재민&제노 | 겉바속촉 🍫🧁 달달한 브라우니 케이크 만들기 💚HAPPY Valentine's Day! 💚

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  • 게시일 2020. 02. 13.
    #케이크만들기 #브라우니케이크 #Valentinesday
    #Ch_NCT #채널NCT
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  • Roselle Jane Bitco
    Roselle Jane Bitco 3 시간 전

    Jeno is so done with jaemin😂 so cute!

  • char mande
    char mande 일 전

    Okay but Jaemin with this hair reminds me of Luhan during Growl era and that makes me wanna cry

  • chill mode
    chill mode 2 일 전

    they're spending their valentine's day like this? at least give them a private date after this

  • Rezky Febriandrean
    Rezky Febriandrean 2 일 전

    1:46 imagine we have this nomin height

  • God Know
    God Know 3 일 전

    Jaemin bir çatal alana kadar jenonun tüm pastayı yemesi...

  • Vrinda Maheshwari
    Vrinda Maheshwari 4 일 전

    yeah i have never felt so single

  • Serena Pan
    Serena Pan 6 일 전

    Their appearances really match their personalities, I think ^^

  • Serena Pan
    Serena Pan 6 일 전

    You can tell their personalities just by looking at their sleeves

  • Khánh Linh Đỗ Nguyễn

    i have been watching this video more than 20 times in a month and every single time watching again, me still be heart attacked by the combination between cuteness and maximum handsome (boyfriend material) overloaded by Lee Jeno TT^TT Im seriously thinking about how to get over it otherwise i'll keep being wrecked more and more!!
    ps: i dont mean anything bad but looking at his body makes me feel so arggggggggggggggg:(

  • 총무 Wooha
    총무 Wooha 10 일 전

    아아....10분 48초동안 빛만보다가 끝난거같아요...

  • Maria Laura González Reyes

    Fresa con yogurt

  • Nana's Wife
    Nana's Wife 11 일 전

    1st time watchin two cute cakes ( jaemin & jeno) made cakes

  • Tan Jiaqi
    Tan Jiaqi 11 일 전

    Jaemin's whipped cream bALLs were perfect

  • dongsookie donghyuck's girl

    This is like jisung's mom and dad trying to impress him

  • dongsookie donghyuck's girl

    Whats with him lmao 3:29

  • Feranita
    Feranita 12 일 전

    7:58 why do they looked like a married couple that arguing about their child favorite food

  • Gigilgee
    Gigilgee 13 일 전

    I'm back here just to watch the ingredients but it's not detailed. Can someone help me what's the ingredients cause i want to bake it for Marks' birthday ㅠㅠ

  • xtac
    xtac 16 일 전

    inteoverted jeno was adopted by extroverted jaemin

  • rabbina , a
    rabbina , a 17 일 전 +1

    jeno : you like white sugar tho ,

    jaemin : yall hear sumn

  • Evarose
    Evarose 19 일 전

    All Jeno wanted is to make a cake whole there is Jaemin who at a playground 🤣

  • Hannah Therese Quizon

    8:17 awww 💚

  • - Grape Fruit -
    - Grape Fruit - 22 일 전

    This was on ma bday and, I'm 5 months early-

  • ring ding dong
    ring ding dong 24 일 전

    jeno is so cuteee

  • Nyoman Adi Kurnia
    Nyoman Adi Kurnia 26 일 전

    Jeno looks more composed when he's with Jaemin 😄

  • chloieee
    chloieee 26 일 전 +5

    Jeno: *puts his fingers near nana's waist
    Jaemin: oOh
    it's been months and I still find this hilarious

  • Priscila T
    Priscila T 29 일 전

    lmao they were wrong for not editing the video like how jaemin said 😭😭

  • Hollie Craig
    Hollie Craig 29 일 전 +1

    Time for another game of "are my subs broken or is this part just not subbed??"

  • Zahraa zahra
    Zahraa zahra 개월 전

    I am sad that there are no Indonesian subtitles:')))

  • Beau Adrian Alejaga
    Beau Adrian Alejaga 개월 전 +1

    I've watched tons of nomin vids. I'm sorry but I undoubtedly refused to believe that they're just best friends 💗

  • Adinda Bunga
    Adinda Bunga 개월 전

    I love jeno and jaemin so much,because so cute and handsome😙😙😍❤❤

  • picnic sheesh
    picnic sheesh 개월 전

    Guys help.can anyone tell whether you have to Grease your baking sheet with butter or oil ? Or is it not necessary ? 😓

  • Risnah B
    Risnah B 개월 전

    3:50 재민이 후우우우우ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ, 너무 기요우어어어

  • Frances Precila Rae Mateos

    Omg why is my heart beating so fast whenever they look at each other? Omg

  • zaskia parisha
    zaskia parisha 개월 전

    jaeminn, jenoo so cutee ❤❤

  • Alifvia Chairunnisa
    Alifvia Chairunnisa 개월 전

    jaemin is so noisy HAHAHAHA

  • luna na
    luna na 개월 전

    when jeno said February 14,i knew he would say it's jaehyun's birthday🥺🥺

  • 김수연
    김수연 개월 전

    4:19 제노야... 너무 cute하다... 심정지 왔어ㅁ..

  • john's banana choked me. help

    First one second and Jaemin is already shouting. I guess it's the espresso.

  • 고먐미고양
    고먐미고양 개월 전


  • Hi my name is Ryan And my life is kinda crazy

    Jaemin drank too much coffee yall xdd

  • FloerMell
    FloerMell 개월 전 +2

    "I've never made a cake before. […] We've never directly baked one like this."
    Uh... Flashback to the JSMR cake that looked dead.
    Yeah, sure, we can forget that one

  • Sunflowerss
    Sunflowerss 개월 전 +1

    jaemin is so extra ㅎㅎㅎ

    UWU UWU 개월 전

    If my personalities were people...

  • carolinaeka
    carolinaeka 개월 전 +4

    yo i know i'm not the only one who thinks we'd love some nomin contents again right?😔💘

  • Rachel Liu
    Rachel Liu 개월 전

    is it just me or does the first minute sound like it has troye's music in the background

  • TBR official
    TBR official 개월 전

    Masak apa kalian

  • Windi Rilsayeni
    Windi Rilsayeni 개월 전

    Jaemin is very excited

  • oh busy
    oh busy 개월 전

    nomin arguing what their child prefers more

  • Lena Frohn
    Lena Frohn 개월 전

    Bruh I noticed 4:37 into the video that I didn't have subtitles on bc I enjoyed watching them so much lmao

  • B L
    B L 개월 전

    And here we have Lee Jeno and Na Jaemin fighting over whose cake -their baby- Jisung would like more

  • B L
    B L 개월 전

    Jaemin is basically when we introvers get comfortable ♡

  • jiyooon nd
    jiyooon nd 개월 전

    Sub indo pleaseee
    Sedih karna gapaham, mana bahasa inggris ku terbatas lagi😭

  • New York Shitty
    New York Shitty 개월 전

    Ew why are there so many shippers in the comments let the boys live ffs.

    Istg an idol could legit just *look* at his teammate these days and oh no here come the shippers.

  • Besse Rabiatul Adawia

    Sub indo please

  • 달
     개월 전

    9:11 they made two cakes and ended up with three.. ok

  • 포카리
    포카리 개월 전

    하.. 도라이같애

  • Ninis Khaerunnisa
    Ninis Khaerunnisa 개월 전

    Gwaa butuhhh subtatellll

  • Tya Ristyana
    Tya Ristyana 개월 전

    jaemin kenapa kamu gtu si yang?:') makin cintaa

  • s
    s 개월 전

    Learned nothing about baking a cake but learned more about their lovely friendship ;>

  • Gledys talentasya
    Gledys talentasya 개월 전

    Jaemin lupa dia idol, ngakak banget kelakuannya ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

  • ckxric vknpvm
    ckxric vknpvm 개월 전

    Tuvooc lgw kckt ohfMciyo kgxol hfsi

  • Bngexo
    Bngexo 개월 전

    1:49 pas jeno liat camera, gua be like : gpp sayang itu gak rusak 🌚

  • Annisa Mida
    Annisa Mida 개월 전 +1

    Jaemin kanapa kamu heboh sendiri sih 😂🤣

    SWAG BB 개월 전

    Those Pinks are suit Jaemin so much He's so pretty

  • puffy puff
    puffy puff 개월 전

    I remember my first impression of Jaemin was that he was calm and mysterious
    *Let’s just say that impression has drastically changed over time*

  • i'm just tryna be jaehyun's bby

    Jaemin’s sound effects got me wheezing can he stop lmao

  • i'm just tryna be jaehyun's bby

    Am I the only one listening to how deep their voices are plus their visuals it’s like adding icing on a cake i’m so shook right now

  • v c
    v c 2 개월 전

    Ops. Walked in on mom and dad on a cooking date baking cake for youngest jisung

  • v c
    v c 2 개월 전

    00:27 it's confirmed. Mister Jeno Lee is guilty of living the luxury life of having his 2 baes cook for him, and repays by doing the dishes

  • yujin
    yujin 2 개월 전

    does anyone know what kind of cake this is? its like a brownie cake ? or like a chocolate cake?¿

  • cantika Jasmine Aisyah
    cantika Jasmine Aisyah 2 개월 전


  • Reema Harbi
    Reema Harbi 2 개월 전 +20

    Why is no one talking about the way jaemin looks at jeno???if someone looked at me like that I would DIE

  • Linh Mỹ
    Linh Mỹ 2 개월 전 +10

    8:19 Is it just me or Jeno's staring is a bit intensive there ? you have to calm down we are on camera son !!

  • 고양희
    고양희 2 개월 전 +1

    ((대충 한국인 찾는 다는 댓))

  • shiningblue12
    shiningblue12 2 개월 전

    Lucu amat jj

  • Ngoc Vu
    Ngoc Vu 2 개월 전

    Its so nice to have a friend with you like Jeno and Jaemin. Your friendship is really admirable. I hope you enjoy it well :)

  • gonbae haja like a sander

    I remember this was the first time i watch jaemin video and i was like, what the fuck is this jaemin? LMFAO NOW HE'S MY BIAS. IWJSIJQKI

  • nixipixin
    nixipixin 2 개월 전

    June 3 is Nomin Day!!!

  • Star Dust
    Star Dust 2 개월 전 +6

    From the thumbnail.. I get a feeling that sm hardcore ships nomin

  • 小姐姐_mk _cpy
    小姐姐_mk _cpy 2 개월 전


  • Bluee Redii
    Bluee Redii 2 개월 전

    Both of them should always stay together on a bideo. The other is so serious and the other one is not so serious 😂Such a great combi

  • ItsJust Jack
    ItsJust Jack 2 개월 전

    Have they ever heard of space 🤣

    JOSH LACBANES 2 개월 전

    jeno: what's wrong?
    **me pausing the video**
    me: idk

  • BuBu Vanillaa0207
    BuBu Vanillaa0207 2 개월 전 +1

    4:10 where is the subtitle ?

  • Rekidopeya
    Rekidopeya 2 개월 전

    I would love to have a person like jaemin in my life.

  • aienul kamal
    aienul kamal 2 개월 전

    my birthday same date with jaehyun but i'm 13 year old right nowww

  • kiki damayanto
    kiki damayanto 2 개월 전


  • .
    . 2 개월 전

    jaemin just has to annoy jeno even until the very last second of the video✋🏻😔

  • Érika Motta
    Érika Motta 2 개월 전 +1

    Jaemin really just spend the whole fucking video FLIRTING and Jeno trying to be nice about it. The way Jaemin looks at him y'all that's pure love right there.

  • Raeven Colot
    Raeven Colot 2 개월 전

    Jeno: calmly mixing the egg yolk*
    Jaemin: making monkey noises*

  • Downright Delinquent
    Downright Delinquent 2 개월 전

    Boyfriend feels: Check

  • Arfianti Kurnia Nur Fadilla

    why the eng subtitle suddenly stop at the middle of the video?

  • Imas Rosmiyati
    Imas Rosmiyati 2 개월 전 +1

    I miss jenjaem content, so i'm here again to see you guys

  • Rebekah Parker
    Rebekah Parker 2 개월 전

    but like what color is Jeno's shirt?

  • aka AVICII
    aka AVICII 2 개월 전

    재민이 제노 둘이 같이있는거 참 달달하네 ㅎㅎ

  • ocean__aiken
    ocean__aiken 2 개월 전

    Valentine? Jaemin and Jeno? YES İT’S NOMİN

    HAECHAN'S HEART 2 개월 전

    Space nuguya? 😆😆


    kyk liat suami lg masak aw *lope ijo*

  • imnb
    imnb 2 개월 전

    i originally like nana and renjun as my bias but chenle and jeno is slowlyyy creeping up my bias list.

  • Han Nam
    Han Nam 2 개월 전 +1

    We come here not because we will bake a cake but to watch our Nomin cooking together, and imagine they cook for y'all.