A Message To Gabrielle Moses

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  • 게시일 2020. 06. 28.
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    btw sorry for the mid rolls but I’m trying to buy a new bike and GoPro cameras and let’s just say money hasn’t been coming in the last 4 months of not posting

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  • Kaden Easley
    Kaden Easley 48 분 전

    I soo relate to this 😞

  • nighthawkdragon42
    nighthawkdragon42 50 분 전

    Everyone watching this is very young and I know that. Jack said that Gabrielle was his medicine and that he hopes everyone watching can find that. Always remember that yes we all deserve good people in our lives that make us happy but we also have to be there for ourselves and be able to make ourselves happy. We have to truly love ourselves before we can share that love with someone else. I hope you all find the love for yourselves that you’d feel for someone else! ❤️

  • Rosie Tripp
    Rosie Tripp 시간 전

    Have they broke up I don’t get it

  • aubrey dowell
    aubrey dowell 시간 전

    i wonder if gabrielle saw this

  • Mrs. PiggyPerfect
    Mrs. PiggyPerfect 2 시간 전


  • Desya Sarbini
    Desya Sarbini 2 시간 전

    The way he talk about gabriella I see “Love”

  • The P family Pearson
    The P family Pearson 2 시간 전

    What happened did they break up? Sorry I need to catch up haven’t seen any of the videos yet. He look so depressed 😕

  • Daniel Montes ( Student )

    how did they break up

  • Millie Durkin
    Millie Durkin 4 시간 전

    I cant tell tell if she passed away or broke up.... 😕

  • Natalie Lewis
    Natalie Lewis 4 시간 전 +1

    I love both of you guys no matter what

  • what now
    what now 6 시간 전 +1

    why am i so sad : ‘ ((((((((

  • Lucy Martinez
    Lucy Martinez 11 시간 전 +1

    Omg no when he said it’s awesome.. was awesome and then he almost cried. Oh no. That broke my heart.. ☹️😢😢😢

  • Hailey Workman
    Hailey Workman 11 시간 전

    U guys broke up? 🥺

    • Anna
      Anna 5 시간 전

      Are you a real fan if you haven’t seen their Instagram or gabs channel it

  • ricke vlogs
    ricke vlogs 12 시간 전


  • Anya Francis
    Anya Francis 12 시간 전

    What's going on? What's happening? This is scary! Did they break up?!

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug 12 시간 전

    I love that he still hasn’t changed the channel name 🏅🏅

  • Shakeel Rahman
    Shakeel Rahman 12 시간 전

    Why did Gabrielle leave him? That has not been explained!

  • Mini.
    Mini. 12 시간 전

    This is a little rough for the 2m sub goal

  • rhea gandhi
    rhea gandhi 12 시간 전

    Wtf I have never watched his videos but I’m literally crying sm and he is genuinely so sweet

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug 12 시간 전

      God bless you; I'll keep you in my prayers💗

  • Angel Dalee
    Angel Dalee 13 시간 전

    I’m getting Troy Bolton vibes !!

  • Justin Mintzer
    Justin Mintzer 13 시간 전

    So wholesome

  • Kaitlyn Crouch
    Kaitlyn Crouch 13 시간 전

    I wanna cry....

  • Latimer Harris-Ward
    Latimer Harris-Ward 13 시간 전

    The wisest man in the world said "all is vanity and striving after wind," which is to say: everything is meaningless. However, this is only true in the absence of this good news.

    However, good news can’t be without bad news first. The bad news is this: God is good. Yes, this is bad news. Why? Because we are evil. All of us have sinned and fall short of God’s glory (Romans 3:23). Since God is good and since He is love (1 John 4:8,16), He loves that which is good (morally excellent), and hates that which is not good, or better put evil (which is us). We deserve God’s just punishment for our sinful rebellion against Him. However, God in His mercy, sent His Son Jesus to be the propitiation (the sacrifice that satisfies God’s wrath that allows Him to forgive us of our sin) for our sins. Jesus took God’s full just wrath upon Himself so that we wouldn’t have to. The Bible says, “He became sin who knew no sin, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him” (2 Cor. 5:21). What this simply means is that God the Father treated God the Son (Jesus) as though He lived our wicked sin filled life. Jesus then rose from the dead three days later to defeat death and to give us the promise of eternal life with Him in His kingdom if we repent (not just asking forgiveness for our sins, but turning away from them completely, not to continuously willfully sin) of our sins and surrender our lives to Jesus by faith. Faith is not just believing in Jesus but it is believing Jesus. The Bible says that even the demons believe in Jesus - and they tremble! (James 2:19) However, believing Jesus means that you believe the words in which He speaks, and if you believe the words which He speaks, you will obey them. Not by your own power, but by the power of God the Holy Spirit whom He will give you freely, upon repenting of your sins and trusting in Him. Don’t trust in your own goodness, because you have none. The Bible says that all of our righteous deeds are as filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6), and Jesus Himself said, “No one is good but God” (Mark 10:18). Please do not tarry in surrendering your life to Jesus this day, you don’t know when you will die, but death is inevitable so you know you will die. If you were to die in your sins this day, God would give you justice for your sins and you would end up in Hell forever. There are two things you must do, repent and trust in Jesus, and you will be saved from His wrath to come. When are you going to do this?

  • KaylaMaeOfficial
    KaylaMaeOfficial 13 시간 전

    Whoever put a thumbs down I would like to personally put a thumbs down to each one of you😂 This is beautiful💖

  • KaylaMaeOfficial
    KaylaMaeOfficial 13 시간 전

    This video breaks my heart. You can tell how in love he still is. I just pray to experience love like this one day. Jack, we all love you and are here for you. Mad respect for this.💖

  • Morgan Whipple
    Morgan Whipple 14 시간 전

    This really made me cry

  • Xboss Games
    Xboss Games 14 시간 전

    This just... yeah

  • bqirma cotton
    bqirma cotton 15 시간 전

    I was hoping they'd end up with each other. bcs my past love story is so similar with them, I start date my ex bf when I was 15 until when I was 22.. and while watching them I somehow hope that they won't be like me and my ex .. and watching this really break my heart , they're the one who's going through break up but I cry like it's my own break up 😭

  • MåkęnsęyÇhrîstînę W

    There’s a song called “Happiest Year” this is a song for you. There’s a part where it says “I’m sorry for the ways that I used you” that isn’t true. But I think you should listen to it’

  • janae ebron
    janae ebron 16 시간 전

    If it's true love they will get back together, love the rubber duck army 💜

  • John Mcowis
    John Mcowis 16 시간 전


  • vliduu zeeb
    vliduu zeeb 17 시간 전

    Found this a lot more real then gabs vid

  • Corinne Bosch
    Corinne Bosch 17 시간 전

    You're such a good guy I love how you only talk positive about her as your ex it gives us hope for other respectful men

  • Corinne Bosch
    Corinne Bosch 18 시간 전

    God bless you; I'll keep you in my prayers💗

  • Azlynn Duke
    Azlynn Duke 18 시간 전

    How cute!😁😍😭

  • Luciana Hidalgo S.
    Luciana Hidalgo S. 18 시간 전

    Alguien que hable español me podría explicar que está pasando por favor?

  • Titan fike
    Titan fike 18 시간 전


  • chiara m
    chiara m 18 시간 전

    im really hoping they get the 13 going on 30 ending... please god 🥺🥺 they deserve it...

  • Truth Be Told
    Truth Be Told 18 시간 전

    Time is short. Repent and turn to God. Jesus died so that you can have eternal life.
    Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. Romans @. Look around
    at the fallen world, time is short! There is still time to be saved from the punishment
    for sin. Jesus said, " I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes
    to the Father except through me" John 14:6. Repent and be saved. Jesus
    died for YOU and will reveal Himself to you if you seek Him. Call out to Him
    while there is still time. He loves YOU! What does it benefit a man to gain the world but lose his soul? Mark @.

  • Jazmyn Daniels
    Jazmyn Daniels 19 시간 전

    i don’t understand. if you love her. if she loves you. you miss eachother. why not just get back together.

  • Brandy Garcia
    Brandy Garcia 19 시간 전

    😭😭🙏🙏hope u guys end up talking this through and get back together, it doesn't matter if u find that thing with someone else they will never replace your best friend/first love🙏😭🙏😭

  • amelia pelto
    amelia pelto 19 시간 전


  • _ zink
    _ zink 20 시간 전

    Rubber duck army got ur back✊

  • jungkook jimin
    jungkook jimin 20 시간 전

    He sounds like he's dead and I get why. But it's still heartbreaking

  • Louise Hamelin
    Louise Hamelin 21 시간 전

    What he said is so beautiful

  • Cute Cookies
    Cute Cookies 21 시간 전

    I’m not sure to ask this and I am so sorry where is Gabriel

    RaDe_TRILLIX 21 시간 전 +1

    I’m confused what happened I know they broke up but why

  • ChIcKeNEd yOu
    ChIcKeNEd yOu 21 시간 전

    It will all get better one day, hell will freeze over, not just for you two but for the world!!!! Everything will be alright in the end, we all just need to stand strong together

  • Dani Lin
    Dani Lin 22 시간 전

    What tf happened

  • Billy Bill
    Billy Bill 22 시간 전

    Ez views.

  • Tessie O'Sullivan
    Tessie O'Sullivan 23 시간 전

    What happened

  • lolo alazri
    lolo alazri 23 시간 전

    i do not know guys your channel just show up in my home page but what ever happen at happened for reason which i don't what to ask for but i just want to stay strong because you still have your family while i don't have some to listen to me around me not even a sister . i hope one of the two thing happen you guy came back together or each one of you get strong and a better in life

  • Paridhi Garg
    Paridhi Garg 일 전

    I am crying listening to him 😢 he doesn't even sound like himself anymore 😢😢

  • Elizabeth Fowler

    How did you guys break up like I’m so confused 😐 I’m so sad 😭

  • Style Vsp
    Style Vsp 일 전

    I’m crying why did y’all break up I just started watching y’all 10 hours ago and I did not realize it’s over.

  • GlitchWRLD 999
    GlitchWRLD 999 일 전

    I can’t stand this this is making me cry🥺 I love watching them be together they were soulmates

  • basketball baller

    Ughhh this hit me hardddddd

  • yashu mathur
    yashu mathur 일 전


  • Audrey Sumaili
    Audrey Sumaili 일 전

    well to every story the is more than one telling the is yet more to your story to be written.
    i hope your still bffs at least

  • Mariam Muhammad
    Mariam Muhammad 일 전

    I'm sowwy 🥺 🥺

  • YouTube Employee

    Guys all your comments complaining about them breaking up and saying they’re gonna get back together are in no way helping the situation at all and it’s probably just making jack more upset. So just stop because it’s not your life and you can’t just tell them what to do.

  • Aamnah Nadeem
    Aamnah Nadeem 일 전

    I’ve already watched this vid and it came out days ago and I got the notification now😭🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • serdy ximi
    serdy ximi 일 전

    The worst part about losing someone is that after you lost them you realized how much you miss them

  • Jeremiah Pratt
    Jeremiah Pratt 일 전

    This is why I married my girl, she can’t leave me now! Muhahahahahahahahah 😈

  • Kayla Georgelis
    Kayla Georgelis 일 전 +1

    I am super upset. hopefully you feel a little better. much love.

    • serdy ximi
      serdy ximi 일 전

      Why can't one of these videos be about this breakup being prank

  • Shannon Rudd
    Shannon Rudd 일 전

    I'm crying my eyes out
    I really hope that your paths cross again
    You're made for each other

  • Nora O'Gara
    Nora O'Gara 일 전

    sorry jack...your going through a lot but you need to get to the point....big fan...sorry.

  • Jessica Huhes
    Jessica Huhes 일 전

    we are here for you

  • Jordyn Marie
    Jordyn Marie 일 전

    Healing takes time, and if you’re meant for each other you both will find your way back.

  • Dylan Elliott
    Dylan Elliott 일 전

    What happen to her

  • Una Lazic
    Una Lazic 일 전


  • Lilla watermelon
    Lilla watermelon 일 전 +1

    Only know you've been feeling high when your feeling low, only miss the Sun when it starts to snow, only know you love her when you let her go...
    And you let her go
    (You will be back together, I just know it)

  • Allison Fleener
    Allison Fleener 일 전

    Why did they break up?

  • Rylee
    Rylee 일 전

    lmao this is unrelated but can someone make one of those sad tik tok sounds from 11:01

  • Mr.Biyatch
    Mr.Biyatch 일 전

    I remember u while u had 10 k subs .......been together with u everytime and I'm still with u
    Nd always be....as the best and longest fan I'm soo broke rn u both were....🤕🤕 u were the best couple on youtube.....she was a character too but jack and gabriel I hope u both work things out u both were made for each other.....(all these years this is my first comment but now I wanted to comment nd ig I am the only person who knows u fr this long amongst yo subscribers...be ok lad)it is what it is

  • Jesse Trevathan
    Jesse Trevathan 일 전

    Why’d you guys even brake up in the first place?

  • Lil Roby
    Lil Roby 일 전

    Whay did you break up?

  • Stephaniemarie Rivera Rodriguez

    Why they break up

  • Summer Sx
    Summer Sx 일 전

    Why they break up tho ????????????????

  • Aeva Miller
    Aeva Miller 일 전

    i have felt his love for her from the beginning he is literally a perfect man and he will do so well i’m sure this is making me cry but i love him he is such an amazing person it is insane to me

  • Secretive Asmr
    Secretive Asmr 일 전 +1

    Why can't one of these videos be about this breakup being prank

  • Angel Nichols
    Angel Nichols 일 전

    No I've been watching you guys for everrrrrr I'm so done😔we love you guys

  • kylie west
    kylie west 일 전

    ur not crying i’m crying

  • Amelia Adams
    Amelia Adams 일 전

    We love you very much Jack. Keep your head up, be proud, find who you are and love yourself. You are strong, caring and loved. Remember who you are and be the best version of yourself that you can be. Don't lose yourself, Jack. ❤️

  • Sen Thamizh
    Sen Thamizh 일 전

    It's hard to accept..

  • Sen Thamizh
    Sen Thamizh 일 전

    Learn to donate your old toys to poor kids

  • miki goodhope
    miki goodhope 일 전

    Her last name is the exact same as my ex's new GFS last name is Gabrielle aboriginal

  • glitched dynasty


  • Nova Petrova
    Nova Petrova 일 전

    it's nice to think that they'll eventually find their way back together but if they don't then i hope they heal and recover soon. the very best to the both of them 💜

  • Lizzie Gilbert
    Lizzie Gilbert 일 전

    I am going through this myself. It sucks and it can fee as if someone died at times. It’s okay to feel pain along with the feeling like you won’t have the same experience with someone else, or feel like you don’t want anyone else. The best advice I have, despite you not asking for any lol, is to just take this time for you. Focus on each day as it comes. The future is SO broad. There are so many different options of living. You may find that being single forever is best, or being with someone else is the best thing to happen to you, or sometimes the future has a funny way of bringing people back into your life who you know without a doubt is the one. Take the lessons this is teaching you and fight everyday. Each day is a better day even if it feels the opposite. You will be one hour, one minute, one second closer to being okay again. Time doesn’t heal all wounds, but it helps you appreciate the scars in a more positive light. Please know that you aren’t alone, and day by day will be a new stepping stone on a brand new adventure life is throwing at you. Loving thoughts will be sent your all’s way💚

  • burgerdubzz
    burgerdubzz 일 전 +1

    Why is the Chanel still called jack and gab is y’all broke up

  • Kelsey Frasier
    Kelsey Frasier 일 전

    In her breakup video, she said she had no idea who she was a part from him, and in this video he is telling her who she is and all the amazing qualities that make her, her.

  • Brian Garcia
    Brian Garcia 일 전

    Are you and gab still friends tho?

  • Molly Crawford
    Molly Crawford 일 전

    THAT LAST SENTENCE HIT HARD 😭😭😭 “at this point it looks like it’s gonna be without me” SOMEONE HOLD ME WHILE I CRY 😭😭😭

  • Taylor Jean
    Taylor Jean 일 전 +1

    This was a quote from One Tree Hill “People that are meant to be together always find their way in the end.”

  • Amada Caldas
    Amada Caldas 일 전

    Anyone else rem the frog meme in the start of his videos?

  • Sania Shenasa
    Sania Shenasa 일 전

    10:29 hit different

  • Amada Caldas
    Amada Caldas 일 전

    I wacthed Jack since he was in his hallways times. Idk why but this truly hurt me, but damn bro I felt this on a nother level.

  • carley ann chapman

    I really thought you would marry this girl too..

  • bi law
    bi law 일 전

    what happen to em?