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BLACKPINK’s fans protest!
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EXO Suho disappears?!
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What happened to DAY6?
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H&D 'SOUL' (Stage full cam)
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  • Jumenica Santos
    Jumenica Santos 15 초 전


  • Rizka Nufutomo

    we hope for you to be able to come back soon, By bringing a more fresh and different concept ...

  • adhi nugroho
    adhi nugroho 2 분 전

    Jinny is so pretty

  • Agus Fryanto21
    Agus Fryanto21 2 분 전

    Fun and warm group

  • Akbar Ruh Pambudi

    luvcuuu 🥺😭

  • Lutfi Iskandar
    Lutfi Iskandar 6 분 전

    They're so cute 😊😊👍👍

  • Jung Yerin
    Jung Yerin 6 분 전

    Yesss we stan

  • 현애최
    현애최 7 분 전

    Dita Is mostly Indonesian people who love to walk in the mall without buying anything. ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Inry Cesar Milan
    Inry Cesar Milan 8 분 전

    Denise reminds me a lot of uri golden maknae Jeon Jungkoook 🤗

  • B3ST MU51C 83
    B3ST MU51C 83 9 분 전

    Denise and Dita is 2D 💕💕

  • Achmad S. Tory
    Achmad S. Tory 10 분 전

    Im here for soodam

  • Senja Khatulistiwa
    Senja Khatulistiwa 10 분 전

    3:30 soodam ask for a reaction is the cutest hahaha

  • angraini 2711
    angraini 2711 11 분 전

    Kakak dita semangat ya!!

  • CEO of Tentacles
    CEO of Tentacles 11 분 전

    All I can conclude is Lea is a good mom Denise is confident and trustworthy maknae (most impressive idol i've ever known) Dita is good girl Soodam is sassy girl Jinny is swag girl

  • Secret Admirer
    Secret Admirer 13 분 전

    Denise is one of cool kids on the school you want to hangout with

  • Shaz Fierra
    Shaz Fierra 15 분 전

    they're all so funny and cute 💕✨✨ love you all ..

  • r a n d y
    r a n d y 15 분 전

    DENISE's Music TASTE 👌👌👌👌👌

  • Rahma 2020
    Rahma 2020 17 분 전

    We need more 😭😭😭

  • อรชรอ้อนแอ้น คุณ

    Soodam :) 8:55 denise 😂

  • Kepo WZA
    Kepo WZA 18 분 전

    Ih lucu dan imut banget mereka.... Makin suka nih ama mereka.... Yuk dukung terus secret number...

  • Tune Corridors
    Tune Corridors 18 분 전

    Oh poor jinny, I will reply everything you text me 24/7. I'd even quit playing pubg immediately just to reply your text. you'll never be lonely...

  • Ai kamu
    Ai kamu 20 분 전

    Dita pasti suka berburu recehan shopee wkwk


    SECRET NUMBER (*****).

  • The Best Moment
    The Best Moment 21 분 전

    OMG, can't wait this group become big

  • freakme whatsoever
    freakme whatsoever 24 분 전

    Now I know why Lea was chosen to be the leader of Secret Number, she really knows when to hype the members and explains things clearer to what her fellow members have said.

  • Agus Kleyek
    Agus Kleyek 24 분 전

    Secret Number fighting 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Pinanti Pangestasha

    I fell for Denise ㅠㅠㅠ she is such a sweet girl and soooo talented istg she’s perfect

  • Mazaya Maya
    Mazaya Maya 27 분 전

    Huwaaa ditaaaa

  • Untouchable
    Untouchable 28 분 전

    0:06 Omo!!! Denise that's the weirdest thing I've ever seen HAHHAAHHA i love you

  • Oksedyan Wolfrits
    Oksedyan Wolfrits 28 분 전

    I think one that could be advantage for people who hire them acrros the world to sing is no need to pay a translator, For English : There is Jinny and Denisse For Indonesia : There is Dita And For Japan : There is Lea

  • mimi mada
    mimi mada 28 분 전

    Uwuu overload

  • ようかいVivala
    ようかいVivala 28 분 전

    Léa <3

  • B3ST MU51C 83
    B3ST MU51C 83 29 분 전

    Denisee we will suport you 💕💕

  • 자랑스런유니_결연

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 공식적인 자리에서 친구라고 부르는건 안되고 형이라고 부르는건 되는거야??? 이게 뭔 쌉논리야ㅋㅋ;;;;; 쨋든 선배 안붙인건 똑같은거잖아..ㅋ

  • aminu
    aminu 32 분 전

    princess soodam so damn cute omgoshh

  • Favi Faizan
    Favi Faizan 33 분 전

    Lea seems like she knows well the character from all of the members

  • Alifia Shaznia Ghassani

    Denise Soodam Jinny has soul artist from their self such as their hobbies and talent. their role model is successful artist with good personalities. so great my babies❤

  • Nisa Nurfadilah
    Nisa Nurfadilah 33 분 전

    so cute..

  • Veronica Lodge
    Veronica Lodge 34 분 전

    The mv actually hits 11M thooo!! You all rocks 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Memo Putranda
    Memo Putranda 36 분 전

    Denise stay strong girl! We got you!

  • jennyyy xoxo
    jennyyy xoxo 36 분 전

    Jinny look so cute when she's smiling 😻💖

  • Siac Jayakarta
    Siac Jayakarta 36 분 전

    대박. Thank you for the sub

  • dayx 2
    dayx 2 37 분 전

    Their role model is 💓 iu, suzy,pink,cl

  • nana.JinnyStan
    nana.JinnyStan 37 분 전


  • snowsparklegems
    snowsparklegems 38 분 전

    Dita learned Indonesian traditional dance since childhood, Soodam learned Korean traditional dance for log time. I'd really love for the two of them to showcase those skills one day <3

  • Jumria S
    Jumria S 40 분 전


  • 김서연
    김서연 40 분 전

    크으....음색 쩐다..김건학..ㅠㅠㅠㅠ사실 랩만하는줄..ㅋㅋ퓨ㅠㅜㅠㅠ보컬도하네

  • Luvie Irene
    Luvie Irene 40 분 전

    Soodam's blush is too pink

  • Terry Uciha
    Terry Uciha 42 분 전

    Neomu Cute...

  • Muhammad Syarif
    Muhammad Syarif 43 분 전

    Video full???

  • Tune Corridors
    Tune Corridors 44 분 전

    I like Dami's cute drawing, confident bold line, with no hesitation...found another Dami's talent

  • Albert Reynolds
    Albert Reynolds 46 분 전

    Lea always can bring interesting fact and stories about the members. What a warmth heart!

  • JOGJA Festival
    JOGJA Festival 46 분 전

    How is it possible to choose a bias!? I LOVE ALL OF THEM!! SN BEST GIRLS!!

  • intania puspasari
    intania puspasari 47 분 전

    3 of 5 member are fluent in english, it's really help for internaional fans, I like SN so much... keep streaming for SN

  • Anastasia Iren
    Anastasia Iren 47 분 전

    Ini semua karena Nitizen Bar bar You Knowlah, tpi gpp seh. Seperti Claudia di Voice Germany kmren Views nya melonjak krena Claudia dri Indonesia.

  • Poten Maulida
    Poten Maulida 48 분 전

    I love you guys. Thank you Star K for having them in your program ❤

  • Nandang Al-fauzi
    Nandang Al-fauzi 48 분 전

    Lea should be the leader

  • Dewi Ratna
    Dewi Ratna 49 분 전

    😐😐😐😐 ekspresi gue nonton

  • rei
    rei 50 분 전


  • C C
    C C 54 분 전

    Denise smile like All Might so cool!!!

  • Zaskya Aldakirana
    Zaskya Aldakirana 55 분 전

    Soodam is soooooooooooo beautiful i can’t:((((

  • Wahyu rachmad assegaf

    Actually jinny is not jealous about soodam not texting back, but she look at her next to soodam dita so close to denise 🤣👍

    • Siac Jayakarta
      Siac Jayakarta 17 분 전

      @Oksedyan Wolfrits that's make sense tho

    • Oksedyan Wolfrits
      Oksedyan Wolfrits 24 분 전

      The Fact that Lea and Dita are first two member that meet without knowing korean language at all after that jinny come and get close to dita also jinny ever former YG talent and really close Denisse make me wonder she is jealous because now dennise and dita close to each other more than close to her (jinny)

  • Jumenica Santos
    Jumenica Santos 55 분 전


  • P R
    P R 56 분 전

    They r so cute.... <3<3<3

  • jeon tari_
    jeon tari_ 56 분 전


  • KeTcHuP bOi
    KeTcHuP bOi 56 분 전

    11:09 I love that song!

  • Jumenica Santos
    Jumenica Santos 56 분 전

    Model seulgi💛

  • Nua Ki
    Nua Ki 56 분 전

    Love you too girls

  • Jumenica Santos
    Jumenica Santos 56 분 전


  • Nuy Key
    Nuy Key 58 분 전

    I'm waiting for korean drama from Soodam 😊

  • I P
    I P 58 분 전

    Soodam ♡

  • Rachmat Kurniadi
    Rachmat Kurniadi 59 분 전

    Full version? Can't wait variety show for secret number

  • uhuyy yy
    uhuyy yy 59 분 전

    Does this group not have a leader? I'm sure Lea will be a good leader

  • 지세지
    지세지 59 분 전


  • ndahe 99
    ndahe 99 59 분 전

    Pokoknya gue seneng Jinny akhirnya debut😭

  • uhuyy yy
    uhuyy yy 59 분 전

    Does this group not have a leader? I'm sure Lea will be a good leader

  • Thuggy D
    Thuggy D 59 분 전


  • Deru Ombak
    Deru Ombak 59 분 전

    Where is the subtitle😭😭😭

  • Hu Dey
    Hu Dey 시간 전

    Honestly, Jinny have skill to compose and make song because she in YG entertainment ,... However , you out of YG but Jinny still have YG vibe

  • Munawa M
    Munawa M 시간 전

    finally after all this time..

  • Cris ZM
    Cris ZM 시간 전

    Vamos al 1M :v?

  • ara s
    ara s 시간 전


  • Helen Diana
    Helen Diana 시간 전


  • Hu Dey
    Hu Dey 시간 전

    Only Denise dare to sit like that hahahhaha

  • Agung Iman
    Agung Iman 시간 전

    7:03 the way Jinny laughs is very unique...

  • R BS
    R BS 시간 전

    After watching all of the interview, all of the members are charming and have distinct personalities. They sure will be a successful group in the future!

  • babs
    babs 시간 전

    cutest girlies

  • Cahyo Wicaksono
    Cahyo Wicaksono 시간 전

    Next album there must be songs made by SN members. they are very talented.

  • Farah
    Farah 시간 전

    i didnt know that jinny actually has such a deep voice woww

  • Istikomah Woro
    Istikomah Woro 시간 전

    makne vocal so amazing

  • melkerbell ok
    melkerbell ok 시간 전

    Wha i didnt know jinny is actually this cute. I hope we can hear jinny's self composed song in the near future

  • Healther Company
    Healther Company 시간 전

    We Love you so much Secret Number [*****]

  • zz Pn
    zz Pn 시간 전

    I love Jinny's rap😭

  • burnaboy Olivia Okpara

    Yay Denise. I love her, an idol I can actually trust

  • C C
    C C 시간 전

    Yeahh arrrghhh finally!!!!!

  • burnaboy Olivia Okpara

    Go denise

  • happy feet
    happy feet 시간 전

    Dita pls lain c lungguhe ditoto sikile.di deketne jgn mekar gitu

    KIDS GAMING 시간 전


  • Secret Number Insider

    Whyyy??? Why they're so cute!:(

  • Yudi MRaya
    Yudi MRaya 시간 전