Halsey - SUGA's Interlude (Official Audio)

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  • 게시일 2019. 12. 06.
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    Music video by Halsey, SUGA performing SUGA's Interlude (Audio). © 2019 Capitol Records, LLC
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  • Arriana Misola
    Arriana Misola 21 분 전


  • Arriana Misola
    Arriana Misola 22 분 전

    MAITEAM WER U AT???????

  • Precious Nazhrine Belardo


  • Madonna V
    Madonna V 2 시간 전

    This is love

  • Alex Lin
    Alex Lin 6 시간 전

    This must be play at ultra 2020

  • Alex Lin
    Alex Lin 6 시간 전

    My fav song for Halsey new album

  • whereisforest
    whereisforest 6 시간 전

    Thanks Halsey. Thanks Suga.

  • Kaia Mata RIBEIRO
    Kaia Mata RIBEIRO 11 시간 전 +1

    Mais ou menos

  • Miss Sugared
    Miss Sugared 12 시간 전

    Está canción es muy relajante❤️✨❤️

  • Finn Snow
    Finn Snow 13 시간 전

    Came here after lyrics video 😆

  • Sweet Cat
    Sweet Cat 14 시간 전 +1

    I love you Suga

  • Jamie Phung
    Jamie Phung 15 시간 전

    💜💜Halsey &Yoongi💜💜 Such a beautiful collab!

  • Blurryface _
    Blurryface _ 19 시간 전 +1

    Love the song, the lyrics are amazing!

  • Zozo Snow
    Zozo Snow 19 시간 전 +1

    Amazing i can’t forget the song 👏🏻

  • amro saad
    amro saad 21 시간 전 +1

    The worst thing about this song is that it ends. I want it to go on forever and ever and ever 😢😭

    ARMY BTS 일 전


  • We are Army , you know ?


    PARK CHAE YOUNG 일 전 +3

    Esta cancion es arte

      PARK CHAE YOUNG 17 시간 전

      @Tele TV si tienes rason

    • Tele TV
      Tele TV 일 전

      todo lo q yoongi hace es arte
      halsey tmb
      y si dos artistas colaboran, la fusión d los estilos pasa, y crea un nuevo estilo.
      Como ahora

  • Bangtan Boys
    Bangtan Boys 일 전

    Lyrics fully romanized so you can sing along:
    [Intro: Halsey]
    I been trying all my life
    To separate the time
    In between the having it all
    And giving it up, yeah
    [Verse 1: SUGA]
    Nae meorissogen paransaekman gadeukhan i banghwang
    Jagihyeomodeulgwa jamani nae maeumsoge sara
    Kkumi gadeukhan nan jara modeun kkumeul irwossgeonman
    Kkumeun kkumeuroman ganjikhaneun ge
    Deo nasjiraneun saenggageul
    Dongsie hamyeo saragago issji
    Nae doyageun churagi anigireul
    Neoui sinnyeom noryeok mideum yoksimdeureun
    Chuagi animimeul mideo
    Haega tteugi jeon saebyeogeun mueosboda eodupjiman
    Nega baran byeoldeureun eodum sogeseoman
    Tteundaneun geol jeoldae ijji ma
    [Chorus: Halsey]
    I been trying all my life
    To separate the time
    In between the having it all
    And giving it up, yeah
    I wonder what's in store
    If I don't love it anymore
    Step between the having it all
    And giving it up, yeah
    [Verse 2: SUGA]
    Gakkeumeun naega geotgo issneun ge majneunji
    Hayeomeopsi teoneol kkeuteul hyanghae dallimyeon
    Mwoga tto isseulleonji
    Majgin hanji naega baradeon miraewaneun
    Soljikhi dareun geoji
    Sanggwaneopsji ijeneun saengjonui munje
    Eojji dwaessdeun sanggwaneopsji
    Yeah yeah nega baran geosdeulgwaneun
    Dareulji molla
    Nega saraganeun geosdo saranghaneun geosdo
    Byeonhalji molla
    That’t true That’t true That’t true
    Yeah so are you gonna move
    Kkumulgeorigien urin ajik jeolmgo eoryeo
    [Chorus: Halsey]
    I been trying all my life
    To separate the time
    In between the having it all
    And giving it up, yeah
    I wonder what's in store
    If I don't love it anymore
    Step between the having it all
    And giving it up, yeah

  • Lele Cute
    Lele Cute 일 전

    I'm still crying and the lyric video is so cute

  • kim kim
    kim kim 일 전

    100% uma música boa e um ótimo trabalho juntos!!

  • kim kim
    kim kim 일 전 +1

    suga e halsey fez um ótimo trabalho juntos !!!

  • kim kim
    kim kim 일 전


  • Divina Comedia
    Divina Comedia 일 전


  • Samantha Seoltang

    Love this so much

  • Du Desocupada
    Du Desocupada 일 전

    Só eu acho que um plágio do kamaitachi??

  • Waffleii
    Waffleii 일 전

    this is too short :c

  • stephanie moody
    stephanie moody 일 전

    Yas we have the beautiful halsey with suga putting BTS flavor in the song 😍😍

  • gerard the crow
    gerard the crow 일 전

    I love this song so much,
    but that aside am I the only one who thinks the beginning kind of sounds like Minecraft music.

  • Miranda_MRD
    Miranda_MRD 일 전

    ame ame ame, amo amo amo y amare esta canción

  • Natalee Flóres
    Natalee Flóres 일 전 +2

    Love it. Love it. Literally, this moment the first time i ever enjoyed male kpop vocals. This was my gateway song lol. THIS IS SO GOOD and uh yes I don't speak korean but the syllable patterns, the beautifully contrasting voices. This is an intriguing hybrid
    Sonically, I'm getting some flashback feeling to Coldplay's mylo xyloto which I thought was a good album.
    Suddenly remembered how, during an earlier song, I wondered if Halsey covered Fake Plastic trees would that be interesting?
    SUGA's flow makes me wanna nod, explain things with hand gestures, and dance. Meaningful music with visceral impact. Kudos you guys!

  • The-1DarkKnight_
    The-1DarkKnight_ 일 전 +1

    I was just about to skip this song then Suga started rapping

  • Take Out
    Take Out 일 전 +8

    El interludio es una pequeña pieza musical (como un puente que ayuda a conectar) y por ello SUGAs Interlude dura poco.
    Halsey y Suga de BTS escribieron sus partes en la cancion . La letra es realmente buena.
    Ambos hicieron un buen trabajo y
    Halsey lo hizo bien con el álbum.
    **Solo las personas sin prejuicios apreciarán la colaboración.

  • boris omar
    boris omar 일 전

    ya que se puede herir a una persona a la que no se comprende.

  • conspiracies
    conspiracies 일 전 +2

    i don't like bts but i mean...it's halsey c'mon! i can't resist...

  • Min_ Sarah
    Min_ Sarah 일 전

    حرفيا أكثر فنانينيين أحبهم اجتمعوا بأكثر ستايل احبه

  • Min_ Sarah
    Min_ Sarah 일 전


  • Min_ Sarah
    Min_ Sarah 일 전

    مين يذكر كم وصلت بأول يوم ؟ 4 مليون؟

  • Mohamed Ali
    Mohamed Ali 일 전


  • Army Girl
    Army Girl 일 전 +1

    Halsey's sweet voice + his rapping
    I am speechless

  • Elisa Handayani
    Elisa Handayani 2 일 전

    This is amazing song

  • Aster Baral
    Aster Baral 2 일 전

    Oh my god
    How are they living right now😔
    Under a lot of pressure and stress and having loneliness
    It’s making me hurt too 😭😭
    This song directly touched my heart ♥️
    This is how our BTS members 😍😔😘
    Love Bts 💜💜

  • Fa fawasx
    Fa fawasx 2 일 전


  • moofy estella
    moofy estella 2 일 전

    it’s great being a halsey stan AND army. 🤍🦋💜

  • Ria Angkat
    Ria Angkat 2 일 전 +1

    Beautiful song😍 suga i purple you💜

  • Ji Hye
    Ji Hye 2 일 전 +1

    Gracias Halsey tu voy y la de mi hyung suenan muy bien juntas

  • Kim Nayeon
    Kim Nayeon 2 일 전

    Que pasa con las Armys?!! 💜 esta canción debe recibir más reconocimiento, es una obra de arte. Al menos debería tener más de 50 millones de visitas

  • mela678 palma
    mela678 palma 2 일 전

    aun sigue siendo mi cancion favorita!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tele TV
    Tele TV 2 일 전

    the title forgot the feat suga~~~~

    • Tele TV
      Tele TV 일 전

      @Min_ Sarah okay~

    • Min_ Sarah
      Min_ Sarah 일 전

      Can you come to listen again 👉👈

  • exe _ rae
    exe _ rae 2 일 전

    This is the only song from the album I disliked

  • Jamie Latham
    Jamie Latham 2 일 전 +1


  • Joseph Madfer
    Joseph Madfer 2 일 전

    BTS is cancer

  • BTS Lover
    BTS Lover 2 일 전

    Suga's interlude: I wonder whats in store if I don't love it any more.
    Black Swan: The heart no longer races when it hears the music play, that will be my first death
    ARMY: Anything y'all wanna tell us?

  • notKimNamjoon여자친구yet

    Wow, this song is so good. Suga rapping and deep voice is 💯🖒

  • Anitalik
    Anitalik 3 일 전

    Suga Shadow: "I wanna be a rap star, I wanna be the top (..) I wanna be rich, I wanna be..."
    Sugas interlude: "I was full of dreams, then I grew and made all of it come true, yet keeping dreams as dreams would be better."
    Yoongi... I'm crying(((

  • Rutvi Tiwari
    Rutvi Tiwari 3 일 전 +6

    Who else loved this song the most‽

  • Aya Omar
    Aya Omar 3 일 전 +2

    Yoongi ㅠ ㅠ♡

  • Suga- Rap
    Suga- Rap 3 일 전 +2

    Oh my god suga ,, I love you so much

    BTS ARMY 3 일 전 +1

    # sope no hs

  • J Sánchez
    J Sánchez 3 일 전 +1

    Thank you for releasing a song that will comfort us