

  • Still Robyn
    Still Robyn 4 시간 전

    Dream- Dream Lore???

  • Scope
    Scope 4 시간 전


  • Kobe LP
    Kobe LP 4 시간 전

    Dude this is insane. Absolutely chilling to see this side of you and puns.

  • Naveen Punnoose
    Naveen Punnoose 4 시간 전

    does this mean dream is going to start start streaming the dream smp again

  • Yasmin Muhumed
    Yasmin Muhumed 4 시간 전


  • IzZo043 YT
    IzZo043 YT 4 시간 전


  • Crystal Cake
    Crystal Cake 4 시간 전

    Cool to see some of the lesser characters getting involved with the lore like vik and lazer with dream, fundy, foolish, and purpled with las Nevadas, and Connor with the syndicate

  • The _witcher
    The _witcher 4 시간 전


  • That Guy4622
    That Guy4622 5 시간 전

    Omfg there still doing this?

  • The L.A. channel
    The L.A. channel 5 시간 전

    This was amazing 🤩

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