ARMYPEDIA : 'BTS TALK SHOW'│No More Dream (Live Band Ver.), Just One Day(하루만), & I Like It(좋아요) Live

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  • 게시일 2019. 03. 22.
  • BTS (방탄소년단) - No More Dream (Live Band Ver.), Just One Day(하루만), & I Like It(좋아요) Live Performance│ARMYPEDIA : 'BTS TALK SHOW'
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    BTS BEING BTS  개월 전 +795

    *'Yet To Come' Official MV Will Be Released 6.10.22*

    • pearl⁷🃏
      pearl⁷🃏 17 일 전

      It's littttt

    • Linnie L Velvet
      Linnie L Velvet 28 일 전 +2

      The fact that I still come back to this video 🤧🤧

    • WWHJ.I.N
      WWHJ.I.N 29 일 전 +1


    • Everlight
      Everlight 개월 전 +1

      @Harini Vasudevan Yes

  • Kaley Crocker
    Kaley Crocker 3 년 전 +26648

    absolutely no one:

  • Elena Sehaki
    Elena Sehaki 10 개월 전 +969

    Jin's voice it makes me cry I really love his voice

  • Dhanu⟭⟬
    Dhanu⟭⟬ 년 전 +136

    Finally I see a place where Jin is being praised!! This is so lovely!! In all the comment sections, there'll be only the maknae line 🥺😭

  • Sama Kadhum
    Sama Kadhum 9 개월 전 +294

    Jungkook’s voice is SO STABLE it’s insane.

  • Nini Francisco
    Nini Francisco 3 개월 전 +318

    Jin’s voice is clear and crisp like a beautiful spring day. Also obsessing with his voice in 1:57 . His high voice is amazing but his low voice is also superb!

  • Khánh Trà Nguyễn Trần

    No one talks about Jin's angelic voice. Voice makes me melt everytime I hear

    • Alison Joseph
      Alison Joseph 개월 전

      @BTS’s ArMy Forever Oh please, y'all always complaining when ppl compliment jin or anyone from the hyung line

    • BTS’s ArMy Forever
      BTS’s ArMy Forever 개월 전

      What do you mean, no one is talking about Jin’s voice? This whole comment section is filled with comments about him. I love Jin too, but I stand OT7 and I would appreciate if people would talk about the other members too.

    • Alison Joseph
      Alison Joseph 3 개월 전

      @Robbin imagine being so talented ppl think its auto tune. Jin can relate

    • Lovely Kagura
      Lovely Kagura 년 전


    • Gojo Satoru
      Gojo Satoru 년 전

      Thats not angelic
      Thats Godly

  • Kanika Singh
    Kanika Singh 6 개월 전 +189

    Just some angelic Jin timestamps to make your day better

  • InTeRnAtIoNaL pLaY BoI
    InTeRnAtIoNaL pLaY BoI 10 개월 전 +118

    Jin is perfect.

  • chuuriahcarey
    chuuriahcarey 10 개월 전 +127

    Jin's vocals were extra smooth this day

  • ketakee phadnis
    ketakee phadnis 년 전 +74

    Damn ranges of jin voice literally shocks me...I mean this man is seriously incredible 💜💜

  • -
    - 3 년 전 +2071

    jins low voice nowadays has improved so much

    • Kim Taesthetic
      Kim Taesthetic 2 년 전 +2

      Robbin yeah maybe in a few places but most of it was natural...

    • Robbin
      Robbin 2 년 전

      army blink mots7 because you can literally hear it

    • Stfuamalex
      Stfuamalex 2 년 전 +1

      @Robbin how do u know??💜

    • Robbin
      Robbin 2 년 전

      *Hi* they used live autotune

    • Prince Carlos
      Prince Carlos 2 년 전 +15

      @Miza Nina you should've listen to Dionysus seokjin have wide vocal range

  • Seokjinie Kim
    Seokjinie Kim 년 전 +208

    Jin's beauty is so flawless 😍 i can't take my eye on him! 😍 and also Jin's voice here got me goosebumps! 😍👏

    • Seokjinie Kim
      Seokjinie Kim 개월 전

      @Elara_ Stella that was before he always got few lines in their songs.. but rn I'm so happy and always proud of him . Finally, Jin got recognition of his talent that he deserve. 🥺💜

    • Seokjinie Kim
      Seokjinie Kim 개월 전

      @Elara_ Stella Ikr. but his voice is so precious 🥺

    • Elara_ Stella
      Elara_ Stella 개월 전 +3

      I was waiting for his line in no more dream and he only sang 1 line and done, I really felt bad

  • Avani Gandhi
    Avani Gandhi 년 전 +78

    The 2 most under-appreciated ppl JIN and JHOPE has sung so beautifully in the whole piece. Lets appreaciate them more.

  • Louisa Elloire
    Louisa Elloire 11 개월 전 +66

    1:56 Jin is definitely blessed with a Beautiful voice! DID YALL HEAR THIS (I think you guys did, but I had to (you know? (;)))

  • vellichorie
    vellichorie 10 개월 전 +149

    Jungkook’s vocals are just beyond heavenly

  • yaya
    yaya 3 년 전 +16761

    When Jungkook’s voice is more stable than your wifi connection 😂
    Thanks for likes 😆💕💕

  • Ismot Jahan
    Ismot Jahan 4 개월 전 +53

    I'm obsessed with 9:44
    Jhoooooopeeeeeeee. His singing 😭.
    The way all the members brings their unique style and makes the song so beautiful! Love them.

    Vania RANDRIANARISOA 년 전 +186

    Jin's voice is nicer than my future

  • Brianna Knox
    Brianna Knox 10 개월 전 +122

    I love this version of No More Dream. I can't stop listening to Jin and V, they both sound so silky.

  • nbilaanna
    nbilaanna 11 개월 전 +68

    jin so perfect voice I really love it 😭

  • Uhgood Life
    Uhgood Life 3 년 전 +1413

    those adlibs literally added ten years to my lifespan.. jimin has improved so much, jk has gained so much confidence, jin is just perfection, and tae's diversity gets me every time.. they've grown so well into their roles ! Wow, I admire them all so much. Theyre at the very top, yet you can tell they still work hard at perfecting their craft.. the rapline has only gotten better throughout the years, and I didn't even think that was possible. They were always good.. now they're great. The vocal line is honestly so stable.. they bring life to every song ! Stan hardworking legends who love what they do ! I've been on this journey with them since early 2015 and they somehow still take my breath away !

  • Evil Overlord
    Evil Overlord 개월 전 +21

    5:45 Jin tiene una voz tan estable, agradable, dulce y no al extremo de sonar molesta o demasiado melosa. Su voz es perfecta.

  • Zylles
    Zylles 4 개월 전 +19

    1:56 I'm addicted to JIN's vocals! Please help me....

  • Leslie Mandaville
    Leslie Mandaville 7 개월 전 +38

    Jungkook sang this when he was 15. The voice is angelic.

  • huong le
    huong le 개월 전 +37

    I love Jin's angelic voice so much.

  • Annelie Oeljeklaus
    Annelie Oeljeklaus 3 년 전 +4215

    Can we please give Jhope more love? He killed every part and I'm in love with 9:44 min
    Jhope stans are we alive?

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 년 전 +42

    Jin is just killing here, omg 💘💘💘💘💘💘🤯💘🤯💘🤯💘🤯🤯💘🤯💘🤯💘🤯💘🤯🤯💘

  • Nisha Sidar
    Nisha Sidar 9 개월 전 +38

    Jungkook voice is so smooth 😘😘omg

  • Lauren Govender
    Lauren Govender 개월 전 +15

    1:57 Jin's low voice is perfection

  • Asrona Dewi
    Asrona Dewi 년 전 +163

    So fallin with Jin's voice

  • Chimmy Jiminniee
    Chimmy Jiminniee 2 년 전 +2623

    9:44 why is no one talking about how good Hoseok’s voice sounds here like I think I heard an angel

    • sw. k
      sw. k 개월 전 +1

      Its my favorit part

    • Isabelle Ocampo
      Isabelle Ocampo 3 개월 전 +2

      Love that part too!!🥺💜😍

    • Ana
      Ana 4 개월 전 +2

      He is stable and consistent. Actually. Laging plakado

    • Elina
      Elina 6 개월 전 +2

      Jhooooooooooooooppeeeee 🥺🥺

    • Cassandra Marin
      Cassandra Marin 년 전 +3

      He sounds incredible

  • The Legend
    The Legend 9 개월 전 +64

    Jin's voice is perfect just WOW 👏👏👏

  • Silver rain
    Silver rain 개월 전 +6

    Jin's low register amazing 👏 💜 I don't know it before

  • Muthia Halina
    Muthia Halina 11 개월 전 +108

    5:47 IS MY FAV PART OF JIN !! TT i love his voice

  • kate
    kate 11 개월 전 +220

    Why nobody is talking about Jimin he was outstanding .. especially at 6:06 his vocals were amazing .. such a soulful singer

    • bex
      bex 6 일 전

      ikr! its my favorite part he sounds like an angel😭

    • H Eunchae
      H Eunchae 개월 전 +3

      love it 😭

  • Patricia Dalan
    Patricia Dalan 년 전 +2066

    Petition for bighit to give jin more low register notes like 1:56 pls. This man's vocal range damn

    • Zylles
      Zylles 4 개월 전

      Heck yeah! plsss

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 년 전 +1

      @Paradise me too

    • Paradise
      Paradise 년 전 +1

      Yeahhhh. I want to join this petition 🥺💜

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 년 전 +4

      Jins voice is something unique 🥺🥺😍🥺😍🥺😍🥺😍🥺😍🥺🥺😍

    • Anh Trâm
      Anh Trâm 년 전

      Yes, he is very good, it's silver vocal

  • bts 7
    bts 7 10 개월 전 +77

    Jin's vocals are crystal clear

  • Riabelle Lagumbay
    Riabelle Lagumbay 11 개월 전 +29

    I love how the people appreciates Jin's voice even they gave him less lines before. ❤️

  • Mekade Shinu
    Mekade Shinu 3 개월 전 +10

    I've never listen to Jin sing so deep... I love it :00 💘💘

  • Davina Aggarwal
    Davina Aggarwal 11 개월 전 +44

    I am so happy jin is getting the attention he deserves! ✨1:57

    KILLJOY 3 년 전 +2607

    Jin part in no more dream had me choking on my smoothie. Jin’s vocals sound so good.

    • Naomi Bautista
      Naomi Bautista 년 전 +1


    • Adelaide Slt
      Adelaide Slt 2 년 전 +5

      @Robbin you hate Jin don't u. We all know there's a live autotune, but it didnt drastically changed, u can still know its leaning on his original voice

    • Cabbage Man
      Cabbage Man 2 년 전

      Lucy LMAO

    • Lucy
      Lucy 2 년 전 +1

      Cabbage man oh yeah cause i was kicking and screaming in that reply wasn’t i 😭 behave yourself x

  • kokk kaski
    kokk kaski 개월 전 +20

    Jin's voice really amazing

  • smiley maria
    smiley maria 9 개월 전 +54


  • myjinniemoon
    myjinniemoon  2 개월 전 +50

    jin's voice is so beautiful

  • Maine
    Maine 7 개월 전 +16

    1:10 No Jimin you can't look at me like that. 😭☠😵😍
    6:06 that ad lips went directly into my soul. 😻
    6:19 gave me a seizure. 🤸🏼
    Talk about 8:15. 😭
    Their live performances are my favorites. 💜

  • oopsie
    oopsie 3 년 전 +5249

    Give my boy more lines!

    • Nrrl' 07
      Nrrl' 07 23 일 전 +1

      Fall in love with Our WWH jin voice 💜

    • RJ
      RJ 개월 전


    • Elara_ Stella
      Elara_ Stella 개월 전

      I really felt bad in no more dream he only sang 1 line and done, the others were all singing and he was just sitting there, its really unfair, in the 2 others too

    • whipped for Bangtan ft Jin 🤌
      whipped for Bangtan ft Jin 🤌 년 전

      thankkkk uuuu

    • zaxoliv
      zaxoliv 년 전

      this is sad.. the fact that the list is so small

  • kate
    kate 11 개월 전 +78

    *Everyone* *agrees* *that* *Jimin* *is* *a* *masterpiece* *himself*

  • cheri618
    cheri618 8 개월 전 +76

    jungkook’s voice is smooth like butter. hahaha..but seriously it is.

  • ii
    ii 개월 전 +13

    I am in love with Jin's deep voice range
    Can we get to hear his this range in songs once again?

  • Evil Overlord
    Evil Overlord 개월 전 +11

    La voz de *Jin* aquí 4:06 es tan estable y agradable como la versión de estudio.

  • mikan's big ass syringe
    mikan's big ass syringe 2 년 전 +3564

    Jungkook's stable voice while jumping up and down is-

    • Mary Ann Morabe
      Mary Ann Morabe 년 전 +1

      @-Amel- i agree w/ you using autotune s not bad it adds texture to their beautiful voices, i like it sm esp, when you wear headseat sooo soothing😘

    • -Amel-
      -Amel- 년 전 +6

      @Anna Karamon it's clearly live, and not lypsyinc. BTS sucks at lyosyincing and there's too much adlibs for it to be pre-recorded. There's some live autotune but his voice is still very stable either way, it's known that jungkook is the most stable member and is even stable with no mic. BTS dances heavy and hard choreographies in their usual performances, high kicks, jumps, flips, rolls, foot work and high stamina in general, it's not some gambling around that will make his voice sound bad. He is trained for it.

    • Anna Karamon
      Anna Karamon 년 전

      It's prerecorded and they are lip-synching OR mics have live-autotune here. No other way. It isn't nad thing - they do it for our music experience

    • su su
      su su 년 전 +2

      JUNGKOOK ♡

    • kayleaf
      kayleaf 년 전


  • Kenmas_smile
    Kenmas_smile 개월 전 +18

    2:18 omg JK voice kills me every time. His voice is so stable, considering this was *live* !

  • anna17987
    anna17987 5 개월 전 +17

    I fall in love with Jungkook’s voice in Just one day 😍

  • Ava Hasson
    Ava Hasson 년 전 +25

    I’m being bias wrecked by Jin so bad!!!

  • Kenmas_smile
    Kenmas_smile 개월 전 +3

    Jimin’s voice at 6:06, omggg!! It’s so angelic, I can’t even. 💜💜💜

  • Battle Axe
    Battle Axe 3 년 전 +1968

    they highkey took No More Dream and made it into a ballad

  • i wanna
    i wanna 8 개월 전 +25

    Jungkook's voice is so amazingggggggggggg

  • Sofía Santoro
    Sofía Santoro 8 개월 전 +8

    10:27 la sonrisa de Nam es la cosa más tierna que ví en mi vida 😍😍😍 amo como se divierten cantando!

  • Sofia Vm
    Sofia Vm 10 개월 전 +12

    okay but this performance is literally perfect, on every level.. the rap line's insane flow, the vocal line's stunning out of this world vocals, their charm and energy and vibe, just amazing! I feel so grateful to be able to witness BTS and so lucky to love them through their journey x ARMY borahae

  • Paradise
    Paradise 년 전 +51

    Keep rewatch jin lines. Wahhhh. Never know he has those charming voices

  • Lazeen El-nakiib
    Lazeen El-nakiib 2 년 전 +5140

    Jungkooks “La la la la la” was smoother than jins skin and I’m dying 😱💜💜

  • Boy with bicycle…🌝
    Boy with bicycle…🌝 4 개월 전 +7

    Whyy nobody is talking about our amazing rappers…they are jst jst awesome…lets appreciate them too..🥺💜

    • Keely C
      Keely C 16 일 전

      The rap parts are just 👌

  • Smriti Pradhan
    Smriti Pradhan 년 전 +17

    "When we are too old to dance, I would just like to sit onstage with other members and sing and engage with the fans- Jimin".
    This performance reminded me of this statement by Jimin.
    BTS forever. Will be there for you boys, forever 💜

    IARA BAUTISTA 개월 전 +3

    BTS gracias por existir LOS AMOOO, ustedes me hacen muy FELIZ

  • Sept Ember
    Sept Ember 10 개월 전 +14

    them singing their old songs makes me feel proud. I really am proud of them. and I'm lucky to witness them in this lifetime. they brought sm happiness and warmth to me and even when a time comes that I'll stop being a stan, I'll continue listening to their masterpieces songs

  • God Jihyo
    God Jihyo 3 년 전 +519


  • Joanna Torres
    Joanna Torres 년 전 +24

    I love how Jungkook felt so confident when namjoon started dancing

  • Minh Tu
    Minh Tu 개월 전 +5

    Jin is my perfection 💜

  • CassAnn
    CassAnn 년 전 +8

    I can't stop listening to Jin's vocal at 4:05

  • Thais Alves lima
    Thais Alves lima 개월 전 +11

    A voz do JIN é simplesmente maravilhosa!!!😍

  • Stan All Kpop Groups
    Stan All Kpop Groups 3 년 전 +2438

    *Haters that always said our KINGs lip sync this videos enough to shut them up theirs voices so beautiful even rapper or vocalist old is goals

    • Cookie And The Avacado
      Cookie And The Avacado 2 년 전 +1

      @bitch i'm a star but no patrick they have amazing vocals they don't need it

    • bitch i'm a star but no patrick
      bitch i'm a star but no patrick 2 년 전

      but they used autotune

    • Moon
      Moon 2 년 전

      @Muhammad Aruzi Zuhal Ballack mmm in live presentations it is difficult that the self-adjustment can be used correctly without sounding ugly, then, no. BTS does not use that and I can assure you for the concerts that they had live for obvious duh, but whatever

  • Amira Virnanda
    Amira Virnanda 년 전 +10

    This is the best just one day version i’ve ever heard :”) My first song that makes me an army omg its been so long

  • ɢᴜᴄᴄɪ 𝚃𝚊𝚎

    Jungkook's voice is really so cute😍😍

  • Thatgurrll
    Thatgurrll 2 개월 전 +5

    I find myself coming back here every single month to enjoy their voices I love soo much especially jin’s. He literally nailed this performance

  • zxnezx_
    zxnezx_ 2 개월 전 +7

    It's another version that I like and love it very much. I listened to it repeatedly all day. I also wish Jungkook and J-Hope to be safe and the other members.

    INFIRES ME 3 년 전 +8718

    imagine having a concert with just them sitting like that, in front of ARMYs, no dancing, just them singing/rapping and enjoying themselves
    bighit think of it, i'm ready to pay

    • Happy Chicken
      Happy Chicken 년 전

      @Zaineb Hidoussi Oh yeah sorry for the misunderstanding. I said I feel bcs I thought that others might prefer the dancing over the singing while I myself feel stronger connected to sounds than visuals

    • Misty and friends
      Misty and friends 년 전 +1

      to be honest iv always loved their choreography but that would be cool too

    • Zaineb Hidoussi
      Zaineb Hidoussi 년 전

      @Happy Chicken aa gocha ..nah i just wanted to explain u because i thought u really diden't know the cause since u said "i feel like.." it sounded like u weren't sure why...but anyways yea I agree with u they should from time to time sing while they're sitting

    • Happy Chicken
      Happy Chicken 년 전

      @Zaineb Hidoussi Yes I know that's why I was saying that they should do a concert where they are sitting.

    • Zaineb Hidoussi
      Zaineb Hidoussi 년 전

      @Happy Chicken that's because their voices are more stable ofc ..try singing when ur tranquil then try singing when ur running or dancing ..they're different's amazing how they manage singing so good while dancing

  • minjin민진
    minjin민진 개월 전 +3

    1:56 I've been stuck there for a freakin 15 minutes helpppp 😭😭😭😭 seokjin's voice is just ......perfect

  • bts 💜
    bts 💜 6 개월 전 +13

    Rm, Jin, Suga, Jhope, Jimin, V, And Jungkook they areee killing mee😭💥😭❤️💜😂

  • GolDeN pOtAtO
    GolDeN pOtAtO 년 전 +9

    Performances like this makes me realize that i really can't have one bias AT ALL

  • Aadya Khazanchi
    Aadya Khazanchi 년 전 +14

    0:45 made me realize how much BTS has grown up. I've only stanned them for almost two years and they've matured so much. Them singing 'No More Dream' doesn't even sound like 'No More Dream.'

    BTS ARMY 3 년 전 +912

    Jungkook’s voice at No More Dream was so addictive😍💞
    especially at the chorus💞

    • hae
      hae 3 년 전 +1

      i felt it too, it was heaven in my ears! can't stop repeating uhhh✨💜

    • Shafia Syed
      Shafia Syed 3 년 전 +3

      agreed I loved his part I fell so in love with it...

    • BTS ARMY
      BTS ARMY 3 년 전 +3

      Khusnul Dwinita YES THAT PART TOO🤩

    • K Dwinita
      K Dwinita 3 년 전 +6

      Me : La la la la laa~

    • BTS ARMY
      BTS ARMY 3 년 전 +5

      Cindy Hugh same!!!

  • Falak Khan
    Falak Khan 5 개월 전 +25

    Jungkook's "You Such a liar"~
    and the whole part till "la la la la la"

  • I want to see your kids

    7:52 A baby bunny hopping around while singing. I'm in tears. 😭

  • Magical Universe
    Magical Universe 개월 전 +2

    4:22 Namjoon Hyung sang tae's part in "just one day"... I've just listen it..! OMG it was amazing...!!!
    I can't just move on with this part.. His voice is something different... I just love his vocal...

  • Jgg
    Jgg 3 개월 전 +5

    Happy Birthday Suga amazing person, best rapper real musician 🥳🔥

  • Patricia Clare
    Patricia Clare 2 년 전 +1423

    Ok, but Jimin and Jungkook blending their voices together is the most soothing thing I've heard.

    • Marie1232
      Marie1232 년 전 +1

      Their vocals together are just stunning. Their tones truly compliment each other so well 😭😭

    • Jocy
      Jocy 년 전 +1

      Their vocals in stay gold 😍💜

    • strxwberri_banana
      strxwberri_banana 년 전

      Taehyung too

    • Squid
      Squid 년 전

      I ruined the 666 sorry ✋🏻

    • Lex B
      Lex B 년 전 +1

      @BANGTAN BOMB yess!

  • Tia L.
    Tia L. 2 개월 전 +13

    Damn i love the comment section. Jin is indeed fantastic.

  • Kaweesha Weerasinghe
    Kaweesha Weerasinghe 6 개월 전 +14

    Namjoon's flawless rapping skills are beyond the ordinary , simply he 's the living example of the word " PERFECTION " ❤

  • kazu__ha♡
    kazu__ha♡ 10 개월 전 +7

    Jin's live vocal is so perfect smooth n clear.. IDK why he gets less line but even with such less line he literally never fails to stand out ..

  • Lexi Cabrillos
    Lexi Cabrillos 2 개월 전 +11

    All memebers have magic in there voice but i really wished jin had more lines.

  • Lottie Ele
    Lottie Ele 3 년 전 +531

    Jin’s vocals 😭 lets hope he gets good parts in songs on their new album

    • Dino S
      Dino S 2 년 전

      Jo Ris right, you’re not a a bts fan if you haven’t listen to this

    • Jo Ris
      Jo Ris 2 년 전 +2

      Stream Tonight, Jamais Vu, Dionysus, Make it Right, Mikrokosmos he have lines here

    • jorge salvatierra
      jorge salvatierra 3 년 전 +1


  • Tim
    Tim 4 개월 전 +4

    Their harmonizing is one of the best thing I have ever heard in my life

  • Rasheda Akter Ratry
    Rasheda Akter Ratry 8 개월 전 +22

    It's true that Taehyung has the most gorgeous soulful's so healing like heavenly feeling 😌.. so soothing 😍

  • I want to see your kids

    1:56 I GOT GOOSEBUMPS WTF?!!!!!

  • べびべび
    べびべび 3 개월 전 +2

    6:54 沼から抜け出せなくなった曲です
       I love this song💜💜

  • It’s Icy
    It’s Icy 년 전 +3160

    I come here everyday for jungkook’s “Such a liar” and “la la la la la” 😍😍

  • Antonella
    Antonella 개월 전 +3

    Jungkook invented stability, live singing is where he shines the most for real. Even while jumping this looks easier than breathing for him. He's not real

  • CassAnn
    CassAnn 년 전 +3

    their 2019 style and fashion is my dream boyfriend style 😂 2019 style has a special spot in my heart 😍

  • Lottie
    Lottie 4 개월 전 +2

    Jungkook’s vocals and adlibs are insane. Main vocalist for a reason.