Can Koreans Tell who is a Foreigner just by their Korean? Find the Native Korean! [Den and Mandu]

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  • 게시일 2020. 03. 06.
  • I've created this video to celebrate for reaching 100k subs! It was a really fun film and thank you all our guests to help with this video :D
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  • I Am Angel
    I Am Angel 20 시간 전

    10:00 turned into a Miss Universe competition for a second

  • I Am Angel
    I Am Angel 20 시간 전

    -5:46 turned into a Miss Universe competition for a second

  • Dylan owen Levi
    Dylan owen Levi 22 시간 전

    Yes I can believe that, I'm a living testimony. I was so sad after receiving the first pay knowing I invested so low with fear

  • Xung Nham
    Xung Nham 23 시간 전

    This is crazy. As an american, I am certain I can tell anyone who has only been living in America for only 3-4 years from a native speaker.

  • Jwuu015
    Jwuu015 일 전

    These people really just yeeted the only Korean foreigner😭😭

  • tina
    tina 일 전

    1st girl EVERYTIME 🤭🤭

  • Mr Pepero
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  • 씨엘프
    씨엘프 일 전

    7년정도 공부하고 진짜 원어민 정도 하시는데 대단해요~

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      Randy Emely jane 13 시간 전

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    • Marco Dean cruz
      Marco Dean cruz 13 시간 전

      @Henry Evelyn Yes I can believe that, I'm a living testimony. I was so sad after receiving the first pay knowing I invested so low with fear

    • Michell ong-cheung
      Michell ong-cheung 15 시간 전

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  • 7474jd
    7474jd 2 일 전

    No politics. Don't promote your shop. It's not number 2. LOL

  • 추성만
    추성만 2 일 전

    내가볼때 판정단으로 나오신분 들이 멍청하고 자만심이 하늘을 찔렀다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Dimitra Giannakaina

    Omggg an Estonian person is here!!!

  • BigaSs PuMp
    BigaSs PuMp 3 일 전

    That American guy is so awkward jesus...

  • 송이
    송이 3 일 전

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ이거 진짜 웃기다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ계속 웃었어여 😂🤣

  • Anna Seo
    Anna Seo 3 일 전

    It's weird seeing everyone saying the American came off as being arrogant, when he didn't come across that way to me? His bit at the end where he goes "I know I'm a foreigner...BUT" came off as someone trying to exaggerate how offended they are to be funny but it falling flat. It's kind of a Korean humor thing, only I think it doesn't work well because he still doesn't have the body language for that kind of humor down lol. But that's just my personal opinion as a Korean-American.

  • d ́buC
    d ́buC 3 일 전

    that american is a psychopath

  • nemo :3
    nemo :3 3 일 전

    that Korean McDonald's advertisement was lit

  • 가을
    가을 4 일 전

    The American guy rlly seemed mad lmao

  • Timmy鄧湉怡
    Timmy鄧湉怡 4 일 전

    The American dude gives me Oli London vibes no offense LIKE WHY IS HE SO SALTY THAT HE DOESN’T SOUND KOREAN-

  • Hannah Cudahy
    Hannah Cudahy 4 일 전

    idfk why but the american dude just reminds me of oli london-

  • amor fati
    amor fati 5 일 전

    한국말 쓴지 56년된 울 남편 보다 더 잘하시네요~

  • Sam Parkinson
    Sam Parkinson 5 일 전 +42

    Korean guy: *breathes*
    Them: sounds martian, let's move on

  • Sam Parkinson
    Sam Parkinson 5 일 전

    This has been in my recommendations for a year and I watched, congratulations, random channel 😭

  • Winter Bear
    Winter Bear 5 일 전 +15

    David: *breathes*
    The Couple: I can tell from his breathing, he's from Italy

  • asdwer fghtyre
    asdwer fghtyre 5 일 전

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  • Mariana
    Mariana 5 일 전

    4:27 4:29 y’all that white dude is soooo pressed about them laughing at him 💀💀💀

  • Avery Bui
    Avery Bui 6 일 전

    Hahaha this is actually fun to watch

  • Luke Marcus
    Luke Marcus 6 일 전 +1

    Kim Kyung Soo is so common, it's too common...and why would someone pick a name that is so common!?

  • 시진핑개새끼!!
    시진핑개새끼!! 6 일 전 +1

    뭐지...나보다 말을 잘하는데..?

  • Kelsey Bruschi
    Kelsey Bruschi 6 일 전

    7:05 to 7:13 sent me to orbit around the entire milky way galaxy i kept rewinding it so many times

  • María Baillet
    María Baillet 6 일 전

    the american guy NEEDS. TO. CHILL.

  • hohumsup
    hohumsup 7 일 전

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  • tali
    tali 7 일 전

    i feel like not every korean uses this nasal tone ceren has but not many non koreans can do this

  • J KK
    J KK 8 일 전

    전부 다들 한국사람 억양인데요..? 대단하다.

  • paz
    paz 8 일 전 +1

    imagine being perfectly fluent in a language AND accent after learning it for only 7 years

    • frogail
      frogail 4 일 전 +1

      you can be fluent in a language after just 3 years yknow?

  • Min Kim
    Min Kim 8 일 전

    티가 많이 나는데 이걸 못맞출수가 있나 한국분만 일부러 말 제대로 안하네

  • Aki
    Aki 8 일 전

    Me 2. I love Jjanggu❤

  • Kick ur ass
    Kick ur ass 9 일 전

    이런걸 시켜봣어야죠….ㅋㅋ

  • LALIT Dhanwani
    LALIT Dhanwani 10 일 전

    that's fine they studied korean and living there to but how all of them started looking korean too

  • Twix
    Twix 10 일 전

    leave it to the american to get defensive over everything jeeze

  • 지금의 기분 ^-^

    외국인이 어를 쓰나?...

  • rocket girl
    rocket girl 11 일 전

    i love this video so much i’ve rewatched it so many times

  • Meltem Fırtına
    Meltem Fırtına 11 일 전

    Ceren in aksanı 😍

  • Lola Fields
    Lola Fields 11 일 전

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  • taki’s cheeks
    taki’s cheeks 12 일 전

    i lost it when he asked abt the tannies but the girl is an exo-l 😭

  • Yao Paul
    Yao Paul 13 일 전


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    Cecy Ortiz 13 일 전

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  • NoBananaMilkLeft:-:
    NoBananaMilkLeft:-: 14 일 전

    It was hard for the koreans to find out. But what if Oli London was in there

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  • 老奴在
    老奴在 14 일 전 +1

    Wait isn’t the ‘korean guy’ David Kim from DKDKTV?

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    kerri keenan 14 일 전

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  • Impolite Significantly

    sara sounds like tina - so cute!

  • Avani Bolugoddu
    Avani Bolugoddu 14 일 전

    Among us Korean version

  • Hazeem Hussin
    Hazeem Hussin 15 일 전

    I like the Estonia girl 🙂

  • ᄋᄋ
    ᄋᄋ 15 일 전

    저 남자분 일본 엄청 싫어하시네ㅋㅌㅌ 진정한 한국인이다

  • 창균 전
    창균 전 15 일 전

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  • 홍차
    홍차 15 일 전

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    Cooking Parker 15 일 전

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  • Teaholic anonymous
    Teaholic anonymous 16 일 전 +1

    Speaking fluently Turkish and learning Korean I can confirm that the grammar and pronunciation of Turkish and Korean is similar the same is with Japanese. I also speak English and Dutch. To Learn Korean I had to think and rely on my Turkish. Learning Korean by Thinking Turkish has made it much easier in comparison with Dutch which is my native language . In my humble opinion I do think there is a connection between all the languages that originated from central Asia (Altaic) ☺️

  • Fransisca Fitriana Riani Candra, S.H.

    I really cannot stop laughing omg

  • Shi Kingu
    Shi Kingu 16 일 전

    Poor Kim

  • Alvin Murphy
    Alvin Murphy 17 일 전 +1

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  • sally google smith
    sally google smith 17 일 전

    I love that film as well - Good taste :)

  • Calvin Carlo
    Calvin Carlo 17 일 전

    4:26 hahahahaha the guy in the background his face 😂

  • Shauntel Clark
    Shauntel Clark 18 일 전

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  • Gazpacho Soop
    Gazpacho Soop 18 일 전

    I like how this video shows how quick people are to jump to conclusions based on the tiniest detail and knowing literally nothing else 😂 comment sections in a nutshell