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(ENG)[MusicBank Interview Cam] 지민 (Jimin Interview)l@MusicBank KBS 230331

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  • 게시일 2023. 03. 30.
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  • @shahadmerani3116

    are we not gonna comment about both mcs wearing purple and the purple balloons?? love seeing jimin being shown appreciation like this

  • @heroinfinity2184

    Eunchae is becoming my favourite MC in any music show act. She is just so fun and so pleasing to watch. You will be entertained while smiling whenever she's around.

  • @Xyym.h
    @Xyym.h  +567

    I’ve watched a few of her interviews so far, and the girl is so lovable. Good for her for being brave enough to speak to these older idols.

  • @dearmliz
    @dearmliz  +378

    Eunchae is my bias because she has this ability to be really REAL with people around her but still remain humble. I literally love her so much. This is coming from a Jimin stan... Love you both, bubs!

  • @irisa4842
    @irisa4842  +465

    I like how Jimin interact with mcs no awkwardness & he makes eye contact with everyone I envy his social skills so charismatic!

  • @jkm4643
    @jkm4643  +206

    월드클래스 가수임에도 허세끼 전혀 없고 오히려 겸손한 모습에 박수를 보낼 수밖에 없네요 👏👏

  • @winnie0108

    Eunchae and Jimin give off the same sweet angels vibe i love them 💜

  • @jaeeeee3641

    This interview is so fun and refreshing to watch...

  • @carat143svt

    at last a female MC using her real voice..she's really cute without sounding like a cat..effortlessly cute...❤

  • @hugging_a_namujoon6960

    As an Army and a Fearnot it makes me so happy for some reason to see Eunchae and Jimin interact with each other

  • @user-ki2wc4rf9q

    Самый милый, нежный, позитивный Пак Чимин. Поздравляю восхитительного артиста Чимина с заслуженной второй победой, соло исполнителя. 🎉🎉🎉

  • @user-di1ke1tl7m

    지민씨 너무 귀여워용 ❤❤ 앨범 대박나신거 축하드립니당 ^~^♡

  • @taetae-wy7pi

    I really love the behavior of both MCs they are so funny and freindly And our jiminshii is so sweet the way he smile and make cute faces I fall for him even more 💜

  • @editeuworld3004

    Why no one is talking about hosts? They are so friendly and good at hosting,thanks to both of them for making jimin comfortable and also interview was very fun to see,can anyone say the name of male host,the both hosts are cute and handsome/beautiful

  • @user-pr6no7by5c

    우리 지민이 인터뷰도 막힘없이 자연스럽게 잘하네 진짜 자연스럽고 우아한 에티튜드 미치게 좋아

  • @hanamin9522

    Los años pasan y Jiminnie tiene una carita de bebé... los años no pasan por el 💜💕

  • @user-iz8qn1wo1d

    각 음악방송에서 1위하여 새롭게 멋진 퍼포먼스와 노래하는 사랑스러운 지민을 자주 보면 행복하겠네요!~

  • @mireyaramirez8847
    @mireyaramirez8847 12 시간 전 +1

    Jimin , como no amarte?… si eres un chico muy lindo… eres un AMOR.

  • @user-si2hx7tk1o

    귀엽고 다정하고 따뜻하고 눈웃음이 이쁘고 믿음가는 우리 지민이 💛💛💛

  • @ArielStar

    Love this interview! Haha, it's so intense 😂 Lovely MCs and Jimin!!