LE SSERAFIM (르세라핌) ‘FEARLESS’ Dance Practice (Moving ver.)

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  • 게시일 2022. 05. 07.
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  • jace
    jace 18 일 전 +2037

    The wait for Yunjin's debut was worth is. Yunjin (along with Chaewon) are the best performers. She has polished moves, charismatic facial expressions, and oozing confidence. Her stage presence is killer and consistent in all their performances. You just CANNOT not look at her. She will never be outshined. Not to mention, those killer vocals. Girly is an opera singer. She's literally an ace.

    • kitty
      kitty 2 일 전

      @vivaslay ya ik he said the n word but that doesn't change the fact that hes an ace nor does it change the fact that hes problematic. hes still an ace even if he said that word, im quite aware thanks.

    • vivaslay
      vivaslay 2 일 전

      @kitty ahhh yes han jisung master of the n word !! truly an ace ❤️❤️❤️

    • kitty
      kitty 4 일 전

      @Mangaku Ota EXACTLY, its so confusing bc right as an idol debuts, ppl always say "omg they're such an ace, they can sing & perform" and always leave out the fact that they cant produce or haven't even rapped yet. its annoying istg, the only ace rn that ik of is han jisung from skz LMFAO

    • Mangaku Ota
      Mangaku Ota 4 일 전 +1

      @kitty right, I'm so confused with ppl calling their idols Ace when they're not,, all I know Ace is Luffy's decease brother 🤣

    • kitty
      kitty 8 일 전

      istg these days people will call idols aces. has yunjin produced?? has yunjin rapped?? no not yet unless u got proof. she is a good vocal and performer and its impressive that she can sing opera but shes not an ace. she barely debuted, u cant just call someone an ace right away.

  • Boyoung Kim
    Boyoung Kim 2 일 전 +19

    OMMGGG!!!! They just debuted in May and they already claimed my heart!!!! THEY ARE ALL SO PRETTY ESPECIALLY SAKURA!!!!!! GOOOOO GIRLLLLL!!!

  • ksy
    ksy 15 일 전 +536

    Le sserafim doesn't even look like they just debuted. their visuals, talents, and facial expressions are done perfectly.

  • Ray
    Ray 14 일 전 +206

    This is the first time I have heard about yunjin. It seems that she is well know through some show. I love her voice, stage presence. She is my bias now.

    • 아마리스
      아마리스 7 일 전

      @Taehun Seong an mnet survival show

    • Taehun Seong
      Taehun Seong 7 일 전

      @아마리스 what is produce 48

    • 아마리스
      아마리스 13 일 전 +4

      She was in produce 48 with chaewon and sakura

  • jpsvs
    jpsvs 3 일 전 +7

    Their dance is amazing

  • Casy Strawberry
    Casy Strawberry 18 일 전 +4007

    One of the most equally balanced groups i've ever seen. No one's energy is more than another and no one is lacking. They are just perfect 🤩

    • cherry
      cherry 3 일 전

      why r u bringing up viviz and blackpink lmfao

    • catpaws
      catpaws 11 일 전

      Also the group with the hardest name to spell 😭

    • Arr Iff
      Arr Iff 11 일 전


    • Aria_la_ria☁️
      Aria_la_ria☁️ 13 일 전


  • Andrew Kamoha
    Andrew Kamoha 12 일 전 +7

    0:04 Love to hear their shoes beating the ground in sync !!!

  • Yihan Qin
    Yihan Qin 16 일 전 +49

    I can't wait to see more of their performances. Especially Yunjin. She's an amazing performer

    • halawagirl808
      halawagirl808 14 일 전

      @Zuko006_ the one at 2:30

    • Yihan Qin
      Yihan Qin 15 일 전

      @Zuko006_ She has brown hair

    • Zuko006_
      Zuko006_ 15 일 전

      Can you tell me which one is Yunjin

  • Ilse Aquino
    Ilse Aquino 9 일 전 +62

    They are a refreshing group, the clothes are simple but cute, no need to show more to be at the top. The choreography is very smooth and eye- catching, also it shows everyone's abilities, and again it's not over the top sexy.
    I don't know the name of the girls but great execution

    JF ODEN 16 일 전 +120

    Yunjin has a special type of face where every facial reaction is clearly recognizable and believable. This is due to a mix of reasons, 1. She looks like a mix even though shes full korean, that feature adds more to her expression. 2. She grew up in nyc, she adopted different types of reactions through her environment, mainly western type of expressions which is natural from her environment and thus make her believable and not forced. 3. Well, the theater thing she learned did help a lot as well.

  • Cl
    Cl 18 일 전 +1448

    From debut til now, Yunjin just gets me everytime. She has such command while performing because her facial expressions are honestly A+++. She's very charismatic when dancing I would easily think that is her unofficial position if I didn't know she's the main vocal

    • ultlalisam
      ultlalisam 14 일 전

      may i know what yunjin position in group? I’ve been lisa stan for so long, i never like any other female kpop except her, but i think i have eyes for yunjin 👀

    • Nineblessednineadoredninedestined Soshi
      Nineblessednineadoredninedestined Soshi 15 일 전 +3

      I've said it before say it again NOBODY in all of Kpop has Yunjin's expressions. She's unique. The coolest. And she's super talented in every way. Ace.

    • rihanna
      rihanna 17 일 전 +3

      dont mean to be annoying but- this is her debut tho...do u mean predebut?

    • Surbhi Sharma
      Surbhi Sharma 17 일 전 +9

      her expressions and dance skills are just chef kiss and her vocals cherry on top

  • beRis Love
    beRis Love 2 일 전 +5

    Гарам лучшая! Драгоценный камушек. Хейтеры поплатятся за свое зло, как и чмошники, которые поверили без доказательств

    • 민찬
      민찬 8 시간 전

      you dont understand the reason why garam is being blamed..

    • Aiturgan Karimova
      Aiturgan Karimova 일 전 +1


  • Paula González
    Paula González 6 일 전

    They look like they are having fun and that’s what I love the mooost

  • waitmslea_
    waitmslea_ 14 일 전

    Love this girls, the choreography and the music so catchy!

  • I B
    I B 14 일 전 +1

    This choreo is AMAZING

  • Glenn
    Glenn 18 일 전 +1431

    This group is really complete package. All Visuals, All Vocals, All Dancers, All Synchronized

    • KYANH Mixing
      KYANH Mixing 3 일 전

      Bonus with one bully

    • txt outsold
      txt outsold 4 일 전 +3

      NOT ALL! ONLY 5 OF THEM!!!

    • love jktae
      love jktae 5 일 전 +8

      with the bully too

    • 凛々りんりん
      凛々りんりん 17 일 전 +1


  • Vanesa Perez
    Vanesa Perez 14 일 전

    No me canso de verlas bailar, me encanta la canción

  • Green
    Green 17 일 전 +5

    im obsessed with them. they are so pretty esp. Kazuha😭

  • esma
    esma 10 일 전

    i can’t wait to see more from my girlssss

  • Nini Hua
    Nini Hua 11 일 전 +3

    I'm so impressed by Sakura and Chaewon's improvement! amazing! also love Yunjin and Kazuha's stage presence they just stole my attention

  • KViscop
    KViscop 18 일 전 +1507

    The choreography is really good. And their synchronization is top class.

    • Nabila Yulia
      Nabila Yulia 14 일 전 +1

      They are GFRIEND's sister

    • あかり
      あかり 16 일 전

      @Cony Budding Logan Paul maybe. Jake Paul is cringe.

    • 凛々りんりん
      凛々りんりん 17 일 전 +1


    • JeNa _1990
      JeNa _1990 17 일 전

      @Cony Budding why?😂

    • Leonardo Cortes
      Leonardo Cortes 17 일 전 +4


  • Dana Vi
    Dana Vi 12 일 전 +39

    Yunjin just KILLED THIS SONG🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Her charisma, dance practice , voice and beautiful just... in another level🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Aress
    Aress 13 일 전 +2

    Ok how HyBe's artists so in sync!!!

  • Aprialdy Awni
    Aprialdy Awni 15 일 전

    OMG! I can feel the fearless just based on their dance and energi.. but the music is also so gewwwddd...

  • Jo Fernandez
    Jo Fernandez 11 일 전

    Theyre all equally amazing, sexy and charismatic. Looking forward to be the IT girl group of this generation.

  • Jenn D
    Jenn D 18 일 전 +1775

    Love the simple black outfits, very chic. Also yunjin is has that "hot girl" energy, I need to channel that this summer lol!

  • Piggysoshi Lee
    Piggysoshi Lee 12 일 전

    I am so happy for Yunjin. I've been rooting for her since PD48.

  • honeybunches5
    honeybunches5 13 일 전

    crossing fingers for a non moving version so I can actually see all the footwork easily. They all look so good performing.

  • Shikamaru Nara
    Shikamaru Nara 2 일 전 +1

    Casual listener... They are good considering this is their debut.. I💜

  • Game Player ICY
    Game Player ICY 15 일 전

    This debut song is the best on I’ve heard so far. ❤️😍😍

  • kiyana eunji
    kiyana eunji 18 일 전 +961


  • sunset
    sunset 16 일 전

    0:04 that was so satisfying!!!! Congratulation my queens.

  • りこ
    りこ 15 일 전 +1


  • 枝 宋
    枝 宋 13 일 전 +1

    chaewon’s performance was so enjoyable.🥰

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu 12 일 전

    I really love the girls' energy.

  • Nasrun Sj
    Nasrun Sj 18 일 전 +747

    What's good about stanning LESSERAFIM is that every member has something unique to offer. You can freely choose your bias bc u know they are all that good.

    • Thyda Jean
      Thyda Jean 18 일 전 +1

      That my thoughts too🔥

    • Kiana Celine
      Kiana Celine 18 일 전 +6

      I totally agree, everyone can steal your attention!

    • Andrian Agung
      Andrian Agung 18 일 전 +7

      @BANG PINK me as an indecisive person : i guess i'll just going ot6🤷‍♂️🤣

  • Gyuu nyū
    Gyuu nyū 13 일 전 +5

    I am so proud of Sakura I am tearful. I knew she has the potential and is hard working and REALLY wants it. GO SAKKUCHAN!!

  • bokkeh
    bokkeh 15 일 전 +2

    This group also has former members that came from I*ZONE and the other girls still had their own time to shine. See Starship, this is how you make a balanced girl group. Everyone gets screen time. Everyone gets lines. Take notes, Starship.

  • Erad Line
    Erad Line 15 일 전

    These girls are amazing. Rooting for them

  • stminyull
    stminyull 15 일 전 +15

    their dances are so synchronized!

  • Kiana Celine
    Kiana Celine 18 일 전 +656

    What I really liked about them and the reason I stanned them because they really pulled off the elegant and feminine gg vibes that I've been looking for since 2nd gen groups. I love that they were sophisticated yet going all throughout overall

    • Cari
      Cari 12 일 전 +1

      @Cockroach Assylum this comment just reminds me of doja cat’s song women with the lyrics “define feminine, I’m feminine” meaning that femininity doesn’t have a specific appearance/look to it but it’s rather more about how you feel.

    • Cockroach Assylum
      Cockroach Assylum 17 일 전 +1

      @this will not do Yes i checked it out, thanks for suggesting. i loved it as well. it really has feminine choreo. FINALLY!! a 4th gen gg that does feminine choreo & not just power dancing

    • Cockroach Assylum
      Cockroach Assylum 17 일 전 +1

      @H Eunchae thanks for suggesting, i did check it out. and was glad that the choreo on that song is feminine :D

    • this will not do
      this will not do 18 일 전 +3

      @Cockroach Assylum i dont find anything very masculine in this choreography. its quite neutral in my opinion. I get what you're saying though. Their blue flame choreography was more feminine though so you might like that one! i loved it

  • Ofa Kala
    Ofa Kala 13 일 전

    Loving this outfit...you all are beautiful!❣❣❣❣❣❣

  • kyoun
    kyoun 15 일 전 +9

    프듀때부터 쿠라 봤는데 진짜 발전이 무궁무진하다ㅠㅜㅜ 너무 멋져

  • Angeline Letran
    Angeline Letran 15 일 전

    Love the intro! 🎉

  • honey
    honey 17 일 전 +3

    their moves are so sharp!! ♡

  • karylle
    karylle 18 일 전 +466


    • 凛々りんりん
      凛々りんりん 17 일 전 +1


  • Thais
    Thais 13 일 전 +8

    I really love the girls' energy.

    ZAIRAH LYNN LUMAPAT 14 일 전 +23

    Oh my gosh! My girl Yunjin. 🥺 I waited for her for so long (Since Produce 48 days) She's been on my pick list for the PD48 back then and I love how much she's grown from Produce to Le Sserafim. I'm happy for you giiiirl~ ❤️

  • Enhypeneuthuaist
    Enhypeneuthuaist 일 전 +1

    They’re amazing 😍🫶🏾

    GIMME WINX 14 일 전

    I really want Eunchae to have more lines!!!

  • zee
    zee 18 일 전 +711


    • Mr Thomas
      Mr Thomas 18 일 전 +11

      Hybe magic ig- But fr even though Kkura and Won have experienced being an idol , all the other members seem to be at ease and they all perform so elegantly and amazingly TT

    • H Eunchae
      H Eunchae 18 일 전 +25

      Hybe class.

    • LEXA
      LEXA 18 일 전 +10

      4th gen girl things

    • daisy
      daisy 18 일 전 +26

      of course, it’s hybe

    YUJIN 14 일 전 +25

    It's the group I've seen, never more powerful than anyone, and it's a group that doesn't lack them, so perfect.👏👏👏👏

  • Luvlix
    Luvlix 13 일 전 +1

    God I love Yunjin’s presence

  • Eka Ristian
    Eka Ristian 12 일 전 +1

    so awesome, i love it :*

  • Shahah Gdyejj
    Shahah Gdyejj 17 일 전 +3

    Getting the vibe of "tippy toes" choreography,music, as well beats.. Love these type of MV

  • marniellelisha
    marniellelisha 18 일 전 +316

    1:14 This part gets me every time!! Yunjin's voice, expressions, and charisma are so addicting. She's so cool 💓

    • mawadda
      mawadda 18 일 전 +3

      This is the first time I'm listening to them and she's the member I like the most with her voice.. she's amazing

    • Yeonjun Noona
      Yeonjun Noona 18 일 전 +2

      Yunjin is definitely creeping up my bias list with this part

    • Joanna Castro
      Joanna Castro 18 일 전 +13

      Yup she's an ace for me

    • Jadiejay
      Jadiejay 18 일 전 +18

      That's why she's my bias❤

  • K. Joy
    K. Joy 12 일 전 +1

    Is it just me or someone else is in love with Garam's hair? It's just so satisfying everytime that her hair move.

    • kyujinrealgf
      kyujinrealgf 11 일 전

      Me too to be honest I’ve never seen a kpop idol with this long hair as garam she looks beautiful

  • Inter - Lyrix
    Inter - Lyrix 13 일 전 +1


  • oh LALA
    oh LALA 15 일 전 +7

    I'm just so happy seeing Huh Yunjin debuted. been waiting for her~

  • 숲속의바코드
    숲속의바코드 5 일 전 +1

    윤진이 표정도 좋고 너무 예쁘다 마지막 후렴 진짜 😱🤩

  • Zden
    Zden 18 일 전 +348

    Even it's just their dance practice, they went all out. Man, they just debuted but they really surpass everyone's expectations. LE SSERAFIM !🔥

    • Zden
      Zden 18 일 전 +10

      And this was not clearly to invalidate others' performances, it's just that LE SSERAFIM as well as Tsuki from Billie are what really made me be interested in these kpop performers nowadays! 😊 So please understand my perspective and have a great day!

    • Zden
      Zden 18 일 전 +11

      @Mehdi Sorry for the terminology i used and this was just coming from me, a casual watcher who is not really introduced to kpop world. And based on other dance practice, i have watched most both kpop and internationally, and you can clearly see the difference that they were really giving their best (i see some idols who don't really give their all, no hate but it's just my observation. ) So don't turn this into a hot topic, i was just clearly admiring their stage presence.... You don't get this so much dedication in most people nowadays. 😊

    • Mehdi
      Mehdi 18 일 전 +5

      It's not "just dance practice". The most precise dance performance always comes from a dance practice video.

  • Aesthetically
    Aesthetically 11 일 전 +1

    Omg, they all looks gorgeous 😍🔥

  • baisha miracle
    baisha miracle 16 일 전 +4

    i think chase won is my bias. she’s been catching my attention i mean her vocals, the way she dances and her visuals are just amazing!

  • serenity
    serenity 14 일 전 +12

    *As a second generation kpop fan, I admire how smooth, sleek, precised, well balanced the whole choreography. Each of them contributed equal energy that looks like they move as one. Congrats to all the members, it's just right amount of edgy, grace with oomph of sexiness. SUPERB GIRLS, I'M IMPRESS !* 💋

  • ckii
    ckii 16 일 전 +1

    the synchronization omg

  • El Gato de las Weeekly 🐈
    El Gato de las Weeekly 🐈 18 일 전 +1656

    This Is pure 🔥😎

    • Bts Army
      Bts Army 17 일 전

      @Cony Budding agreed

    • kim hye
      kim hye 17 일 전 +1


    • 凛々りんりん
      凛々りんりん 17 일 전 +2


    • Luna Aves
      Luna Aves 17 일 전 +1

      @Cony Budding how random lol

  • PDyang
    PDyang 16 일 전 +15

    I love the choreography!!!
    their charisma and stage presence is on another level

  • XD Denisa
    XD Denisa 17 일 전 +33

    1:13 Yunjin's tongue gesture is so hot and cool!!! Her facial expressions are pure talent

  • Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa 14 일 전 +11

    all eyes are on Kazuha. she is so mysterious, the eyes naturally go to her

  • Taehun Seong
    Taehun Seong 7 일 전 +6

    Insane visuals, INSANE visuals

  • Unkahe Alfaaz
    Unkahe Alfaaz 18 일 전 +529

    The choreography is seriously so good to watch and their synchronisation is on next level🔥🔥🔥
    Edit:- I got so many likes so wanna tell stream the MV 🤍

  • Love Taehyung so haandsome

    She is so beautiful 🔥💜

  • meowmeow
    meowmeow 15 일 전

    Ilove everything to them and especially to thier long hair 😍😍

    KIM YEONTAN 6 일 전 +1

    I already see there success if they keep humble and work with passion.

  • Hailey Thao
    Hailey Thao 14 일 전

    YUNJINNNN!!!!! AHHHH your eyes literally just gravitate to her like how is she soooOOOooo goood!!!!

  • Joash Cayabyab
    Joash Cayabyab 17 일 전 +737

    god i waited so long for Yunjin, she never disappoints god her charisma is everything. her stage presence is oozing and her facial expressions are just right, not too exaggerated but still noticeable. and the way she dance is immaculate, i have no words.

    • 아릿비
      아릿비 8 일 전

      @Joash Cayabyab you explain it so well. thank you^^

    • olvidéminombre
      olvidéminombre 10 일 전

      Who Is Yunjin?

    • Joash Cayabyab
      Joash Cayabyab 14 일 전 +7

      @아릿비 technically yes, since soumu wasn’t under hybe when gfriend debuted. so they are the first girl group from hybe

    • 아릿비
      아릿비 14 일 전 +1

      @Joash Cayabyab ohhh i see. I'm confused because there some article that says they're the first girlgroup on hybe, but i also confused because there was gfriend

  • Jacelynn Cooper
    Jacelynn Cooper 6 일 전 +7

    I literally have been listening to this song on repeat for Like two hours

  • me thedreamer
    me thedreamer 15 일 전 +10

    2:29 she slayed🔥🔥

  • genie
    genie 14 일 전

    THE SONGS SO CATCHY??? omg like lemme go ahead n add it to my playlist n watch the official m/v

  • kihyunmiflaco
    kihyunmiflaco 2 일 전 +1


  • cloudycottages
    cloudycottages 18 일 전 +251

    it's so hard to choose my bias.. everyone is literally so good!!! they don't even look like rookies!! 🤩(edit: im ot5 now)

    • Abena Mensah
      Abena Mensah 18 일 전 +13

      I gave up on choosing a bias lol. I'm ot6 biased

  • F.rawrrr
    F.rawrrr 17 일 전 +1


  • Pqstelsoyeon
    Pqstelsoyeon 15 일 전 +1

    SUCH a satisfying choreo

  • 𝕵𝖎𝖜𝖔𝖓
    𝕵𝖎𝖜𝖔𝖓 17 일 전 +1

    Literally "another day,another slay"

  • AST
    AST 12 일 전

    at first time I just liked the song but after listening it many times now this is literally addicted.

  • Kas R
    Kas R 18 일 전 +237

    HUH YUNJIN SLAYYY!!! her facial expressions never fails me omg😭❤️

    • 凛々りんりん
      凛々りんりん 17 일 전


  • Nikitaa⚘⚘
    Nikitaa⚘⚘ 14 일 전

    Loved this song 🎵 😭😭..too good ..love from India 🇮🇳 ❤

  • あや
    あや 15 일 전


  • Shubhi
    Shubhi  17 일 전 +3


  • Jasmine Chaudhary
    Jasmine Chaudhary 12 일 전

    Synchronization is amazing. Wow!!

  • Oshani
    Oshani 18 일 전 +211

    Their synchronisation is something that should be highly appreciated just like in 0:05

  • Ryuseix
    Ryuseix 16 일 전 +3

    as a Kura fan since the beginning, she was the reason I was waiting for this group
    but damnnn, I can't stop respectfully admiring Kazuha
    wth the stage presence is overwhelming

  • Kim Sham
    Kim Sham 16 일 전

    You all look amazing!!

  • Fck Y’all
    Fck Y’all 11 일 전

    KAZUHA! Her aura is standing out so much to me DAMN 😍

  • Chrieystene Jessyca Dela Cruz

    2:25 - 2:31 this part is so satisfying ♡♡♡ i love yunjin's facial expression

  • Polls Guy
    Polls Guy 18 일 전 +303

    Performance: PERFECT
    Song: PERFECT
    Vocals: PERFECT
    Dance: PERFECT
    Concept: PERFECT

    • FebyTendean
      FebyTendean 18 일 전 +5


    • 트와사랑
      트와사랑 18 일 전 +1

      @어쩔티비 그만좀해

    • it's daraa
      it's daraa 18 일 전 +2

      @어쩔티비 ???

    • 어쩔티비
      어쩔티비 18 일 전 +2

      멤버 김가람: 학폭 가해자, 장애인 비하, 섹드립, 대놓고 타그룹 견제

  • Elle ven
    Elle ven 16 일 전 +17

    Hybe really serving us groups that define synchronization, stage presence and everything and I'm all here for it.

  • Moobloom
    Moobloom 11 일 전 +2

    I'm really impressed by this group , very well done

  • BTS fan girl
    BTS fan girl 12 일 전

    I can't understand but amazing dance music
    voice amazing super 👌😍
    I really like it

  • tine
    tine 15 일 전 +6

    I think this is the best concept for Sakura!