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PARIS vlog

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  • 게시일 2023. 02. 12.
  • 행복지수 103%의 채널 수익금 전액은 손길이 필요한 곳에 전달될 예정입니다.
    모두의 행복지수가 더 높게 올라가길 바랍니다.
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  • @Chi101887
    @Chi101887  +545

    I love the fact that even though she's been to Paris countless times, she still does all the sightseeing so that those working with her can have a great time too. We love a considerate queen! 👑

  • @venuschuaqx9551

    Jisoo is literally the kindest person 🥺 profits going to charity, not taking a day off just to make sure her colleagues will leave a memorable experience at Europe aww

  • @Jessicanguyenin_

    Jisoo's vlogs always makes my day better shes so down to earth and the scene with Jisoo running up to Rosie is so wholesome and funny to me. Im so grateful for these vlogs and i will always be waiting for more. Unnie your getting better at Vlogging every day!!! <3

  • @user-jm5po9sl7q

    진짜 파리만의 감성 충만… 지수보면 너무 행복해… 솜사탕 하나에 너무너무 예쁘게 웃는 지수에 진짜 너무 저절로 웃게 되구…❤

  • @yeooooony

    지수언니는 진짜 가식 없이 순수하고 쾌활한 성격을 가지고 있어서 보면 볼수록 빠져나올수 없는 마성의 매력을 가진것 같아 츄언니 앞으로도 유튜브 꾸준히 업로드해주세요 사랑해요 언니☁️☁️

  • @boriim9068
    @boriim9068 21 일 전 +19

    지수씨 밝고 예쁜 모습에 팬이 되었어요

  • @laotang_
    @laotang_  +65

    Jisoo is not just an idol, she is a versatile person. Even when she's on a world tour, she thinks of us and vlogs and supports people. She has a heart like an angel

  • @Jisoo_sooyya

    Jisoo gives off a vibe of being someone so cool and mature

  • @zahraaaaaa5829

    Jisoo is pure. Seeing her make me so happy. The way she smiles, she laughs, she talks, and treats people around her. She's gorgeous in all side.

  • @mgkhant352

    Jisoo's vlog is so simple, comfortable and cool.There is beauty in her smile in the whole vlog

  • @vitoria2125

    o momento em que ela diz que faz vários passeios para a equipe dela que nunca foi para a europa não ficar entediada só mostra o quanto kim jisoo é a pessoa mais doce, gentil, empática e generosa que existe! além de uma idol super talentosa é um ser humano maravilhoso. eu te amo kim jisoo, nunca deixe de ser quem você é!

  • @NitaMahopmaa

    Je suis trop heureuse de voir Jisoo ailleurs que dans les émissions ou les lives habituels ♡

  • @direydealova

    Jisoooo you're so amaazinggggggg💞💕💕💚💚💖🤎💖💔💔❤🤎🤎💙💛🖤

  • @totoalaplage-kv5ws

    Merci Jisoo,

  • @aintitfun1172

    Omg Jisoo voice is so angelic, I love her so much, her vlogs are also so calming. She is AMAZING!!❤️

  • @egoeimi333

    Little 16 year old Jisoo going to YG to audition as an actress had NO IDEA she would one day be a global musical superstar living such a luxurious life that she could show us her fabulous Paris hotel room and casually say, "THIS is where I stay whenever I'm in Paris." Then she shows gifts from world famous, fashion luxury brand, Christian Dior, because she is their GLOBAL brand ambassador!! YOU GO GURL! You deserve it all because you worked hard, endured all the ignorant haters and have brought such joy and inspiration through your music, captivating personality and indomitable character!!💖❤️💗🧡💫💥

  • @blackpink-lalisa-

    영원히 지수를 응원합니다👉

  • @victoriasuleponce7115

    es que jisoo es unica , su belleza es impresionante ,sus vlogs son increibles .En fin JISOO ES UNA REINA 👑

  • @TuneItOrDie4001

    It is a statement of her character when she thinks of, and cares enough for the staff experiencing Paris on her day off. Their day meant more to her than sitting around the hotel all day. There never seems to be a dull moment for all that are charged with taking care of and protecting this incredible human being!

  • @TheChandelierDiaries

    Jisoo is such a funny & lovely person. I’m delighted to get to know her like this!! Jisoo 화이팅 !