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Keena From FIFTY FIFTY On Success of "Cupid" & Future of FIFTY FIFTY | Billboard No. 1 BBMAs Party

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  • 게시일 2023. 11. 17.
  • Keena From FIFTY FIFTY spoke with Billboard at the 2023 Billboard No. 1 Official BBMAs Party.
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    Keena From FIFTY FIFTY On Success of "Cupid" & Future of FIFTY FIFTY | Billboard No. 1 BBMAs Party
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댓글 • 2.1K

  • @mattallred
    @mattallred 18 일 전 +1959

    You gotta respect her showing up and doing this on her own, if nothing else.

    • @kt4ever02
      @kt4ever02 15 일 전 +30


    • @Ky20345
      @Ky20345 14 일 전 +35

      Yes I hope ahe stays healthy doing this 💗💗✨

    • @sassouusasoo3607
      @sassouusasoo3607 13 일 전 +77

      She probably had no choice . She’s the only one left . I love how fans think rookie K-pop idols can say no to cies .

    • @tzuyu9283
      @tzuyu9283 12 일 전 +11

      Lol considering the huge paycheck they just cut her I think it was pretty easy

  • @Yami-jl3lo
    @Yami-jl3lo 15 일 전 +634

    Glad to see her trying to push language barriers and being so cute and humble. Wishing her a long lasting success with her music and the new members! 🙌🏼💖

  • @_LALISA_WorldWideNumberOne_

    She deserved to be loved and her smile is really precious

  • @seanthesheep9652
    @seanthesheep9652 7 일 전 +69

    I'm so sad that fifty fifty disbanded but I'll support Keena cause she's one of them and I love them all

  • @JongSnow
    @JongSnow 10 일 전 +93

    i admire her confidence and for putting in such effort to communicate. hope the internal issues in her gets resolved so that they can focus on their comeback.

  • @juliepotter4229
    @juliepotter4229 18 일 전 +642

    throughout the storm that was the fifty fifty dispute, she's fought so much to even be here. wishing her all the success

  • @mingkoos
    @mingkoos 17 일 전 +520

    She tried her best and did well 🥰

    • @DreamyCheshire-up9rf
      @DreamyCheshire-up9rf 17 일 전 +9

      She tried her best and did well in admitting her mistakes to CEO Jeon

    • @prasithoudomvilay8454
      @prasithoudomvilay8454 17 일 전 +5

      @@DreamyCheshire-up9rf She trust Jeon but not ahn sung ll

    • @DreamyCheshire-up9rf
      @DreamyCheshire-up9rf 17 일 전 +6

      @@prasithoudomvilay8454 You forgot that Keena was once in cahoot with Ahn Sung ll against CEO Jeon. Later, when the circumstances were against them, she jumped back to the old ship. Clever girl.

    • @kpopscenario1406
      @kpopscenario1406 9 일 전 +1


    • @mr.miraclemind
      @mr.miraclemind 4 일 전 +4

      Did you all forget she’s a minor who doesn’t know that the adults are trying to manipulate her? Trying to blame her is probably the most idiotic thing people can do.

  • @AaaA-km2yu
    @AaaA-km2yu 18 일 전 +313

    This interview becomes even more poignant when we consider the challenging times she has faced. 💕💕💕💕💕💕

    • @angsilaw
      @angsilaw 13 일 전 +7

      I still don’t understand why she went back after seeing what her fellow members went through

    • @AaaA-km2yu
      @AaaA-km2yu 12 일 전 +14

      @@angsilaw The situation wasn't that she had to go back to the other members, but rather that the other members should have followed her.

    • @iBeFloe
      @iBeFloe 10 일 전 +14

      @@angsilawIt’s come out that the members were manipulated by the other company & lied to. Their company didn’t do wrong by them as they thought.
      Keena realized as more information came out during the case & decided she would drop the case, apologize to the CEO, & go back to the company.
      The CEO let her back because that’s what he wanted all along. He just wanted them to come back to continue to group they created.

    • @ash1dq
      @ash1dq 5 일 전 +1

      @@iBeFloeyeah its pretty fucked especially as her as my bias, this whole thing is confusing but we have to support her because we know we don’t know what she’s going through especially since she was definitely getting abused in the same workplace as the other members.

  • @LISA-ei6cy
    @LISA-ei6cy 17 일 전 +206

    Kenna is so beautiful and her English has improved so much. It really hurts me seeing her alone without the other ex members but I hope she is successful and that she has an opportunity to show her talent ❤

    • @prasithoudomvilay8454
      @prasithoudomvilay8454 17 일 전 +19

      Makes me sad she is alone and i did worry will she be ok on her own to the billboard awards when she experiencing american culture and meeting other artist

    • @paulopaulo3774
      @paulopaulo3774 14 일 전 +19

      She is having a hard time speaking english and she is trying to sound american as we can see but shes trying ❤

    • @gloriaoraeluno4078
      @gloriaoraeluno4078 2 일 전 +1

      Wait but I thought only one member left in fifty fifty😢 so ure saying three members left and only one member (keena) stayed back??

    • @LISA-ei6cy
      @LISA-ei6cy 2 일 전 +2

      @@gloriaoraeluno4078 yes, Keena it's the only one that it's gonna stay in ATRACK

  • @cee_el
    @cee_el 7 일 전 +33

    I’m sure she’s nervous by yourself but I think she’s brave as well. I wish her luck!

    • @user-yl2ld2my7v
      @user-yl2ld2my7v 7 일 전 +3

      It was her first overseas trip and her first official overseas schedule. Although she made mistakes, she did her best. And she showed her own charm. 🥰

  • @ShanwanaPuppy
    @ShanwanaPuppy 8 일 전 +17

    Damn being here since the debut album and now seeing everything they all went through - I think it’s so sad what happens to both parties but I’m glad we still have keena

  • @brunosvlog24k6
    @brunosvlog24k6 18 일 전 +128

    Keena, you deserve everything good that comes your way! 🙏🙏🙏

  • @b2thegoodness
    @b2thegoodness 18 일 전 +112

    Keena I'm so proud of you!! You have been through so much, and we are here to support you! So looking forward to seeing the new fiftyfifty!!

    • @ash1dq
      @ash1dq 5 일 전

      No babes we still gotta boycott bc they company still mistreats their idols

    • @b2thegoodness
      @b2thegoodness 3 일 전

      @@ash1dq I don't think so. The company knows how to be faithful, patient, and loyal. I fully support Keena and the company. Can't wait for the new fifty audition!!

  • @alev2907
    @alev2907 18 일 전 +112

    You can do it Keena!!! ❤❤❤ We will support you 🎉

  • @hohopan
    @hohopan 18 일 전 +142

    인터뷰 넘넘 잘한다 ❤
    드레스가 이렇게 아름다울 줄이야!!
    키나의 간절함이 꼭 성공으로 이어지길 🤩

  • @fierriefiles
    @fierriefiles 17 일 전 +159

    She obviously looked really happy and excited. She has all the spotlight to herself.

  • @as1948
    @as1948 17 일 전 +128

    Keena is so charming. I’m really glad we will continue to see her perform. Although I was only a casual listener of Fifty Fifty, I really want to support Keena and new members. Fighting! ❤️

    • @kayspiffy8259
      @kayspiffy8259 10 일 전 +2

      How will she perform if she doesn’t sing in their songs? (genuine question)

    • @MrMusic4676
      @MrMusic4676 5 시간 전

      You must not know FIFTY FIFTY well - Keena is a singer and rapper - a K-pop company is not going to keep an idol if they are not going to sing or rap.
      Keena will sing, rap and preform with her new fellow member's.
      You asked: "how will she preform if she doesn't sing in their song's"
      That's a truly dumb and non-genuine question.

    • @kayspiffy8259
      @kayspiffy8259 3 시간 전

      @@MrMusic4676 ?? You don’t have to be a a$$hole it is a genuine question. You could of just left that last part out. Not everyone stans them. I never seen the two rappers sing. So I was wondering how..

  • @jianzang
    @jianzang 18 일 전 +10


  • @Hunniessio
    @Hunniessio 18 일 전 +82

    I’m so proud of her she did so well with out the other members and did well at English without Aran she’s so pretty and I was so excited to see this love you keena Saranghae

  • @van.g.9047
    @van.g.9047 11 일 전 +14

    Nah cuz I watched those interviews where Keena said she worked like 5 part time jobs even as a minor in order to support her dream, and I know she’s a fighter! Good job Keena!!

  • @bulala3553
    @bulala3553 8 일 전 +16

    I can see that she was a bit nervous but she clearly tried her best so proud of keena :)

  • @davidb4516
    @davidb4516 18 일 전 +25

    She seemed so nervous, stay strong Keena, you’re doing great ❤

    • @user-ez1uo8jp2d
      @user-ez1uo8jp2d 4 일 전

      It was her first overseas trip and her first official overseas schedule. Although she made mistakes, she did her best. And she showed her own charm. 🥰

  • @user-hr1tp2sv9z
    @user-hr1tp2sv9z 18 일 전 +34

    Way to go! Congrats Keena! She’s Amazing 👏👏👏👏

  • @skybeany
    @skybeany 15 일 전 +13

    I love her reaction. She is so good to make atmosphere comfortable

  • @user-ex7pf5hw9r
    @user-ex7pf5hw9r 18 일 전 +86

    I'm very proud of you keena, hoping you'll go on success wuth the new members of your group.

  • @eternal_love7879
    @eternal_love7879 17 일 전 +34

    glad keena came back ❤ y'all people should stop mentioning the three girls coz they're not in the group anymore. we should welcome the new members soon!

    • @muhdfaizazhari1743
      @muhdfaizazhari1743 9 일 전

      New members will do it better for main,lead vocalist,visual and many more.

  • @hakinsworld
    @hakinsworld 18 일 전 +119

    삼푼이 다 있던 시절부터 키나가 제일 매력 있고 꾸미기 따라 비주얼 포텐도 있다 생각했지만 이정도일 줄은 몰랐음. 완전 미모, 애교 폭격이네.ㄷㄷ 4세대 비주얼 1군 그룹에 놔둬도 꿀리지 않는다.

  • @user-qw5ll1re5y
    @user-qw5ll1re5y 18 일 전 +199

    7년의 연습이 빌보드에서 빛을 발하는구나~~ 내가 다 감동적!!!!~~😢 영어가 완벽하지 않은데도 진심을 전하려고 노력하는 울 키나 넘 자랑스럽네~😊
    평소 귀엽고 러블리한 성격이 긴장함에도 불구하고 그녀를 빛나게 하는군 키나 최고!!!!🎉

  • @DinocrocutaGigantea
    @DinocrocutaGigantea 17 일 전 +15

    Ai meu deus, ela toda nervosa é muito fofa. Vamo recomeçar do zero com grupo novo, esquecer o passado e fazer esse dinheiro aí que ela merece 👏👏👏

  • @dark_wing_duck
    @dark_wing_duck 17 일 전 +65

    랩도 잘함
    노래도 잘함
    작사도 함
    인성도 착함
    다이어트도 열심히 함
    병원 간 적도 없음
    연습생 7년해서 누구보다 간절함
    이번에 팀을 지키기 위해 노력도 하고
    멤버들한테 양보도 많이 했다고 밝혀짐

  • @YujinChung
    @YujinChung 18 일 전 +59

    Hope the best for Keena!❤❤ I am glad that she made the right decision, even though other members didn't make the right decision!

  • @luiamvs7232
    @luiamvs7232 16 일 전 +47

    Nos que amamos o FIFTY FIFTY temos que dar muito apóio a unica integrante que ficou, com certeza deve ser muito pesado pra ela isso tudo, e ela estava tão feliz nessa entrevista apesar de tudo. Sucesso!

  • @u.c.o9044
    @u.c.o9044 18 일 전 +62

    La manera en la que Keena se expresa es súper cute ❤

  • @user-jj4kz8ph1b
    @user-jj4kz8ph1b 18 일 전 +31

    She does deserve it. ❤

  • @Xile179
    @Xile179 18 일 전 +26

    So happy Keenas back, cant wait for the next comeback! ❤

  • @gravy9gravy
    @gravy9gravy 18 일 전 +20

    Good to see Keena representing. Not sure how the new 5050 will fly, but looking forward to new music from all the members.

  • @j.kimfrost9543
    @j.kimfrost9543 18 일 전 +243

    외모 노래 랩 춤 언어 판단력 글솜씨 까지 다 되는 키나!! 너무 멋있다

    • @user-fi3xm1kc3l
      @user-fi3xm1kc3l 18 일 전 +6

      7년이란 내공이 비맞은뒤로 더단단해져 가는것같아서 흐믓해지네.

  • @user-sh4kh4vu7r
    @user-sh4kh4vu7r 17 일 전 +16

    키나가 이렇게 이뻤다니 실력도 최고고 의리도있고 앞으로 대박나자~~~

  • @Leo-nh9ui
    @Leo-nh9ui 18 일 전 +21

    Keena is so cute and precious 😊
    im also positively surprised by the amount of support she gets.
    I wish Keena all the best!

  • @muhyang8389
    @muhyang8389 18 일 전 +39

    Now keena just needs to win the award.

  • @wrongblack
    @wrongblack 18 일 전 +41

    You deserve it Keena!

    • @user-wg7px2nu1q
      @user-wg7px2nu1q 18 일 전 +1

      이말이 그에게 큰 위로가 될꺼예요❤

  • @user-cj8ku9bt9l
    @user-cj8ku9bt9l 18 일 전 +315

    4월에 우연히 들은 큐피드에 꽂혀서 앨범도 사고 했었는데, 솔직히 당시에는 다른 멤버가 더 호감이었지만 일이 터지고 여기까지 오는 동안 키나의 매력을 많이 알게되었어요 앞으로는 키나만 봅니다 나의 원픽 키나 ❤❤❤

  • @seraphile5720
    @seraphile5720 10 일 전 +2

    She's so gorgeous and doing an amazing job representing the group she's so sweet

  • @sistarofficial
    @sistarofficial 18 일 전 +68

    Keena you deserve the world❤

  • @larianemacedo55
    @larianemacedo55 11 일 전 +5

    Essa menina vai voar, confia!

  • @j4135
    @j4135 17 일 전 +9

    키나 화이팅!!! 빨리 앨범내자!!!

  • @sheabutterfly
    @sheabutterfly 18 일 전 +18

    keena radiates sunshine ❤❤❤

  • @rosemarie7830
    @rosemarie7830 18 일 전 +21

    Well done, Keena. Many blessings and cheers!!

  • @dark_water372
    @dark_water372 18 일 전 +13

    Great Job Keena!! Also congratulations!

  • @haidoma
    @haidoma 18 일 전 +60

    조회수 폭발하고 키나의 미모도 치사량 수준으로 폭발. 진짜 예쁘다. 실수는 누구나 할 수 있어. 안성일의 거짓말을 간파하고 올바른 판단을 내리고 잘못을 바로잡기 위해 용기를 낸 키나는 똑똑하고 용감한 여전사다. 이렇게 화려한 무대에 다시 설 수 있게 되어서 정말 다행이고 너무 잘됐어😊

  • @wild11161
    @wild11161 18 일 전 +56

    Kina’s reaction suits Global well.
    I'm proud and cute ^^
    키나의 리엑션이 글러벌에 잘 어울리네요. 자랑스럽고 귀여워요 ^^

  • @keenaschocolateflavor
    @keenaschocolateflavor 13 일 전 +2

    So proud of Keena, glad she was my bias since day 1 🦊❤

  • @cheddar2848
    @cheddar2848 18 일 전 +28

    Her accent is so cute! 🥰😍 Congratulations my queens! 🎉🎊🎉🎊💪

  • @jiwoonghwa
    @jiwoonghwa 18 일 전 +34

    So proud of you Keena!! You did an amazing job

  • @keuy12
    @keuy12 11 일 전 +26

    내년 이 자리에 다사 참석할 때는 새로운 멤버들과 함께 Cupid를 비롯해서 더 대박칠 노래와 함께 공연하는 키나가 되었으면 좋겠어요!!

  • @user-hl4mv4kd7n
    @user-hl4mv4kd7n 17 일 전 +6

    진짜 헤어고 의상이고 모든게 다 최고로 아름답다 진짜 이뻐

  • @papawoody9597
    @papawoody9597 17 일 전 +15

    I have loved her from day 1, so pretty and talented. A total sweetheart.

    • @hlcb8862
      @hlcb8862 17 일 전 +1

      Seriously she was always the one who seemed to care about fans the most. Always made those cute cover song vids for us and edited herself on her own time.

  • @Ibuk1s
    @Ibuk1s 17 일 전 +11

    she is so brave, i hope she is well and happy!

  • @FranFluxx
    @FranFluxx 18 일 전 +13

    I'm rooting for you Keena!

  • @young-jukim3626
    @young-jukim3626 18 일 전 +40

    Congratulations on Billboard nomination !!!❤❤😂🎉🎉🎉

  • @SoshiForever1_SM
    @SoshiForever1_SM 10 일 전 +2

    I love Fifty Fifty and Keena

  • @user-dt8tk8rp1i
    @user-dt8tk8rp1i 18 일 전 +14

    Keena ...so awesome !!

  • @narsis16
    @narsis16 18 일 전 +14

    Keena fighting 🎉

  • @dayanaulloa3514
    @dayanaulloa3514 17 일 전 +7

    Que preciosa ❤

  • @mr.miraclemind
    @mr.miraclemind 16 일 전 +12

    She did her best. She wasn’t bad. Great job Keena!

  • @jmys4161
    @jmys4161 18 일 전 +21

    Keena looks so nervous 🥰 but I'm so happy for her❤ Go girl🥰🥰

  • @TheDynamo808
    @TheDynamo808 18 일 전 +79

    KEENA 빌보드 데뷔 축하합니다. 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • @ChatteNoireBlanche
    @ChatteNoireBlanche 14 일 전 +1

    Must be difficult to stand alone after all what happened, even more in a foreign language. You did a good job Keena.

  • @ineptitude_
    @ineptitude_ 17 일 전 +9

    Keena fighting!!✊✊

  • @user-yl2ld2my7v
    @user-yl2ld2my7v 6 일 전 +1

    It was her first overseas trip and her first official overseas schedule. Although she made mistakes, she did her best. And she showed her own charm. 🥰

  • @DemonaLlama
    @DemonaLlama 17 일 전 +7

    Bless her heart ❤

  • @sulee166
    @sulee166 18 일 전 +125

    올바른 선택을 한 사람에게 주어진 정당한 보상 ... 키나야 대박나자... 그리고 어트랙트도 대박 고고고~~~~ !!!!

  • @simjaeyunultimatefan6529

    I really first thought she's an English native speaker, I even thought she has an accent like foreigners do, her confidence really did her good. I hope that she will do great even without other members.

  • @guntherstewart8941
    @guntherstewart8941 7 일 전 +4

    Glad to see people still supporting her

  • @nykmlee11
    @nykmlee11 18 일 전 +14

    Glory to Keena!

  • @johnyi7056
    @johnyi7056 18 일 전 +18

    Go Keena. So happy that your back.

  • @yongchulee
    @yongchulee 18 일 전 +12

    We love Keena😊

  • @skoshk1950
    @skoshk1950 18 일 전 +32

    You deserve all the success!

  • @floragustin4357
    @floragustin4357 18 일 전 +14

    Fighting Keena ❤

  • @user-kh5rx4hz1b
    @user-kh5rx4hz1b 18 일 전 +102

    긴장했지만 사랑스럽게 인터뷰 잘 하고 온 거 같아여❤❤ 앞으로 더 자신감있게 가보자 키나 화이팅👍👍👍

  • @HipHopTheme
    @HipHopTheme 17 일 전 +8

    Kina is such a vibe ❤

  • @d.f.c6982
    @d.f.c6982 18 일 전 +152

    전국민이 사랑하는
    우리의 보석💎💎💎
    피프티피프티 키나!!!
    영원히 사랑합니다♥♥♥

    • @rosean374
      @rosean374 18 일 전 +1

      The other 3 girls should humble themselves too and go apologize to the CEO😂and ask for forgiveness. Then they too can rejoin fifty fifty.

    • @omeshrathi1396
      @omeshrathi1396 18 일 전 +9

      ​@@rosean374i think their career was doomed when attrakt cancelled the contract themselves

  • @elliemariepark
    @elliemariepark 18 일 전 +11

    Congrats Keena ❤

  • @lana0100
    @lana0100 18 일 전 +219

    와... 너무 예쁘다... 여신이네. 키나는 저런 스타일이 매우 잘 어울리네~~~~ 동양미가 느껴지면서 서구적인 스타일도 나는게 빌보드가 어색하지가 않네❤

    • @sarahsong4409
      @sarahsong4409 18 일 전 +21

      맞말인듯 한국아이돌들 틈에 껴있을땐 약간 저게 아이돌..? 싶었는데 서양언니랑 같이 있으니 위화감 제로 의상도 잘어울림

  • @kelly-oj3wk
    @kelly-oj3wk 17 일 전 +22

    발음도 좋고 인터뷰 태도도 좋다! 긴장된 모습도 신인이고 해외인터뷰니까 자연스러움ㅎㅎㅎ 전대표님이 영어공부 열심히 시키신 게 빛을 발하는 느낌^^ 드레스랑 헤어 메이크업도 넘 이쁨❤

  • @david.bestgg
    @david.bestgg 17 일 전 +8

    Keena viendo como triunfo en la vida, mientras que las demás...

  • @rucete7
    @rucete7 18 일 전 +11

    We love you keena

  • @Yisabeilaa
    @Yisabeilaa 16 일 전 +4

    My girl did great, I'm sure it wasn't easy 💕

  • @Bunnygottalive
    @Bunnygottalive 18 일 전 +10

    Wait I don’t really know this girl,she’s from Fifty Fifty? The only member that stayed right? Either way,she’s BEAUTIFUL. She looks like something unreal (ethereal), she also resembles I.N of Stray Kids (who’s also has that ethereal appearance)

  • @yongkim5826
    @yongkim5826 18 일 전 +69

    올바른 선택에 깊히 동감하고요.축하해요 keena!

  • @rebelqueen8308
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    Love her so much ❤

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    So lovely Keena forever!

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    Love you Keena stay strong girl 🩷

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    키나 자랑스럽고 사랑스럽고 너무 잘했어♡

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    Keep supporting keena! ❤️

  • @kay-og2xh
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    긴장을 많이 했을텐데 열심히 인터뷰하려는 키나 ~~ 멋집니다 ❤❤

  • @annagurtner9606
    @annagurtner9606 14 일 전 +2


  • @oneofthoseborahaebtches613

    this is the first time i’ve actually seen one of the members and heard her be called by her actual name. all this time ive only heard their song on the radio or on different apps but never knew what any of them looked like or what their individual names were until now.

    • @hannaazam3079
      @hannaazam3079 18 일 전 +2

      We’ll all of them left except for keena

  • @DexterMuziq
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    항상 그룹으로 활동 하다가 홀홀단신으로 그것도 영어로 인터뷰 게다가 빌보드~!! ㄷㄷㄷ
    저 정도로 귀엽게 인터뷰 할수 있다는것은 정말 대단한 것이다.
    나같으면 기절 했을듯~~

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    Beautiful Keena 💖💖💖💖💖