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Akyli Turns 15, Joe Turns 37, and Alena Turns 30!

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  • 게시일 2023. 03. 30.
  • Today we celebrated 3 birthdays! Akyli, Alena, and Joe all have the birthdays in the same month and this is how it went.
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    Akyli Joe and I all celebrate our birthdays!!! And yes I’m “30”! 😉😂

  • atasteofmj
    atasteofmj  +577

    To see how much Aleena has accomplish for her age with so many kids is amazing

  • kenny
    kenny  +375

    Akyli and Aleena’s smile always catch my attention. Their smiles are so similar it’s beautiful!

  • Joyce Smith

    I love this family ,but I also love how tender the parents are with their children. They are the best. Joe is doing a excellent job with his little one. Alena your spirit is seen in every child.

  • ParisEvolvess

    Wow I would’ve never known Aleena was a teen mom, she carries herself with such poise and wisdom, I love how she raises her family. I pray to be a mother like this one day.

  • lilMissSunshine

    Oh my goodness!!! Joe looks amazing for his age! I would've never guessed he was 37. Looks more like he's 27!

  • Ino
    Ino  +142

    Black don't Crack & Asian don't Raisin! Y'all looking splending as always <3 Akyli is such a light. Happy Born Day

  • Woman of Yah

    Akyli’s skin is so beautiful, it looks sun kissed golden brown.

  • kdjhannel
    kdjhannel  +101

    Joe’s ‘Not Today Satan’ t-shirt encapsulates his whole mood 😂

  • Kieu-Linh Caroline Valverde

    When Joe is 100, Alena will still be "30" LOL.

  • Phil Bek
    Phil Bek  +193

    Happy Birthday Joe, Alena and Akyli! From Jamaica with love 😊 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  • aloha-rosy

    The older akyli gets the more she looks like you Alena! Beautiful mommy and daughter

  • staci coetzee

    I've been here for quite some time and watching your family go from glory to glory is just amazing💯🙏🏾💞

  • Tonya Moore

    Happy Birthday, Joe! You are example of how fathers should be daddy towards their kids! ❤🎉❤🎉

  • Serena 🤍

    All of Amaya’s scenarios of what her sisters responses should hav been 😂

  • unorthodoxbee

    Akeeba never misses a teaching moment 😂😂. Love it

  • paula scott

    Their children keep them young and on their toes, wonderful family.

  • Anonymous One

    It’s so nice to see a happy family, doing happy family things. Thank you for blessing us with a glimpse of what that looks like. ❤❤❤❤

  • It's Omolayo

    Alena turns 30

  • Privae Sea
    Privae Sea 일 전

    That last scene was HILARIOUS!!! Happy Belated birthday everyone! ❤❤