YoungBoy Never Broke Again
YoungBoy Never Broke Again
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  • Almighty Juice
    Almighty Juice 8 분 전

    NLE Choppa: I am a menace NBA YOUNGBOY: You can rap that gangster shit and I still won't feel you

  • Kyleigh Pruitt
    Kyleigh Pruitt 8 분 전


  • darl
    darl 25 분 전

    both of those hellcats nice as shit

  • George Boss
    George Boss 25 분 전

    Pain n hardship in the music 🎶 just to enjoy life with family and real friends. 💯🙏🏽 I feel this💯🎬🎤

  • Luh TJ
    Luh TJ 31 분 전

    Play this mf on some speakers🔊‼️

  • apg
    apg 35 분 전

    RIP Dump

  • DJ Pelley
    DJ Pelley 39 분 전

    This dude is unstoppable

  • The Daily
    The Daily 43 분 전

    Do carter son mean he the lil Wayne of this generation?

  • Lonzell Turley
    Lonzell Turley 44 분 전

    Please tell me what you gotta do I gotta do y’all have any idea what I can do to make sure that I get the kids to come home I wanna is my day I wanna

  • Tyshawn Blow
    Tyshawn Blow 51 분 전

    this man is really a generational talent don’t @ me

  • Maria Clark
    Maria Clark 56 분 전

    United JAMARI Watson 4

  • YungunOfficial
    YungunOfficial 시간 전


  • DIY's with Krishank

  • bigmac plays
    bigmac plays 시간 전

    100 million? Who u know get veiws that fast?

  • Legend
    Legend 시간 전

    Get the cock out of ur mouth b4 u can sing .

  • Hulvc
    Hulvc 시간 전

    Spotify needa hurry up!

  • BIG_RED _209_YT
    BIG_RED _209_YT 시간 전

    Who bumping this in November 2019

  • Die Hard Gamer
    Die Hard Gamer 시간 전

    How do y’all understand him 😂😂

  • Dta Youngean
    Dta Youngean 시간 전

    I still wanna know who snitching Inna click🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Maniacdropped_81
    Maniacdropped_81 시간 전

    We need rod wave on here 😭😭😭😭😭

  • 1 9 7 2
    1 9 7 2 시간 전

    God protect this young man

  • KB ReaL
    KB ReaL 시간 전

    Aim for Da 👃 Straight Off Da Flap..We Gon FACE U!!!🤦‍♂️🤯🔥

  • nielk5
    nielk5 시간 전

    damnn just realized what he was talking bout when he said “whats in our blood only we know about it”.... herpes.... or am i trippin

  • Curlyhead 11
    Curlyhead 11 시간 전

    🅱️👍fuck the crips🔫

  • Eric Rivera
    Eric Rivera 시간 전

    roses are red violets are blue all yall gon fuck wit 1:22

  • LilRell World
    LilRell World 시간 전

    I'm tryna knock his brudda off with the same gun🔫😮🤫🤐 Daaamn RIP Gee Money🦍💚

  • Joseph Henry
    Joseph Henry 시간 전

    i remember when I was on house arrest for 4months an I'm only 12

  • Shahari Hunnicutt
    Shahari Hunnicutt 시간 전

    Is this on Apple Music yet?

  • That One Weird Kid
    That One Weird Kid 2 시간 전

    So this is what the Trending Music section is like... Alright I’m going back to Breaking Benjamin

  • Dj Gang
    Dj Gang 2 시간 전

    who still listening 2019?🗣

  • Polo.flexinn
    Polo.flexinn 2 시간 전

    Still listening 2019 🐐

  • KratosRule Gods
    KratosRule Gods 2 시간 전

    I have a vision i want to dap youngboy he throws a punch then i dodge and aim my fglock straight at his head i say i have 6 snipers outside along with 18 swat members outside then they say you're lieing thenni tell them to turn off the lights and they see like 5 red dots on youngboy heart and this all happened cuz he tried to throw hands i bust the trigger then they all die

  • Kirei Sandiford
    Kirei Sandiford 2 시간 전

    AK machine guns

  • Jaime Quintana
    Jaime Quintana 2 시간 전

    The instrumental would’ve sounded a lot sweeter if it wasn’t so high pitched

  • Shanice Barton
    Shanice Barton 2 시간 전

    I feel your pain. NBA

  • Jaiden Dennis
    Jaiden Dennis 2 시간 전

    Glad that this once was lil nigga rich now. “I ain’t never had shit just wanna touch a mill” 💪🏾💪🏾

  • Mudboy Hheavy Tv
    Mudboy Hheavy Tv 2 시간 전

    check me out subscribe if you like appreiciate it

  • Kentrell Johns
    Kentrell Johns 2 시간 전

    I’m u a big yb fan 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

  • Mini
    Mini 2 시간 전

    10k dislike like seriously😴 Yall should stay off his channel if yall dont like him!! Point blank PeriodTTT!!! 4KT AIN'T NOBODY SAFE🍀💚🐍

  • gamr mab
    gamr mab 2 시간 전

    Wap wap rap King 38 never broke again

  • Chasetoofunny 2x
    Chasetoofunny 2x 2 시간 전

    🔥🔥🔥u the best rapper ❌🧢

  • Tyler Farris
    Tyler Farris 2 시간 전

    The hottest rapper out 🔥🔥🔥

  • Amatullah Abdul-Alee
    Amatullah Abdul-Alee 2 시간 전

    Soooo when this gonna be on apple music and spotify tf

  • Corneilus Warford
    Corneilus Warford 2 시간 전

    My boy raw af

  • Moneymanken 223
    Moneymanken 223 2 시간 전

    who still listening in november 2019

  • SlumLord Kennedy
    SlumLord Kennedy 2 시간 전

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  • Carmelo Knight
    Carmelo Knight 2 시간 전

    0:49 “Violin should be played,” *Play Flute*

  • Shantee
    Shantee 2 시간 전

    Aaah ahh cha sa menimen bla pa rrrrrraaa

  • Cindy Still
    Cindy Still 2 시간 전

    Love your music nba young boy

  • Blue Wavy
    Blue Wavy 2 시간 전


  • vivian rajan
    vivian rajan 3 시간 전

    Dat one nigga smokin cigarettes 😑

  • Ab N Gerrah Forever
    Ab N Gerrah Forever 3 시간 전

    He snapped 🙏

  • Angie Gonzalez
    Angie Gonzalez 3 시간 전

    I say, mama, I'm so sorry I got ice burned where my heart at On the road where I had it hard at How I'm chosen? I'm so heartless, so, so heartless 🔥🔥

  • BenTheGamer21
    BenTheGamer21 3 시간 전

    This Music Video Is Dog Shit Listen To Better Music You Dumbasses

  • Marlen Jones
    Marlen Jones 3 시간 전

    4 k tray

  • Richh Youngen
    Richh Youngen 3 시간 전

    Who still fuckin with it erday ?

  • D0NT L0V3
    D0NT L0V3 3 시간 전

    Hums harder then my mom looking at my grade

  • Tommy Galan
    Tommy Galan 3 시간 전

    gdk on my soul niggggga

  • JaySo Wavyy
    JaySo Wavyy 3 시간 전

    2019 still bumping

  • Kevin Silva
    Kevin Silva 3 시간 전


  • Nahjear Russell
    Nahjear Russell 3 시간 전

    I like it

  • EriAnna Terry
    EriAnna Terry 3 시간 전


  • XD_ YTHuntman1026
    XD_ YTHuntman1026 3 시간 전

    Still her and it’s still 🔥

  • BRN Vanity
    BRN Vanity 3 시간 전

    What the deal with this cigarette shit

  • RyanTheGod
    RyanTheGod 3 시간 전


  • Tahiem Jones
    Tahiem Jones 3 시간 전

    Tryna grow up don't come in contact wit dat violence 💯

  • Mylonti
    Mylonti 3 시간 전

    Put this on Apple Music tf

  • Shizzle Official
    Shizzle Official 3 시간 전

    Now every kid in my school is going to play this shit. Thanks a lot.

  • Raphel Farrelly Jr
    Raphel Farrelly Jr 3 시간 전



    I would bump this every day if it werent autotune. Gay

  • Le Gringo Mortel
    Le Gringo Mortel 3 시간 전

    Deso mais j'm pas sa

  • Isaiah Bond
    Isaiah Bond 3 시간 전


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  • troll
    troll 3 시간 전

    I feel like when he put his first title on this song he was to lazy to put YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

  • troll
    troll 3 시간 전

    If u been here since the title look like this “nba youngboy- lost motives”

  • Karson Kelley
    Karson Kelley 4 시간 전

    This song is fire 💯💯

  • Desmond Auta
    Desmond Auta 4 시간 전

    Youngboy look tired

  • Sector FN
    Sector FN 4 시간 전

    I can see my gta character can take care of himself

  • IKEA King period
    IKEA King period 4 시간 전

    This song is so hard

  • RelentlessFNM
    RelentlessFNM 4 시간 전

    “Boom bow pussy bitch don’t try to run now!!”

  • Nathan Rose
    Nathan Rose 4 시간 전

    Go hard 💯🤬

  • Joseph Ramirez
    Joseph Ramirez 4 시간 전

    I've Been Here Since Before I Go Album And Until The End

  • fortnite god
    fortnite god 4 시간 전

    Top 2 song of the week it’s out of this or bandit

  • Oumou Sow
    Oumou Sow 4 시간 전

    yall just ever listen to a song and be like dang i wish i came up wit ts

  • Cory McCullough
    Cory McCullough 4 시간 전

    Trying make it through the headphones

  • damien clark
    damien clark 4 시간 전

    Go NBA young boy you cool at your songs

  • Prince White
    Prince White 4 시간 전

    You are that nigga with the ticket the same one with ambition

  • Eric Thomas
    Eric Thomas 4 시간 전

    Long as music like this is being made I’m going to keep buying stocks in privatized prisons.

  • ABG Gucci
    ABG Gucci 4 시간 전


  • Gaming Person
    Gaming Person 4 시간 전

    If u are a youngboy fan like this comment

  • Ezra Williams
    Ezra Williams 4 시간 전

    I slept on this jawn at first but it grew on me lol

  • Liz Hernandez
    Liz Hernandez 4 시간 전

    Raw 🧠

  • Risk Twin
    Risk Twin 4 시간 전

    Sub to risktwin it is his cousin

  • Micho Asked
    Micho Asked 4 시간 전

    4K tray

  • Asia Lashae
    Asia Lashae 4 시간 전

    GOATTT 💚😩😍

  • Najla Smith
    Najla Smith 4 시간 전

    Dat luh bihh can hypnotize mhee stgoddd!!!🤣😭😭

  • Montathekid 900
    Montathekid 900 4 시간 전

    New song out check my Channel 👌🏽💯

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  • Tony Guns
    Tony Guns 4 시간 전

    Will. Kill. Crabby patty