HYOLYN (효린) ‘Layin' Low (feat. Jooyoung)’ Official MV

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  • 게시일 2022. 01. 11.
  • HYOLYN (효린) ‘Layin’ Low (feat. Jooyoung)’ Official MV

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    Executive Produced by bridge
    Executive Director Heesun Joo
    Creative Director Seunghee Lee, Jiyun Ma, Yeoju Park
    LA Producer 72 @ the Key Artist Agency

    Choreographer Nicole Kirkland
    Dancers CJ Salvador, Tristan Edpa, Deanna Leggett, Dominique Creese, Khaleya Graham, Hannah Winship

    MV Director JOO, Nicole Kirkland
    Director of Photography Jonathan Hernandez
    Production Assistant Joanna Koulis
    Editing Jonathan Hernandez, JOO
    Color Hakmin Noh, Jisu Lee @ Colorado
    BTS Videographer Seulgi Lee

    Photographer Isné Bobo Nuyent
    Photographer Assistant Daniel Byun
    Design Jiyun Kim, Soyoung Lee @ Laundry Office, Jiyun Ma

    Hair Chacha @ JUNGSAEMMOOL, Brittney Collinson
    Makeup Junggeum @ JUNGSAEMMOOL
    Security Soohyun Og

    Lyrics by 효린, 마미손, Jooyoung, John Ofa Rhee, Robyn The Bank
    Composed by Robyn The Bank, Ludvig Evers, Jonatan Gusmark, 효린, Jooyoung, John Ofa Rhee
    Arranged by Moonshine

    Recorded by 장민 @ M Creative Sound
    Digital Edited by 장민 @ M Creative Sound
    Mixed by Manny Park @ SIG Recording’s, Moonshine
    Mastered by 권남우 @ 821 Sound Mastering

    Original Publisher: EKKO Music Rights Europe (powered by CTGA) / Riptide Music Group
    Sub-Publisher: EKKO Music Rights (powered by CTGA) / Fuji Pacific Korea / the Key Artist Agency


    Official Homepageㅣ bridgeofficial.com/
    bridʒ Official Instagram l bridg3_offi...
    HYOLYN Official Instagram l xhyolynx

    Official Facebook l hyolyn.official
    Official Twitter l officialHyolyn_
    Official TikTok l vt.tiktok.com/MCWQwG/
    Official V LIVE l channels.vlive.tv/D734FF
    Official Fan's l cafe.daum.net/hyolynofficial

    ⓒ 2022 bridʒ Entertainment. All Rights Reserved

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  • charissahoo
    charissahoo 4 일 전 +3474


    • Jonny X Reacts
      Jonny X Reacts  일 전

      im a kpop reactor and i just found your channel from this comment and I'm obsessed!!

    • mhm
      mhm 일 전 +1


    • uni queenz
      uni queenz 일 전 +1


    • KB 반응
      KB 반응 2 일 전 +2


    • Anthony
      Anthony 3 일 전 +9

      1M in 1 week please!!! Let's stream BAES

  • Annchirisu
    Annchirisu 19 시간 전 +248

    the queen deserves so much more love.

    • shockofthenew
      shockofthenew 18 시간 전 +3

      omg I didn't expect to see you here! But I'm not surprised you stan Hyolyn, you have excellent taste

    • altofficial react
      altofficial react 18 시간 전 +3

      i didn't expect Ann to be here too... let's give more love for the queen...

  • DeerDeer米鹿
    DeerDeer米鹿 일 전 +77

    好好看好好聽 人歌舞合一

  • milena pinzano
    milena pinzano 2 일 전 +857

    she is carrying the sexy concept industry in her back, all by HERSELF. this woman is insaneeeee

    • 󠀡󠀡
      󠀡󠀡 2 시간 전 +1

      @Shara Lool I just checked that chair scene. That scene is WILD. I can't believe it was even allowed on Studio Choom. Yeah Sunmi definitely don't give two fs. I only really listened to Tail's audio rather than the performances so I didn't catch that the first time.

    • Shara
      Shara  3 시간 전 +1

      @󠀡󠀡 yup, they don't let her do the chair scene at live performances but honestly that's the best part 😩

    • 󠀡󠀡
      󠀡󠀡 3 시간 전

      @Shara Oh Tail was censored? I didn't know that. But Sunmi often has her songs censored. Both 24 hours and Full Moon were censored. It'd almost put her up there just about with Hyolyn as owning the concept. Hyolyn also has those vocals that suit this sensual R&B so well.

    • Shara
      Shara  8 시간 전

      @󠀡󠀡 all i can think of is Sunmis tail getting censored 😩 i hope goes down the road of similar concepts cuz i can definetly see her doing this in the future!

    • Super Lame
      Super Lame 14 시간 전 +2

      󠀡󠀡 You’re right Hyuna USED to be THE sex icon of the industry. And her stuff has had to be censored before. Roll Deep MV had to be changed. I’m actually sad she doesn’t do sexy anymore cuz it’s so rare in the industry but as a mega fan I support whatever she wants to do with her music.

  • 도로시
    도로시 13 시간 전 +24

    베랑 달리 때도 넘 좋아했는데 춤실력이 더 늘었어 과연 끝은 어디일까...!!! 쉴틈없이 유연함도 파워풀함도 코어힘도 장난 아니고.... 높은 굽 신고 춤 격하게 추니까 언니 건강하게 오래 춰줘요!!!!! 노래실력은 말할것도 없는데 또 한마디 덧붙이자면 씨스타때부터 진짜 실력 말해뭐해~~

  • DanielHG
    DanielHG 4 일 전 +3752

    As a dancer i must say this girl is fire, she is literally one of the best dancers out there and her heels technique is inmaculate. The vocals are on point and you can bet Hyolyn is gonna sing live while doing this whole routine. 10/10 keep slaying queen

    • Squidgy Elder
      Squidgy Elder 21 시간 전 +1

      As a dancer have to agree

    • Quanzie Panzie
      Quanzie Panzie 21 시간 전

      Thought it would be at a million already

      This is too good

    • Asia D
      Asia D 일 전 +1

      Nicole Kirkland choreographed this

    • Anthony
      Anthony 일 전 +1

      300k more for our goal of 1M in 1 week!!! Let's stream BAES

      MIKASA X RD 2 일 전 +4

      She's not a member of Sistar for nothing guuurl, Sistar is one of the group who got really amazing charisma, their songs are always hawt summer.

  • nia
    nia 일 전 +114

    Hyolyn has so much star power. She’s a great vocalist, rapper, and has the most powerful dancing capabilities in Korea. She really should be proud of herself. Super amazing.

  • 이타도리현재
    이타도리현재 일 전 +128

    for those who dont know her, she is a member of SISTAR, one of the most legendary 2nd gen gg

    so basically, she is your idols' idol

  • Tappy
    Tappy 일 전 +45

    This is the definition of FEARLESS. Hyolyn is never afraid of trying something new and always striving to improve herself even more. What a complete package artist right there. ❤️❤️

  • 류지희
    류지희 7 시간 전 +14

    노래가 정말 중독적이에요. 댄스도 너무 좋아요ㅠㅠ 효린님의 피땀눈물이 느껴집니다 항상 응원합니다! 진짜 멋있어요!!! 언니 짱☆

  • 우리♡♡우리
    우리♡♡우리 8 시간 전 +10

    음~~♡♡노래두 넘 좋구
    머리에서 발끝까지 넘 ~♡예뻐~♡
    난~♡효린 넘~♡사랑해~♡
    효린 멋진 여자야~~~♡♡

  • Leon Phan
    Leon Phan 2 일 전 +281

    My only disappointment is we are too slow in getting this video to a million views and more!! Let's ramp it up guys!! This song and music video deserve all the hype and recognition!! Let's go!!

    • Kern Festin
      Kern Festin 6 시간 전

      Same here. I don't get it.

    • Anthony
      Anthony 16 시간 전 +4

      @shockofthenew 850k in 4 days!!! 150k short for 1M!! Let's gift this to Queen Hyolyn

    • Leon Phan
      Leon Phan 22 시간 전 +8

      This is the attitude and vibe we need!! Let's continue pushing this track to a million and beyond!!

    • shockofthenew
      shockofthenew 일 전 +7

      @Anthony we're nearly at 800k in 3 days, I say let's aim even higher!

    • erwanights
      erwanights 일 전 +5

      This deserve more than 1M !

  • 박호빵
    박호빵 일 전 +11

    와....너무 멋있어요 언니!!❤❤

  • ᄋᄌᄌ
    ᄋᄌᄌ 일 전 +9

    멋지다. 보컬은 뭐 효린이니 말할 것도 없지만 너무 좋구 춤도 힐 신고 진짜 잘 춘당

  • Amani Marsh
    Amani Marsh 일 전 +59

    I haven't seen kpop star is brave and super talented like her ever!! She's one of the top elite for real.. Vocals, Dancing, everything about her is awesome, Go Girl

  • Amii A
    Amii A 2 일 전 +54

    She’s such an icon, everything about this is incredible

  • Helicopter Helicopter

    Why is she underrated???
    She's one of the best, sexiest and most beautiful performers to exist
    She should go viral around the world.
    Her elegance + sexyness is unmatched

  • shockofthenew
    shockofthenew 2 일 전 +138

    sexy, cute, soulful, sophisticated, badass... Miss Hyolyn has the RANGE

  • Bin Gà - Heaven Dance Team

    OMG i'm dead ! She such a talent !

    • David Wilder
      David Wilder 2 일 전

      Sensational dance sensational music sensational video-phew!! Magic 💘👍

    • Forzi R
      Forzi R 3 일 전

      krplus.net/bidio/esOipIOUiKiVh6g Afro REMIX

  • farhahxoxo
    farhahxoxo 일 전 +34


  • Texas baby ktea
    Texas baby ktea 18 시간 전 +20

    She always got the bops. I love her style. She needs to do an all English version. I honestly think this would do better in the US. It's very much what we have on our radio here.

  • Venómica
    Venómica 15 시간 전 +10

    Hyolyn todas las noches the voy a prender una vela y voy a rezar por un comeback exitoso

  • Christina Ghevondian
    Christina Ghevondian 2 일 전 +13

    효린 정말 멋지네 ㅠㅠ 얼마나 노력했을까? 이런 결과까지 ㅠㅠ

  • AE Top Musics
    AE Top Musics 3 일 전 +740

    Debe de ser muy difícil ser la unica idol que esta salvando el concepto sexy en el kpop.

    Thxs Hyolyn for the hard work and you slaying gurl

    • Kristna Sandoval
      Kristna Sandoval 20 시간 전

      @Floresilla Silvestre Si insistí en que Hyolyn ya no era o no era considerada Idol no era por invento mío, sino porque realmente ya la consideran artista Krnb, por todo su manejo y ambiente, etc. si en otras oportunidades promocionó como idol, me disculpo por decir que ya no lo era, probablemente se pueda considerar como ambos, ya que con Mino y Bobby pasa, cuando estos promocionan con Winner y Ikon lo hacen como idols, pero cuando son MOBB son considerados Khh, no quería causar tanta charla innecesaria, (menos en internet que es bien ridículo), porque realmente pensé que era muy lógico, con todo lo que he visto de su carrera como solista, tal vez, como a See Sea no le dieron tanta "atención" no conseguí tantas promociones al igual que con otras canciones.

    • red jogos,
      red jogos, 일 전

      Doesn't matter if she is a idol or not. But she's saving the sexy concept, she's hot, perfect vocals...

    • Camila FS
      Camila FS 일 전

      Hyolun would be annoyed by this stupid discussion

    • Anthony
      Anthony 일 전

      300k more for our goal of 1M in 1 week!!! Let's stream BAES

    • Pablo Javier Sanchez Rojas
      Pablo Javier Sanchez Rojas 일 전

      @Acácio Lopes no hay punto de comparacion Hyolyn sigue coreografias americanas, y Sunmi las que le da la empresa, ambas son buenisimas y hacen cosas totalmente diferentes, Hyolyn tu patrona y la que soporteeee

  • Sarahël Vetral
    Sarahël Vetral 2 일 전 +22

    the fact that she is as good as professional dancers still drives me nuts

  • 임뭐
    임뭐 16 시간 전 +16

    효린 과소평가 당함.... 쉬운길 가지 않고 끊임없이 노력하고 시상식 축하무대 충분히 멋진데 너무 파격적이라 당시엔 조롱 댓글이 많았는데 지금은 많이 알아줘다행... 춤,비쥬얼,가창력 빠질게 없다

  • Jenniffer Braga
    Jenniffer Braga 2 일 전 +16

    Imagina só acordar e ser a Hyolyn essa mulher é perfeita tudo que toca vira ouro😍😍😍😍😍😍

    • Baes for Hyolyn
      Baes for Hyolyn 일 전 +2

      eu to o dia todo assistindo a performance no immortal songs krplus.net/bidio/lLN6Z49zoWnLpmE

  • Happy Richie
    Happy Richie 8 시간 전 +8

    Hyolyn deserves much more love n support. She's one of the most talented female artist

  • Hw K
    Hw K 2 시간 전 +5

    진짜 원탑임 뭐하나 빠지는게 없음 요즘 아이돌들이 따라갈수 없는 실력과 아우라

  • Honey lemon
    Honey lemon 19 시간 전 +6

    She never disappoint ()always drop a bop for us..multitalented yo-jaa

  • Gabrielle
    Gabrielle 2 일 전 +18

    Essa música tá tudooooooooo e essa coreografia então... Muito sexy! Que mulher perfeita, canta muito assim como dança. Maravilhosaaaaaa! 🔥🔥🔥🔥😍

    • Baes for Hyolyn
      Baes for Hyolyn 일 전 +1

      gentee e a performance no immortal songs, EU N CONSIGO SUPERAR krplus.net/bidio/lLN6Z49zoWnLpmE

  • Diamond...
    Diamond... 일 전 +18

    How is this video not at 100 million views by now... This is actually a masterpiece...She has crazy stage presence.. Beautiful voice.. solid coordination.. I could compare her to blackpink..Somi as a soloist...Twice and the rest.. what is the problem...the rest.... Not even up to one million views... Keep slaying Hyolyn..

  • 자유롭게훨훨
    자유롭게훨훨 2 일 전 +16

    설렌다! 개멋있다!

  • Ange
    Ange 11 시간 전 +8

    My goal in life is to get even 1/16th of what Hyolyn has. She's such a queen. Love her so much.

  • BluesAesthetic
    BluesAesthetic 23 시간 전 +8

    What a boss!! She’s promoting Layin’s Low, on Double Trouble, and just did Immortal Song?? 🥵🥵 She is serving 2022!!!

  • 김재용
    김재용 일 전 +11

    효린만에 매력있는 뮤비네요 잘봤어요

  • Peace The Gypsy
    Peace The Gypsy 2 일 전 +10

    SHEESH! I wouldn't expect anything less! The way she always slays the choreography makes me feel so motivated!!!

  • lemon l
    lemon l 11 시간 전 +10

    처음에 뮤비공개때 성인인증때문에 조회수가 안올라간것같은데 그래도 인기차트에서 순위가 올라가고 평과 효린노력을 알아봐줘서 내가 다 뿌듯 항상 화이팅

    • ᄋᄋ
      ᄋᄋ 11 시간 전

      아 성인인증 ㅠ 그정도로 야한건 아닌거같은데

  • Janiya Butler
    Janiya Butler 일 전 +141

    Are we not gonna ignore the fact that she is literally dancing in heels. A LITERAL DANCING QUEEN 👑

  • 김실버
    김실버 18 시간 전 +7

    효린이 최고다!!!!!!

  • 뚱이
    뚱이 2 일 전 +8

    효린님 이미지변신 멋지십니다 응원할게요

  • 우리♡♡우리
    우리♡♡우리 8 시간 전 +11

    2022 최고로 빛나는 효린

  • María Gabriela López
    María Gabriela López 20 시간 전 +3

    Hyolyn demostrando no solo ser una gran cantante sino también una excelente bailarina.

  • Voldemort Sunbaenim
    Voldemort Sunbaenim 14 시간 전 +5

    It’s a shame that she and Jooyoung are both so underrated. When i‘ve seen that he is part of her song i was so happy bc he is one of my most favourite singers in kpop. She is such a good vocalist, dancer and performer!! I wish her just the best 👌🏼

  • Catherine Pascual
    Catherine Pascual 4 일 전 +862

    This isn't just a Dally 2.0! This is beyond perfection! Hyolyn is a top-tier artist and performer! Please let's give her lots of love and support BAEs!!!!

    • Anthony
      Anthony 일 전 +1

      300k more for our goal of 1M in 1 week!!! Let's stream BAES

    • Forzi R
      Forzi R 3 일 전

      krplus.net/bidio/esOipIOUiKiVh6g Afro REMIX OUT

    • Aeri Soon
      Aeri Soon 3 일 전 +8

      Dally looks cute in comparison to this - I'm just typing this from my grave because Hyolyn absolutely murdered this comeback and spared no mercy

    • Brandon Wang
      Brandon Wang 4 일 전 +9

      I thought I was the only one that thought this song reminded me of Dally… love this style from Hyolyn. Great song! ☺️

  • Leticia Baldan
    Leticia Baldan 3 일 전 +40

    Eu não tanko vey. Meu coração é frágil, mulher! Simplesmente perfeita.

    • Baes for Hyolyn
      Baes for Hyolyn 일 전

      e isso aquiiii no immortal songs krplus.net/bidio/lLN6Z49zoWnLpmE

  • 하영
    하영 2 일 전 +6

    존멋♡♡ 짱예뻐요진짜루♡♡

  • teo
    teo 2 일 전 +42

    I am literally in awe of her talent and presence. She's such a global level talent it's almost frustrating that she isn't more popular and renowned. Her, Chungha and CL are honestly the few Korean solo artists who could take on the global stage.

  • Blue
    Blue 3 일 전 +495

    Go off!!!!! The flexibility, plus vocals is simply chef's kiss. She's deserves more success!!!

    • Peppabitch
      Peppabitch 일 전 +2

      Bruh stop ur everywhere

    • KB 반응
      KB 반응 2 일 전 +1


    • shockofthenew
      shockofthenew 2 일 전 +9

      you can't just copy someone's comment when it's still right there near the top of the page.......

  • Jibb Ladra
    Jibb Ladra 4 일 전 +691

    No other kpop artists can pull off this kind of choreography. Only hyolyn. Hyolyn deserves wider recognition. Massive respect to Queen Hyolyn. 👑🍒

    • Forzi R
      Forzi R 3 일 전 +1

      krplus.net/bidio/esOipIOUiKiVh6g Afro REMIX OUT

    • Eyebrowstj - Multifandom4Life
      Eyebrowstj - Multifandom4Life 3 일 전 +7

      Seungyeon of CLC could likely do this type of choreography. She has some amazing dance covers. I would love to see her take a stab at this choreography.

      Hyolyn is definitely in a class of her own!

    • Dawn35
      Dawn35 4 일 전 +5


    • victoriaxo98
      victoriaxo98 4 일 전 +7

      @M RD not yet 😌

    • Athanasia
      Athanasia 4 일 전 +20

      @M RD Who said that someone else is trying?

  • Salvia Rifdah
    Salvia Rifdah 22 시간 전 +5

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate that Hyolyn use dancers from many races and body type? This is such a breath of a fresh air to K-Pop

  • 박선희
    박선희 3 일 전 +12

    효린씨 역시 섹시함 너무 멋져요 노래 대박 나시길 바랍니다 이미 대박 났네요

  • thuyAnh
    thuyAnh 2 일 전 +4


  • Kyu Shine
    Kyu Shine 3 일 전 +4


  • Niran
    Niran 2 시간 전 +2


  • Spacemonkey_980
    Spacemonkey_980 8 시간 전 +4

    I have no gorram idea why her name is consistently left out of kpop Ace discussions because this queen is straight up fire. Babe we love you! ❤

  • golden kookie
    golden kookie 일 전 +7

    This song deserves millions of views ! Layin’ low has been on repeat since it came out.

  • Krisprolls Hater
    Krisprolls Hater 일 전 +5

    I can't believe less than 1M people got to experience this masterpiece

  • Lilly xo
    Lilly xo 일 전 +10

    the fact she has NICOLE KIRKLAND choreography is amazing! that woman is so talented. & Hyolyn, YOU’RE ON FIRE! I love you! hwaiting!

    • Lilly xo
      Lilly xo 23 시간 전

      @Baboono same here! her choreography is everything. 🙌🏼

    • Baboono
      Baboono 23 시간 전 +1

      That explains the boldness and quality! I love Nicole's work

  • 예지
    예지 2 일 전 +11

    노래 진짜 세련됐다 ㅠㅠㅠ 춤이랑 찰떡!! 이런 그루브 효린만이 소화가능👍💕

  • k - ardillo
    k - ardillo 12 시간 전 +4

    The fucking music!
    The fucking choreography!!
    The fucking vocals!!!
    The fucking diversity!!!!
    The 👏 fucking 👏 QUALITY!!!!! 👏

    EMILY HUERTA 2 일 전 +14

    Can we please give her the attention she deserves? 🤧 She is just an amazing artist 🥰

  • Pablo Javier Sanchez Rojas

    Y la que sopooorteeeeeee Hyolyn sigue y seguirá siendo IDOL, IDOL que fue considerada junto con su grupo de ser uno de los pilares del Kpop en su momento e influencia del actual.

  • Tedy Surya
    Tedy Surya 3 일 전 +11

    This masterpiece deserves more than million views...

  • Lucie
    Lucie 3 일 전 +3

    The moves, the vocals, the looks!!! Hyolyn got everything ✨✨ she killed it!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • 홍하나
    홍하나 일 전 +6

    오...효린이 이케 춤을 잘췄었나.......잘춘당

  • Vinícius Macedo
    Vinícius Macedo 4 일 전 +12

    Mamãe você entregou tudo!
    Visuais, dança, vocais, performance.
    Artista! 💕

  • When they go low_ We go high

    너무 야한데 너무 멋지고 잘 어울리네 섹시라는 단어가 정말 잘 어울리는 가수임.

  • The Matrix
    The Matrix 2 일 전 +6

    Wait. She is actually a very skilled dancer. That's crazy

  • Nick-E Nicole
    Nick-E Nicole 18 시간 전 +3

    When I'm not listening to _Layin' Low_ I'm thinking about it and hearing it in my head, especially when she says "dah dum" after she says "You I live for". So addictive!

  • Erazabeth Rihyenna
    Erazabeth Rihyenna 9 시간 전 +3

    Hyolyn makes it look like the dance is easy but once you try it, you'll be wheezing like hell ajdhkajsdhkahd I love her so much!!! Such a queen!!!

  • Evie
    Evie 3 일 전 +36

    a mamacita entregou TUDO e mais um pouco, tô embasbacada com a musica, perfomance, coreografia, o feat com o jooyoung, A MAIOR QUE TEMOS!!!

  • 문복란
    문복란 22 시간 전 +5

    우와! 효린 라이브도짱?너어무.ㅡ 잘한다

  • Macy Doptante
    Macy Doptante 2 일 전 +5

    Droppin’ by to take a peek after watching her in Moonbyul’s SMN. She’s really good in performing live. Thumbs up! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • nyong 9
    nyong 9 일 전 +5

    노래좋당~~ 효린 무대는 독보적임!! 역시 멋져 ㅎㅎ

  • 햇반
    햇반 3 일 전 +9

    이번노래도 미쳤다ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ🖤🖤🖤

  • Stephanie Fernandes
    Stephanie Fernandes 19 시간 전 +1

    Necessito uma petição para essa rainha vir para o Brasil 🇧🇷, Now agoraaaa!

  • 찹쌀떡 애기
    찹쌀떡 애기 2 일 전 +5

    이언니는 진짜 못하는게 뭘까 노래는 그냥 탑이고 이젠 춤까지

  • Myla H
    Myla H 5 시간 전 +2

    Hyolyn es tan sensacional 👑, amo sus coreografías, su visual y su encantadora voz🔥

  • Yasmin Wellen
    Yasmin Wellen 3 일 전 +3


  • HYOLYN 효린
    HYOLYN 효린  4 일 전 +2307

    달리 이후로 더 노력하고 성장한 모습을 늘 보여드리고 싶었었는데, 이렇게 "Layin' Low" 로 보여드릴 수 있게 되서, 너무 감사하고 또 감사해요..퍼포먼스도 멋있지만, 음악 만으로도 너무 황홀한 "Layin' Low" 많이 사랑해주세요:)

    I've always wanted to show you how much I've worked hard and grown since the release of "DALLY", but I'm so thankful and grateful to be able to show you through "Layin' Low."The performance is cool, but the music itself is fascinating. Please love "Layin' Low." :)

    • Nan Yaaj
      Nan Yaaj 22 시간 전


    • Nawal0716
      Nawal0716 일 전

      Great song! Pin your comment unnie. 🥰

    • 미니멀심플
      미니멀심플 일 전 +1

      너무 멋쩌요♡♡♡ 노력하신게 정말 느껴져요

    • Anthony
      Anthony 일 전 +1

      1M in 1 week please!!! Let's stream BAES

    • Lily H
      Lily H 2 일 전


  • cinta ronauli
    cinta ronauli 2 일 전 +4

    yess.... Queen Hyolyn is another Level!!!
    this comeback make me screaming!! this so good vocal,choreography, outfit, everything is amazing !!
    support Queen guyss

  • neknarf1973
    neknarf1973 3 일 전 +253

    I love the diversity seen in her back-up dancers as in different roots, different sizes. Shows what a great lady
    Hyolyn is !

    • Shizzle
      Shizzle 23 시간 전 +3

      Yes and she is embracing the tan skin 😍 shes not a typical pale korean

    • Alba Gómez
      Alba Gómez 일 전 +1


  • J. Jaxx
    J. Jaxx 2 일 전 +2

    I seriously live for hyolin. She is IMMACULATE I honestly can't find the right words to say

  • hippie
    hippie 2 일 전 +6

    독보적 ... 언니를 따라갈 사람은 없어...♡

  • Tedy Surya
    Tedy Surya 5 일 전 +443

    She's a whole GIRLGROUP in 1 person.

    She may not in her peak era anymore, but she still kpop top vocalist and top dancers. It's amazing to how she maintaining (maybe improve) this quality even after more than 10 years in industry.

    I know you won't read this, but thank you for making me stay alive. I will always stay alive for supporting you. atleast until you got your 2nd peak maybe.

    Good luck for LAYIN' LOW!!

    I love you, HYOLYN ❤️

    • Forzi R
      Forzi R 3 일 전

      krplus.net/bidio/esOipIOUiKiVh6g Afro REMIX OUT

    • mxln
      mxln 3 일 전

      @em s i think there is someone in charge along with her tbh its been very unclear in recent years but for now ig it doesnt matter, as long as all goes well w this cb and its had a pretty strong start😌. once promoting starts 🤭

    • em s
      em s 3 일 전 +1

      @mxln she has a boss? where did you get this info? gen confused bc last time she went on knowing bros she said she was the boss, she's even the one that makes the salary deposit for her staff that was btw the question she used during the segment! i do agree about the management team, but makes me wonder if isn't what she actually wants since she was always the center of sistar maybe now she doesn't want the craziness again?! idk but as a fan this year she needs to get the recognition she deserves, it drives me insane that someone this talented keeps getting slept on

    • mxln
      mxln 4 일 전

      @em s ya but she doesnt have full control over her company since she still has a boss and her management team is not the best. that and ya,, ppl RLY sleep on her but its abt time they wake up

    • Nguyen Ha Tien
      Nguyen Ha Tien 4 일 전 +12

      She might not be at the peak of the chart but she's at the peak of herself. Her dance improves like crazy while maintaining such great vocal. And of course she looks better than ever.

  • selly94 qlb
    selly94 qlb 3 일 전 +6

    Thank you for the people who shows supports to her we love you Hyolyn such a QUEEN

  • Yasmin Ifanger
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  • carol lorac
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  • Kern Festin
    Kern Festin 6 시간 전 +3

    She's so fearless. She has her own image. An image that rare in Kpop.

  • Roberta
    Roberta 4 일 전 +363

    NOBODY DELIVERS AS MUCH AS HYOLYN OMG look at this choreography and the smoothness of how she dances, her vocals, she is just amazing, please support this woman, she deserves to to burst!

    • FoxOwl
      FoxOwl 53 분 전

      She was always the best dancer

    • KB 반응
      KB 반응 2 일 전


  • Esthefhani c.p.s
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  • Gustavo Arturo Quispe Monteza


  • 선선
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    노래랑 저렇게 어려운 춤이 가능하다니..?!

  • Lara Ali
    Lara Ali 일 전 +3

    I can't believe that I've been living all this years without knowing such a talented person 🔥❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Cindy L
    Cindy L 4 일 전 +391

    Hyolyn is the best! She’s good at everything LIKE LITERALLY EVERYTHING. I love this song sooo much and plus Jooyoung too?! This is a whole masterpiece

    • Forzi R
      Forzi R 3 일 전

      krplus.net/bidio/esOipIOUiKiVh6g Afro REMIX OUT

    • Ed Vaedan
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  • maiana lopes
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    퀸! 이 MV에 불이 붙었습니다. 놀라운 춤과 음악, 정말 놀라운 가사. 브라질 팬 키스
    Tradução: Rainha! Esse MV pegou fogo.Danças e música incrível,letra realmente incrível.Beijo de fã brasileira

  • shockofthenew
    shockofthenew 3 일 전 +4

    Hyolyn's sheer talent and hard work blows me away every time!!!

  • 벤치벤치
    벤치벤치 2 일 전 +8


  • Lucky Star
    Lucky Star 일 전 +5

    Big applaud to Hyolin dance move. She's so talented ❤