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TO DO X TXT - EP.101 Episode 100 Special That Goes Into Ep.101
TO DO X TXT - EP.101 Episode 100 Special That Goes Into Ep.101
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[TO DO X TXT] Teaser
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  • eslam Abo samra
    eslam Abo samra 16 시간 전


  • 김쾌
    김쾌 16 시간 전

    최수빈 이 잔잔하게 도른잨ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • donna toye
    donna toye 16 시간 전

    5 awsome guys who are they Hueningkai, Taehyun, Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu known as TXT. There making their personal dreams come true in real life lets all make it happen support them. All beautiful gentlemen talented all. 2023 is there year. My bias is Hueningkai ❤ always never changes🐧 .thank you HYBE,BIG HIT and all their employees working so hard for TXT.

  • S2 BAKL
    S2 BAKL 16 시간 전

    하라면 하는 민애옹씨..💜

  • Sowon Canci
    Sowon Canci 16 시간 전

    Gantengg bangettt

  • Zae
    Zae 16 시간 전

    I just wanna buy that apple for yeonjun

  • Nandasree Samanta
    Nandasree Samanta 16 시간 전

    3:43 TXT's last braincell saying: "I guess, I'm stupid! Beomgyu opened it like this . I followed the thing that he opened. LMOA🤣

  • Maia Kim
    Maia Kim 16 시간 전

    soobin is just happy to let the maknaes win lmao

  • nessa Yusti
    nessa Yusti 16 시간 전

    😂😂😂 woah the unlucky's hand on yeonjun are no joke

  • ilike jongkook
    ilike jongkook 16 시간 전

    Cool 😎😎

  • Sahara Morales
    Sahara Morales 16 시간 전

    Ustedes no saben como amo esta presentación, se me enchina la piel de la emoción, y pensar que los chicos nuevamente se presentaran y esta vez como uno de los principales y mejor aun, en el main event, wow me llena de orgullo, mis TXT son grandes y están arrasando con todo, soy una Moa feliz, muy feliz.

  • Lilackpop
    Lilackpop 16 시간 전

    Meus amores ❤

  • Lama 976
    Lama 976 16 시간 전

    I wish i was rich so i can give yeonjun whatever he wants By the way soobin still taller then beomgyu in 12:50 is something else Can you give us an update about their Length

  • Sristi Mishra
    Sristi Mishra 16 시간 전

    Nd hyuka is my type 🤭🤭🤭

  • Samal jo
    Samal jo 16 시간 전

    Yeonjun bby😭

  • jamie
    jamie 16 시간 전

    Soobin is so sweet, at least the gift he traded Huening Kai for is one they can share

  • Katie A
    Katie A 16 시간 전

    Poor YJ 🤣🤣🤣

  • mimixvop
    mimixvop 16 시간 전

    beomgyu bought almost everything HELLP

  • Ciara Brown
    Ciara Brown 16 시간 전


  • Brainlessclown🤡
    Brainlessclown🤡 16 시간 전

    12:53 "can we do this for real next time?" CHOI YEONJUN ARE U SURE SIR????!!

  • Maia Kim
    Maia Kim 17 시간 전

    my stomach hurts from laughing so much omg

  • Soobin
    Soobin 17 시간 전


  • Soobin
    Soobin 17 시간 전

    Beomgyu es tan lindo

  • 귤
     17 시간 전

    수빈이 포옹, 머리 쓰다듬기 등등 사소한 스킨십 하나하나 넘 사랑스럽네여 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • 장르여?
    장르여? 17 시간 전

    하 딴건 모르겠고 걍 잘생기고 귀여움 중간에 저 암것도 모르겠다는 표정 진짜 귀여움 미쳤냐..

  • Анастасия Лактюхина

    TXT, I LOVE YOU❤😘😘, любимые и дорогие ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Britain
    Britain 17 시간 전

    Yeonjun is highly intelligent , the one who is flexible in his thinking and can adapt to changes, he think before he speak or act, and he's able to effectively manage his emotions eventhough he unlucky and feel disappointed but he could still smile and say he wouldn't give up. Hopefully he can get what he wants soon my poor Junnie 🥲🥰

  • scyluv
    scyluv 17 시간 전

    Monday heal~

  • Maia Kim
    Maia Kim 17 시간 전

    beomgyu and yeonjun are too funny i'm literally crying

  • NOMIO Arjuhnly
    NOMIO Arjuhnly 17 시간 전

    Yeonjun is about to enter his villain arc, one more break heart from the "Guess What's Inside" games. TODO really trying to push his limits

    TXT TXT 17 시간 전


  • Cute Pie
    Cute Pie 17 시간 전


  • Sekar Kozume
    Sekar Kozume 17 시간 전

    Kasian anjir soobin ama yeonjun :"

  • A
    A 17 시간 전

    No wait choi Beomgyu is so freaking adorable 😭

  • eli
    eli 17 시간 전

    I love this episode, it's just so beautiful seeing them have fun and just spend a great time together. they're like family. Also I love how there's Beomgyu jumping around and being silly with the maknaes and he's still wondering why Soobin doesn't let him be part of the hyung line xD it's fine tho he's got his own Beomgyu line

  • Elizabeta Elizabeta
    Elizabeta Elizabeta 17 시간 전

    AC/DC, KISS T-shirt 😍

  • Maria Clara
    Maria Clara 17 시간 전

    This lollapalooza was in what country?

  • yeonieejun
    yeonieejun 17 시간 전

    After seeing the comments here I guess beomgyu is the main dancer of TXT . I thought yeonjun is best in dance I was wronged.

  • carolina mascarenhas
    carolina mascarenhas 17 시간 전


  • myria
    myria 17 시간 전

    os meninos brincando da mesma coisa que fazem no domingo legalKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  • Saahil Pun
    Saahil Pun 17 시간 전

    a real representation of how rich HYBE really is kekekeke

  • Islamagica
    Islamagica 17 시간 전

    Lo quiero

  • Fhye Fronda
    Fhye Fronda 17 시간 전

    Let’s all team up and make HYBE give our Material Gorl Yeonjunnieeee a LAPTOP or at least a phone hehehe

  • Alma Rosa Uribe Moreno
    Alma Rosa Uribe Moreno 17 시간 전

    Jimin se ve tan tierno💜♾️ BORAHAE