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  • 게시일 2022. 06. 22.
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  • Junita Tandi
    Junita Tandi 개월 전 +2459

    Kim Jungwoo and Kim Doyoung friendship is literally everything. They love each other like real brother.

    • MS B
      MS B 3 일 전

      They’re the only Kims in NCT so they’ve gotta stick together amongst the billion Lees Huangs and Jungs

    • hayden
      hayden 29 일 전

      @lemsnq huh

    • lemsnq
      lemsnq 개월 전 +5

      If you don’t get your ahh outta here

    • BrightLee
      BrightLee 개월 전 +95

      Fr, Doyoung really said: "Jungwoo needs my care". 😂

  • j zeus
    j zeus 개월 전 +947


  • Michelle Lacson
    Michelle Lacson 개월 전 +608

    shotoro is so sweet and pure 😭😭😭

    • Sthirteen
      Sthirteen 개월 전

      Shotoro?ah, maybe you mean that a typo?😅

  • Classically Mish
    Classically Mish 개월 전 +891

    The way everyone protects Shotaro is so sweet. They all agree he’s the sweetest most even tempered of 023.

    • MS B
      MS B 3 일 전 +1

      It also must’ve been surprising for Taro to become one of the youngest in NCT considering he’s the eldest in his family

    • MS B
      MS B 3 일 전 +3

      And poor guy met all the NCT members at once during the jacket filming and witnessed the chaos… major culture shock

  • EnnL L
    EnnL L 개월 전 +870

    Lmao doyoung and jungwoo were so serious that they went from vocalists to rappers

    • K J W
      K J W 개월 전 +7


  • Wilma Lacson
    Wilma Lacson 개월 전 +3859

    Shotaro is so cute when he said "ANIYA" when Yangyang said that he won't call him anymore. Can't wait for Episode 2, they all are so handsomely chaotic.

    • annawatch
      annawatch 개월 전 +13

      I love that "handsomely chaotic" part 😎🤟

    • rachel lee
      rachel lee 개월 전 +70

      he was so adorable with his cute sparkly eyes😭

    • KB 반응
      KB 반응 개월 전 +4


  • K J W
    K J W 개월 전 +1352

    Doyoung and Jungwoo are closer than we think. They are really like siblings (the only two with the last name Kim of NCT 😆). They used to training together. DY debuted but regularly met JW. DY said he was looking forward to Jungwoo's debut. If you follow them since JW's debut, DY has always been by JW's side and cares for JW until now. Most find them always side by side even at the airport. He didn't sing his Comeback line but gave it to JW 🥰. Last year, after DY rehearsed for his musical, he was so tired and called JW right after work to have dinner and then Vlive together 🥰. They were once seen eating together the stories they talked about are all food ㅋㅋ so cute. The gifts JW gave for DY's birthday seems to make DY happy and satisfied!! ㅋㅋ. Really JW like a younger brother needs a brother as meticulous and caring as DY. As a JW's fan im really grateful to DY. Hope their friendship lasts forever^^

  • micaela
    micaela 개월 전 +257


  • Annie
    Annie 개월 전 +390

    20:38 , shotaro’s “ah… aniyaaa.” is so cute 😭

  • H I
    H I 개월 전 +456

    Shotaro is so innocent and soft, no wonder he needs to be protected and is loved by his members. He seems to be easily hurt too, his heart is surely pure.

  • azhagurani
    azhagurani 개월 전 +2765

    YANGYANG literally said "I only have good things to say to you," he loves shotaro so much that he goes an extra mile to spend time with him whenever possible. I'm glad they got to clarify their miscommunication and misunderstandings.

    • Ca
      Ca 개월 전 +154

      This was so cute, WE KNOW Yangyang can be super mischiveous but he chose to be honest and caring my heart-

  • ss ss
    ss ss 개월 전 +503

    다들 귀여운데 쇼타로가 진심 귀엽다..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • dhgemein2
    dhgemein2 개월 전 +301

    In every K-pop boy group there seems to be one member that EVERYONE treats like a piece of precious porcelain. In NCT, it's obviously Shotaro.

  • MrSunshinesunshine
    MrSunshinesunshine 개월 전 +127

    If anyone is worried about yangtaro friendship, shotaro said they are ok, they even played basketball together same day they filmed this. And taro also said yangyang is his best friend whom he sees the most often. Also yangyang wrote on ig story “Don’t call me next time LOL( I’m kidding. I love you ❤️)” with a selfie with shotaro and hendery. 🦦🐏

  • Keela Jones
    Keela Jones 개월 전 +134

    If I was Jungwoo and Shotaro looked at me like this 23:15 I would have got on my knees and said sorry he is so precious! He is so cute! I just love him!

    • sandra rodrigues
      sandra rodrigues 개월 전 +23

      For real, I almost cried!!! I wanted to apologize and I didn't even do anything 😭😭

  • jilleon.c
    jilleon.c 개월 전 +2481

    UNEXPECTED THAT YANGYANG AND TARO WAS REALLY CLOSE TO THE POINT THAT THEY’D CHECK ON EACH OTHER LIKE THAT. We really don’t know what happens off cam. They’re so adorableeeeeee 🫶🫶

    • MrSunshinesunshine
      MrSunshinesunshine 개월 전 +22

      @Spaghetti and Kun and Taeyong

    • Spaghetti
      Spaghetti 개월 전 +42

      shotaro is also close to these people and you probably wont expect it: chenle, jisung, renjun, and ten

    • Isabella Yuki Cross
      Isabella Yuki Cross 개월 전 +39

      I also think that was only possible because it was off cam

  • 제노야엄마다집에가자

    진짜 쇼타로 왜이리 귀여움ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ말을 안해서 그렇지 요만조만한 불만 품고 있었어 아오 애기ㅠㅠㅠ

  • ㅎㅊ
    ㅎㅊ 개월 전 +179

    쇼타로 너무 귀야워 뭐 먹고 싶냐니까 간장게장.. 이러는 것도 너무 귀여워 사랑해

  • •lyyy_
    •lyyy_ 개월 전 +163

    The fact that the staff didn't even bother stopping nor editing Doyoung's and Jungwoo's part is killing me

  • Nanda Trinur
    Nanda Trinur 개월 전 +270

    seru bgt nonton doyoung sma jungwoo ribut sambil makan jagung manis wkwk. pas shotaro sma yangyang gue sampe netes air mata soalnya mata yangyang berlinang pengen nangiss gituu. terus mereka juga pertemanannya keliatan tulus banget. yangyang pengertian juga dengerin cerita shotaro sampe akhir baru dia ngomong. dari pandangan gue sebenernya yangyang butuh temen sepantaran dia sih karena wayv kan ga ada schedule jadi mungkin merasa kesepian dan pengen main sma member lain. cuma di satu sisi member lain juga ada schedule, tapi makasih untuk renjun yg udh temenin yangyang bikin konten. makannya ayo SM buat wayv ada schedule biar mereka juga ada jadwal. biar sama-sama adil gitu. apapun itu yg terbaik untuk semua member.

  • Blair 💖
    Blair 💖 개월 전 +3969

    Jungwoo is such a fun person to be in variety show. He could make every NCT show so interesting and entertaining. He's creative and hilarious that can make eveything seems more excitingly fun.

    • XXVI♡
      XXVI♡ 개월 전 +12

      @aalz u know that's right💛

    • reallilly
      reallilly 개월 전 +25

      rightt. thats why he is in every episode of nct shows and i love it so muchh

    • aalz
      aalz 개월 전 +64

      when u know the content is gonna be funnier when u have the kim jungwoo in it 😌

  • 타로타로티
    타로타로티 개월 전 +221

    19:15 "갑자기!!!"라는 타로 제스쳐 따라하는 성찬이ㅋㅋㅋ 둘 다 넘 귀여워ㅠ

  • Miss A
    Miss A 개월 전 +89

    Shotaro-Yangyang's friendship is so cute 💚💚💚

  • Sthirteen
    Sthirteen 개월 전 +122

    When many people talk about the closeness of doyoung and jungwoo or shotaro and yangyang, honestly I think the scene is more interesting when shotaro asks for an explanation from jungwoo. he really looks innocent, and jungwoo looks like a father trying to trick his son into going to a candy store, but actually going to the dentist😅
    They are so sweet, I think NCT is a real relationship of a family🥰

  • • J.O.D •
    • J.O.D • 개월 전 +158

    shotaro being a whole cutie even when is supposed to attack others

  • Asal Esmaeeli
    Asal Esmaeeli 개월 전 +2947

    Jungwoo and Doyoung's argument was so funny. Also, Taro trying to act upset but still looking happy and cute while complaining was so adorable. When he was complaining about Yangyang, I felt like I was watching a baby being upset by another baby lol.

  • Jageun Aerie
    Jageun Aerie 개월 전 +218

    the way shotaro say "aniya~" when yangyang said he won't call shotaro anymore if shotaro doesn't like it 🥺 they're so precious 😭❤️

  • panda
    panda 개월 전 +149

    Shotaroo super cuteee. It's like his eyes are shining. I can't explain.

  • 이해찬 오른팔
    이해찬 오른팔 개월 전 +125

    와 쇼타로 왤케 귀여워 ㅠㅠ 진짜로 눈무날 거 갵아

  • Ripsera marak
    Ripsera marak 개월 전 +272

    'Making things worse, they had fun so much'. Shotaro is really upset Yangyang went for camping without him. As much as I love RenYang friendship Iam getting into YangSho friendship 🥰

  • cotharsis
    cotharsis 개월 전 +1308

    awww the tears in both shotaro and yangyang's eyes when they were talking. shotaro felt hurt by some misunderstandings of yangyang's intentions but yangyang also felt hurt that his good intentions were misunderstood. you can tell they really cherish each other

    • KB 반응
      KB 반응 개월 전 +3


    • ELIE
      ELIE 개월 전 +34

      Yehhh don't want to seperate them🥺💚

  • 촤용
    촤용 개월 전 +120

    쇼타로 왤케 귀엽냐

  • 리아
    리아 개월 전 +126

    타로 진짜 귀엽네 ㅠㅠㅠ 뭔가 너무 순수하고 진짜 착핸 애야 ㅠㅠ 사랑해 타로야 !!

  • 이리아
    이리아 개월 전 +137

    타로 너무 귀여워 타로 너무 귀여워 쇼타로 미친듯이 귀여워 쇼타로 개귀여워 타로는 천사임 타로애기 타로는 아기임

  • Tj🐰
    Tj🐰 18 일 전 +32

    19:16 衝撃を受けた赤ちゃんカワウソって字幕と

  • Kristiane Rose Lavilla
    Kristiane Rose Lavilla 개월 전 +154

    It shows here how Shotaro is so innocent and humble. He is so precious and always so bright. I love this man.

  • TheoOrWhatevere
    TheoOrWhatevere 개월 전 +125

    Shotaro does seem like a very reliable guy and when he says he can't make it then he REALLY can't and it's not an excuse. He's reliable and he pulls through and I REALLY admire him for that💚

  • Cherry Mae Fabregas
    Cherry Mae Fabregas 개월 전 +80

    23:12 ang cute ni shotaro. am crying!!!

  • [2태0]지선
    [2태0]지선 개월 전 +206

    와씨 쇼타로 개귀여워....

  • zza
    zza 개월 전 +1965

    I keep watching yangyang and shotaro's part cause its just so wholesome. I think it's because almost everyone can relate cause we really get into misunderstandings with friends. Even if our intention is good, but the other party might misunderstand it. That's why friends really need to talk it out with each other to fix those misunderstandings.

    • KB 반응
      KB 반응 개월 전


    • zza
      zza 개월 전 +115

      yangyang who wants to take care of his friend shotaro and shotaro who also wants to hangout even if hes busy but thinks yangyang doesnt really cherish it. THEYRE SO PRECIOUS

  • ayanooon
    ayanooon 개월 전 +104


  • 쁍뀨
    쁍뀨 개월 전 +100

    하..ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 쇼타로 양양 조합이 너무 귀여워

  • Ariel Star
    Ariel Star 개월 전 +197

    I love how Jungwoo is so endearing and really doesn't want any of his members to feel like he doesn't want to eat with them. He set up a time to eat with Shotaro & did just that. They ate together recently. Jungwoo and Kun hung out recently, too. I love how Sungchan was trying to calm down the atmosphere. Not that it was getting hectic, but he doesn't want to upset anyone. So lovely.

  • ruru
    ruru 개월 전 +80


  • Hien Hoai
    Hien Hoai 개월 전 +2883

    They said they saw tear in Shotaro's eyes when YangYang said he won't call Shotaro anymore, but I see tear in YangYang's eyes too ㅠㅠ his eyes show the pain..... Ah both YangYang and Shotaro really like each other!

    • HAMADA
      HAMADA 개월 전 +18

      18:47 the pain in yangyang's eyes...i can't they love eachother so much

    • marsya cha
      marsya cha 개월 전 +24

      Trueee i saw it too :") ah their friendship bonded very well

    • coolgirl312
      coolgirl312 개월 전 +222

      Also how Shotaro started smacking YangYang's butt as soon as he said he wouldn't call anymore. That's when you know they're close; when one can free smack someone's behind xD

    • 0
      0 개월 전 +274

      It seems like they are really close

    • GopherCake
      GopherCake 개월 전 +240

      both of them are so precious

  • Lala
    Lala 개월 전 +123

    ngakak banget nontonnya😭😭😭 apalagi pas doyoung sama jungwoo😭😭 terus juga pas bagian shotaro, doyoung kompor banget. capek gak berhenti buat ketawa😭😭

  • ティラミス
    ティラミス 개월 전 +55

    タロのコメント多くて嬉しいねぇㅜㅜ ほんでもってかわいすぎなんよ

  • 김진
    김진 개월 전 +152

    쇼타로 진짜 귀엽네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • luvletter93
    luvletter93 개월 전 +86

    20:38 HAS GOT TO BE THE CUTEST REACTION EVER. These unexpected friendships are just so precious, I'm so glad we got such content :")

  • MrSunshinesunshine
    MrSunshinesunshine 개월 전 +2351

    Kun and Doyoung, two older brothers truly understand Shotaro’s feelings is somewhat funny and sweet😆 Shotaro is really sweet. I’m happy YangTaro seems very close. Hope they can go camping together next time!

    • 킹받는 침착맨과 주호민
      킹받는 침착맨과 주호민 개월 전 +2

      -kpop stan-

    • rachel lee
      rachel lee 개월 전 +39

      it’s so cute how doyoung was adoring taro even tho he was pouring out his feelings to yangyang😭 he’s so innocent and so cute! he looked genuinely flustered when yangyang said he wasn’t going to call him up again😭🥹

    • KB 반응
      KB 반응 개월 전 +1


  • Dev Lin
    Dev Lin 개월 전 +47

    Shotaro kok lucu si... kan aku gemes jadinya ♡♥︎

  • 망고빙수
    망고빙수 개월 전 +117

    웨이비 애기들은 타로, 성찬이랑 자주 만나고 연락하는 방식으로 챙겨주고
    127, 드림 애기들은 둘이 부담느끼지 않게 편한 분위기를 만들어주려고 하는 듯
    따수운 아이들이야ㅏ

  • 타짜는ᅳ김혜수 언니가 제일 매력적

    쇼타로 vs 양양= 푸딩과 순두부의 싸움
    둘 다 부들 부들 말랑 말랑 졸귀♡

  • 아긴가
    아긴가 25 일 전 +65

    아 쇼타로 개귀엽다 애기같음, , ,막 곧 울것같음

  • Baekgu_princess
    Baekgu_princess 개월 전 +1130

    Yangyang and Shorato part is soo touching, you could see their tearing eyes, cause there are people who don’t know how to express their feelings the right way to others and maybe could make them misunderstood. They are definitely good buddy, hope they could grow and take care of this friendship for a long time🥰

  • 수없는씨박
    수없는씨박 개월 전 +121

    쇼타로 왜이렇게 귀엽지 ? 왜? 오ㅑ??🥹

  • Wee The Writer
    Wee The Writer 17 일 전 +25

    Yang Yang x Shotaro part KILLED ME!!! Oh gawd these two….

  • Leggo
    Leggo 개월 전 +55

    Shotarooo you're so Cuuuuuteeeeee🤗❤️❤️❤️

  • 정정우
    정정우 개월 전 +77

    진짜 애들 너무 귀엽다ㅠ 특히 타로 아니야아..ㅠ할때 기절함

  • Niko
    Niko 개월 전 +1751

    Teared up at Shotaro and Yangyang's confession. Shotaro will make time for Yangyang however busy he may be. He enjoys spending time with his friend, but it was never out of boredom, rather it is because he treasures their friendship. On the other hand, Yangyang looks out for Shotaro. He too treasures Shotaro and wants to spend time with him and perhaps cope with boredom, especially since he is a foreigner too, and understands how it may be in a foreign land away from family and friends. They are speaking from different perspective but at the end of the day, they see the other as someone important and they cherish this friendship a lot.

    • Niko
      Niko 28 일 전 +2

      @nurul aprilia You can give twt a try.

    • nurul aprilia
      nurul aprilia 개월 전 +1

      @Niko where can i get updates about shotaro. I rarely see shotaro bbl updates. very few get updates about shotaro. do i have to subscribe to bbl first😌. very little shotaro discussed

    • Abigail Carcueva
      Abigail Carcueva 개월 전 +14

      AAAAAAAA this is actually how I see it too... Aaaaaa and it looks like Yangyang is a bit hurt with Taro's confession

    • NAF
      NAF 개월 전 +5

      omg sameeeeee. I cried on their part 😭😭 I really know what Shotaro feels thats why i cry

    • nurul aprilia
      nurul aprilia 개월 전 +38

      I'm honestly sad for both of them. actually they love each other but because they take care of each other so there is a misunderstanding. shotaro wants to play with yangyang without words being bored because shotaro loves Yangyang. on the other hand, those who actually want to play with shotaro just don't like it because shotaro has a schedule. so the one who says "you're bored right"? my heart is sad 😭💔

  • Ta Toko
    Ta Toko 개월 전 +69


  • 김현주
    김현주 개월 전 +50

    양양 쇼타로 헨드리 쿤.. 한국사람인 줄 너무 순딩순딩 하자나 쇼타로 너무 귀여워... 너무 귀여워.. 너무 너무...수달이.. 인형..

  • Go go
    Go go 개월 전 +89

    Shotaro is so cute I hope I have a younger brother like him

  • bonbon boo
    bonbon boo 개월 전 +53


  • Danie Dan
    Danie Dan 개월 전 +1015

    Shotaro looks soooo innocent like he is trying to hide his pain behind his smile😭😭😭 he is genuinely confuse at some point... sooo cuteee~

    • Hendrrrary
      Hendrrrary 개월 전 +1

      @firelord san // ATEEZ KING terrible friend for calling him out to eat too much? You're weird

    • Jumi Lee
      Jumi Lee 개월 전 +1

      It's funny how ya'll are replying to the stupid comment about Yangyang being a terrible friend when ya'll can just report the comment. It's obvious that the commenter was lookin to start a/an argument/war in this comment section. It's better to just report comments like this and save your typing for responding to better comments

    • Al M
      Al M 개월 전 +3

      @firelord san // ATEEZ KING lol if that were the case he wouldn't bother inviting him to do anything with him in the first place

    • moon_to
      moon_to 개월 전 +1

      @firelord san // ATEEZ KING 彼はショウタロウに不満は無いと言った。とても賢く優しい人間です。

    • peach gradient
      peach gradient 개월 전 +3

      @firelord san // ATEEZ KING he is definitely not they just had a small misunderstanding and shotaro really cherish their friendship same as yangyang don’t stir it up

  • 왈왈왈와ㄹ왈
    왈왈왈와ㄹ왈 개월 전 +79

    타로야 애기야 너무너무 귀여워ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ말도 너무 조리있게 잘하구 진짜 나보다 한국말 더 잘해!!

  • hehehehe
    hehehehe 개월 전 +89

    Shotaro is too cute. No one can mad at him🤣🤣

  • lutfi ac
    lutfi ac 개월 전 +30

    19:15 ya ampuun shotaroo imutt lucuu bettt, kek adek ngadu ke abangnya. HSKSHQSKHQKSH LUCUU BETTT😭😭😭

  • yeonjoong
    yeonjoong 개월 전 +33

    20:29 yangyang was pretty good in mimicking shotaro😭✋🏻

  • Aarushi
    Aarushi 개월 전 +1376

    okay wtf shotaro and yangyang actually made my eyes sweaty, their friendship is so pure please protect them

  • nikki abejar
    nikki abejar 개월 전 +55

    shotaro is simply just adorable. we need more shotaro seriously

  • Kim Jaeyoon
    Kim Jaeyoon 개월 전 +29

    shotaro mau kesal atau engga tetap senyum🤣

  • mowla
    mowla 개월 전 +31

    Awww I love Shotaro! He's so sweet, melts my 💚

  • Dwina ishaky
    Dwina ishaky 개월 전 +32

    love shotaro and yangyang friendship 🥺

  • 10vely_doyti
    10vely_doyti 개월 전 +716

    I’m happy that Yangyang has Renjun and Shotaro now. We all know that he is WayV’s baby who doesn’t have many friends aside from his geges before. Look at him now. I wanna cry 🥹

    • J
      J 개월 전 +5


      SHUARANGHAE 개월 전 +16

      And he's bright smile too when taro mentioned he's camp content with renjun

    • pihu sharma
      pihu sharma 개월 전 +54

      @Dwi Nabila he is a introvert n it shows in nct contents n I love that he got people to hangout with

    • Dwi Nabila
      Dwi Nabila 개월 전 +53

      yes.. so happy that yangyang finally has some friends

  • Rhii🐰
    Rhii🐰 개월 전 +52

    shotaro is such a warm heart person

  • anne
    anne 개월 전 +58

    Shotaro is so cuteee and adorableeeee I can't help to love him even moreeee

  • Riri Michiii
    Riri Michiii 개월 전 +92

    It's like shotaro doesn't know how to say NO while yangyang wants to spend more time with taro.
    Taro is shy to reject invitations while Yang wants them to bond to get close. That are both good things and cute ones.
    a truly pure and cute friendship

  • xx
    xx 개월 전 +86

    Shotaro and yangyang: fighting
    The fans in the comments: omg, shotaro and yangyang are so pure, keep that friendship!! 😭
    jk! it's just so funny to me tbh kskwld

  • NCT, Gotta go get'em
    NCT, Gotta go get'em 개월 전 +1078

    Always seeing Yangyang as the evil and Savage maknae, y'all would probably think he's gonna attack and spill some shit out but look at his hurt face and teary eyes when his good intentions are misunderstood. sometimes y'all forget that he's the sweetest person ever, such a caring, observative and understanding person and i hope you see that side of him more

    • ts homework
      ts homework  개월 전 +2

      Ik he looked pretty hurt :(
      Im glad they made up

    • Cookie Monster
      Cookie Monster 개월 전 +11

      @Kelly DU same 😭 he's just like me bc both of us usually mean well but our tones get misunderstood

    • pair
      pair 개월 전 +42

      @Kelly DU i literally can feel how hurt he is lol. just reminded me of myself, hes adorable

    • Al M
      Al M 개월 전 +25

      Exactly! That's why he's my ult

    • Kelly DU
      Kelly DU 개월 전 +78

      I thought I was the only one who noticed YangYang’s face expression....