I Survived 200 Days in Ancient Greece on Minecraft.. Here's What Happened..

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  • 게시일 2021. 07. 20.
  • I Survived 100 Days in Ancient Greece on Minecraft.. Here's What Happened..
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    Zeus \u0026 Hades amazingly created by @ArtsByKev
    Intro Animation Created by Spark Universe: sparkuniverse.com/
    Zeus ➜ @Painful
    Hades ➜ @ShadowApples
    Helios ➜ @xNestorio
    Hephaestus ➜ @aCookieGod
    Cloudberry (Harp Seal) ➜ @LilyPichu
    Mount Olympus Creation by: bit.ly/3kAgZdf
    Crimson City Creation by: bit.ly/3eEgL0T
    Patreon ➜ patreon.com/forrestpainful (DISCLAIMER: Custom bosses REQUIRE Java Edition).
    Shaders Used: Complementary Shaders - bit.ly/3iqhHqK
    Business - 📩 forrest@afkcreators.com
    I had to survive for 200 Days of Hardcore Minecraft in Ancient Greece and battle Zeus, God of Thunder, and Hades, the God of the Underworld. Throughout these 200 Days, I encountered Zeus, Hades, Helios and Hephaestus! Stay tuned to see what happens during the 200 Days!
    All the models in this 100 Days video made incredibly by ArtsByKev, Muffins, JoWekker, and TheLoungeMC!

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    Thank you all very much for watching! I really appreciate you all and am looking forward to creating even more content and improving each time ^-^

    Should I do 300 Days in Ancient Greece?

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    Sun sound like wisp sus

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    With so many gods in Greece and only 13 of them actually are memorable

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    Okay this video gave god of war vibes
    When you got the blade of chaos

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    200 years looks wrong, it should be 200 days

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    fun fact:helios was actualy nestor s voice

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    Your gods look are insane especially the voice

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    That was cool but the Ancient Greek sun god is Apollo not Helios. Helios was a Titan who was the god of sun a long time ago but after Kronos died he faded and Apollo took over the sun palace

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    is really good
    the editor did great
    this is call perpection
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    and the perpection
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    Helios isn’t a god he was the original Titan of the sun until Apollo the new Lord of the sun (god) took over and became god of music,healing and the sun

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