I spent a day with MINECRAFTERS (TommyInnit, Ranboo, Nihachu)

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  • I spent a day with Minecraft KRplusrs/Streamers to learn the truth about those who play Minecraft.
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  • AnthonyPadilla
    AnthonyPadilla  2 ๊ฐœ์›” ์ „ +9198

    come back next week for *I spent a day with FORMERLY AMISH* followed by *I spent a day with DREAM*.
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    • YT_GalaxyPlayzz_YT
      YT_GalaxyPlayzz_YT 2 ์ผ ์ „ +1

      Oh god Iโ€™m on it is what I would be like if I didnโ€™t already watch it about two times which is inspired me

    • infinity boy
      infinity boy 16 ์ผ ์ „

      The impostor thingy that nihachu was talking about is named arrogance. Say it in 1 word

    • Hello There4039
      Hello There4039 18 ์ผ ์ „


    • Kaimaxon
      Kaimaxon 29 ์ผ ์ „

      You should spend a day with small Minecraft youtubers

    • Musa Enoch
      Musa Enoch ๊ฐœ์›” ์ „

      @Ethan Mario glad I could help xD

  • Typical Nonsense
    Typical Nonsense 3 ์‹œ๊ฐ„ ์ „ +1

    I make, I want to be big! (Bitch)


  • phantasm1c
    phantasm1c 7 ์‹œ๊ฐ„ ์ „

    Jesus christ the like/dislike ratio is unheard of

  • Tention
    Tention 12 ์‹œ๊ฐ„ ์ „ +1

    Try with Technoblade bro it will be cool

  • xcuti3x UwU
    xcuti3x UwU ์ผ ์ „

    Tommy: bxunslssn beep hcndusns beep djjdhdsjs. Beep budhdns beep

  • lighthouse monster
    lighthouse monster ์ผ ์ „


  • Human
    Human ์ผ ์ „

    Tommy your 6โ€1โ€™ and you know that-

  • Human
    Human ์ผ ์ „

    I only watch you because you interviewed corpse dream Tommy nihachu and ranboo (no offense tho your hilarious)

  • Tschele Presents
    Tschele Presents ์ผ ์ „ +1

    Tommy doing standup would be awesome.

  • Dirk Van Uum
    Dirk Van Uum ์ผ ์ „ +1

    The aditer had to bleep so much becase of tommy ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Suhas
    Suhas ์ผ ์ „ +1

    0:37 could anyone please tell me what song this is? plsss:)

  • Sgt. Garrick
    Sgt. Garrick 2 ์ผ ์ „

    I deserve my 42 subs, mostly bc theyโ€™re friends IRL ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • SPAZ Pricty
    SPAZ Pricty 2 ์ผ ์ „ +1

    17:12 ayoooo

  • Crazy GamerG
    Crazy GamerG 2 ์ผ ์ „

    Ranboos real name is 4 letters long or six letters long

  • carter the_emo1
    carter the_emo1 2 ์ผ ์ „ +1

    idk why, but i noticed on ranboo's white gloved hand, he has a little crown drawn on his wrist. its cuteee

  • Patata s
    Patata s 2 ์ผ ์ „

    That was so cool!!

    JDA BORDUM 2 ์ผ ์ „

    18:17 26 clap clap intrerview

    JDA BORDUM 2 ์ผ ์ „ +1

    5:31 ranboor got 10,000 times the amount of subs he asked for and wanted that must be crazy

  • ChiWasTaken
    ChiWasTaken 2 ์ผ ์ „ +1

    Anthony: there's like a- uh- path to success!
    Me: Not me tho cuz u film on a potato TwT

  • cambodrop
    cambodrop 3 ์ผ ์ „

    Omg hi

  • YeeterMcEater
    YeeterMcEater 3 ์ผ ์ „

    How is fuck censored but shit and bitch arent

  • CandyThePuppy
    CandyThePuppy 3 ์ผ ์ „

    5:43 ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ poor guy

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 4 ์ผ ์ „ +1

    It would be so great if Anthony Padilla interviewed someone like Wilbur Soot.



  • Daisy Alexander
    Daisy Alexander 4 ์ผ ์ „

    Sussy syndrome ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ

  • Aishath Leah
    Aishath Leah 5 ์ผ ์ „

    i want to know whether youtubers and people do videos for just entertainment or for something else

  • Destiny Rivers
    Destiny Rivers 5 ์ผ ์ „

    I love that the first Minecraft clip is actually of bee Slimecicle. Love our gloopy boy.

  • Ollie Hope
    Ollie Hope 5 ์ผ ์ „

    Anthony: Tommy is 6โ€™3โ€ he will CRUSH you
    Ranboo in the corner: ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ‘

  • Bell Tempest
    Bell Tempest 5 ์ผ ์ „

    I'm planning on becoming a content creator myself so I hope I'll someday have an interview with you

  • Wilbur Soot_Fan
    Wilbur Soot_Fan 6 ์ผ ์ „ +1

    Its hard for me to believe that ranboo has a real name

  • BoonBhuvanYT
    BoonBhuvanYT 6 ์ผ ์ „

    tomwy inwit

  • goldhart
    goldhart 6 ์ผ ์ „

    I'm a streamer and youtuber and feel like I won't make it as a streamer or youtuber, it's hard.

    • neon
      neon 6 ์ผ ์ „

      aye man, hang in there, youโ€™ll get there eventually :)

  • Ellyahna hernandez
    Ellyahna hernandez 7 ์ผ ์ „ +1

    Stream mask now on spotify

  • ร†THETICLY lazy
    ร†THETICLY lazy 7 ์ผ ์ „

    Fun fact "innit" stands for hot in philippines

  • Kago no Tori
    Kago no Tori 8 ์ผ ์ „

    I have a tiny almost nonexistent following and I don't understand how I have what little I got

  • felix's unfinished starbucks
    felix's unfinished starbucks 8 ์ผ ์ „

    11:11 I do think you should have consequences for your actions however I HATE how we live in an era where the matter how much you change no matter how much you grow your past will always be there to haunt you not because you remembered it on your own but because someone decided to look for it and use it against you just because he disagreed with their opinion on sandwiches

  • POCO & skin animations
    POCO & skin animations 8 ์ผ ์ „


  • Xx{hรขรฑgรซ}xX
    Xx{hรขรฑgรซ}xX 9 ์ผ ์ „

    5:05 i need to eat dinner

  • sina
    sina 9 ์ผ ์ „

    god i remember when the dsmp didnt exist and it was just that time after nihachu won on that one dating(????) show that wilbur was on
    and now theres this entire mini universe with now succesfully content creators which i didnt have the time to keep up with :00

  • ItzNotZayan
    ItzNotZayan 9 ์ผ ์ „ +1

    damn, im just trying to make ridiculous videos which people will just click on, and be like, 'oh, this is good content, i should subscribe!' but because of my rusty indian voice it just screws up almost all my videos, its straight crap! i would like some advice on how to get my channel big, also, I would love to meet u, i am loyal fan! (ok im not subscribed but i did! I love your videos!) u talking to tommyinnit (The British child) made me feel like 2010 and 2020 were literally talking to each other,great content. a bit of advice would be appreciated!

  • FoxBox Foods
    FoxBox Foods 10 ์ผ ์ „

    another roof destroyed
    another great video

  • Blutwo 150
    Blutwo 150 10 ์ผ ์ „

    content creators: we don't deserve this, b*tch.
    anyone else just want to sink into the floor and disappear for a while with no backlash?

  • Anarchy
    Anarchy 10 ์ผ ์ „

    man just took the dream smp members and huh


  • Minh Khang Hแป“
    Minh Khang Hแป“ 10 ์ผ ์ „

    Future video: i spent a day with world's presidents ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  • Sarah
    Sarah 10 ์ผ ์ „

    im glad this exists to show that this whole community isn't really just about minecraft. personally, i don't follow them for the minecraft. i follow them because theyre really f**king funny. i follow them because i want to give them the support they deserve. the stigma around this stuff is that its all a childish whim. its not all about block game, its about the people who play it.

  • Billy D
    Billy D 10 ์ผ ์ „

    this video is not a podcast its a POGCAST

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl 10 ์ผ ์ „

    I deserve this

  • Dogo
    Dogo 10 ์ผ ์ „

    I grew up with dantdm and captainsparklez, now, I am aging with these amazing creators.

  • pp
    pp 11 ์ผ ์ „

    imposter syndrom lmao

  • Eliot Garner
    Eliot Garner 11 ์ผ ์ „

    i really want to see Skydoesminecraft i miss seeing him. he is my childhood

  • EmeraldAssassin
    EmeraldAssassin 11 ์ผ ์ „

    Regarding Tommy blowing up, I was watching his video about Meeting Wilbur the day after it came out and he said towards the beginning that he had 600k and I went to check his sub count and he had like 800k subs.

  • Party Fighter
    Party Fighter 11 ์ผ ์ „ +1

    Part 2 should be with Tubbo, GeorgeNotFound and Karl Jacobs

  • Jeremy UwU
    Jeremy UwU 11 ์ผ ์ „

    Tommy i was a luck for u cause when i c ur content u started rising

  • Kanzah Rakalila
    Kanzah Rakalila 11 ์ผ ์ „

    I am a conntent creater on tik tok but i dont post much

  • SpheralEgg
    SpheralEgg 11 ์ผ ์ „ +1

    Tommy is more mature than you think.

  • XxEliplayzz64xX x
    XxEliplayzz64xX x 12 ์ผ ์ „


  • Krazi Krafter
    Krazi Krafter 12 ์ผ ์ „ +1

    Tommy you are still a child

  • Meguminissexy
    Meguminissexy 12 ์ผ ์ „

    I prefer the old Minecraft KRplusrs better ๐Ÿ˜ž

  • Jammie Dodger
    Jammie Dodger 12 ์ผ ์ „ +1

    Hi ๐Ÿ™‹!!!!!!!

  • Rogueobsidianx
    Rogueobsidianx 12 ์ผ ์ „

    hey guys i think ranboo might be in the uk

  • MC GAMING 301
    MC GAMING 301 12 ์ผ ์ „

    Are you one of smosh?

  • cha-biba
    cha-biba 13 ์ผ ์ „ +1

    ONE DAY ama sit it that chair.

  • Purple Ponder
    Purple Ponder 13 ์ผ ์ „

    I know this is probably just me but the way Ranboo made his name reminds me of a rooster character from this Malay kids show called โ€˜Upin & Ipinโ€™ with the name Ranboo just pronounced differently

  • yeoz
    yeoz 13 ์ผ ์ „

    tommy is 6 1'

  • LittlePrince0201
    LittlePrince0201 14 ์ผ ์ „

    5:30 he could make a business-

  • EternalTerrors
    EternalTerrors 14 ์ผ ์ „

    Tommy: Minecraft is for the big men
    Dream Stans and every 3rd grader:

  • SonySonic
    SonySonic 14 ์ผ ์ „

    even though it will prob. not happen id like to see a day tftubers

  • banxna milkk
    banxna milkk 14 ์ผ ์ „ +2

    This peaks virginity.

  • Francis 15
    Francis 15 14 ์ผ ์ „

    Tommy grew up because of dream

  • 25kdinos
    25kdinos 14 ์ผ ์ „