Samsung Galaxy sound effect (acapella)

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  • 게시일 2021. 02. 20.
  • Samsung Galaxy sound effect (acapella)
    Music arranged by Maytree
    Video directed by Napkins music

    #samsung​ #galaxy​ #humaneffect
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  • Belikov
    Belikov 분 전

    I am sure that soon Samsung will invite them to advertise their products

  • 바나나차차
    바나나차차 5 분 전

  • Michelle Immanuela
    Michelle Immanuela 8 분 전

    s9 best ever

  • Koras Bole
    Koras Bole 12 분 전

    who is the girl behind the tablet, insane

    TED IPN 15 분 전

    S20 and s21

  • M.K Monu Kanna
    M.K Monu Kanna 시간 전

    You gays are awesome ❤️

  • xK0m3t
    xK0m3t 시간 전 +1

    The s6 ringtone is so nostalgic

  • 빅터 마테우스Kim v.m

    Galaxy s : ...
    Galaxy s2: 🤨
    Galaxy s6: 🤑
    Galaxy s8: 🤠
    Galaxy s9: 😎
    Galaxy s10: 😌

    X I A O M I : 🤣🤣😎😎😎😎

  • Sheshagiri Masurdi
    Sheshagiri Masurdi 시간 전

    Better than actual ringtone

  • Naufal Aulia
    Naufal Aulia 시간 전

    0:32 Galaxy S8

  • Naufal Aulia
    Naufal Aulia 시간 전

    0:24 Galaxy S6

  • 주연
    주연 시간 전

    너무 편안하게 불러서 더 경이로울 지경...

  • Ray En
    Ray En 시간 전

    oh noes they didn’t do S4 ;c

  • Naufal Aulia
    Naufal Aulia 시간 전

    0:13 Galaxy S2

  • Naufal Aulia
    Naufal Aulia 시간 전

    0:04 Galaxy S

  • Naufal Aulia
    Naufal Aulia 시간 전

    0:02 98percent

  • gamevorus
    gamevorus 시간 전

    What is this

  • Zain Junaid Shaikh
    Zain Junaid Shaikh 시간 전

    They made it sound better👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻

  • Netanel Giat
    Netanel Giat 2 시간 전 +1

    Are you winning son? Son?

  • Mr. Creeper
    Mr. Creeper 2 시간 전

    S8 is my favorite

  • Gaming York
    Gaming York 2 시간 전

    I miss galaxy s2, but from s7 Samsung made me switch to an iPhone

  • Sciencepeem Phanchan
    Sciencepeem Phanchan 3 시간 전 +1

    Bruh your a a Amazon hehe

  • venom
    venom 3 시간 전

    Nice 0:42

  • Omah Daton
    Omah Daton 3 시간 전

    Aww man the Samsung s2 song is legend

  • Lunar Moon
    Lunar Moon 3 시간 전

    I need the S6 full version

  • Maria Tejeda
    Maria Tejeda 4 시간 전

    My favorite was galaxy s2

  • Alisha flix
    Alisha flix 4 시간 전

    Ahaa my mom has the ringtone like s6.

    Me watchin this.
    Mom: Hey whos calling?!
    Me: lol its a video 😂😂

  • Luna Sparcl
    Luna Sparcl 4 시간 전

    Her voice is so good 😍😍😍😍

  • RqbertYT
    RqbertYT 5 시간 전

    1:04 this is my favorite part and the charging one. (The galaxy s10 acapella was soo relaxing)

  • Pursuit Of Jannah
    Pursuit Of Jannah 5 시간 전

    Honestly.. It's better then the original.. Damn so good

  • Jake Chapman
    Jake Chapman 5 시간 전

    OMG this is so good

  • The Amazing Stories
    The Amazing Stories 5 시간 전

    What an horrible girl standing at the right of this video, where is the respect for the audience? unsuscribing.

  • yoonie
    yoonie 6 시간 전 +2

    This is much better than iPhone jkjkjk XD

  • Angelo Terracciano
    Angelo Terracciano 6 시간 전


  • Alexandra Louisse
    Alexandra Louisse 7 시간 전

    They're the one who sang in I can see your voice? Right? They looked so familiar to me

  • Kana Shikute
    Kana Shikute 7 시간 전

    If these were my ringtones I wouldn't mind someone calling me everyday

  • Creeper Kid
    Creeper Kid 7 시간 전 +1

    The galaxy sound at the start sounds like that one song in Portal Series

  • 예아
    예아 8 시간 전

    Samsung: We will be with this team in Over the horizon 2022

  • 박창조
    박창조 8 시간 전

    대박스 너무 좋다

  • handlezero1
    handlezero1 8 시간 전

    peculiarly, i enjoy this alot

  • 최영호
    최영호 9 시간 전

    다른 영상보니 일본인인줄 알았는데 한국인 아카펠라그룹이군요.

  • mespef
    mespef 9 시간 전


  • Chona Serato
    Chona Serato 9 시간 전

    For some reason this sounds nostalgic

  • Lucy Afriani
    Lucy Afriani 9 시간 전

    Fun fact: you came from iphone sound effects and scrolled down

  • 3a4arka
    3a4arka 10 시간 전

    Чем я бл*ть занимаюсь? Слушаю как китайцы поют?!!!

  • Hardik Choudhary
    Hardik Choudhary 10 시간 전

    As per their mouth movements this is absolutely fake

  • Jerry Chris Bertone
    Jerry Chris Bertone 10 시간 전

    The girl in the left, looks a lot like Kate Hudson...

  • e
    e 10 시간 전

    How do u even DO Galaxy s6


  • Ashhab's World
    Ashhab's World 10 시간 전

    You missed s4/5 and S20 And S21

  • music channel
    music channel 10 시간 전

    Samsung s6 is better it became memory😞

  • JM Julianmatthew
    JM Julianmatthew 11 시간 전

    i have samung s13

  • Elian Cifuentes
    Elian Cifuentes 11 시간 전

    S9 and s10 are great

  • parv patel
    parv patel 11 시간 전

    There are really not making sound there are only lipcing

  • - Mxilky -
    - Mxilky - 11 시간 전 +1

    The galaxy S9 is my mom’s ringtone, Fun eh?.

  • 타고다
    타고다 11 시간 전

    오른쪽여자분..께 자꾸눈이간다

  • Shawn Qi
    Shawn Qi 11 시간 전 +1

    Even as a huge iPhone person, these just make iPhones feel so boring lmao

  • Honventures
    Honventures 11 시간 전

    Honestly we need longer versions of this. S10 and S6 makes me feel like playing some open world rpg or something.

  • Sanjar Umaraliyev
    Sanjar Umaraliyev 11 시간 전

    We need galaxy s9 extended version. Please ....

  • Jeffrey VlogsNgaming
    Jeffrey VlogsNgaming 12 시간 전

    i dont use samsung i use iphone but i real like the sound of the samsung

  • Foam Flinging HS
    Foam Flinging HS 12 시간 전

    Never heard any of these!?

  • Alec Singh
    Alec Singh 13 시간 전

    It sounds so annoying!

  • Daniel Farhan
    Daniel Farhan 13 시간 전


  • Pratham Nag
    Pratham Nag 14 시간 전


  • Zyad Ashraf
    Zyad Ashraf 14 시간 전

    Let’s be honest you didn’t search for this..

  • Joshua C •
    Joshua C • 15 시간 전


  • NinjaDerps
    NinjaDerps 16 시간 전 +1

    Who else got a recommended of this channels videos then after that you watched the others of this acapella videos?

    Because thats me

  • Carter howard
    Carter howard 17 시간 전 +1

    This is pure cringe

  • Tirtha Subba
    Tirtha Subba 18 시간 전

    At least its better then the Samsung notifications sound

  • dr42
    dr42 18 시간 전 +1

    People that have disliked are hater

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini 18 시간 전

    Who else is voice cracking trying to do this sounds