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  • 게시일 2023. 02. 25.
  • 행복지수 103%의 채널 수익금 전액은 손길이 필요한 곳에 전달될 예정입니다.
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  • Amal Cb
    Amal Cb  +122

    Jisoo's family is full of love and good humor ❤️🥺

  • LILI
    LILI  +420

    I’m so 감동 (moved) by the fact that she’s making so much effort to film these vlogs for blinks despite her busy schedule 🥺❤️ It must be so tiring after a concert and coming back and she needs to quickly eat and wash up and pack so that she can get enough sleep but she still make time to film for blinks 🥹 WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU KIM JISOO 💛 김지수 사랑해 ❤️❤️❤️ 화이팅 ❤️‍🔥

  • Marie Fe Reyes

    The way how she bond with her parents is so lovely ❤️ Even if she's already adult it turns out cute when her parents treat her like a baby 🤣🫶

  • Ali 🎀
    Ali 🎀  +13

    Los vlogs de Jisoo son como mi terapia, los puedo ver millones de veces y aún así no me canso de verlos. Te amo, Jisoo 🌷💕

  • Writer Melodi

    Let's always support Jisoo she deserves it so much!!

  • Sooyaaa__
    Sooyaaa__  +79

    JISOO - 103%

  • Gladys Daniel

    I love how supportive Jisoo's parents are. She looks so happy having them around.

  • Taylor Jones

    I didn’t know I needed these videos I’m my life thank you Jisoo!!!! This video put a smile on my face, I can’t wait to see more!

  • vamkitty
    vamkitty  +72


  • kimjishoong

    지수 그동안 고생많았어

  • lamejorjisoonista

    Que bueno que Jisoo la este pasando bien en cada país que hacen sus conciertos💗

  • roséchella

    행복지수 - 103%

  • 🍡 enola 🍡

    😍사랑해요 예수님 🍯😍

  • Sooyaaa__
    Sooyaaa__  +42

    VLOG -100%

  • Jessicanguyenin_

    Watching Jisoo's vlogs always makes my day <3 and i'm so glad she had time to explore Copenhagen and also spend time with her parents its just so wholesome to me. Unnie i hope your staying healthy and safe as always i miss you so much and i hope to see you do more vlogs!!!!

  • Writer Melodi

    Let's always support Jisoo she deserves it so much!! Those who will support Jisoo until the end, raise your hand!!🤚JİSOO!!

  • Trexprex

    Rewatching this because her videos always make my day🤍

  • S Wang
    S Wang  +186

    can’t stop smiling while watching this. Jisoo brings me pure happiness

  • D A
    D A  +14

    I was so glad to re-visit Copenhagen with Jisoo! Such a heart-warming vlog, thank you!

  • thesykz
    thesykz  +30

    Finally, Jisoo has her own channel. The wait is finally over. I'm really excited about their content. As always, she is elegant and beautiful. She's just a perfect human being. There are few words to describe how perfect she is. Love her blink. She is kind, funny, beautiful and smart. I love you Kim Jisoo ❤️❤️