(ENG) 2️⃣ Everyone's dancing Hey Mama, NO:ZE must have bought a house now, right? / [MMTG EP.221-2]

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  • Honestly, with a hit like SWF Hey Mama
    she must have built an apartment by now, right? (just my thought)
    So we learned about choreo copyright. (Serious)
    Planned by/Ha Hyunjong Hosted by/Lee Eunjae Composed by/Lee Eunjae, Lee Kyuhee Filmed by/Kim Jiyeon, Ahn Yena, Moon Sora, Park Bora, Shin Younga Recorded simultaneously/Drawing Sounds Brand design/Kim Hakyung CG/Kim Hakyung, Kim Hansol Intern/Park Hyunhong, Lee Dasom, Ryu Seohyun, Lim Mina Administered by/Park Mirim Marketing/Kim Yujin Subtitles by/Choi Jiseul Assistant director ·Edited by/Oh Hanju, Kim Hyemin Screenplay by/Hong Minji Production support by/SBS Digital News Lab Creative Industry Department
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