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  • 게시일 2021. 09. 23.
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    My Universe · Coldplay · BTS
    My Universe
    ℗ under exclusive licence to Parlophone Records Limited, ℗ 2021 Coldplay,
    Additional Vocals: Amber Strother
    Vocals: BTS
    Keyboards, Programmer: Bill Rahko
    Producer: Bill Rahko
    Additional Vocals: Bill Rahko
    Keyboards, Vocals: Chris Martin
    Unknown: Connor Panayi
    Keyboards, Programmer: Dan Green
    Additional Production: Daniel Green
    Unknown: Duncan Fuller
    Unknown: Emma Marks
    Bass, Keyboards: Guy Berryman
    Vocals: J-Hope
    Additional Vocals: Jacob Collier
    Vocals: Jimin
    Vocals: Jin
    Unknown: John Hanes
    Guitar, Keyboards: Jonny Buckland
    Vocals: Jung Kook
    Unknown: Matt Cooke
    Unknown: Matt Latham
    Keyboards, Programmer: Max Martin
    Producer: Max Martin
    Additional Vocals: Max Martin
    Unknown: Michael Ilbert
    Unknown: Miguel Lara
    Guitar, Keyboards, Programmer: Oscar Holter
    Producer: Oscar Holter
    Vocal Recording Engineer: Pdogg
    Production Engineer: Pdogg
    Vocals: RM
    Masterer: Randy Merrill
    Additional Production: Rik Simpson
    Vocals: SUGA
    Unknown: Serban Ghenea
    Unknown: Tate McDowell
    Additional Vocals: Tate McDowell
    Unknown: The Dream Team
    Vocals: V
    Drums, Percussion: Will Champion
    Writer: Bill Rahko
    Writer: Chris Martin
    Writer: Guy Berryman
    Writer: Jonny Buckland
    Writer: Max Martin
    Writer: Oscar Holter
    Writer: RM
    Writer: SUGA
    Writer: Will Champion
    Writer: j-hope
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