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VIVIZ (비비지) - 'Untie' Performance Video

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  • 게시일 2023. 11. 12.
  • VIVIZ (비비지) - 'Untie' Performance Video
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댓글 • 9K

  • @DutyFrees
    @DutyFrees 14 일 전 +435

    대박인데? 못뜨는 경우는 이노래를 모르는 사람이 많을때 말고는 못뜰수 없는 노래네..

  • @ukailzamrin8062
    @ukailzamrin8062 21 일 전 +579

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! THAT WAS 10/10 NO DEBATE. THE FIT , THE CHOREO , THE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS ON POINT , THE ANGLES , THE LIGHTING, THE BACKUP DANCERS. Oh my god , Props to everyone who worked on this and make this performance video happens

  • @SamsMediaCenter
    @SamsMediaCenter 9 시간 전 +20

    All ladies have captivating presence on the screen. Lighting & direction is top-notch. Song is soft and music apt. Dance is awesome! All put together, you created magic. This music video is a winner!

  • @iembeng
    @iembeng 14 일 전 +109

    I know they are awesome (been a fan since Gfriend) but this made my jaw drop. Keep it coming BPM! Thank you for taking care of our girls!

  • @itsacsv
    @itsacsv 9 시간 전 +71

    I never had interest in Viviz but this is SO GOOD omfg, the song,their voices, stage presence, choreography, the video, the lyrics... It's all perfect

  • @mariannebec9871
    @mariannebec9871 16 시간 전 +36


  • @Tysa16
    @Tysa16 2 시간 전 +13

    После распада подружек, вам девочки было трудно, но с каждым камбеком вы расцветаете!!!!❤️❤️❤️красавицы, пластичные, синхронность на высшем уровне!!! Надеюсь вы получите в следующем году награды которые заслуживаете, новых песен!!!

  • @user-hm6gi5nu9g
    @user-hm6gi5nu9g 21 일 전 +337

    Almost 1M without ads just pure organic growth!!! So proud of MY GIRLS VIVIZ.

  • @bLobB3r
    @bLobB3r 14 일 전 +148

    Can we appreciate how meaningful the lyrics are (something not about love/heartbreak) and how the AMAZING choreo accentuates the lyrics??? This song deserves way more hype and recognition!!! 😭

  • @azmi8790
    @azmi8790 9 시간 전 +20

    omg....this is one of the best song this year....keep it up viviz....UMJI😍

  • @RRSabrina
    @RRSabrina 일 전 +72

    I'm absoluty smitten with the three of them. Coming from GFriends and seeing them grow into a mature group, i'm so glad they decided to debut and continue to make music.

  • @technicolourcam
    @technicolourcam 14 일 전 +182

    WHY WASNT THIS THEIR TITLE!!! its my favourite song from them to date! we need more of this from VIVIZ <3

  • @nissainsomnia5967
    @nissainsomnia5967 14 시간 전 +19

    Great song and performance ❤

  • @hana2233
    @hana2233 21 일 전 +91

    VIVIZ debuts in BPM seriously the best decision ever. They can explore more genre that they wanna do

  • @kimkook235
    @kimkook235 9 시간 전 +12

    Untie is a cool song. The visuals are insane, especially Eunha with light pink hair.

  • @ilsemar637
    @ilsemar637 9 시간 전 +9

    Every day listening to this work of art. 비비지 The Best. It's early but I can't wait for their next song . Greetings from Mexico 🇲🇽🇰🇷

  • @IrishLegend64
    @IrishLegend64 12 시간 전 +83

    VIVIZ's duality of having a song like Red Sun and Untie, and they BOTH are masterpieces..... thank you BPM!!!

  • @geekandgloom
    @geekandgloom 19 시간 전 +13

    this is not only a banger of a song, but also a cinematic masterpiece. I have rewatched this too many times to count at this point. I am just so in love with everything about this!! 😳❤

  • @uknowismy
    @uknowismy 14 일 전 +22

    can't help but replay this song over and over again!! Everything is so perfect

  • @ryanlee6872
    @ryanlee6872 21 일 전 +119

    Their crazy stage❤. They show a variety of music. Ballad, dance, cutie song, innocence, bop, and intense charisma... This is a performance that shows that we can do it too. They are amazing in their rainbow variety. May their efforts shine...🎉