ARASHI - Whenever You Call [Official Music Video]

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  • 게시일 2020. 09. 17.
  • 2020.09.18 Release Whenever You Call
    Written by Bruno Mars and D'Mile
    Produced by Bruno Mars and D'Mile
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  • Ar Bee
    Ar Bee 17 분 전 +3

    It's quite flattering that a 21-year old group going on hiatus composed by our beloved ojichans is still seen as a threat 😊💙♥️💚💛💜. We love you Arashi! Can't believe that a Storm can last for more than 21 years. Very grateful! This song still gives me chills!

    • Ar Bee
      Ar Bee 8 분 전

      *composed of 🤣

  • sf erwg
    sf erwg 24 분 전

    Mari Hakara

    • tia wong
      tia wong 5 분 전

      jannis who? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 류관우
    류관우 26 분 전


  • Gisele from Brazil
    Gisele from Brazil 30 분 전 +3

    To Sakurai Sho: happy 25th anniversary of being on Johnnys! Thank you for choosing this life. You are and will always be the light that gets me out of the dark. No matter what happens I'll be always cheering for you. I'm really happy and proud for being your fan. I wish you all the best of the universe. Thank you. I love you.

  • Chihiro Hiratsuka
    Chihiro Hiratsuka 30 분 전 +2

    To all of you overseas who are interested in Arafes on November 3rd. The official "ARAFES 2020 English Site" is open from October 20th. If you want to know more details, please see there ☺️✨
    (↓Johnny's net online INFORMATION より引用↓)
    Check out the official English website for ARAFES 2020 at the National Stadium, now open!
    Come together with countless fans in celebrating ARASHI's special day!
    (多くの皆さんと一緒に楽しむために、本日「アラフェス2020 at 国立競技場」 の英語版サイトをオープン しました。ぜひチェックしてください!)

    🌈 Enjoy Arafes 💙❤️💚💛💜

  • sf erwg
    sf erwg 45 분 전


  • Kimberly Ann Franco
    Kimberly Ann Franco 52 분 전 +8

    I hope SB19 will last long in the industry just like Arashi and I really admire how supportive their fans are not only with their idols but also with other groups especially to my boys, SB19. More power to you guys!

  • Judy Castro
    Judy Castro 시간 전 +9

    ignore the support arashi, im A’tin here 😊❤️

  • viewers moto
    viewers moto 시간 전 +11

    Im an a'tin and this mv is so lit!!
    Arashi and this MV is so incomparable! They are the kings of jpop. So whoever leaving hate comments here. Yo better shut up. They are arashi, the kings of jpop🇯🇵
    Sending love & hugs to all arashians there. Hope you all have a nice day and keepsafe💙

  • Elois Bañares
    Elois Bañares 시간 전 +11

    Thank you MTV for introducing this heartwarming people....Arashi x Arashians to me.I am an A'TIN

  • 森千賀子
    森千賀子 시간 전 +10


  • DXX Channel
    DXX Channel 시간 전 +12

    A’tin here!
    I don’t understand why so many Koreans dislike this MV and keep on trolling the comment section
    No matter the situation, Arashian Must stay strong!
    ArashianXAtin Fighting!

  • Micaela Sofia Gutierrez
    Micaela Sofia Gutierrez 2 시간 전 +12

    I’ll never stop loving this song

  • CG뷔 V
    CG뷔 V 2 시간 전


    • tia wong
      tia wong 4 분 전


    • Gisele from Brazil
      Gisele from Brazil 35 분 전


    • Mari Hakala
      Mari Hakala 시간 전 +1

      Poor V. Having such a rude fan who mocks innocent groups. A rude BTS fan that believes gossip and lies about an innocent group. I feel bad for V and BTS.

  • AB AB
    AB AB 2 시간 전 +7



  • 이우연
    이우연 2 시간 전 +1

    Hmmm... terrible

    • Gisele from Brazil
      Gisele from Brazil 35 분 전

      Hmmm... beautiful

    • Marie Tanaka
      Marie Tanaka 시간 전

      Yo stop!

    • Mari Hakala
      Mari Hakala 2 시간 전 +6

      It's amazing and touching to all of their fans around the world. A heartfelt message of gratitude for their loving fans. 🌈❤️ They don't seek your validation. You are only here because of a Korean gossip channel that spreads obvious lies about this innocent group.

  • Analie Ramos
    Analie Ramos 2 시간 전 +14

    Wow I really like this song whenever you call!

  • Micaela Sofia Gutierrez
    Micaela Sofia Gutierrez 2 시간 전 +16

    Arashians and A’Tin united to clean this section from unjustified hate ✊🏻

    • Mari Hakala
      Mari Hakala 2 시간 전 +3

      A'TIN are amazing and another kind fandom 💙

  • Mari Hakala
    Mari Hakala 2 시간 전 +17

    A fandom is a mirror of their group. Arashi has always been honest, kind, encouraging, considerate and inspiring, which is why Arashians grew into this warm, welcoming, amazing, supportive, kind fandom. And it's the same with SB19 and A'TIN. 💙

  • Little Blue
    Little Blue 2 시간 전 +17

    Came here after listening to Hanggang sa huli by SB19, this is so calming 💙✨✨

    • Little Blue
      Little Blue 26 분 전

      Macchan Gunn yes it is, thank you💙

    • Macchan Gunn
      Macchan Gunn 52 분 전 +1

      Hanggang sa huli is also an awesome song! ^^

  • Mikee Palafox
    Mikee Palafox 2 시간 전 +14

    I'm an A'TIN and I've just known Arashi. I love them 🤧 They are so talented and entertaining. I also love their fans, Arashians, because they are so kindhearted.

  • Stell Berry
    Stell Berry 2 시간 전 +15

    Very classy MV... suits the gentlemen 😍

  • Camille Legaspi
    Camille Legaspi 2 시간 전 +14

    My love for Arashi ain't never gonna change. Periodt.

  • Jemma Arcena
    Jemma Arcena 2 시간 전 +9

    The more you post hate comments here the more engagements the vid will have, so Arashi will be the real winner. Haha

  • Bella Bella
    Bella Bella 2 시간 전 +17

    Im here to comment some possitve thougths.. According to one of arashians twitter acct.. This music video was attacking by haters..why? This song is very nice and the artist are very talented... Dont worry guys we got your back, our collab was trully ended but Our friendships will last foreever SB19xARASHI 4ever

  • My Cycyreneity
    My Cycyreneity 2 시간 전 +18

    I like this song.

  • Mari Hakala
    Mari Hakala 2 시간 전 +14

    Love love for you A'TIN our good friends and family 🌈💙

  • Jemma Arcena
    Jemma Arcena 2 시간 전 +15

    A'Tin here. And i love Arashi and Arashians. Hope we have streaming collab again in the future

    • Macchan Gunn
      Macchan Gunn 50 분 전

      You can come here anytime, you A'tin are very much welcomed, I'll visit SB19 channel too every day. ^^

  • Mari Hakala
    Mari Hakala 2 시간 전 +10

    We appreciate you Korean fans. You have been a big and important part of the fandom since the beginning, always helping other Arashians. You are amazing and I'm sorry about the toxic people who attempt to give your country a bad name with their behaviour. They won't succeed, we love and appreciate our Korean Arashian friends. 🌈🇰🇷 I love Korea!

  • Momi Chipmunks
    Momi Chipmunks 3 시간 전 +14

    I really love these men! I hope I've known them earlier. 🤧

  • mae pasiteng
    mae pasiteng 3 시간 전 +14

    I really enjoy watching and hearing their song. We support you Arashi :)
    =from A'tin friend

  • Momi Chipmunks
    Momi Chipmunks 3 시간 전 +11

    This is classic! I couldn't get enough of this song! 💙

  • Camille Legaspi
    Camille Legaspi 3 시간 전 +11

    I may be late but I am really loving their music

  • Minji Kim
    Minji Kim 3 시간 전 +1

    한국인 입장으로써
    뭔가 안무도 영어발음도

  • Camille Legaspi
    Camille Legaspi 3 시간 전 +11

    I love this song

  • Micaela Sofia Gutierrez
    Micaela Sofia Gutierrez 3 시간 전 +10

    10.5 million views 🥰

  • Precious
    Precious 3 시간 전 +13

    This is a very nice song. No wonder they're so famous

  • Eva Reyes
    Eva Reyes 3 시간 전 +17

    This song is really calming to listen to

  • music speaks
    music speaks 3 시간 전 +15

    Music is to unite, never divide. Love this song! 81x63

  • Eva Reyes
    Eva Reyes 3 시간 전 +16

    Such a beautiful song with a beautiful meaning...

  • Micaela Sofia Gutierrez
    Micaela Sofia Gutierrez 3 시간 전 +15

    Thank you for the love, A’TIN 💙

  • music speaks
    music speaks 3 시간 전 +15

    I remember my cousin introducing me to Arashi songs in 2013. 'Whenever You Call' is a beautiful song. I'm happy I got to listen to more of their hits 'coz of 81x63.

  • music speaks
    music speaks 3 시간 전 +16

    'Whenever You Call' by Arashi is one of the best songs I've heard recently. I often see it on the MTV FLS but I've come to love it when the SB19xArashi streaming party happened.

  • nicøhl nicohl
    nicøhl nicohl 3 시간 전 +19

    Guys pls stop hating arashi and arashians.They do nothing for you. Spread love and kindness pls respect them❤みんなplsは嵐とアラシアンを嫌うのをやめます。彼らはあなたのために何もしません。愛と優しさを広めるplsはそれらを尊重します❤

  • Dexter Quimson
    Dexter Quimson 3 시간 전 +19

    Coming back here for the wonderful music! Hugs Arashians! 🤗

    • 3jun sze
      3jun sze 3 시간 전 +3

      Hug hug A'tin. Thank you 💙💙

  • kinah nah
    kinah nah 3 시간 전 +19

    Whoever's hating on them calling names and such must be ridiculous. Arashi's great! 💙 Still going strong after all these years. Truly legends. I'm an A'Tin but I like them so much! Stan Arashiiiiii.

  • althea andrea perez
    althea andrea perez 3 시간 전 +21

    Stay strong arashian. Ignore those spreading hate comments. Fighting..

    • 3jun sze
      3jun sze 3 시간 전 +6

      Thank you A'tin 💙💙

  • sb19xberry xxx
    sb19xberry xxx 3 시간 전 +17

    No wonder why they are in the music industry for 21 years. They are great! Legend. I love the song. You will surely feel it.

  • Lucilyn Roque
    Lucilyn Roque 3 시간 전 +22

    I just feel that this song, dedicated to their fans. although they are in hiatus.they are telling you guys that they are just around the corner watching their fans. I really love the melody of the song and its lyrics very soothing. I hope they will return sooner.

  • Eriz H.
    Eriz H. 3 시간 전 +22

    So glad to have the A'TIN and ARASHIAN collaboration. Or else I wouldn't know about this song! I already added this to my playlist. 😊 More power to you ARASHI! A'TIN here, SB19's fandom.

    • 3jun sze
      3jun sze 3 시간 전 +5

      yes it was a great collaboration. I enjoy it so much. Thank you A'tin 💙💙

  • Mile Haven
    Mile Haven 3 시간 전 +16

    You guys are truly amazing ! I always add this song on my playlist too. Love you guys !

    • 3jun sze
      3jun sze 3 시간 전 +4

      Thank you A'tin 💙💙

  • Mari Hakala
    Mari Hakala 3 시간 전 +14

    I love you A'TIN I hope that we can have another Arashi x SB19 stream party in the future 🌈💙

    KEREN 3 시간 전 +15


    • 3jun sze
      3jun sze 3 시간 전 +3

      Thank you A'tin for the support and love. 💙💙

  • A'tintA SB19
    A'tintA SB19 3 시간 전 +19

    I genuinely like this song!!!!!

    • 3jun sze
      3jun sze 3 시간 전 +4

      Thank you A'tin 💙💙

  • Jennifer Agua
    Jennifer Agua 3 시간 전 +18

    I'm an A'TIN (SB19 fan) but I also love Arashi. This song is so beautiful. It perfectly captures how much Arashi love their fans. It's the perfect love song to Arashians. ❤

    • 3jun sze
      3jun sze 3 시간 전 +4

      Thank you A'tin 💙💙

  • Shyyy Aguirre
    Shyyy Aguirre 3 시간 전 +14

    hello A'TIN here I'M HERE again and again .. LSS much ARASHI I LIKE THIS SONG

    • 3jun sze
      3jun sze 3 시간 전 +3

      Thank you A'tin 💙💙

  • Alexxx Rama
    Alexxx Rama 3 시간 전 +22

    This song is so beautiful and heartfelt! Thank you for this Arashi! -love from an A'Tin

    • Mari Hakala
      Mari Hakala 3 시간 전 +5

      Thank you so much A'TIN 💙

    • 3jun sze
      3jun sze 3 시간 전 +4

      Thank you A'tin 💙💙

  • Mari Hakala
    Mari Hakala 3 시간 전 +10


  • dayeon shin
    dayeon shin 4 시간 전

    딴건 모르겠는데 노래 괜찮긴 하다 노래는 ㅇㅈ 돈 좀 쓴 티가 나네

  • 小林花菜江
    小林花菜江 4 시간 전 +15


  • Mari Hakala
    Mari Hakala 4 시간 전 +12

    Dear Korean trolls. Do your research before you make a fool out of yourself here. 😂 It's so easy to prove all of you wrong.

  • kl_kl
    kl_kl 4 시간 전 +16

    They collaborated with Bruno Mars and created this song...💗

  • 한장석
    한장석 4 시간 전 +1

    오 노래 의외로 좋네.

  • 石川優太
    石川優太 4 시간 전 +9


  • あいなAina
    あいなAina 5 시간 전 +15

    "My life is my message" Happy 25th Anniversary Sakurai Sho-san :)

  • Hemasri Selvakumaran
    Hemasri Selvakumaran 5 시간 전 +13

    Happy 25th anniversary of joining Johnny's Sho san! ;)

  • Crystal desu
    Crystal desu 5 시간 전 +14

    To Sakurai Sho: Happy 25th anniversary for being in the entertainment industry. 😍

    • Macchan Gunn
      Macchan Gunn 4 시간 전 +2

      Happy 25th Anniversary Sho kun! ^^

  • 3jun sze
    3jun sze 6 시간 전 +26

    Nino, congratulation for the success of your movie "Asadas" for wining the Best Asian film award (NETPAC award) at the 36th Warsaw International film Festival.

  • Micaela Sofia Gutierrez
    Micaela Sofia Gutierrez 6 시간 전 +12

    Arashi, this year you’ve really been the light that got me out of the dark. Thank you!