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Outspoken Angelina Jolie
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  • Andrea Cumbo
    Andrea Cumbo 8 시간 전

    Prayers for them both during this time!!

  • Austin Dreher
    Austin Dreher 8 시간 전

    I don't like at LIARS either

  • Renee Ehefrau
    Renee Ehefrau 9 시간 전

    Still took a private plane and couldn’t dress?

  • lollypopjay
    lollypopjay 9 시간 전

    I’m sure the news about him fathering another child will eventually get swept under the rug by her in the name of a reconciliation with her baby daddy. That man DOES NOT, NOR WILL EVER respect you enough to deserve your time, energy and forgiveness. I hope one day Khloe figures this out but I hold very little hope she will!

  • Cindy Blue
    Cindy Blue 9 시간 전

    Please, spare me. More fake news

  • Roberto Masensi
    Roberto Masensi 9 시간 전

    Look at the amount of support Gibson is getting on this thread. Antisemitism is real and alive

  • marie j.
    marie j. 9 시간 전

    JD will never look at you because as a survivor of DV, he will NEVER allow you to have a hold on him again. That is JD‘s message: NEVER AGAIN!!

  • Rox Close
    Rox Close 9 시간 전

    She was jealous

  • Kobe 41
    Kobe 41 9 시간 전

    Вечная слава Родным ДМ и Флетчу

  • Barbara
    Barbara 9 시간 전

    Wishing them well. Have fun 💞💞

  • Chelliah Thaiyal
    Chelliah Thaiyal 9 시간 전

    so many artist are dying diz year 1st it waz RAY LIOTA and now itz ANDY FLETCHER

  • M M
    M M 9 시간 전

    Opportunistic. Go visit your father.

  • Genny Zelis
    Genny Zelis 9 시간 전

    RIP Andy Fletcher 🙏

  • Mabel Ann toman-Harvey

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  • Daisy 🌼
    Daisy 🌼 9 시간 전

    I’m just blown away and so impressed with his remarkable, supportive and caring team of attorneys. They’ve been incredible in every way imaginable!! Hearing Ben get choked up got me choked up too! Seeing how emotionally committed Johnny & Camille both are to Johnny and his case is a really wonderful thing to see! We all know Johnny isn’t a saint, but he just went through an insane journey of pain and humiliation during this trial and before the trial, and throughout, he’s shown and proved his kind, caring and lovable side is genuine. Even with his flaws, I still think he’s a pretty great guy, and I’m glad his legal team could see that, and was all in!

  • Ava Nicole
    Ava Nicole 9 시간 전

    Sigh.... I'm gonna keep my opinion quiet.

  • Desere Howard
    Desere Howard 9 시간 전

    Win or lose the world now knows HIS truth

  • Daniele T
    Daniele T 9 시간 전


  • Deep N’Side OnU
    Deep N’Side OnU 9 시간 전

    Ambers the real abuser here

  • Айбол Шадыканов

    I enjoyed hearing those messages😂😂😂

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B 9 시간 전

    I will only watch if priyanka performs with them

  • dahee1
    dahee1 9 시간 전

    I think if Amber heard wins this it will damage the credibility of all women who win dv cases.

  • Tomas Roberts
    Tomas Roberts 9 시간 전

    Wahey! Look at him go!

  • Kathleen Weinberg
    Kathleen Weinberg 9 시간 전

    Is Pete doing the right thing by leaving the show

  • earth angel
    earth angel 10 시간 전

    I HATE THE WAY SHE WALKS.SHE WALKS LIKE A LONG LEGGED TREE MONSTER COMING FROM THE WOODS LOL!! I don't hate H bawldwin.but there's somtjing with her that doesn't sits well with me.poor selina not sure why she needs to apologize to anyone.thegirl has her own makeup line.she can do whatever whenever she wants.

    TRAGOS 10 시간 전

    This speaks for everyone who was blamed for something they never did. I've been through something similar to this and honestly it's a nightmare. My heart goes out to you Johnny, we all believe in you.

  • Julia Eckhard
    Julia Eckhard 10 시간 전

    So many Men will get a better chance from now on after being abused by abusive bitches,yes yes yes finally

  • Faryal Alam
    Faryal Alam 10 시간 전

    Angelina is like, brad loves me he loves me not. Angelina is like I want to run for usa president/congress. She's like, let's go to Cambodian, no no let's go to Afghanistan. She's like I want to help, no I want to be an LA stripper. My gosh She's like miss know it all, ain't she! One week she's a stripper and the next she's mother Theresa

  • Theworking Team
    Theworking Team 10 시간 전

    So... Which tears????

  • Nicholle Christine Edwards

    Satanic MK ULTRA Monarch Dogs- who cares.

  • Baha
    Baha 10 시간 전


  • C. M.
    C. M. 10 시간 전

    Her face would have looked like Johnny Depp's. Swollen and very discolored. I suffered from dv and ipv. My face was very discolored from the bruises and swollen from being hit in the face. None of the pictures she provided shows this. Her pictures do not show what she is describing happened to her.

  • Sip Nog
    Sip Nog 10 시간 전

    As if I care. I hate what she said about our King Michael Jackson. She didn't need to say any of that staff. Stupid. She is still beautiful though.

  • Maye CARAT
    Maye CARAT 10 시간 전

    i love you boys