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Conan O'Brien Needs a Doctor While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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  • 게시일 2024. 04. 10.
  • Conan O'Brien is an Emmy Award-winning talk-show host who had a nearly three-decade-long run on late night. You can keep with him these days on Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend wherever you get your podcasts. He also has a brand-new travel show where he's visiting Conan fans all over the world-it's called Conan O'Brien Must Go, and it's set to release on Max April 18th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the comedy titan discusses hijinks at 30 Rock, his legacy in late night, the funniest US presidents, Don Quixote, and much more in one of the most high-octane Hot Ones of all time. This is the season finale to top all season finales!
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댓글 • 26K

  • @FirstWeFeast
    @FirstWeFeast  일 전 +21569

    You've been requesting Conan for years, we've been chasing Conan for years, and the Hot Ones interview has finally arrived! What was your favorite moment?

  • @DrMetPhD
    @DrMetPhD 일 전 +26078

    "Where did you go to medical school?"
    Absolute peak comedy

    • @hiren8325
      @hiren8325 일 전 +700

      "you should go.."🤣

    • @gkjester
      @gkjester 일 전 +736

      “It was in another state.”

    • @Bebop313
      @Bebop313 일 전 +722

      Conan: "So was it a 4 year medical school?"
      Doc: "It was supposed to be"

    • @arcturionblade1077
      @arcturionblade1077 일 전 +119

      The 90's were totally a place people went to and could go.

    • @davieboy45123
      @davieboy45123 일 전 +6

      @@JoulieRodgers Don't be so petty👍

  • @keithwright2060
    @keithwright2060 일 전 +33520

    Conan O' Brien telling Sean he thinks he's a great interviewer has to be the highest compliment he can get.

    • @sheenatalks8529
      @sheenatalks8529 일 전 +398

      I came here looking for this comment. That part was so heartwarming and I'm so glad they didn't cut it out like Conan predicted ❤

    • @clarkmichaels822
      @clarkmichaels822 일 전 +56

      Why? I wouldnt call Conan a great interviewer. Hes very funny but I wouldn't call him a staple of interviewing.

    • @LL27-11
      @LL27-11 일 전 +468

      @@clarkmichaels822 Conan is great. He doesn’t get to where he’s got to for no reason

    • @l.c.5285
      @l.c.5285 일 전 +9


    • @andreastschig6905
      @andreastschig6905 일 전 +150

      @@clarkmichaels822 I think he is. But even if he wasn't - you don't have to be good at baseball to recognize a great pitcher!

  • @HeatherForestH
    @HeatherForestH 11 시간 전 +770

    "What's wrong with me? Why can't I feel?" - best line. Classic Conan.

    • @ermeeleer
      @ermeeleer 9 시간 전 +3

      I felt like his entire bit was all just build up just to deliver this line 😂

    • @Paul20661
      @Paul20661 9 시간 전 +1


    • @jkap34
      @jkap34 8 시간 전

      I think it's due to his red hair. He needs more anesthesia because of the red hair gene, so maybe he needs more spice to actually taste/feel it.

  • @Be-With-Marita
    @Be-With-Marita 9 시간 전 +308

    I love the fact that even though he goes crazy with the bit, he still takes the time to answer all of the questions respectfully and takes them seriously.

  • @bbyang22
    @bbyang22 일 전 +33268

    Dude is 61 next week, drank hot sauce, taught us about reading high and low, and plugged his new show without a single fumble of words. This is true old school professional

    • @daryllverstraeten9459
      @daryllverstraeten9459 일 전 +382

      If he dyes his hair its one thing but dude looks great for 61

    • @---BAM---
      @---BAM--- 일 전

      ​@@daryllverstraeten9459He might but all the gingers in my family and I am friends with all have hair like this.

    • @RaniaBhatti
      @RaniaBhatti 일 전 +132

      @@daryllverstraeten9459yea it’s crazy he doesn’t even look like it

    • @arthurmartin4616
      @arthurmartin4616 일 전 +155

      @@RaniaBhatti Agreed. He could pass for 45 if he wanted.

    • @kab9706
      @kab9706 일 전 +178

      Such an OG. He always delivers. Such commitment to comedy.

  • @ElDragow
    @ElDragow 일 전 +17253

    "I'm an irish man who's never seen spice"
    proceeds to give the most impressive peformance ever, bathing his wing in more "da bomb" while giving the most chill reaction ever. madness

    • @screaminjesus
      @screaminjesus 일 전 +401

      Conan O'brien needs a wing

    • @brunofraysse421
      @brunofraysse421 일 전 +80

      April's fool, ....maybe ... he's not even sweating.

    • @realeques
      @realeques 일 전 +93

      the only one who can keep up with david blaine

    • @iggy1296
      @iggy1296 일 전 +273

      ​@@brunofraysse421his face becomes increasingly red though

    • @johnracine4589
      @johnracine4589 일 전 +248

      It’s like someone else is in control of his body and doesn’t have to feel any consequences.

  • @deeprajtrpathi
    @deeprajtrpathi 11 시간 전 +127

    Conan just raised the bar for Hot Ones to a whole new level.

  • @Lusch88
    @Lusch88 10 시간 전 +96

    If this doesn't become the most-viewed episode of Hot Ones, I will lose my faith in humanity. Conan went all in for our viewing pleasure. What a legend.

  • @SMB20244
    @SMB20244 일 전 +23458

    Conan not only understood the assignment, he rewrote the rules. He’s the king. One of the best episodes ever.

    • @michaeljmobley
      @michaeljmobley 일 전 +215

      This has to go up there with Gordon Ramsay

    • @n3cr0ph4g1st
      @n3cr0ph4g1st 일 전 +506

      @@michaeljmobley up there? this is #1 by far. every second is pure hilarity and madness

    • @orourke1972
      @orourke1972 일 전 +149

      Right?? Like he rewrote the rules for sure….good luck to any guest in the future hahaha

    • @colesteele5683
      @colesteele5683 일 전 +78

      Conan is using Lucille Ball levels of red dye 60.

    • @michaeljmobley
      @michaeljmobley 일 전 +25

      @@n3cr0ph4g1st I really love Gordon's show though. And it hits different because he's a chef and they are eating food together. And he goes pretty bezerk too. Conan is an absolute comedian though! He was amazing!

  • @Psykel
    @Psykel 일 전 +16659

    For those who are unaware: Dr Arroyo was played by José Arroyo, who’s been a writer for Conan since 2002. It’s amazing how Conan can keep his people around for ages. Some have been with him since the start.

    • @jozz2248
      @jozz2248 일 전 +410

      Happy to see him again; was wondering what he might be up to since the switch to the podcast life. I think he was the funniest of his bit players over the years. Stack was good too, but this guy could really get me gut busting.

    • @DanielThureskog
      @DanielThureskog 일 전 +127

      Creepy Gustavo himself. 😂

    • @buck_swope
      @buck_swope 일 전 +81

      It's a shame he's a coward politically and literally works with Henry Kissinger's son (who by all accounts is nothing but proud of the war crimes his father committed) and performs at Bohemian Grove, but the way he takes care of the people around him in ways basically nobody in showbusiness does makes it impossible to dislike the man.

    • @vt4979
      @vt4979 일 전 +323

      @@buck_swope he's a former NBC exec and president of Conan's production company. It's sort of impossible for Conan to avoid working with him. Also Conan doesn't talk politics much but when an issue is brought up he's clearly left-leaning (for Americans at least)

    • @robsvideos227
      @robsvideos227 일 전 +6

      Knew he looked familiar

  • @DEMIntern
    @DEMIntern 10 시간 전 +42

    “Was it a four-year medical school?”
    “It was supposed to be.”
    ::walks off::

  • @timauch
    @timauch 11 시간 전 +86

    Doing a deranged monologue with drool and wing sauce all over his face, with wing bottles sprawled all over the table. This is everything I could have hoped for and more. Bravo

  • @monah9995
    @monah9995 일 전 +9605

    Conan brought his doctor 😂
    “He’s not the best, but he’s affordable”

    • @bujuir0quai
      @bujuir0quai 일 전 +117

      Later on: "He's very expensive" 😅

    • @kelzuya
      @kelzuya 일 전 +25

      Dr Vinny Boom Batz

    • @HeadSignalman-Muta
      @HeadSignalman-Muta 일 전 +89

      ​@bujuir0quai He said very inexpensive lol

    • @Isaacandjed
      @Isaacandjed 일 전 +43

      He went to medical school out of state

    • @yeonlyn
      @yeonlyn 일 전 +13

      He made some unwise investments over the years

  • @dizzlebizzle8424
    @dizzlebizzle8424 일 전 +12481

    i love that he treats Leno like Voldemort and refuses to say his name, only referring to him as "the other guy."

    • @suzawilo
      @suzawilo 일 전 +131


    • @GwaiZai
      @GwaiZai 일 전 +385

      if Voldemort was a dwarf that makes love to cars

    • @doogsiekomstop
      @doogsiekomstop 일 전 +123

      What is that other guy doing now? Anything relevant?

    • @SongJLikes
      @SongJLikes 일 전 +21

      Yeah, that was perfect

    • @OpheliaDarkling
      @OpheliaDarkling 일 전 +112

      @@doogsiekomstop tending burns, real and metaphorical. and sadly his wife's not well.

  • @shaileshrana7165
    @shaileshrana7165 11 시간 전 +35

    This is the best episode in all of Hot Ones history. Incredibly fun man, Conan.

  • @andrewwales8827
    @andrewwales8827 9 시간 전 +11

    Conan, turning purple: "WHY CAN'T I FEEL???"
    Honestly, same

  • @mwilafelix9448
    @mwilafelix9448 일 전 +10400

    The first Man to disrespect Da Bomb and lived to tell the tale. LEGEND!!!😂

    • @SimuLord
      @SimuLord 일 전 +129

      Alton Brown got a few pretty good licks in at Da Bomb and its creators.

    • @edub9930
      @edub9930 일 전 +243

      I was literally yelling at my screen "No No Dont do it!" Flippin' epic 😂😅😂

    • @rosieromers
      @rosieromers 일 전 +129

      Conan 'Madman' O'Brien. He's earned the title 🤣

    • @MartijnPennings
      @MartijnPennings 일 전 +157


    • @francisitam9855
      @francisitam9855 일 전 +163

      Complete and utter disrespect. If i were da bomb, i'd be questioning if i am even really as hot as people say i am lol hahahahaha

  • @markkinz7913
    @markkinz7913 일 전 +8100

    Gordon Ramsay did everything in his power to dull the pain. Conan did everything in his power to embrace it. A true Spice Lord.

  • @odetteblack1568
    @odetteblack1568 9 시간 전 +12

    22:55 the concern on Sean’s face is absolutely priceless!!!! Conan is without a doubt the absolute funniest human that has ever been or will ever be!!! My hero!!!

  • @Vozzz75
    @Vozzz75 10 시간 전 +15

    A legendary Hot Ones episode! Gwyneth Paltrow's dropped over 3 week's ago sitting at 1M views. Conan tackles (and bathes) in the wings of death, hitting 2.7M views in less than 24 hrs. Pure comedic gold.

  • @matthewbertram3304
    @matthewbertram3304 일 전 +4243

    "I've got a little eye-watering going on Conan"
    *"That's because you're meeting your idol."*

    • @itskevinzerbe
      @itskevinzerbe 일 전 +103

      Unmistakable Irish wit right there

    • @Kyle-nm1kh
      @Kyle-nm1kh 일 전 +106

      Happens to everybody of your demographic

    • @eskihmong
      @eskihmong 일 전 +22

      I freaking cried laughing when he said this

    • @Triple-G-r8ness
      @Triple-G-r8ness 일 전 +18

      Comedy line at its best right there. Conan and Bill Burr ... can't beat them.

    • @StevieNockman
      @StevieNockman 13 시간 전 +1

      Conan inspires me.. My parents said if i get 4K likes on my vid They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally

  • @tonepursuit7110
    @tonepursuit7110 일 전 +4829

    "Check my pulse. It's starting to race a little bit."
    "It's there."
    "He's very good."

    • @taylorewalters
      @taylorewalters 일 전 +50

      I haven’t even gotten to this part yet but I’m already laughing

    • @Harrikiri
      @Harrikiri 일 전 +52

      He's good, because he's affordable.

    • @arcturionblade1077
      @arcturionblade1077 일 전 +42

      These jokes were gold and definitely had vibes of early seasons of The Simpsons when they were actually good and funny.

    • @DirtyDawg
      @DirtyDawg 일 전 +2


    • @MrShoub123
      @MrShoub123 일 전 +14

      @@arcturionblade1077 Prolly because Conan was a writer for The Simpsons in the early days

  • @rhenceocampo3253
    @rhenceocampo3253 9 시간 전 +14

    “I am who I am,” -Popeye, but also Gandhi 😂😂😂

  • @mybrainisshortcake
    @mybrainisshortcake 10 시간 전 +15

    watched Conan since 1996 (I was 12), he and Letterman are the only two late night talk show hosts I truly loved. sheer mastery.

  • @megamcee
    @megamcee 일 전 +7042

    This finale will go down in history as the best one. This is peak of peaks. I cannot see anyone else going even further.

    • @jhousekey100
      @jhousekey100 일 전 +233

      I don't know how many times I have thought that over the years and then Sean tops it.
      Edit: Ok, now that I'm almost all the way through it I have no idea how this could be topped.

    • @rachkate76
      @rachkate76 일 전 +18

      His hair is.

    • @megamcee
      @megamcee 일 전 +3

      @@jhousekey100 true. We do keep winning with this show.

    • @edub9930
      @edub9930 일 전 +28

      Absolutely!! Conan is fu__kin king 😂😅😂

    • @pdfbanana
      @pdfbanana 일 전 +19

      you commented this only 12 minutes after the episode was released. even if you have no job and started watching immediately at 2x speed you still wouldn't have quite finished

  • @thespaniard514
    @thespaniard514 일 전 +4547

    You can officially end the show here. No need for more seasons. This episode will not be topped. Legend.

    • @jaefrmbk2k
      @jaefrmbk2k 일 전 +35


    • @lildigipoke
      @lildigipoke 일 전 +119

      End the show on a Nardwuar interview. That will be the ultimate ending.

    • @clamskaboo5120
      @clamskaboo5120 일 전 +10

      @@lildigipokei think the worlds would collide if that happen

    • @Blazedloco
      @Blazedloco 일 전

      One more ice spice then shut it down

    • @henrytawnn8694
      @henrytawnn8694 일 전 +2

      Yes, but there are still many, many famous people I need to see in pain from the Wings Of Death.

  • @davidreed9615
    @davidreed9615 10 시간 전 +12

    On one of the podcast episodes, Sona mentioned how he goes to another level when it's for a bit or on camera. I think she mentioned how it was brutally hot at some location and he just soldiered on while everyone else around him was melting. Conan is just on another comedy plane of existence.

  • @barackobama9958
    @barackobama9958 9 시간 전 +15

    This better become one of the most viewed episodes in Hot Ones history

  • @Doinstuffman
    @Doinstuffman 일 전 +9698

    Conan: "I'm not scared of your wings."
    Also Conan: "I brought my doctor."

    • @omfgpie
      @omfgpie 일 전 +117

      the doctor thing was clearly a bit 😆

    • @Roflcakes88
      @Roflcakes88 일 전 +111

      Oh, you don't say?!

    • @Hellkite-er5pg
      @Hellkite-er5pg 일 전 +17

      That's just smart planning.

    • @legarate
      @legarate 일 전 +51

      That guy is one of his writers. Though you do wonder why he brought a writer to an interview.

    • @AWhiteMandingo
      @AWhiteMandingo 일 전 +3

      @@Roflcakes88 lol

  • @ajefri
    @ajefri 일 전 +1961

    For a guest to completely turn an episode upside down, in a good way, for a show that has been running for so many years, he must be a legend. And Conan is indeed the legend.

    • @daluncio1124
      @daluncio1124 일 전 +1

      True 👏👏

    • @johndawson6057
      @johndawson6057 일 전 +2

      You should watch any Conan interview, he always dominates wherever he goes.

    • @vksasdgaming9472
      @vksasdgaming9472 10 시간 전

      @@johndawson6057 It would be awe-inspiring to see Conan O'Brien doing serious interview to some really controversial person like tRump. Similar case was Sir David Frost interviewing former US-president Richard Nixon. Conan could repeat that kind of grilling.

  • @ThoughTMusic
    @ThoughTMusic 11 시간 전 +26

    "CALL THE WIFE!" absolutely murdered me

  • @kristiannelson1851
    @kristiannelson1851 9 시간 전 +6

    23:49 - This shot of the chaos Conan has created and the slight pan up to the madman himself is the greatest shot ever on Hot Ones!!!🤣

  • @jstuckless
    @jstuckless 18 시간 전 +1189

    "This is not a bit" says the guy who brought a fake doctor with him. XD Classic Conan.

    • @crazypotato666
      @crazypotato666 16 시간 전 +31

      Who put a stethoscope on Sean's tongue 😂

    • @GameTesterBootCamp
      @GameTesterBootCamp 15 시간 전 +9

      @@crazypotato666 And then put the same stethoscope on Conan's! 😀

    • @Tetratronic
      @Tetratronic 15 시간 전 +22

      Please, have some respect for Dr. Arroyo.

    • @EricNeuls
      @EricNeuls 15 시간 전 +9

      @@Tetratronic yea he almost did 4 yrs in med school i think, or at least he shouldve almost done 4 years!

    • @pontificusvascillious5287
      @pontificusvascillious5287 15 시간 전 +1

      that guy's mother THINKS he's a REAL doctor ...
      and they PRACTICE (medicine) from the time they get their license ...
      to the day (just) before they RETIRE ...
      so ...

  • @libbeytds
    @libbeytds 일 전 +2177

    "Can you get my pulse?"
    "...yeah. It's there."

    • @JonHeupel
      @JonHeupel 일 전 +40

      That was my favorite. Straight 3 Stooges

    • @melissahernandez4329
      @melissahernandez4329 일 전 +50

      When the doctor choked him 😭😭💀

    • @KptnHaddock_
      @KptnHaddock_ 일 전 +11

      That made me howl 😂

    • @rosecomer9468
      @rosecomer9468 일 전 +7

      I can't eat spice to level 5 here without spewing sweat and liquids from every opening and pore. conan was talking clearly and not crying. How?

    • @Doomscrolled
      @Doomscrolled 일 전 +18

      “Are you really a doctor?”
      “I should be “

  • @R.I.P-Geno-Cultshit
    @R.I.P-Geno-Cultshit 11 시간 전 +7

    I've wanted to see Conan on Hot Ones for years, but I NEVER would have expected him to effortlessly dominate the wings.Dude is an absolute beast!

  • @Kyledgr
    @Kyledgr 8 시간 전 +3

    This is peak Hot Ones. A testament to what it’s become and a tribute to what came before to make it possible.
    Conan, what a legend

  • @Imac7065
    @Imac7065 일 전 +2012

    Conan screaming "IM FINE!!! IM FINE!!!" while drooling like a baby, covered in about a billion scovilles all over his face has to go down in hot ones history lol

    • @eyramdrah
      @eyramdrah 일 전 +42

      With tears in his eyes 😂

    • @johnfritz15
      @johnfritz15 일 전 +23

      His eyes…I can’t handle this.

    • @MrGreen876
      @MrGreen876 일 전

      Don't think that's how the scoville scale works. A hundred onions are not as spicy as a habanero pepper

    • @Ywipm
      @Ywipm 일 전

      @@MrGreen876I think the Scoville scale might be exponential but I could be wrong

    • @ffibonacci
      @ffibonacci 일 전 +19

      ​@@MrGreen876look up hyperbole, mate

  • @c00lmike
    @c00lmike 15 시간 전 +1067

    "They used to call it HBO but people found that too POPULAR!!" 😂

    • @StevieNockman
      @StevieNockman 13 시간 전 +5

      Conan inspires me.. My parents said if i get 4K likes on my vid They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally

    • @boribori609
      @boribori609 13 시간 전 +35

      ​@@StevieNockmansucks for you bruh

    • @plasmichoneytrip
      @plasmichoneytrip 13 시간 전


    • @KayKay-fx7cs
      @KayKay-fx7cs 10 시간 전 +1

      I couldn’t stop laughing at that 😂 “because MAX just rolls off the tongue” 😅

  • @antiqueperfection
    @antiqueperfection 9 시간 전 +13

    Literally so unexpected and one of the best episodes ever. His commitment and will to literally power through anything for the performance is quite amazing! Robbin Williams level power there. That was a great watch. Thanks!

  • @MessiBetterCR7312
    @MessiBetterCR7312 11 시간 전 +6

    I’m can confidently say that this is the best episode of Hot Ones. Taking the throne from Gordon Ramsay. Conan will never disappoint.

  • @chris_1988
    @chris_1988 11 시간 전 +1114

    Man, he radiated more energy in 25 minutes than I've done in 25 years.

    • @DieTryingK
      @DieTryingK 10 시간 전


    • @JoulieRodger
      @JoulieRodger 9 시간 전 +1

      HotOnes inspires me.. My parents said if i get 4K likes on my vid They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally

    • @vitotondo3274
      @vitotondo3274 8 시간 전

      I pity you

  • @ThomasDruryWang
    @ThomasDruryWang 일 전 +1399

    "Was it a four year medical institute?"
    "It was supposed to be." walks away.
    Comedy gold

    • @Crossroads3channel
      @Crossroads3channel 23 시간 전 +25

      Are you a real doctor?
      I should be. Walks away 😂😂😂

    @PRORYANAGE 9 시간 전 +4

    Conan is a total pro when it comes to all things entertainment. The man just gets it. Him giving kudos to Sean was some serious high praise.

  • @jimshair2688
    @jimshair2688 11 시간 전 +17

    27 minutes of why Conan will always be the best host of late night television. He gives all of himself every time for the audience.

  • @retrotubedotnet
    @retrotubedotnet 일 전 +2601

    Conan decided his bit was going to be acting like he wasn't bothered, and he committed to it 1000%. Amazing

    • @CaptainPanick
      @CaptainPanick 일 전 +153

      You don't call it a "bit" you hear!

    • @meggie11102
      @meggie11102 일 전 +105

      Those Irish lips were chapped by wing 3 lol

    • @infinitestare
      @infinitestare 일 전 +3

      the thumbnail shows it too

    • @tiffanymo3683
      @tiffanymo3683 일 전 +30

      This is not a bit! This is life!!!!! 😂😂😂

    • @christofferjenzen78
      @christofferjenzen78 22 시간 전 +3

      Oh, it's a bit. Conan is answering all the questions in a serious while dedicating himself to seeming unbothered by the wings while dying physically. It's food absurdism. ​@@CaptainPanick

  • @raze1286
    @raze1286 18 시간 전 +1130

    Conan just made a very solid argument for the GOAT guest for the show.

    • @MISNM0
      @MISNM0 16 시간 전 +5


    • @yagesh287
      @yagesh287 16 시간 전 +18

      He was already the goat host. Dude shines wherever he goes.

    • @bevrosity
      @bevrosity 16 시간 전 +4

      he's definitely the goat host. sorry, sean.

    • @MrBuketman
      @MrBuketman 16 시간 전 +1

      @@yagesh287Absolutely. This was gold. Hopefully that guy named Steve-O took some notes.

    • @forrest8507
      @forrest8507 15 시간 전


  • @002mjr
    @002mjr 9 시간 전 +3

    I really hope Conan gets additional shows because he is a true professional and his comedy is gold. His reruns are priceless. Hopefully studios figure that out.

  • @BombtrackRebel
    @BombtrackRebel 10 시간 전 +7

    Conan really is built different. He's absolutely unforgettable!

  • @austintyler7901
    @austintyler7901 20 시간 전 +943

    From the small touch of pocketing the wings, to the steadfast tolerance of the sauces: this wasn't an interview, it was a masterclass on entertainment.

    • @forallthestupidshit3550
      @forallthestupidshit3550 18 시간 전

      Conan is an amazing comedian and person. You should watch the commencement address he gave a few years back. A true masterclass in being an amazing, humble, terrific person!

    • @davidfewtrell3479
      @davidfewtrell3479 18 시간 전 +35

      The fake doctor gag never got tired either

    • @James.Gatsby
      @James.Gatsby 16 시간 전 +2

      truly a masterclass

    • @barbarian-furu
      @barbarian-furu 16 시간 전 +1

      that was absolutely brilliant, you’re right!

    • @doniyor7370
      @doniyor7370 10 시간 전

      @@davidfewtrell3479 He's not fake, he's just affordable.

  • @JJ_GoBlue
    @JJ_GoBlue 17 시간 전 +777

    Calling Jay Leno “the other guy” still is why I love Conan. Holds a grudge while taking the high road 😂

    • @jrrd4069
      @jrrd4069 14 시간 전 +2

      @@SteveAustin-pm2jn No they didn't

  • @riddhimanraguraman2925
    @riddhimanraguraman2925 11 시간 전 +6

    I have not been this happy in a long while, I really do miss Conan in his old format he is just mind blowingly awesome

  • @vanshikasharma2539
    @vanshikasharma2539 8 시간 전 +4

    Can’t describe my happiness when I saw Conan pop up on the Hot wings update!!!! He’s the absolute best and it warms my heart to see how much people revere him and his work! His genuineness flows through the screen and you can tell that he’s just there to basically have fun while also answering questions thoughtfully

  • @neocheeseandthesix9013

    I’ve literally been begging for literal years for Conan O Brien to be on the Hot Ones. His comedy is literally perfect for the show

    • @jacobhumphrey3535
      @jacobhumphrey3535 일 전 +200


    • @DanReyesB
      @DanReyesB 일 전 +28

      Is that you, Conan? 🤨

    • @WrangleMcDangle
      @WrangleMcDangle 일 전 +73

      Literally literally? like ummm literally? like actually ummm literally? you poor, poor victim of public education

    • @Steven_Williams_
      @Steven_Williams_ 일 전 +24

      @@WrangleMcDangle This could literally be bad homeschooling too.

    • @daddyjub2038
      @daddyjub2038 일 전 +45

      You literally need to expand your vocabulary

  • @jesuscrisp8112
    @jesuscrisp8112 17 시간 전 +1034

    Conan's unhinged speech about how there's comedy everywhere and how we should look high and look low is honestly one of the most motivational and beautiful things I've heard in a while.

    • @SteveAustin-pm2jn
      @SteveAustin-pm2jn 14 시간 전 +4

      Conan inspires me.. My parents said if i get 4K likes on my vid They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally

    • @Grand1Simon
      @Grand1Simon 14 시간 전 +5

      I though I was the only one touched by his speach. To live life to the fullest.

    • @StrawmnMcPerson
      @StrawmnMcPerson 14 시간 전

      That's sad af. Look how pathetically small you've made your world, that you miss it all to the point that, amidst the free access to the global cultural renaissance in your pocket, your peak inspiration is a conan obrien monologue. You clearly have access to the internet. Feel free to use it.

    • @StrawmnMcPerson
      @StrawmnMcPerson 14 시간 전

      If that's the most motivational thing you've heard as of 2024, I'm glad and you probably deserve it.

  • @Britt-yx8hz
    @Britt-yx8hz 9 시간 전 +3

    We don’t have enough entertainers like Conan. This man is one of a kind and absolutely no one is similar to him

  • @j3r3miasmg
    @j3r3miasmg 9 시간 전 +4

    23:50 - Even Da Bomb is crying.. absolutely comedy cinema!

  • @christophermorris1628
    @christophermorris1628 일 전 +1366

    Conan absolutely roasting HBOs rebranding at the end of this chaos has to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

    • @pmal5680
      @pmal5680 일 전 +15

      I’m three minutes in and he’s already started it and I’m loving it

    • @misterchris3491
      @misterchris3491 일 전 +2

      Technically, HBO and HBO MAX are not the same thing 🤓☝️

    • @matthewvaldez83
      @matthewvaldez83 일 전 +27

      he's saying what we're all thinking.

    • @clairemadeinheaven
      @clairemadeinheaven 일 전 +13

      Conan always roasted his networks, so it's very on brand lol

    • @ViciousTuna2012
      @ViciousTuna2012 21 시간 전 +4

      @@misterchris3491 Which is dumb because it's all owned by the same company and splitting it up like that just loses all your brand recognition. I understand their thought process might be "HBO is the prestige brand" but in doing that their shooting whatever success Max might have in the foot.

  • @ybeanie8720
    @ybeanie8720 일 전 +1978

    This is a rare episode in which Sean isn't the smartest person in the room. Conan's awareness is high and his showmanship is unparalleled.

    • @jamesmarshall4364
      @jamesmarshall4364 일 전 +75

      Found Conan's YT account

    • @BichaeldeAngelo
      @BichaeldeAngelo 일 전 +78

      We forget that Conan went to Harvard

    • @vshekar
      @vshekar 일 전 +1

      @@BichaeldeAngelo nepo baby

    • @1wibble230
      @1wibble230 일 전 +85

      Equally as smart, he’s literally letting Conan sing here because he knows it’s great material for the show. A lesser man would make it a competition, Sean’s smart enough to see the magic happening and let it fly :)

    • @thelouisbang7621
      @thelouisbang7621 일 전 +66

      @@vshekar being a Harvard graduate as well as being a writer for the Simpsons Shows, one of the greatest shows of all time, as well as the TV host of one of the greatest Late NIght shows needs a lot more then just being a nepo baby lol

  • @flashback7273
    @flashback7273 11 시간 전 +5

    😂Best episode yet so far. Having comedians on is a great idea. Can we all just appriciate the years of irreverent madness that Conan the 100% irishman blessed us with since the 90s? I've been watching him since the first days of his late night show. Madness and greatness

  • @SpaceMissile
    @SpaceMissile 9 시간 전 +3

    I was not expecting this to be as utterly unhinged as it was.
    Bravo, Conan - one of the best episodes I've seen yet.

  • @MsJordanSilver
    @MsJordanSilver 일 전 +2568

    I got to meet Conan once at a charity auction for a theater company in New York. I had introduced myself as a fan and was chatting with him about his suit when the lights went down and everyone looked to the front of the room for the auction winner announcements. I turned around and had just assumed that Conan walked away but right as the room got quiet, he whispered in my ear from behind "this is when they decide who lives and who dies." and I erupted into laughter in the middle of an otherwise silent room.

    • @victorm3237
      @victorm3237 일 전 +110

      That’s amazing 😂

    • @peterkovach8655
      @peterkovach8655 일 전 +57

      I believe you.

    • @bobp8269
      @bobp8269 일 전 +17

      The best!

    • @willvr4
      @willvr4 일 전 +123

      That's entirely too specific to be a lie HAHA It's also his brand of humor when you hear his podcast.

    • @brandonmcgee1678
      @brandonmcgee1678 일 전 +37

      exactly something i would imagine conan to do, man is the pinnacle of off the cuff comedy

  • @betharoooo
    @betharoooo 일 전 +1897

    The fact he's constantly saying he's fine but the sweat glistening on his face tells a different story hahahahah

    • @OldTelivisionRocks
      @OldTelivisionRocks 일 전 +18

      It could be the camera lights. Camera lights are hot too.

    • @stevenjacobs2750
      @stevenjacobs2750 일 전 +137

      ​@@OldTelivisionRockswatches the man douse a wing in da bomb. "Its probably the lights." Rofl

    • @dfloriza
      @dfloriza 일 전 +71

      His eyes were as red as his face toward the end there. I don't think that's just the lights 😂

    • @14hoursahead
      @14hoursahead 일 전 +21

      Right? Lol the deep red patches on his cheeks as he claims he’s not being affected at all!

    • @xyzpdq1122
      @xyzpdq1122 일 전 +21

      Yeah, around #7 it went from “wow, he’s actually fine!” to “hahaha, he absolutely is not fine”. Love it.

  • @PeterOeC
    @PeterOeC 8 시간 전 +5

    Huge fan of Conan, watched and listened to a lot of his work, yet he still surprises me time and time again.
    He always gives it 110 % and becomes a radiating fireball of comedy. When you thought he has hit his highest gear, he takes it up a notch. Crazy guy haha
    Amazing 😂

  • @Peempo_13
    @Peempo_13 9 시간 전 +3

    This might be the best Hot Ones performance of all time, what a legend

  • @AoifeCRyan
    @AoifeCRyan 일 전 +1388

    “What’s wrong with me!? WHY CANT I FEEL!?” That killed me!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • @davidberko9379
    @davidberko9379 일 전 +2087

    I wish I could say I'm surprised, but Conan putting in the most chaotic and ballsy performance with those sauces, is actually totally on brand

    • @rederik99
      @rederik99 일 전 +92

      "Call the wife!" I lost it at that point.

    • @rachelak7940
      @rachelak7940 일 전 +14

      Yup. This is very much on brand! Lol!

    • @elcorado83
      @elcorado83 일 전 +6

      Yep-Conan's performance when interviewed for 'In The Actor's Studio' was VERY similar-but with WATER, strangely. He just kept drinking jug after jug of it. The man is an ox!

    • @dominicdococo4574
      @dominicdococo4574 일 전 +4

      It's hilarious comparing this absolutely chaotic interview to the calm, collected, and intelligent one he did on his wife's podcast. Dude is so ridiculously dynamic.

    • @maresae
      @maresae 22 시간 전 +3

      I can just hear Sona laughing in the background loving every minute that he's torturing himself for this perfect iconic moment because she knows he wouldn't have it any other way. 😂

  • @imsorrybut8528
    @imsorrybut8528 11 시간 전 +6

    Conan is a comedic genius.

  • @DavidAlxnder
    @DavidAlxnder 11 시간 전 +4

    Living Legend . This man shaped all of our humor with his work on The Simpsons.

  • @Jenny-vcx
    @Jenny-vcx 일 전 +1675

    Love that Conan acts insane throughout but still answers every question earnestly.

    • @Grievous-
      @Grievous- 일 전 +28

      Insane is normal for Conan.

    • @TechGuyBeau
      @TechGuyBeau 일 전 +10

      He’s a pro. Truly

    • @adam-nw5cn
      @adam-nw5cn 일 전 +2

      nothing is more insane than those bazoonkas

    • @willvr4
      @willvr4 일 전 +3

      @@Grievous- Only when on TV. He's usually pretty calm like most comedians.

    • @Grievous-
      @Grievous- 일 전 +4

      @@willvr4 Conan can turn on insane-mode at any given time.

  • @AnEpicNguyen
    @AnEpicNguyen 일 전 +1970

    Whenever Conan says “Max”, I immediately think he’s talking about Max Weinberg

  • @sxyqt3.14
    @sxyqt3.14 11 시간 전 +7

    one of the best interviews. what a way to end a season. conan is goated.

  • @user-nq1hd6wh3j
    @user-nq1hd6wh3j 8 시간 전 +1

    The cut to Conan's demented face before he says "I'm fine" will never fail to make me laugh

  • @ALovelyMan
    @ALovelyMan 11 시간 전 +631

    The shot with the spilled hot sauce oozing out while Conan is covered in sauce going on his unstable motivational speech was like watching the birth of a child. You’re horrified but it’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.

    • @JuhoTunkelo
      @JuhoTunkelo 10 시간 전 +6

      Hahaha well said, exactly 🤣

    • @jamesmcintyre
      @jamesmcintyre 10 시간 전 +12

      The camera man knew the assignment, that slow pan from the devastation of the table to his epic rant was 👌

    • @SpaceMissile
      @SpaceMissile 8 시간 전 +2

      I noticed it immediately and was like "lol he spilled da bomb." then it zoomed in and my wife busted out laughing

    • @mariacarbajal95
      @mariacarbajal95 8 시간 전 +1

      poetic af 😅

    • @KaterinaTalantliva
      @KaterinaTalantliva 8 시간 전

      you're so good with words dude

  • @ariahlea1186
    @ariahlea1186 일 전 +951

    "WHATS THE POINT OF EVEN BEING ALIVE, IF WE CANT DO THIS!!!" I f*cking love him. 🤣🤣😆😩🤣

    • @SteveAustin-pm2jn
      @SteveAustin-pm2jn 일 전 +2

      Conan inspires me.. My parents said if i get 3K likes on my vid They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally

    • @florete2310
      @florete2310 일 전 +5

      He's the bomb, comedy-wise speaking... Bet, after this one he finally knew how Homer felt after having his chilli-induced trip, though. Kind of a nice sentiment here, knowing he went full circle on this, LOL😂

  • @Dubz759
    @Dubz759 8 시간 전 +1

    Conan is one of, if not THE best talk show host ever. One of the rare hosts who are actually funny and a great interviewer

  • @zachsacracks
    @zachsacracks 8 시간 전 +1

    How is this one of the most motivational videos I've ever seen? Conan literally just being himself. Best episode by far.

  • @hasooni1334
    @hasooni1334 일 전 +765

    I’ve never seen an episode where Sean is genuinely knocked off balance by the guest. Conan is king.

    • @majcrash
      @majcrash 일 전 +7

      He probably learned it from Norm.

    • @theafricanwire
      @theafricanwire 일 전

      He lives up to the name of Conan.

    • @publicoutlaw1731
      @publicoutlaw1731 일 전 +5

      @@majcrashlove that guy but no 😂 Conan is his own breed

    • @ALSF-kingSucks
      @ALSF-kingSucks 일 전 +6

      Conan interviewed Sean from the bottom and it was incredible to watch

    • @PapagenoMF
      @PapagenoMF 10 시간 전 +1

      @@majcrash Conan and Norm are completely opposite as far as comedy styles.

  • @ABonafideSkeleton
    @ABonafideSkeleton 23 시간 전 +470

    Seeing Conan insist repeatedly that everything is fine as he chugs hot sauce whilst turning a progressively deeper shade of mauve as Shaun looks on in horror is magical.

    • @AllfatherBlack
      @AllfatherBlack 21 시간 전 +7

      but also he's not choking. hes changing colors and just taking it like yeah im Irish what of it it

  • @shaz118
    @shaz118 9 시간 전 +4

    BEST EPISODE EVER!!!! Such a dedicated man! Absolutely incredible!

  • @doosworld1901
    @doosworld1901 10 시간 전 +3

    Conan is a total genius writer and comedian.

  • @1983simi
    @1983simi 22 시간 전 +731

    Sean to every guest: Careful with the face.
    Conan: Various degrees of the spiciest hot sauces smeared all around his face

  • @jaredbrown4534
    @jaredbrown4534 10 시간 전 +2

    Never in my life have I ever had more pride in being a Conan fan

  • @RealEngineering
    @RealEngineering 일 전 +842

    You missed an opportunity to say “careful around the eyes” as he rubbed his faced in hotsauce Sean 😂

    • @CrossKaizer
      @CrossKaizer 일 전 +84

      Sean probably didn't want to give him ideas! Steve-O pouring it directly into his eye once was probably enough 😂

    • @deborahb13
      @deborahb13 일 전 +10

      ​@@CrossKaizergood point 😂😂😂

    • @carrrie_lynnn
      @carrrie_lynnn 일 전 +9

      ​@@SteveAustin-pm2jn just go apply at a hospital or a school or a homeless shelter or library or farm. Something useful.

    • @MichaelM-uw3mk
      @MichaelM-uw3mk 일 전 +5

      My two favorite channels combined??!?! What glorious happenstance is this?!?!???

    • @3lttlbrds
      @3lttlbrds 일 전 +5

      😂😂😂 Sean just gave up I think

  • @TheKevinthec
    @TheKevinthec 일 전 +793

    There is only one man who can participate in a normal Hot Ones interview and completely change the show in between questions and that man is Conan. Between Dr. Arroyo, the wings in the pocket, drinking the sauce, all the funny quips, its just a perfect episode, and a one of a kind episode

    • @DissyK
      @DissyK 일 전 +7

      Conan is the host everywhere 😂

    • @d0rinat0r
      @d0rinat0r 19 시간 전 +2

      In a way, this episode almost feels scripted with how many things Conan brought to this. He definitely did some research and thinking before coming on the show. This is what happens when you bring a fantastic host on as a guest; they played off each other so well.

  • @somethingsomewhere.2613
    @somethingsomewhere.2613 8 시간 전 +2

    This is the single best piece of digital media that’s ever been bestowed upon the internet.

  • @sifuone
    @sifuone 10 시간 전 +2

    Been watching Conan from when he started in my stoner days and I’m diggin the fact you got him on the show and he gave Sean his flowers. So dope to watch it all come together. 🎉

  • @cassandraarechiga182
    @cassandraarechiga182 일 전 +783

    conan: "show business is: you are getting the greatest show in the world"
    also conon: *proceeds to give us the greatest episode of hot ones*

  • @LiamW42
    @LiamW42 일 전 +921

    "You're not really a doctor are you?"
    absolutely deadpan: "I should be."

    • @SongJLikes
      @SongJLikes 일 전 +7

      @@SteveAustin-pm2jn - Dr. Arroyo inspires me…

  • @pradeepbajracharya3834
    @pradeepbajracharya3834 10 시간 전 +4

    Oh wow. Conan killed it. Speechless

  • @bunglebenjoyer
    @bunglebenjoyer 19 시간 전 +356

    I think Conan is proof that there is no “spice tolerance”, it’s just how comfortable you are with being uncomfortable.

    • @BlackEagle352
      @BlackEagle352 18 시간 전 +15

      Then that makes actually a reality that there is indeed a spice tolerance.

    • @Talisman09
      @Talisman09 16 시간 전 +4

      I don't think that these sauces are quite the same as those 12 million scoville extracts that look like treacle. Why don't you find out how much discomfort you can handle 😂I would not mess with stuff that's in the millions. I think Conan just adrenalined his way through this

    • @cordorts
      @cordorts 13 시간 전

      Insightful and true.

    • @xan9225
      @xan9225 8 시간 전

      its all fine for a few minutes, but an hour after this recording Conan must be in serious discomfort. I watched some streamers do a similar challenge and they kept upping the ante much like Conan did and afterwards one was hospitalized and the other two puking their guts out with insane cramps. And they were like 40 years younger than Coco. It was comedy gold but kinda has me worried for him

  • @Max-vr2po
    @Max-vr2po 일 전 +634

    Sean's quiet "don't do it" when Conan starts pouring hot sauce on the wings is hilarious

    • @patagonialuke
      @patagonialuke 일 전 +31

      His heartfelt ‘Oh my god’ after Da Bomb is what really got me

  • @coryoh1077
    @coryoh1077 9 시간 전 +1

    23:41 Close-up shot on Da Bomb oozing out on the table while Conan waxes philosophical 😂

  • @macderobo
    @macderobo 11 시간 전 +2

    What a masterpiece of an episode. Conan is unmatched.

  • @TheRustyAntlers
    @TheRustyAntlers 일 전 +1112

    Conan just gave us an absolute Master Class in improve and comedic professionalism. No victims, no low blows, 4th wall breaks, respecting Sean in the middle of chaos, answering every questions thoroughly. Complete control.

    • @harrydavey9884
      @harrydavey9884 일 전 +20

      You can't break the 4th wall in an interview, it's not fiction... The 4th wall is already watching it from the perspective of knowing it is reality... 😂
      Breaking the 4th wall is where a fictional show acknowledges it exists outside of reality, or acknowledges that there's an audience and breaks the illusion of the show being real.

    • @Swindel67
      @Swindel67 일 전 +21

      ​@@harrydavey9884 I think he means he broke the 4th wall by addressing the audience directly "through the 4th wall" in the middle of the chaos.

    • @levischorpioen
      @levischorpioen 일 전 +2

      @@harrydavey9884 The first thing you mentioned is metafiction, the second thing is breaking the 4th wall. They're not interchangeable.

    • @crookedcarpet
      @crookedcarpet 일 전

      yep and even told us the secrets in the interview

    • @maotsuka
      @maotsuka 일 전

      Not a drop of sweat either

  • @numbersandsports4206
    @numbersandsports4206 일 전 +903

    It's so hard to not only stay relevant for 30 years in show business but to also still be considered "funny" and not outdated the older you get especially to each new younger generation. Conan deserves a lot of credit for that.

    • @zachpullara5048
      @zachpullara5048 일 전 +29

      I can't name any other person off the top of my head who has managed to accomplish this like Conan has.

    • @askapk
      @askapk 일 전 +2

      So true.

    • @SnackPatrol
      @SnackPatrol 일 전 +11

      @@zachpullara5048 I feel like Snoop is in this wheelhouse, as a cultural icon. Dude just shows up every now and then & everyone loves him. And he's def. funny, just mainly known as a musician first.

    • @raymax_1071
      @raymax_1071 일 전 +10

      Humility, intelligence and love for the art. I think that's what's kept Conan relevant, he genuinely likes and respect what he does and the people around him.

    • @tomihakala9522
      @tomihakala9522 일 전 +4

      He trascends generations like no-one else does. He is as relevant as he ever was, maybe even more.

  • @monicabrandt6234
    @monicabrandt6234 11 시간 전 +4


  • @justvibin621
    @justvibin621 8 시간 전

    I love how he can keep a straight face during his little skits, Conan is a real experienced entertainer

  • @JasonMcBason
    @JasonMcBason 일 전 +707

    Sean: "Careful around the eyes."
    Conan: *pours Da Bomb straight into his eyes*

    • @markkinz7913
      @markkinz7913 일 전 +51

      *snorts the last dab*

    • @maiqtheliar_
      @maiqtheliar_ 일 전 +5

      did he really drank it out of the bottle lol

    • @claudiagomez917
      @claudiagomez917 일 전 +10

      I was so scared he was going to just rub it directly into his eyes!! What an incredible episode!

  • @smallnumbers36
    @smallnumbers36 일 전 +851

    THIS IS WHY IT TOOK 20 SEASONS!!! We really aren’t worthy of this level of guest.
    Love you sincerely Conan 💜

    • @itsrectimemedia
      @itsrectimemedia 일 전 +1

      I’m not sure if this is outdate info, they said Conan wasn’t allowed to do appearances outside of his Talk Show.

    • @SteveAustin-pm2jn
      @SteveAustin-pm2jn 일 전

      Conan inspires me.. My parents said if i get 3K likes on my vid They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally

    • @J_C9909
      @J_C9909 일 전 +3

      @@itsrectimemediathat’s insanely outdated and borderline false 😭
      He simply wasn’t allowed to be on tv for a period after he quit/was fired from the tonight show

    • @James.Gatsby
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      Final Boss of Hot Ones!