1050 years of imprisonment to Gwangsoo

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  • 게시일 2021. 06. 14.
  • 이광수 징역 1050년 .zip 《런닝맨 / 예능맛ZIP / RunningMan
    마지막까지 예능신 강림

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  • N.H Kim
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    버스 안에서 멍지 유느가 장난칠 거 알고 조용히 쳐다보고 있는거 너무 귀여움 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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  • Kloie Vinluan
    Kloie Vinluan 년 전 +652

    This episode literally was an emotional rollercoaster ride (I literally postponed watching this ep for so long cuz I wasn’t ready) as the episode went on, I was crying then laughing then crying then laughing, being sad and sad and sad again HAHAHHAHAHA. I literally was a hot mess when the episode ended. I love Kwang Soo so so much hope he will get better soon and I hope that he will always be happy and will always stay amazing😊😊

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  • 세뿅
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    i was a hot mess when i watched this ep.. i thought i wont cry w this zip but i still ended tearing up w kwang soo leaving... i miss seeing you on running man, 오빠! 🥺💙

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  • 차정훈
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    지석진카메라의식 이런걸로 모아줬으면 재밌을거같다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Shila Nakarmi
    Shila Nakarmi 년 전 +170

    I could not hold back my tears from the starting of this episode it was such a emotional episode..... Wished that he will return back with the stronger version of himself as well as always stay healthy.... As a running man fan I will always root for all the member and he gonna be missed a lot in the in the upcoming episode of Running Man

  • Tan Li Xin

    it's been months but I still cannot get myself to watch this episode... I'm crying just at the opening TT

  • kikopower
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    Hello, English comment here!

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  • 구름
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    초등학생때 일요일 저녁마다 삼겹살 먹으면서 런닝맨 보던거, 중학교때는 본방, 재방 돌려가며.. 고등학생 되면서 시간 날때마다 클립으로 보면서 런닝맨은 꼭 챙겨봤는데

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