Dream SMP: The Revival Book...

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  • 게시일 2022. 01. 12.
  • Dream SMP: The Revival Book... This is a short video about the Dream SMP from Dream's perspective as a character. Spoilers.
    All video profits from this video goes to charity.

    For those of you who don't watch Dream SMP streams, the Dream SMP is a Minecraft survival multiplayer role play Minecraft server that features a lot of the top Minecraft creators. This video is a random short video giving some context to my character on the SMP. Actions preceding when my character was put into jail, and (spoiler), may potentially continue after his escape.

    Punz: @Punz
    Lazarbeam: @LazarBeam
    Vik: @Vikkstar123
    Ranboo: @Ranboo
    BadBoyHalo: @BadBoyHalo

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  • DreamXD
    DreamXD  2 일 전 +33612

    If you have no idea what this is about, feel free to ignore it! Or check out other videos on KRplus about the Dream SMP story and catch up!

    • Fairy Rave's Archives
      Fairy Rave's Archives 24 분 전 +1

      @Bob Mimijashumi @~@ No problem, happy to explain anyways!

    • Bob Mimijashumi @~@
      Bob Mimijashumi @~@ 27 분 전

      @Fairy Rave's Archives thx, but i know about dsmp and that dream is in jail like for doing soooo many bad things, i just forgot dsmp and didn't watch it for so long, so i thought that dream is no longer be in the dream smp "Dream is out''. thx for explaining :]

    • Fairy Rave's Archives
      Fairy Rave's Archives 시간 전 +1

      @Bob Mimijashumi @~@ It’s part of the Dream SMP storyline that is part of the season 3 final. The Dream SMP is where Dream as well as a bunch of other content creators roleplay a story, so they are acting like how you would in a theater or tv show. “Dream is out” refers to the character Dream plays breaking out of prison. If you want to learn more about the Dream SMP, I highly suggest checking out Blueberry TV’s channel where they compile all the streams from Twitch into episode length videos.

    • Theo Baughman
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    • daily yelluw
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  • Herald Boredom
    Herald Boredom 2 일 전 +4577

    Dream: lets kill Phill, he is pretty old
    Punz: *That's a terrible idea*

    • j4dey
      j4dey 2 시간 전

      @Stinger Johnny Oof that hits hard

    • marlinazul
      marlinazul 2 시간 전

      Seriously he’s quite possibly the worst choice out of anyone

    • GZLdragon
      GZLdragon 11 시간 전 +1

      It IS a bad idea

    • StrongShot62
      StrongShot62 15 시간 전 +10

      The Syndicate: *A very terrible idea*

    • bitcube_exe
      bitcube_exe 17 시간 전 +9

      Fear the old man who took get off my lawn to another level. *flashbacks to the good times of l’manhurg becoming a giant crater*

  • Lonely Sandwich
    Lonely Sandwich 일 전 +6806

    “Phil is old, nobody will notice”

    -Dream 2021

  • Jenn Hall
    Jenn Hall 2 일 전 +2586

    Can you just imagine how the ooc conversation must have gone?

    Dream: hey, you guys don’t really care about playing on the smp, do you?

    Vik and Lazar: Nah not really.

    Dream: so how would you feel about us brutally killing your characters and bringing them back to life repeatedly as experimentation, only for us to kill them off entirely at the end?

    Duo: Yeah ok sounds good

    • Muneeba Z
      Muneeba Z 9 시간 전 +1

      I was reading that in my head

    • Valkor_Gamer
      Valkor_Gamer 13 시간 전 +2

      @s u n f l o w e r yum meat

    • Jenn Hall
      Jenn Hall 23 시간 전 +6

      In the original post I said the ooc conversation which stands for out of character. I don’t blame you for not getting the lingo, it’s mostly used in roleplay circles.

    • s u n f l o w e r
      s u n f l o w e r 일 전 +10

      @Ikram Hussain they meat irl

    • Aerii
      Aerii 일 전 +26

      @Ikram Hussain I don’t think they’re talking about the characters..

  • Eight
    Eight 일 전 +369

    Don't do it girl, it's now worth it...

    • Duck
      Duck 15 시간 전 +13

      “I’m not doing it girl i’m only thinking about it i’m not gonna do it”
      “ *i did it* “

    • Xavpop
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  • Animagician
    Animagician 2 일 전 +22214

    Vikk and Lazarbeam, the undisputed main characters

  • Rachel Magette
    Rachel Magette 2 일 전 +484

    At 2:14 you can see tnt being lit in the background with a flint in steel being held by someone invisible. That might be from the security breech when tommy died because it looks like the tnt is on a flat obsidian surface which is the same as the prison roof.

    • marlinazul
      marlinazul 2 시간 전 +3

      @Lynn van Houttum to add to this, foolish was live at the time, so ranboo is the only one not accounted for

    • Lynn van Houttum
      Lynn van Houttum 6 시간 전 +3

      @Bree Gehring all that we can see with this clip is that a player has lit up tue tnt.

      It's also known that during Tommy's visit Ranboo and Foolish were online.

      And because of Ranboo's lore streams Ranboo and Dream have a connection.

      So it's most likely ranboo

    • Crypto
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    • Bree Gehring
      Bree Gehring 15 시간 전 +8

      wait hold up ranboo was in the clip too so that means we know it’s not him

    • Brayden G
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  • The8bitClicker _
    The8bitClicker _ 2 일 전 +395

    "How about Phil? He's pretty old, he's probably gonna die soon."

    Phil keeps alluding to his death these past streams, is Dream trying to tell us something?

    • Vikky
      Vikky 59 분 전 +1

      This reminds me how phill is actually doing this in hardcore mode so if dream is implying Phil’s death and so is Phil then maybe he might get the book of death used on him since it would permanently kill him either way ?

    • Radioactive
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  • Maura
    Maura 2 일 전 +528

    I love how Dream’s first showing of his perspective in the lore is posted on the DreamXD channel. (Aside from the obvious fact that it wouldn’t make sense for him to suddenly post dsmp on his main Dream channel,) I like to think this implies we’re seeing what’s happening through DreamXD’s eyes.

      ӼӼӼᗹ尺UƝƠӼӼӼ 35 분 전

      from god then

    • KayKayisKrayKray
      KayKayisKrayKray 일 전 +2

      @fellowship amongus

    • Confident Miscommunication
      Confident Miscommunication 일 전 +37

      @fellowship yeah that’s true but it can also be thrown into a lore perspective in DreamXD’s eyes. Though you’re probably right, it still works as lore

    • fellowship
      fellowship 일 전 +37

      Eh I just think that he posted on his alt because a lore teaser for the DREAM SMP isn’t really his normal content

  • Dana T[A]P ON [M][Y] PicTuRE

    I love how Dream gives two members who doesn't do lore and gave them involvement on his first ever lore teaser.

    • 🐝 Hanako_
      🐝 Hanako_ 21 시간 전

      @ω*_Ashy_*ω Well it kinda leads up to future dream lore/smp lore so i think thats what they meant

    • Zenos46
      Zenos46 일 전 +4

      Oh look a bot

    • jeck jeck
      jeck jeck 일 전 +1

      He might as well have experimented on George:/

    • ω*_Ashy_*ω
      ω*_Ashy_*ω 일 전 +3

      wait it's a teaser

    • IcyTube
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  • Melody Mitchell
    Melody Mitchell 2 일 전 +46

    This was so well done, I’d except nothing less from Dream. I really hope he does more. I love seeing the story from his side.

  • RedXWasHere
    RedXWasHere 2 일 전 +25

    Imagine finally getting on the dream smp to become Dream's guinea pig

  • Lemon 0ffline
    Lemon 0ffline 2 일 전 +27

    This is making want to learn the entire dreamsmp lore because ive never kept up to date with it😂😂

    • fleur di lis
      fleur di lis 10 분 전

      thats what the internet is for! so yu dont have to spend hours watching lol XD

  • January UltimateChange

    "What about Phil, he's pretty old" - Dream 2022

  • Whispering Willow ASMR
    Whispering Willow ASMR 2 일 전 +2141

    Okay this is hype 🙄🤚 I’m getting sucked back into lore I guess

  • Cameron Holder
    Cameron Holder 2 일 전 +85

    I like how they pick the 2 characters that EVERYONE forgot.

    • Valley A.C
      Valley A.C 7 시간 전 +2

      I didn’t forget about my boi Lazarbeam

    • boo boo
      boo boo 일 전

      Not me

  • ThatMeggamer
    ThatMeggamer 일 전 +7

    We finally get a dream lore! I’m surprised he was willing to use the revive book around someone. Hope C!Punz knows what he’s getting himself into

  • Skyler Cloud
    Skyler Cloud 2 일 전 +4

    Breaking Dream out of prison probably has something to do with Ranboo’s 2 unknown cannon deaths

  • checkmate31
    checkmate31 일 전 +2

    I would pay to watch the entire DSM story done cinematically like this. The directing was wonderful and the use of lighting was perfect telling the story in its own way

    ¿UNKNOWN? 2 일 전 +2801

    "How about Phil? He's pretty old, he's probably gonna die soon."


    • PKbacon 117
      PKbacon 117 일 전

      Yeah its a joke but the character is saying it cause c!phil is like thousands of years old as an angel of death.

    • anora falls
      anora falls 일 전

      @Cole Slayz huh?- You alright? Ya know this is minecraft?


      @Cole Slayz da duck are you talking about

    • Cole Slayz
      Cole Slayz 일 전


    • anora falls
      anora falls 2 일 전 +4

      @KILLERSCHEP LMAO, good thing there is literally no wind in Minecraft. right?

  • a poor alien
    a poor alien 일 전 +4

    "Phil's old, he could just drop dead all of a sudden."
    ---------Dream 2022, a few days before disaster

  • xAmosBoss
    xAmosBoss 일 전 +3

    The burst of laughter when I thought I was going to see Tommy but instead was the commonwealth kings, almighty vikkstar and lazarbeam.

  • Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X
    Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X 2 일 전 +33

    You did not have to do my man Phil like that

    come on man

  • Alyse the Star ⭐️
    Alyse the Star ⭐️ 일 전 +129

    Cool to see the SMP is back since we didn't get a lot of content during the second half of 2021. Hopefully 2022 will revive it!

  • OwO
    OwO 2 일 전 +8001

    I can hear Quackity aggressively picking up his pen while taking notes to everything in this.

    • elia Studio
      elia Studio 12 시간 전 +1

      the man and the legend OwO

    • ω*_Ashy_*ω
      ω*_Ashy_*ω 일 전 +1

      ok I can imagine that happening 💀

    • nat
      nat 일 전

      hahaahha quackity in my mind is the king of cinematic lore on the smp. i wouldn't be surprised if he had a hand in making this video himself

    • purr1nq
      purr1nq 2 일 전

      OwO, I thought you were on a break?

    • Mairen Marionette
      Mairen Marionette 2 일 전

      Hello again OwO, it’s lovely to see you here! Also, agreed.

  • Flaffel
    Flaffel 2 일 전 +9

    this lore video had EVERYTHING! ew!ranboo confirmation!!! c!punz being the brains of the duo!!! the implication that c!lazar and c!vik were in a long-term committed relationship!

  • Pwnish
    Pwnish 일 전 +2

    OMG LOOKING BACK THIS, dream was SUPER messed up to kill tommy for “experimenting” CUS HE ALREADY KNEW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN 💀😫😍 THIS IS SO GOOD

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson 일 전 +2

    Can we appreciate the fact that dream finally made content on youtube about his own SMP

  • Ulises Marvels
    Ulises Marvels 22 시간 전 +2

    Wirh the Ranboo part we see Dream with the “:)” in the chat so Ranboo is Enderwalking and then the TNT perhaps hints to Dream using him to blow up something in the future (probably past) with the prison crumbling from Ranboos first time in the prison and then we see Bad giving the presumed Enderwalking Ranboo Maps so I’m guessing Bad is either working with them or Dream is using Ranboo to get something from Bad. Although he doesn’t have his ghost skin so this is something in the Past 🤔 no matter what, Poor Ranboo he just wanted a nice life with his Kid.

  • Hopeful Skippy
    Hopeful Skippy 2 일 전 +3354

    Never thought I’d see Vick and Lazar get wrapped up into this story.

    • The Popanator 🎗
      The Popanator 🎗 일 전

      Tbh I always thought they were guests and forgot they were actual members. I did know about Lazar because I rewatched the Mexican Dream exile video a lot and he was talking in the background.

    • Venom
      Venom  일 전

      @Cole Slayz no

    • happycampers2005 HD
      happycampers2005 HD 일 전

      @Liam Adams vikram, vikkstar123

    • Cole Slayz
      Cole Slayz 일 전


    • Liam Adams
      Liam Adams 일 전 +5

      @Hosipl oh Vik

  • Carter Rebold
    Carter Rebold 일 전 +1

    This legit feels like a movie trailer. Dream, what did you do.

  • Mike MEME
    Mike MEME 2 일 전 +1

    This is way too funny when you know there's a gingerbread man in a "dramatic" video

  • Deltritus Twitch
    Deltritus Twitch 일 전 +1

    If Mojang/Microsoft ever did make a Minecraft movie they need to just give Dream, Big Q and Ranboo the reigns because the absolute masterpieces they make??? Unmatched

  • Dana T[A]P ON [M][Y] PicTuRE

    This just feels like a fever dream, everything looks like it came from a movie.

  • KianKSG
    KianKSG 2 일 전 +1635

    that Ranboo part tho 👀

    • AquaFoxx_
      AquaFoxx_ 5 시간 전

      He might be related to the revive book, because why would he be in it? And why would badboyhalo be in it? 👀

    • beesos
      beesos 6 시간 전

      @SpringTrader that actually makes so much sense

    • TheRandomGamer
      TheRandomGamer 16 시간 전


    • Christina Dimaggio
      Christina Dimaggio 일 전 +2

      @SpringTrader or ranboo lost lives being experimented with the revive book and then his memory was somehow messed up so he didn’t have to be killed like the others (just a thought)

    • SpringTrader
      SpringTrader 일 전

      @Universe In A Bannana true (nice name btw) but ranboo might not be the only one I suspect it's someone else as well(my wild guess is that it's foolish as ranboo had powers and now he is connected to the book and foolish also has powers so he also might be connected again just a theory but it's not impossible

  • Ashi
    Ashi 일 전 +2

    this gives me "they're gonna know"....."how would they know?" vibes

  • madi
    madi 2 일 전 +3

    since when did Dream do lore on his channel?? THAT WAS SO COOL

  • Emunah_
    Emunah_ 2 일 전 +3

    Oh... Oh well played! Well played indeed! This gives me so many more questions now! Loved the editing with this and I am looking forward to see what you all pull off next!

  • Dana T[A]P ON [M][Y] PicTuRE

    First time ever experiencing dream lore from Dream's perspective. This is soo exciting!

  • johnACM
    johnACM 2 일 전 +2388

    I love how Dream gives two members who doesn't do lore and gave them involvement on his first ever lore teaser.

    Edit:Holy S#@t!, i got a fast liked comment and second the seniors dead way before Dream's escape.

  • Joyce Sunact
    Joyce Sunact 일 전 +1

    When Dream says they can kill Phil because everyone might think he died of old age...

  • Drox
    Drox 일 전 +2

    *Can we all agree that when He uploads our days get better! 💖*

  • Silver Chest
    Silver Chest 9 시간 전 +1

    The quality of this video was so good, I honestly was out off words. It was just a masterpiece. I honestly didn't except dream would upload LORE from the dream SMP, but I rly liked it!

  • Get this Shrimp 1k subs?

    At last, we’re getting Dream lore. Great video! It's good to see the DreamSMP is still thriving.

  • OX
    OX 2 일 전 +1204

    Is this gonna be "experience things from the mind of a killer" type of thing

  • Berna Fadul
    Berna Fadul 일 전

    The way you edited this, the music in every scene, and just... the clear and concise story telling? absolutely masterful. thank you for this! hope to see more lore from you!!

  • As9roNe
    As9roNe 일 전 +1

    This is the first time I've ever experienced dream mythology from the perspective of a dream. This is so exciting!

  • Kaylee Krajinovic
    Kaylee Krajinovic 일 전 +1

    this literally gives me chills ahh this is so cool and i’m very excited for the dream smp lore and future!

  • Superking 100
    Superking 100 2 일 전 +4

    Dream is finally making content on his own SMP :D

  • K
    K 2 일 전 +10204

    Punz: They’re gonna know
    Dream: No ones gonna know..

    • Cust0mcraft
      Cust0mcraft 일 전 +2

      Go away bot

    • Javen Cummins
      Javen Cummins 일 전

      @Holistic Vigilante True.

    • nat b
      nat b 2 일 전 +4

      @Holistic Vigilante i was wondering why vikk was on for a bit then never came back on-

    • nat b
      nat b 2 일 전 +4

      tommy one random stream: AAH LETS GET VIKK TO JOIN. Vikk: So like Tommy im kinda like dead-

    • Steamboat
      Steamboat 2 일 전


  • Lisa Grund
    Lisa Grund 22 시간 전

    Dream: lets kill Phill, he is pretty old
    Punz: That's a terrible idea

  • miRza
    miRza 일 전

    Dream: lets kill Phill, he is pretty old
    Punz: That's a terrible idea


    Dream: lets kill Phill, he is pretty old
    Punz: That's a terrible idea

  • Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X
    Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X 18 시간 전 +25

    ok ok i think ranboo is the revival book and that's his other side and when ender walking is the side that dream made to obey his commands, does anyone think this could be possible

  • Devika
    Devika 2 일 전 +2750

    finally some insight on Dream's character and so awaited lore LETS GOOO

  • Robloxgamershiloh
    Robloxgamershiloh 7 시간 전 +1

    ngl The Trailer Made My Mind Feel Like I'm Watching A Whole Movie The Music And The Voice over with The Echos Is Just Super Cool

  • KatNiymnp
    KatNiymnp 2 일 전

    I almost feel bad forgetting about Lazar and Vikk, but it’s so smart that they incorporated them into the current/recent lore, despite them being inactive on the DSMP for a while now. I’m also surprised and happy we’re getting more Punz lore. It’s always fun when someone gets more lore. I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds

  • Dahlia
    Dahlia 일 전

    This is fantastic. Hoping to see more, both in live lore and these sorts of things.

  • The Rebecca Davi Show

    Punz: "They’re gonna know..."
    Dream: "No ones gonna know..."💗

  • ChronosKat
    ChronosKat 2 일 전 +4931

    Yeah lets be honest, almost everybody forgot about those two. Very interesting how they incorporate that fact into the plot.

  • Daily Juicy Facts
    Daily Juicy Facts 일 전 +1

    Glad to see the true main characters are coming back

  • Isabella Sua
    Isabella Sua 일 전

    It’s cool that it feels like you guys are turning this into like a tv show, and we have to wait for new episodes

  • Kaithuritis A.
    Kaithuritis A. 일 전

    Bro your an absolute genus, a legend

    Honestly to think how this started an shows it’s going is actually amazing

    The amount of work your putting into this is worth it, and everyone can agree

    I would not have guessed vikk and lazarbeam were coming back that’s just amazing

  • aletheia
    aletheia 2 일 전 +1

    god i can't wait for the artists to make dramatic fanart and animations of this

  • Spatziline
    Spatziline 2 일 전 +3442


  • Crystal Cake
    Crystal Cake 3 시간 전

    Cool to see some of the lesser characters getting involved with the lore like vik and lazer with dream, fundy, foolish, and purpled with las Nevadas, and Connor with the syndicate

  • Sussy- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]🔞

    I love how they picked the only 2 ppl literally everyone forgot about!

    Nice work Dream!!

  • Madison💘𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е

    I love how they picked the only 2 ppl literally everyone forgot about!

    Nice work Dream!!

  • [Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam

    I love how they picked the only 2 ppl literally everyone forgot about!

    Nice work Dream!!

  • + simplyysisiix +
    + simplyysisiix + 2 일 전 +1520

    "What about someone old and just say it was an accident, like Phil? He's pretty old so he might die soon anyway" - Dream 2022

  • Blue
    Blue 일 전 +12

    Yeah lets be honest, almost everybody forgot about those two. Very interesting how they incorporate that fact into the plot.

  • kittyrules2003
    kittyrules2003 15 시간 전

    I hope Vik actually stays relevant to the lore, I know he had fun doing little lore bits for How To Minecraft and it would be awesome to bring back some good memories. Vik will always be one of the best OGs

  • Paul Glavan
    Paul Glavan 일 전

    Vikk is my childhood. So happy that he's getting some action

  • Mary allea T. Labine
    Mary allea T. Labine 14 시간 전

    This shirt reminds me of my street episodes holy crap the nostalgia is hitting me can't wait for more lores

  • Hi :D
    Hi :D 2 일 전 +4689

    First time ever experiencing dream lore from Dream's perspective. This is soo exciting!

    • Dreaming Wonder
      Dreaming Wonder 18 시간 전


    • S
      S 일 전

      Dream seems much more like the antagonist because we never experience it from his side.

    • curbalist
      curbalist 일 전


    • Jan Naj
      Jan Naj 일 전

      Actually though

    • Sun
      Sun 일 전

      @Ash Puffy *WKR (We know right)

  • Kobe LP
    Kobe LP 3 시간 전

    Dude this is insane. Absolutely chilling to see this side of you and puns.

  • Stella Pinkbird
    Stella Pinkbird 9 시간 전

    This is interesting, cause he ended up memorising the book, and then when he was in prison managed to get Tommy stuck with him so he could try it out

  • Sussy-🔞T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞

    I love how they picked the only 2 ppl literally everyone forgot about!

    Nice work Dream!!

  • Pebblez
    Pebblez 21 시간 전 +1

    "Let's kill Phil, he's old"

    me: *evaporates*

  • K
    K 2 일 전 +9615

    I love how they picked the only 2 ppl literally everyone forgot about!

    Nice work Dream!!

  • Elyssa Pesante
    Elyssa Pesante 16 시간 전

    This makes me want to write out the idea/theory I thought of on where the book could've come from. Gaaahhhhh it's so tempting!

  • Eleanor Stevenson
    Eleanor Stevenson 일 전 +1

    Lazar and Vikk were killed in every single way to test the Revive Book. Which means that Dream wasnt actually surprised to see it work on Tommy since he already knew that it would.

  • baked fish
    baked fish 2 일 전

    the editing is so good, its like a cinematic. wow.

  • GhostRikuta
    GhostRikuta 일 전

    I forgot breathing for a minute. That was absolutely epic and i would've never expected that Punz is working with Dream, like, wtf!?
    Nice work man! Keep it up

  • Patches Cami
    Patches Cami 2 일 전 +3508

    dream lore … that’s a name i haven’t heard in years …

    • jeck jeck
      jeck jeck 2 일 전

      @Pop Culture Entertainment
      Depending where you stopped. It might not take you long.
      They've been starving us for months. Months worth of lore is like 2 videos.

    • The Cubing Duck
      The Cubing Duck 2 일 전

      @Pop Culture Entertainment Just go watch EvanMc's recap. Its beautifully told, well directed and awesomely edited. Plus its like, only 6 parts, I think

    • Silent Resolvact
      Silent Resolvact 2 일 전

      You know who else I haven't heard of in a while? 👀

    • Pop Culture Entertainment
      Pop Culture Entertainment 2 일 전

      I thought the only way to watch was vods. Dream doesn’t put much DSMP on KRplus and few others do and it’s mostly vods. I was worried I would have to watch months worth of vods to catch up. Honestly though this feels like a flaw. It was so confusing to join late.

    • 《CʜᴇᴇᴍsɪᴛᴀWᴀsPᴏᴛᴀᴛ》
  • Vivien
    Vivien 2 일 전

    "Who's useless in the dream smpn, nobody would care if they disappeared nor knowtice , and someone who doesn't play a big part?"
    Dream: Vikkstar123 and Lazerbeam

  • MrCube6
    MrCube6 13 시간 전

    The cinematography was on point! Love to see the Minecraft in a more movie/cinematic way!

  • VJ 14 GAMING
    VJ 14 GAMING 일 전 +2

    Didn't expect lazarbeam and Vik to actually be canon

  • ♡_Myxa_♡
    ♡_Myxa_♡ 일 전

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the animation ITS INSANE

  • Animagician
    Animagician 2 일 전 +10494

    The first ever Dream lore...this'll be interesting.

  • Uhhhh
    Uhhhh 2 일 전 +2

    ok ok i think ranboo is the revival book and that's his other side and when ender walking is the side that dream made to obey his commands, does anyone think this could be possible

  • lol
    lol 2 일 전 +53

    "How about Phil? He's pretty old, he's probably gonna die soon."


  • Forge Makes Stuff

    The way Dream used the fact that everyone forgot about Vik and Lazar to further traumatize and bring back the interest of this fandom

  • E Deinonyjess
    E Deinonyjess 2 일 전

    I've just had a thought; if Punz learned anything from the Revival Book too, he could bring Dream back if he gets killed.

  • ComicTitan
    ComicTitan 2 일 전 +9844

    Well it turns out Punz and Dream were actually working together all along... out of the original Greater Dream SMP(Dream, Sapnap, George, Punz) Dream lost his two best friends but not his business partner. The man really is a mercenary.

    • Medusa Stone
      Medusa Stone 2 일 전

      @holy water Is there some way to catch up on Punz lore? Because I just don't have time to watch a bunch of streams.

    • tumblingartist
      tumblingartist 2 일 전


    • NuggetGX
      NuggetGX 2 일 전

      We already knew that.

    • Kai Todd
      Kai Todd 2 일 전

      Well it turns out you haven't went outside and touched grass in a while

    • new year
      new year 2 일 전

      We're waiting for Instagram user

  • Ispaper🎗
    Ispaper🎗 2 일 전

    this will be a very exciting ride, we will finally see from his perspective

  • anora falls
    anora falls 2 일 전

    Know how Punz and Dream talked about finding a way to make everyone thing that they weren't working together anymore? I think they found it :)

  • imaknightdude
    imaknightdude 2 일 전

    So does this mean Lannan and Vik are coming back to the SMP? That’d be so cool!

  • sharmin sultana
    sharmin sultana 8 시간 전

    This can legit be used as a trailer for an upcoming season

  • Treefish
    Treefish 2 일 전 +1485

    This means that he was taunting Tommy by telling him “I didn’t know if it would work.”

    • Mianderr
      Mianderr 2 일 전

      @Yodeling Ram I say it is a day or two after doomsday as you can see the obsidian over l'manberg at 0:29 and 0:34

    • Abigail Abigail
      Abigail Abigail 2 일 전 +8

      I think he was saying that because he doesn’t have to book anymore maybe?? And he didn’t know if he would be able to do it without the book because of his one line that he is the revival book

    • Yodeling Ram
      Yodeling Ram 2 일 전 +24

      @nuggiebug :] Nah, it's before since I think it's meant to be the canon reason why Vik and Lazar haven't shown up all this time (which was slightly before doomsday) also, if he liked tormenting tommy so much, it's odd he'd risk killing him if he didn't know the book wouldn't work for sure
      Also the description clarifies this is before as well

    • I'm legiittttt subbbbbbbing to everyone who sbs me
    • Azuure
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      @nuggiebug :] no, tommy and wilbur were revived while dream was still in the prison