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Taylor Swift left speechless by Stray Kids’ VMAs 2023 performance

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  • 게시일 2023. 09. 11.
  • Taylor Swift left speechless by Stray Kids’ VMAs 2023 performance has left us all equally speechless!
    #taylorswift #straykids #vmas #vmas2023
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댓글 • 500

  • @angelihilario9599

    To see an artist as great as Taylor enjoy the music of Stray Kids is a great honor. I hope that in the future they will work together. 💗

  • @daniellemuniz5904

    She's always so respectful/thoughtful to all artists 👏🏼 thank you for appreciating our boys<3

  • @Noviosity

    She proud and amazed. Glad she enjoyed the performance

  • @alexz7025

    Most of her music is not my style but I am so aware she is one of the best songwriters in the industry honestly. It makes me proud that one of the best songwriters enjoyed SKZ artistry. Pretty sure some of the members are swifties so imagine how happy they must be.😌

  • @mamastay164

    Yes, I noticed right away that Taylor was loving the boys. Please do not turn into toxic fandoms like others. I want Taylor to colab with StrayKids. She won't colab with someone if she feels like drama will come from it. The boys did a great job! I literally cried tears of joy 😭😁❤️👍🏆🎊

  • @kpoprubix9812

    Taylor is so supportive of everyone at music shows and I love that about her

  • @TaylorLeeKnow

    My two worlds colliding ❤ Being a StaySwiftie makes me so happy 😭

  • @rayitoromes6409

    Taylor Swift, siempre disfrutando el K pop

  • @peterc5318

    These are the moments that show you the person Taylor Swift is, so humble & appreciative of others. 😍😍😍

  • @StayVCA98
    @StayVCA98  +146

    The Queen Taylor Swift has spoken in a way, that she indeed enjoyed Stray Kids and as a "STaylor" we are humbled and incredibly honored, Thank You for enjoying the kids!! 🥹🍀🌟

  • @user-gigi2323

    i wanted them to perform superbowl too but their performance is just fantastic as always

  • @TatyanaRr-wd7sx


  • @ahbanana9782

    Just so humble.. fangirling to stray kids

  • @meymk5669

    Stray Kids performance was the best of the night. I was fully blown away. Such an alrounder group full of geniuses

  • @aster.n3018

    at this point give her 'best audience member award' cause her reactions and support for performers are always so amazing

  • @nora-jy8gv

    A self produced artist being amazed & enjoying another self produced artist music. Such an iconic moment. Stray kids music is awesome

  • @stayinsidemyheart7401

    I know people may say Taylor enjoys every artists’ performance. But I’m really happy to see my favourite can perform in front of my another favourite and it’s great enough to see she is happy with their performance!

  • @bp0719twenty

    As a Stay, my respect for Taylor Swift went even higher after watching her in the VMAs. She was the biggest star in that event but she clapped, cheered and watched all the performances. She didnt even have her cellphone on her so that her attention is to the show. Her reactions were genuine because the pov camera keeps going back and forth from back stage to audience and everytine she is shown, she is really watching and glued into the performance. Thank you Taylor for watching Stray Kids performance. I super love her reaction. ❤

  • @adtjha7652

    As a die hard Swiftie and stay, this is giving me butterflies 🤩

  • @Kyanite11

    That was a super incredible performance. 😍👏Taylor always has the best reactions. I love her!😁