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You can't park there!

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  • 게시일 2023. 03. 16.
  • Commentary on this and the rest of the Furka Pass: • Iconic - Pray For...

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  • Libre Mac
    Libre Mac  +49

    As a former road cyclist, rule #1 is respect for the traffic. These cyclist are obviously prioritizing their videos rather than safety and a complete disgrace.

  • MagnaviousYK
    MagnaviousYK 21 시간 전 +1

    As a cyclist, slowing down and stop is always better than being an a-hole just to keep going

  • Konsuelo Ramírez
    Konsuelo Ramírez 21 시간 전 +264

    As a cyclist myself, i'd never do something so stupid. If i was there, i would've patiently waited behind the car. He's in the middle of a descent so it's not like the bike won't regain speed. I promise we are not all like this

  • VasileiosF

    That is a perfect example what not to do when you cycle.

  • STYX
    STYX 일 전 +49

    Pov: you never grew out of your "Reckless teenager, look at me public I am an asshole" phase

  • Scotti Bugatti
    Scotti Bugatti 9 시간 전 +10

    When you failed your drivers license test, you ride your bike.

  • Qaib Ej
    Qaib Ej  +6

    These are the type of cyclist that gets themselves hurt and blame the car.

  • Notable Savage
    Notable Savage 19 시간 전 +76

    If no one’s asked yet, tell your loved ones what kind of flowers you’d like with your white bicycle on your roadside memorial.

  • Elizabeth Brown
    Elizabeth Brown 4 시간 전 +2

    It's not the bike that's bad, it's the way you handle it. Amen 🙋✌️

  • Shem
    Shem 28 일 전 +7

    He didn't park there. He saved your lives by stopping.

  • Andras Vörös
    Andras Vörös 9 시간 전 +5

    As one sees at

  • John Moore
    John Moore 14 시간 전

    Beautiful landscape

  • Alarismos
    Alarismos 21 일 전 +8

    As a touring bus driver i have to save assholes like this everyday

  • Médo 01
    Médo 01 2 시간 전 +1

    La morale de l'histoire: c'est même quand sur votre chemin tout à l'air d'être paisible

  • Hari Narayan

    These cyclists are in a hurry to leave the planet.

  • 공산당이싫어요
    공산당이싫어요 4 시간 전

    저런것들은 그냥 밀어버려야합니다

  • Dammit I've become a corpse
    Dammit I've become a corpse 9 시간 전 +20

    Dude has better lines than most people with a driver's license.

  • Stephen Davidson

    As a cyclist myself, this example of the rider is exactly why the public dislikes us

  • TellthewolvesImhome
    TellthewolvesImhome 16 시간 전 +1

    You are asking for trouble, my friend, and by the looks of it, you're going to eventually find it.

  • Alapaha Maine
    Alapaha Maine 12 시간 전 +1

    From a CDL eye always look 12 seconds out to see what’s coming at you dude got too lucky