Rosario (Feat. CL, ZICO) (Rosario (Feat. CL, 지코))

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  • 게시일 2021. 01. 18.
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    Rosario (Feat. CL, ZICO) (Rosario (Feat. CL, 지코)) · Epik High · CL · ZICO
    Epik High Is Here 上 (Part 1)
    ℗ 2021 OURS Co.,under license to Kakao M Corp.
    Released on: 2021-01-18
    Author: TABLO
    Author: MITHRA JIN
    Author: ZICO
    Composer: DJ TUKUTZ
    Composer: TABLO
    Composer: MIGHTY MIKE
    Composer: KETA McCUE
    Arranger: DJ TUKUTZ
    Arranger: TABLO
    Arranger: MIGHTY MIKE
    Arranger: KETA McCUE
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  • Windy Artika
    Windy Artika 개월 전

    Bakal pecah ni woylah:''')

  • rei gongryong
    rei gongryong 개월 전 +4

    this is just so good. happy that im not sleeping on this masterpiece. sleeping beauty is also one of my fav songs btw lol

  • 황지훈
    황지훈 개월 전


  • nopel mrd
    nopel mrd 개월 전

    I will never leave you guys, don't 'rest in'
    Always be the masterpieces 🙏