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TXT feat. Anitta - "Back For More" | 2023 VMAs

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  • 게시일 2023. 09. 11.
  • TXT and Anitta perform "Back For More" at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards. Check out more from the 2023 VMAs here: www.mtv.com/vma
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  • Tanvey Shreyan
    Tanvey Shreyan 11 일 전 +3030

    The choreography,the scenario,the expressions,dance,moves, vocals everything is just perfect. Hat's off to the TXT

  • Rafael Nguyen Alvarez
    Rafael Nguyen Alvarez 6 일 전 +520

    It's so cool seeing a K-pop group collaborate with a Latin artist. Go TxT and Anitta. They are all great dancers too.

    • raquel sousa nascimento
      raquel sousa nascimento 2 일 전 +1

      Não querendo menosprezar os meninos mais Anita acabou de abrir portas para eles❤

    • Nancy
      Nancy 2 일 전 +2

      Not the first time a K-pop group has collab with an artist from another country, you missing out on some gems

    • h
      h 일 전

      Yeah they are but Anita.... ew she is not that good.

  • Zamra Saad
    Zamra Saad 5 일 전 +474

    So this is TXT?? The styles? The vocals? The visual? The stage presence? I can't even describe how perfect they're they won my heart with their VMA performance!!

    • Beomgyu Bear 🐻
      Beomgyu Bear 🐻 5 일 전 +14

      I love this comment!

    • Saraii
      Saraii 2 일 전 +4

      If you’re interested in seeing more of their raw vocals, dancing, stage presence, and discovering new songs you might like I highly recommend checking out their Lollapalooza 2023 performance.

    • Zamra Saad
      Zamra Saad 일 전 +8

      @Saraii I did actually checked some of their music videos after watching this performance and tbh their vocals and dances impressed me the most and the boy who was shown first in this video I recognised him in every mv his visual is insane! 👀

    • Nikiwe Qomiso
      Nikiwe Qomiso 일 전 +3

      ​@Zamra SaadHis name is Beomgyu ur future bias😂
      Once u see his content and the way he acts u will fall for him😔 it's like a TRAP I also fell into it and now.... I just can't leave him alone😩 and all the members😢 save me~

    • Nikiwe Qomiso
      Nikiwe Qomiso 일 전 +2

      Welcome to MOAVILLE🎉❤😂

  • cc♡
    cc♡ 4 일 전 +83

    TXT is so insanely talented, they can even pull of a song like this with such insane choreo

  • Camren Jerrie
    Camren Jerrie 7 일 전 +402


    • Leonardo Massoni
      Leonardo Massoni 5 일 전 +2

      Funk Rave está em #31 e Back For More em #42 no TOP50!! Bora subir mais

  • Adriana Rodriguez
    Adriana Rodriguez 5 일 전 +31

    La verdad no soy fan de ninguno pero WAO q coreografia y que espectáculo.... No paro de ver esta presentación... CONGRATS TXT FEAT ANITTA

    • Ydnew K
      Ydnew K 5 일 전 +4

      es una señal, no ignores las señalesss

  • Tanya Ichet ♡
    Tanya Ichet ♡ 11 일 전 +2473

    I’m not a MOA but this performance is amazing ! TXT, fighting !

    • Maria Morveli
      Maria Morveli 11 일 전 +33


    • Johanna Nguiamba
      Johanna Nguiamba 11 일 전 +45

      YEESSS btw i advise you to become a MOA, it’s fun over here 🫶🏾🫶🏾

    • Kipp Tolp
      Kipp Tolp 11 일 전 +2

      заяем говорить, что ты не моа, какой в э ом смысл

    • manjobi
      manjobi 11 일 전 +5

      What is MOA?

    • rigor
      rigor 11 일 전 +33

      @manjobi MOA stands for moments of alwaysness. It’s TXT fandom name

  • mariannette
    mariannette 7 일 전 +280

    I love how you can really hear them singing live. The entire performance was fun

  • choiodiiii
    choiodiiii 7 일 전 +79

    the stage presence the vocals the dance the performance EVERYTHING was perfect

  • Mylittle deer
    Mylittle deer 6 일 전 +20

    This song is so catchy!! "I can see you comin' back for more" is still looping in my head and can't get over it. TXT x Anitta is amazing!!

  • yuni
    yuni 7 일 전 +49

    essa perfomance foi a melhor da noite e ninguém mudará minha opinião, divonicos

  • Evelyn Veiga
    Evelyn Veiga 7 일 전 +82

    A entrada do Beomgyu é muito perfeita!!!

    • Lua
      Lua 21 시간 전 +1

      Amo esse homem 😍🫣

  • LUCA
    LUCA 10 일 전 +1772

    didn't know TXT up until now but mad respect to them for singing live while performing those crazy choreos. now THOSE are some hard-working artists!!👏

    • Black Moon Lilith
      Black Moon Lilith 10 일 전 +65

      indeed 🥹❤️ thank you for appreciating their hardwork and please come back for more for TXT 😇

    • mjj1434
      mjj1434 10 일 전 +59

      I didn’t know about them either, so this was a nice tribute to Michael Jackson as well.

  • Pspopstar
    Pspopstar 7 일 전 +95


  • Gloria
    Gloria 7 일 전 +68

    I have to admit that I watched the entire awards presentations just to see the txt presentation and I don't regret it. IT'S LITERALLY THE BEST PRESENTATION I'VE EVER SEEN!

  • Nefi Estibaliz
    Nefi Estibaliz 6 일 전 +18

    Ya tiene días cinco días 😢, y yo que lo acabo de ver😬... Que increíble los chicos 🤩👏🏻, no soy MOA pero me han ganado con este canción 👏🏻💘👌🏻...

  • Cleverson Bernardo
    Cleverson Bernardo 7 일 전 +18

    Anitta dançando junto a coreografia é muito maneiro. Anitta dancing together the choreography is very cool.

  • Army,Nctzen,MoaBlinkStayExolCaratMidzyOnceDive🇧🇩

    Beomgyu !!!!! Your intro , your live vocals, your expression, your dance skill , your stage presence, your visual EVERYTHING IS PERFECT. 😭💗

  • Carlos Güemes
    Carlos Güemes 10 일 전 +2022

    TXT feat Anitta❤ nunca pensé verlo pero me encanta ❤👄❤️

    RSJHJJT 5 일 전 +24

    Estoy escuchando mas música de TXT y es muy buena me gusta mucho lo variada que es su discografía, como que me estan convenciendo y el de cabello naranja Yeonjun es muy guapo y baila muy bien, la verdad ya conocia a este grupo mucho antes, pero solo pasada. Espero que tenga mucho éxito porque son un excelente grupo, como dije estan a otro nivel. 3:37

  • Genoveva Lara
    Genoveva Lara 5 일 전 +42

    TXT & Anita totally killed it. Amazing Performance 💖💖💖

  • Bæliziesm
    Bæliziesm 7 일 전 +100

    No soy MOA pero de verdad se nota que dieron el 1000% en su performance. Amo a Anitta, es un collab que no esperaba y resultó chef's kiss. Ahora ellos en una canción de funk brasilero con Anitta porfa.

    • Chrry Blssms!
      Chrry Blssms! 7 일 전 +2

      Yess I didn’t know Anitta before but I’ve been checking some of her songs and they’re fire

  • amdebora
    amdebora 6 일 전 +22

    Cara essas referências ao Michael foi incrível até emocionante, a Anitta dançando com eles foi tipo incrível, e as vozes desse meninos, coreografia enfim esse estilo de perfeição que o kpop ecoa sempre que deixa a gente meio hipnotizado, ain gente não tem como não está apaixonado por esse hit!

    • Kayro Sena
      Kayro Sena 5 일 전

      Não consigo parar de ver e ouvir !! Anitta deu nome..❤

    • Galatika Estrela
      Galatika Estrela 2 일 전 +1

      @Kayro Sena Ela deu vida e brilho fez o video 🎬📽🎞
      🎉acontecer🕺🕺❤💃❤🕺🕺 🎊

  • Angie A.R.M.Y 97
    Angie A.R.M.Y 97 6 일 전 +9

    Waos, me dejaron la piel chinita, el ritmo, las voces, el baile, wow, fue increíble, me encanto💕💕💕

  • by keo
    by keo  11 일 전 +1202


    • Maria Suarez
      Maria Suarez 11 일 전 +5

      Muy orgullosa de ellos

      EMA ZUPIRA 4 일 전

      Excelentes no todo es BTS❤❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉esas mezclas culturales : ESPECTACULARES.. sobretodo con latinos ( encajan 🎉)

  • Bruna Ribeiro
    Bruna Ribeiro 7 일 전 +28

    Que apresentação incrível 🎉🎉🎉🎉 não conhecia o TXT. Parabéns pela apresentação. Parabéns Anitta🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Erika Reed
    Erika Reed 7 일 전 +64

    I loved it! I have never listened TXT before and loving Anitta made me watch this and now I am like: they are so awesome! ❤

  • jill
    jill 6 일 전 +127

    I love the opening, Beomgyu, the graphics or what they are called, the lightning and shadows. TXT support team I love you

  • Sonnenschein Sonnenschein

    Beomgyu, от Вашего голоса у меня мурашки по коже. Обожаю ТХТ. Обожаю Beomgyu.

  • Elizângela de Oliveira

    Parabéns Anitta por suas conquistas e aos meninos Coreanos TXT super talentosos!!! . ❤❤👏👏 Beijosss do Brasil 😍🇧🇷✨

  • 별 - one shining star
    별 - one shining star 7 일 전 +1712

    I'm not a MOA, but this performance was a masterpiece. After watching this video, I hope that TXT will be more and more successful in the future.

    • lena0403
      lena0403 7 일 전 +34

      i hope you will check out their discography, their music is soooo good:)

    • Fabia Islam
      Fabia Islam 7 일 전 +19

      I hope you become a moa because you won't regret stanning them ever that's for sure but it's your own opinion so I'm just welcoming you

    • Laurence Koo
      Laurence Koo 6 일 전 +8

      thank you for you appreciation, keep enjoying!! ❤

    • Giang Dang
      Giang Dang 5 일 전 +6

      thank you sm love you

    • Afreen Haque
      Afreen Haque 5 일 전 +8

      Well this has definitely made me a MOA

  • Reyna León
    Reyna León 6 일 전 +8

    Estos muchachos brillaron hermosamente...¡¡¡FELICIDADES!!!

  • 쪼코
    쪼코 6 일 전 +78

    idk how but txt always manage to outdid themselves this performance was easily one of the best of the night they carried kpop so proudly and everything was on point!!

  • Vasconcelos
    Vasconcelos 7 일 전 +123

    Nao se esqueçam do MV, vamos assistir bastante.
    E no Spotify vamos ouvir bastante também, pra poder crescer nos charts mundiais.
    B-MOA e ANITTERS juntos!

    • Leonardo Massoni
      Leonardo Massoni 5 일 전 +6

      Funk Rave está em #31 e Back For More em #42 no TOP50!! Bora subir mais

  • Leonardo Massoni
    Leonardo Massoni 5 일 전 +21

    Funk Rave está em #31 e Back For More em #42 no TOP50!! Bora subir mais!!

  • Natalia
    Natalia 7 일 전 +64

    My boys delivered ! The stage presence, the performance, the choreo and the RIZZ and I am not talking about THE VOCALS ! As always! Beomgyu is actually killing me with that hair ! Like he owns it for real!

  • Igor
    Igor 11 일 전 +3672

    O primeiro K-FUNK do mundo ☝🏽🇧🇷❤️

  • wonny
    wonny 7 일 전 +61


  • TToM
    TToM 7 일 전 +97

    A K-Pop group paying tribute to the King of Pop on the stage of the VMAs is such a wonderful sight to see. It just shows the talent and endless potential there's in the K-Pop industry, and also highlights where their inspiration comes from. Every single idol out there has been influenced by Michael. The greatest dancers, singers and performers have learned listening to his music and watching his videos. Michael's artistry is one of the flavors of K-Pop. TXT did a great job encapsulating that concept, while also showcasing their strenghts as a group, and I'm not even their fan, but this performance was amazing.

  • KGram
    KGram 2 일 전 +8

    Recuerdo todavía cuando vi la presentación en vivo, se me puso la piel de gallina, TXT Y ANITTA dieron un show de otro nivel.
    Excelente trabajo❤

  • Linda Gils
    Linda Gils 4 일 전 +12

    Melhor música e performance do ano, sensacional 👏👏👏👏🇧🇷🇰🇷

  • 쯔쯔
    쯔쯔 5 일 전 +17

    this performance is so iconic and easily one of the best of the night indeed

  • Scaralhou
    Scaralhou 11 일 전 +4648


    • just a rock
      just a rock  11 일 전 +48


    • bald_gyuuu
      bald_gyuuu 11 일 전 +37


    • dxnielleluvskz
      dxnielleluvskz 11 일 전 +15


    • Marcyelle
      Marcyelle 11 일 전 +21

      Mas seria legal se ela cantasse em português ao invés de espanhol naquela parte né...

    • hyunjinnie
      hyunjinnie 11 일 전 +6

      @Marcyellehabla mais

  • Mamta singh
    Mamta singh 7 일 전 +82

    This performance deserves an big round of applause like seriously everyone ate this stage TXT is literally killing this era 😌💙🔥✨

  • Chris C11
    Chris C11 6 일 전 +11

    Agredecida por que esta canción exista, nunca me imagine una colaboración entre ellos pero me encantaaaaaa

  • Anne
    Anne 23 시간 전 +2

    Man, vocês são perfeitos! Tudo combinando e meticulosamente calculado! A entrada da Anitta, a abertura do Beomgyu, a coreografia, a letra, a batida, tudo!!!!

  • Vihh Kirsch
    Vihh Kirsch 2 일 전 +9

    Cara nao tem nem como descrever essa música. Ela é perfeita os meninos arrasaram, e a anitta tbm

  • bellaandthemoon
    bellaandthemoon 6 일 전 +9

    Gente, pop, kpop e funk misturados, Anitta e txt são O MAXIMO

  • Maurício Oliveira
    Maurício Oliveira 11 일 전 +10373

    Anitta colocou o funk até no kpop, queen

  • Star Areeba go
    Star Areeba go 5 일 전 +14

    Their music is so catchy and they always have great stage presence
    Their live singing here though damn!!
    Let’s go txt! I hope they get bigger in future since they deserve it

  • Tatiene
    Tatiene 5 일 전 +8

    Beomgyu brilhando demais!!!!

  • Eriberto Edinaldo
    Eriberto Edinaldo 7 일 전 +32

    Anitta is to be congratulated, she delivered a lot to the boys singing and dancing, I loved it!!!!!!

  • Suely Bessa
    Suely Bessa 6 일 전 +7

    Wow, Essa batida é viciante👏🏻🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼vocês são talentosos e lindos. Anita💃🏽 vc é show👏🏻 Parabéns pela parceria. Muito sucesso e saúde para todos. Amei🇧🇷🇰🇷❤💗💋💋💋💋💋💋

  • shyann
    shyann 11 일 전 +905


    • den71353 M
      den71353 M 9 일 전 +1

      Vocals were ok at best come on. Stop exaggerating. They were pitchy on some parts

    • shyann
      shyann 9 일 전 +7

      @den71353 M i’m not exaggerating. i’m being honest on how I perceived their performance

  • shut up.
    shut up. 3 일 전 +5

    que lindos txt son tan elegantes con sus coreografías, definitivamente estuvieron a la altura y mucho más del show

  • Lauren Kellie
    Lauren Kellie 5 일 전 +12

    TXT never disappoints!👏🏻

  • Gisele da Silva Cardoso

    Muito top parabéns Anita e TXT lindos e maravilhoso melhor feat 😮❤❤❤ simplesmente sensacional

  • Enhypenchis2022
    Enhypenchis2022 7 일 전 +17

    That was an Outstanding Performance Go TxT!!! Gosh super proud of them!!! And I love their song it’s just so perfect so now and so modern!!

  • Sydney lili Joy
    Sydney lili Joy 5 일 전 +21

    Hands down , no one does it like bighit groups , txt is so versatile, they can do any style ❤ i love them

  • Juanky Espinola
    Juanky Espinola 11 일 전 +690

    I'm not a fan of TXT but they really hit so hard on this. Starting to stan them

    • khad_z5
      khad_z5 11 일 전 +36


    • Gracey L
      Gracey L 11 일 전 +29

      They are worth it. Their discography is so impressive.

    • Sherley
      Sherley 11 일 전 +15

      YESSS!! If you wanna see more, check out "sugar rush ride", "tinitus" or "Farewell Neverland" those are my favvs ❤❤

    • yeon bibi
      yeon bibi 11 일 전 +13

      You should check out their songs, some of my favorite from them:
      0X1 LOVESONG
      Sugar Rush Ride
      Lonely Boy
      Farewell Neverland
      Roller Coaster
      You can also check out their performance this year's Lollapalooza, they're one of the headliners

    • Moa
      Moa 11 일 전 +3

      Oh, The right decision!!!

  • Vsegda na positive
    Vsegda na positive 5 일 전 +26

    Молодцы, TXT, очень круто! Вы очень харизматичные и самодостаточные артисты. Горжусь, горжусь, горжусь! Пересмотрела много-много раз! Нелегко быть младшими братишками BTS, но вы прекрасно с этим справляетесь и идете своим ярким путем. Сколько труда... Успехов вам, парни!

  • yoss
    yoss 23 시간 전 +1

    Que lindo ver los comentarios de diferentes personas que aunque no conoscan a txt los apoyan por el talento que tiene y que lindo ver a mas personas volverse fan y moa grasias por unirse al fandom no se arrepentiran los chicos son increiblemente talentosos y lindos son buenas personas y muy trabajadores 🥺

  • Eva L. M.
    Eva L. M. 3 일 전 +4

    Y por cosas como ésta, es por lo que el Kpop "domina" el mundo....
    Es innegable que son las mejores actuaciones de la noche.
    Hacen numerazos!! 🎉

    JYHYGYRF 6 일 전 +5

    Fué una presentación espectacular,los efectos de luz fueron °Increíbles°.
    ×Espero que cada vez haya más personas que los escuchen×

  • Kimberly Wong
    Kimberly Wong 일 전 +4

    Not even a MOA but I know bighit artists always SLAY HARD!!!! like they just know how to captivate the audience ❤

  • Kêndra Saporiti
    Kêndra Saporiti 11 일 전 +526

    Não gosto de K-pop, mas gente QUE ESPETÁCULO!! Vim pela Anitta, mas amei a performance do TXT e pra mim foi a melhor da noite!!!!

    • Kesia Araujo
      Kesia Araujo 11 일 전 +26

      Vim pelo TXT claro e gostei apesar de ser anitta não é o estilo de música que gosto

    • Jackson Freitas
      Jackson Freitas 11 일 전 +32

      ​@Kesia Araujoótimo então vamos juntar a fan base e fazer hitar

    • Alisson
      Alisson 11 일 전 +8

      Com certeza foi a melhor apresentação

    • I'm fearless
      I'm fearless 11 일 전 +11

      Txt и Anitta сожгли сцену! Наши кумиры нас никогда не подводят

    • Miguel o’haras left toe nail
      Miguel o’haras left toe nail 11 일 전 +4

      You should totally take a look at some of their other songs they’re super amazing and talented!!

  • Iara Cruz
    Iara Cruz 일 전 +3

    Nunca vou superar esse feat da Anitta com TXT 😍😍❤️❤️

  • alexandra MJ
    alexandra MJ 2 일 전

    Muchos éxitos más para ustedes txt se lo merecen !!

  • N Kass
    N Kass 4 일 전 +13

    It was live!! Amazing vocals and powerful performance ~~~

  • KaShu
    KaShu 7 일 전 +74

    This is an absolutely insane performance from them!!!🔥🔥🔥 I'm a predebut MOA and have seen them live twice, and TXT just continues to amaze me. They never stop. They give their all every single time. This performance seriously puts them on a new level. It is so crazy to think that they're not even a 5 year old group yet. So so so much talent! I can't wait to see what they do next!!! This is my favorite collab they've ever done❤❤❤

    • Shadow13 🦋
      Shadow13 🦋 7 일 전 +6

      I’m also a predebut MOA and I knew they were talented but I’m still truly amazed at the high quality of their performances & artistry!

  • kate
    kate 11 일 전 +664

    beomgyu's voice just fits so WELL WITH THIS SONG

  • Day
    Day 7 일 전 +8

    son increibles mis chicossss txt

  • Trika0103
    Trika0103 6 일 전 +8


  • Татьяна Чубань

    Лучшие наши мальчики разорвали сцену, это шикарно! Я обожаю эту песню)

  • Paula Santos
    Paula Santos 6 일 전 +7

    Tão talentosos. Pra mim a melhor performance.

    YJLOVE 6 일 전 +3

    Awesome work TXT and Anitta. They all sound and look great.

    MANITO 11 일 전 +407

    They really be making history in their vma debut wow.

    • Loyal2_kpopMusic
      Loyal2_kpopMusic 11 일 전 +10

      A killer performance and VMA winner I say history is TXT AND Anitta
      La Reina and kpop Kings best Collab this year ♥️♥️🔥💕

    • ᵀᵃᵉᵐⁱⁿᵗ
      ᵀᵃᵉᵐⁱⁿᵗ 11 일 전 +1


  • Led Marques
    Led Marques 7 일 전 +3

    Simplesmente hipnotizante ❣️👏👏👏👏 😳🥰🇧🇷🇰🇷❤️😍

  • Elizahjisel Lira
    Elizahjisel Lira 5 일 전 +6

    Performance incrível adorei o facto de q a Anita pós um ritmo brasileiro

  • -Brownie
    -Brownie 7 일 전 +5

    Que orgulho! Eu amei muito esse feat.

    AFOBANGFO 6 일 전 +8

    So proud of TXT 👏💜💪

  • jaqs
    jaqs 7 일 전 +725

    i’m not even a txt stan but this performance had me screaming. best of the night imo

    • Leonardo Massoni
      Leonardo Massoni 5 일 전 +5

      Funk Rave está em #31 e Back For More em #42 no TOP50!! Bora subir mais

    • Itsbeomqyu
      Itsbeomqyu 5 일 전 +7

      thank you for your support for our boys!

    • EpicIdiot '-'
      EpicIdiot '-' 3 일 전 +2

      Thank you for the support! If you want to Stan them you ask me! 💙

  • M I
    M I 4 일 전 +14

    Txt finally deserves a huge stage. It’s time to take the world under your wings good luck

  • Luiz
    Luiz 4 일 전 +11

    Anitta no Kpop ficou perfeito… e ela colocou uma batida de funk na parte dela

  • Taeha   2k in 15min
    Taeha 2k in 15min 5 일 전 +14

    Im not moa but im happy for txt this song is so good and choreography 🔥🔥

  • PreBel
    PreBel 2 일 전 +2

    Oh boy I am dead, call an ambulance right now !!! You guys killed it!!! Love you TXT proud of you soo much.

  • Choe edits
    Choe edits 4 일 전 +3


  • Hanu Fiorena Sekarsari
    Hanu Fiorena Sekarsari 11 일 전 +495

    Their live performance was so amazing and Anitta was adding its sexiness vibe to the maximum level. This video is living its title, we keep coming back for more ❤

  • belulopezchamba
    belulopezchamba 6 일 전 +8

    Good lord, they were always top tier but this performance is pure excellence ❤

  • Maria del Carmen Villegas

    La coreografía y la presencia en el escenario estuvieron increíbles

  • ari G
    ari G 3 일 전 +5

    No sigo a estos chicos pero debo admitir que me gusta esta canción y que estuvieron muy bien 👏👏👏

  • myra
    myra 5 일 전 +8

    how i wish i could have watched this live in person, their stage presence is amazing!

  • __lino’s_ice_crea__
    __lino’s_ice_crea__ 5 일 전 +4

    Txt and Anitta SLAYING this live performance like no one else 😻😻

  • Writerwitch
    Writerwitch 11 일 전 +227

    Best collab, dance, vocals. I can’t wait for them to come back to the VMA’s and win even more awards.

  • Samys Mago
    Samys Mago 6 일 전 +2

    Estoy aquí de vuelta por más! De verdad que AMO esta colaboración. Me encanta la parte de Anitta, es muy adictiva de ver y de escuchar ♡

  • Redbit Redbit
    Redbit Redbit 20 시간 전 +2

    Quem apoia essa linda e talentosa Anitta desde sua comecar musical reporte aqui!❤

  • frevertyun
    frevertyun 3 일 전 +5

    THE MIC IS ON !!! Love this performance so much, it's amazing ♡ The best performers that night, I enjoy it very much ☆☆☆

  • Nanda Araujo
    Nanda Araujo 6 일 전 +3

    Anitta sempre arrasando 😍🤩

  • Vasconcelos
    Vasconcelos 5 일 전 +2

    Fiquei tão feliz assistindo essa performace. Como brasileira, me senti super representada quando começou a batida de FUNK.

  • jessica wong
    jessica wong 11 일 전 +16393

    The TXT boys killed it! Best performance of the night! Stole the show! And the addition of Anitta was perfect!! Thank you TXT for always killing it on stage!

    • MARIE 🦋
      MARIE 🦋 11 일 전 +307

      Shakira,Shakira 🔥🫡🙌

    • Yo
      Yo 11 일 전 +289

      Nah, Shakira destroyed everyone!!

    • River Song
      River Song 11 일 전 +66

      They're amazing 👏👏👏

    • Pritom Biswas
      Pritom Biswas 11 일 전 +256

      Txt totally killed the stage today seriously the song is so catchy I was literally shocked out seeing their performance I mean like my jaws dropped out and was screaming a lot by their amazing performance!