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Milan-Napoli 1-2 | Napoli come out on top at San Siro: Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23

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  • 게시일 2023. 12. 03.
  • Spalletti’s Neapolitans ended Milan’s 11-game unbeaten run at home and claimed all three points in this Serie A classic to take top spot in the standings | Serie A 2022/23
    #Highlights #MilanNapoli #SerieA
    0:00 Highlights
    1:16 Matteo Politano 0-1
    1:42 Olivier Giroud 1-1
    2:10 Giovanni Simeone 1-2
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댓글 • 1.2K

  • @justperson3406
    @justperson3406 년 전 +1292

    What a signing Kim is by Napoli, he is such a world class defender 🇰🇷🇰🇷

  • @ariefrahman1858
    @ariefrahman1858 년 전 +662

    As a Milanista, this defeat is not too disheartened because we were playing really well but Napoli is very strong too. Kim Min Jae, Kvicha, Lobotka, Anguissa are all class. Really excited for Serie A title challenge this year.

  • @goshmain982
    @goshmain982 년 전 +656

    Kim is incredible at deffending, easily same class as Virgin Van Dijk.
    Kvara's contribution is massive to this team, yes he sometimes loses the ball but when he doesn't it's either a goal or a penalty. Massive signings this year 🔥

    • @sSaBBaSs12
      @sSaBBaSs12 년 전 +32

      True that. He also got 3 Defenders Yellow Carded + 1 penalty in this game. Draws ateast 2 oponents when he has a ball, thus freeing up space for his teammates. Wish there was more chemistry between him and CMs, but hope it will come.

    • @user-lc8fl5bl5v
      @user-lc8fl5bl5v 년 전 +6

      I agree❤🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • @airworkz
      @airworkz 년 전 +10

      and milan doubt Kaladze's suggestion to recruit Kvara

    • @andrewnainggolan635
      @andrewnainggolan635 년 전 +16

      Kim's potential is huge

  • @theomagath9907
    @theomagath9907 년 전 +1297

    Kim was a beast in this game, he is a world class defender. He will only get better 🇰🇷🐐

    • @user-hh4rc4py2k
      @user-hh4rc4py2k 년 전 +64

      번역했는데 김연아ㅋㅋㅋ

    • @dlckddn11
      @dlckddn11 년 전 +61

      @@user-hh4rc4py2k 김연아 세리에서 수비수로 호평 ㄷㄷ

    • @user-st4wb8kq2w
      @user-st4wb8kq2w 년 전 +37

      김연아 ㄹㅇ 만능이노

    • @user-gy6cu1ek5h
      @user-gy6cu1ek5h 년 전 +19

      김연아 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    • @modugasarang4988
      @modugasarang4988 년 전 +59

      김연아는 도대체 어느 정도 위상이었기에 kim이라는 말만 나오 면 자동으로 따라오네

  • @imranhashmi3858
    @imranhashmi3858 년 전 +849

    What a career Giroud turned out to have, So underrated.

    • @recorderman9502
      @recorderman9502 년 전 +40

      today's performance was the textbook of target striker fantastic play

    • @nicolobarella9906
      @nicolobarella9906 년 전 +4

      hopefully it will end on a sad note

    • @trevorkeating229
      @trevorkeating229 년 전 +5

      I don't think he was ever underrated, maybe by people that actually didn't watch him play.

    • @wioserpent4462
      @wioserpent4462 년 전 +31

      He is a typical number 9, and I like it, old school football.

    • @ronbonora7872
      @ronbonora7872 년 전 +3

      he is old now. Giroud was never under rated mate! LOL

  • @turinoik9477
    @turinoik9477 년 전 +345

    Kim Minjae showed the appearance of a monster against the winning team in Serie A. Without a doubt he is world class.

  • @chibuzoomegafindoro-obasi7041

    Kim Min Jae really played like a world class defender defending those two chances of Milan equalising….
    Napoli is grateful to have him on their team can’t wait to see more of him

  • @robertobaggio7650
    @robertobaggio7650 년 전 +308

    I watched full game.. At the end, Kim Min Jae raised his foot to block Diaz's header and prevented a decisive goal..
    Kim screamed with joy.. after that scene, Paolo Maldini looked shocked.. I can't help but wonder why the Seria A channel
    doesn't show that scene..Football is a global sport.. Seria A channel thinks that Asia's best defender Kim Min jae's video should be promoted to more countries

    • @burakyldrm1910
      @burakyldrm1910 년 전 +2


    • @andreyli8634
      @andreyli8634 년 전 +6

      I agree. Seria A should expose successful asian players because Asia is a huge market. EPL is doing successfully so far in Asia. Man U, Tottenham, etc are very popular. People watch EPL.

    • @erikkai2521
      @erikkai2521 년 전

      Seria A child play comparing to Premier League... see A C Milan < Chelsea match recently? AC defends are eaten alive by under the spells of the wizard of Chelsea, Mr.Potter.

    • @andreyli8634
      @andreyli8634 년 전 +12

      @@erikkai2521 Seria A is not child play. Napoli thrashed Liverpool 4-1 not long ago.

  • @defandranurredityo2493

    With all due respect to Kim Min Jae who was solid at the back, an equal credits must also be given to the midfield duo of Lobotka and Anguissa. Lobotka on so many occasion breaking up Milan play, holding up the ball, and masterfully dispossessing Milan player... While Anguissa composure and tidy possession combined with his inpoaing physique keeps Napoli ticking. As a Milan fan, i have the utmost respect to this three players.

  • @user-sn6wo8gu2x
    @user-sn6wo8gu2x 년 전 +144

    민재 때문에 세리a 경기 보는데
    박진감 넘치고 선수들 클라스가 장난아니다 손에 땀이날정도로 긴장감 넘치는 경기였다
    나폴리 강팀이다 우승하자

    • @FCBarca1011
      @FCBarca1011 년 전

      팩트) 니가 알기전부터 나폴리는 원래 강팀이엇다

    • @sinfootball
      @sinfootball 년 전

      원래 강팀인데 나대지마라

    • @upa3367
      @upa3367 년 전

      지금은 잘 하지만 뎁스가 약해서 ㅜㅜ

    • @upa3367
      @upa3367 년 전

      @@FCBarca1011 30년 동안 스쿠데토 없는 것도 팩트.

    • @jamisont1
      @jamisont1 년 전 +1

      @@upa3367 ㅇㅇ 지난시즌까진 주력들이 나이도 많고 뎁스도 얇아서 부상당하면 대책도 없고 거기다 아프리카 네이션스컵때매 앙귀사 쿨리발리 빠져버린데다 둘다 준결까지가서 전경기 선발출장에 막판은 연장까지치루고 오느라 둘다 폼 개떡됐는데도 뎁스 없어서 경기력 꽝인데도 계속 쓰다 후반기 망쳤었슴.
      근데 새로 영입한 선수들 다 젊고 하나같이 제역할 잘해주고 있슴.

  • @aristiyanto
    @aristiyanto 년 전 +390

    Wow.... appreciate this channel, they release the summary of the game only minutes after the game end. As a Milanisti I would like to congratulate Napoli. Yes with some injuries and suspensions, Milan is not in full team. But still Napoli played a very great game and very effective. They deserve the win!

    • @aristiyanto
      @aristiyanto 년 전 +1

      @@astanco1574 thank you for the correction. I dont know it is a plural word until you mention it.

    • @younglickhitta
      @younglickhitta 년 전

      Nah m8 cbs sports is quicker with the highlights

    • @mistergray9664
      @mistergray9664 년 전 +8

      I think Milan did not deserve to lose. A few moments of great defending and luck helped Napoli get across the line. Unfortunately the better team doesn't always win. Kudos to Napoli for finding a way to close out with the win though.

    • @hendrysumadi824
      @hendrysumadi824 년 전 +1

      @@mistergray9664 unlucky

    • @mehrdad5767
      @mehrdad5767 년 전

      They dont

  • @nuur121
    @nuur121 년 전 +251

    Arguably, it was our best performance and our first defeat of the season. Napoli was strong opponent, congrats to them. A night to forget. Forza Milan. ♥️🖤

  • @step-bro2793
    @step-bro2793 년 전 +157

    2:48 What a save by Kim Minjae, Napoli couldve drew the game, but he saved a win 🇰🇷🔥

    • @lil4746
      @lil4746 년 전 +2


    • @whereyoubeen9839
      @whereyoubeen9839 년 전 +3

      저게 막은 거임?

    • @mallanc1
      @mallanc1 년 전 +5

      @@whereyoubeen9839 아왜저걸보여주냐ㅋㅋ 막판에 헤더막은걸보여주지

    • @smile-cv3zr
      @smile-cv3zr 년 전 +7

      @@mallanc1 저것도 주요장면중 하나임 각을 좁혔자나

    • @valorantfunny8584
      @valorantfunny8584 년 전 +13

      It’s not that part. This video doesn’t show the block that Kim did that almost would’ve given Milan the equalizer

  • @Arthur-et3rg
    @Arthur-et3rg 년 전 +57

    Napoli signing both Kim Min-Jae and Kvaratskhelia in one transfer window is insane

  • @salbenrosli707
    @salbenrosli707 년 전 +103

    Minjae and Kvaratshkelia. Two excellent signings for Napoli.

  • @arten72
    @arten72 년 전 +276

    No reason to despair. Just one of those nights. Forza Milan always.

    • @burakyldrm1910
      @burakyldrm1910 년 전


    • @TJFX562
      @TJFX562 년 전 +5

      two time cross bar...

    • @wojtazz3313
      @wojtazz3313 년 전 +1

      GG Forza Napoli

    • @SlavicGold
      @SlavicGold 년 전

      let it out if you have too 😭

    • @jasonum9267
      @jasonum9267 년 전 +1

      u guys (Milan) actually played better and deserved something from this match.

  • @thlp86
    @thlp86 년 전 +430

    Min jae, who blocked Diaz's header that Maldini was shocked at the end, is incredible.

    • @robertobaggio7650
      @robertobaggio7650 년 전 +29

      I watched the full game. I can't help but wonder why the Seria A channel doesn't show that scene. Seria A channel thinks that Asia's best defender Kim Min Jae's video should be promoted to more countries.

    • @burakyldrm1910
      @burakyldrm1910 년 전


  • @ilovebread023
    @ilovebread023 년 전 +136

    Remember loving Simeone at Fiorentina a few years back, so happy to see his career develop well 💜

    • @petesmart1983
      @petesmart1983 년 전 +9

      He was one of best strikers last year at verona

    • @chibuzoomegafindoro-obasi7041
      @chibuzoomegafindoro-obasi7041 년 전 +1

      Honestly, he was incredible at Fiorentina

    • @royjordihirotl2969
      @royjordihirotl2969 년 전 +1

      Fiorentina always born great striker

    • @andrewkemp1882
      @andrewkemp1882 년 전 +1

      @@chibuzoomegafindoro-obasi7041 He really wasn’t. In his second season he hardly scored.

    • @ItaThe3rd
      @ItaThe3rd 년 전

      @@chibuzoomegafindoro-obasi7041 He failed at Fiorentina... The move to Verona was a downgrade for him

  • @vittoriofioravanti2493

    Milan outchanced but obviously failed to outscore Napoli. That is to say, Napoli showed to be a well-composed squad behind the ball, efficient in possesion and clinical in the last third. Their technical quality is unmistakable. As for Milan, I felt they played well though in addition to the missed chances, the substitutions failed to make a positive impact for the most part. Their technical qualities aside, Adli and Dest showed us they're simply not physically strong enough for the Serie A environment. The upcoming break should help the squad recalibrate, regroup and re-energize ahead of super-busy October. Forza Milan!

    • @aristiyanto
      @aristiyanto 년 전

      I think the two need more time playing. Adli may be better loaned to other club. Clinical striker is needed, we can not rely on Giroud all the time.

    • @onuohaudochukwu6180
      @onuohaudochukwu6180 년 전

      Dest was horrible both defensively and offensively. At this rate, Milan will demand a discount from Barcelona to sign him. There's no way Calabria does not get to keep his starting spot on the team

  • @papakeyla1386
    @papakeyla1386 년 전 +7

    The game is compact and classier, but unfortunately Pioli doesn't have an option for another formation, it's just that it's too rigid to change the formation that there should be a lot of versatile players in Milan for him to use his abilities.
    I think there are times when Theo has to be a left winger, he can be like Leao

  • @ha-dl5ni
    @ha-dl5ni 년 전 +405

    Kim is undoubtedly a topclass centerback

  • @alizeshan6432
    @alizeshan6432 년 전 +50

    We played well and were a little unlucky but this defeat hurts because it was at home.
    Onwards and Upwards.
    Forza Milan!

    • @ronbonora7872
      @ronbonora7872 년 전

      thanks Napoli from an Inter supporter! LOL

    • @ajimenez0889
      @ajimenez0889 년 전 +6

      @@ronbonora7872 thanks Udinese from a Milan fan 😂

    • @ar-rys6330
      @ar-rys6330 년 전

      @@ronbonora7872 Thanks Hakan, Handa, and others for 3-2 🤣

  • @Gayaa-dl7lq
    @Gayaa-dl7lq 년 전 +113

    This match shows that we are not dependent on Leao and we could have won without him, too bad we were too naive defensively. Forza Milan ❤ 🖤

    • @ronbonora7872
      @ronbonora7872 년 전

      thanks, Napoli! LOL

    • @JabbadaOblongata
      @JabbadaOblongata 년 전 +2

      How Sway? Regardless, Milan lost the game without Leao so however way you want to put it we desperately need him

    • @recruitmentch
      @recruitmentch 년 전 +10

      @@JabbadaOblongata desperately? Nope? For the majority of last season, leao wasn't great! He came to life in the final eight games! Milan created enough chances tonight to win the game! Pioli tactically also got it right as the likes of raspadori, zielinski, kvichadiver etc were virtually non existent

    • @v8beater
      @v8beater 년 전

      Still lost 😂

  • @shoticko
    @shoticko 년 전 +47

    I support Napoli but what a great game Milan played. Giroud and their constant attack is very exciting to watch. The game was so intense it was like Rugby sometimes🙃
    its Napoli’s turn this year friends ;)

  • @user-gv7ge2jo2g
    @user-gv7ge2jo2g 년 전 +10

    김민재 진짜 잘한다 경기 제대로 보면 슛 견제도 다 하고 주요 찬스도 많이 막아냈네
    진짜 월드클래스다 김민재
    나폴리도 응원한다 지엘린스키 오시멘 사랑해
    Waiting for you Osimhen

  • @davidturqia4306
    @davidturqia4306 년 전 +309

    The way how kvicha is grow up in every single match is just unbelievable! 🙌 That true definition of baller! this guy is incredible

    • @matteomaximov4238
      @matteomaximov4238 년 전 +13

      Completely agree! But he was far from his best this game. Would've almost done better to bring on Hirving for him at around 60' or so

    • @claudefrollo770
      @claudefrollo770 년 전 +18

      @@matteomaximov4238 absolutely agree, it wasn't his best game but rewarded penalty tho

    • @vivelagauche3564
      @vivelagauche3564 년 전 +35

      @@matteomaximov4238 He obtained the penalty, he provoked the two yellows on the two player who were substituted at half time and he was a constant danger. Lozano is a flop.

    • @199313gio
      @199313gio 년 전 +26

      @@matteomaximov4238 3 yellow cards and penalty... now think how hard was to play for him and still made great job. in this game defense had more job than midfield and attack. And it was Milan not Monza.

    • @davidturqia4306
      @davidturqia4306 년 전 +8

      @@vivelagauche3564 i believe that he is next big thing

  • @one.two.three.
    @one.two.three. 년 전 +40

    세리에가 경기 진짜 재밌네. 두 팀 모두 이길 자격이 있었던 경기였다.

  • @lildgirl6669
    @lildgirl6669 년 전 +180

    Mj Kim, the definition of a world class defender 🔥

  • @chandralukito7489
    @chandralukito7489 년 전 +11

    That last goal by Simeone, amazing play 👏

  • @fabriciocostaa
    @fabriciocostaa 년 전 +328

    After 22 matches with no lose, we lost
    Congrats to Napoli
    In victory and defeat always Milan
    🖤 ♥️

    • @DeezyGleezy1926
      @DeezyGleezy1926 년 전 +11

      Grazie Frate 💙🦾

    • @bcbitchkkv
      @bcbitchkkv 년 전 +6

      This is only the 2nd Serie A defeat in all of 2022 for us (Milan). The boys have done so well!

    • @ass640
      @ass640 년 전 +4

      Beaten by the better team, without Osimhen

    • @agilwijaya5894
      @agilwijaya5894 년 전 +15

      @@ass640 and leao

    • @brigate1433
      @brigate1433 년 전

      Forza milan

  • @sabungajem
    @sabungajem 년 전 +15

    Congrats to Napoli,,,, Always and Forza Milan...♥️🖤💥

  • @icantbehandled
    @icantbehandled 년 전 +10

    That's a superb finish from Giroud honestly. Came at him real fast.

  • @d.h.1186
    @d.h.1186 년 전 +47

    Kim looks like a huge monster. He changes this game!!!

  • @mapmyops
    @mapmyops 년 전 +41

    Giroud is such an effective player. I'd like to see more of Adli & Dest in the upcoming games. As for this one, Milan played a brilliant game - tough luck really. Surely Milan is transforming into an Elite team.

    • @obiubabs3841
      @obiubabs3841 년 전 +14

      Dest was terrible in this game

    • @aforarpit
      @aforarpit 년 전

      @@obiubabs3841 yea, the opinions can be divided. Personally, I felt he has significantly higher upside than Calabria who also played well today

    • @Rueyful
      @Rueyful 년 전 +4

      @@aforarpit there are no opinions just facts, Dest was horrible

    • @JarvisPen
      @JarvisPen 년 전 +1

      @@aforarpit Calabria is a better defender. Which is supposedly the primary function of a defender.

  • @user-bk1wt2tb3y
    @user-bk1wt2tb3y 년 전 +52

    Napoli's passion and tenacity defeated Milan. 💙

    • @ass640
      @ass640 년 전 +2

      Napoli were more clinical, and created the most clear cut chances, Milan had a lot of shots but not many true chances to score.

    • @freilobeats2369
      @freilobeats2369 년 전 +8

      @@ass640 biased Napoli fan haha. Kalulus shot at the end and Giroud shot in first half wasnt true chances? Anyway congrats with the win🙌🏼 You were more effective and won in the end. That is how Football works.

    • @ass640
      @ass640 년 전 +1

      @@freilobeats2369 I said not many, I didn't say none... 50-50 possession and milan only created 1 more clear cut chance than Napoli... and Milan were at home. Napoli showed who is boss.

  • @Sergio-dn2hz
    @Sergio-dn2hz 년 전 +64

    What a game that was!
    We were unlucky with in a few chances but in the end it doesnt matter. Well played Napoli!
    Forza Milan!!!!

    • @francescosisto7131
      @francescosisto7131 년 전 +3

      Great post brother, I'm s Napoli fan but i am honest and must say Milan deserved to tie, we both have great teams this year, the scudetto will be between us, just like in the 80s. FNS 💙💙

    • @ass640
      @ass640 년 전

      Its not unlucky, its not being clinical enough, which I complain about Napoli a lot, but Milan were not clinical enough tonight and Napoli were... it is not luck.

    • @user-ok2eb7op1n
      @user-ok2eb7op1n 년 전

      Forza Milan!!!

  • @user-jh9om9bx7u
    @user-jh9om9bx7u 년 전 +23

    I still can't believe that Simeone is playing for us Napoli. Forza Napoli💙

  • @joaopaulomourarodrigues6565

    Giroud tá demais esse ano

  • @hu535jack5
    @hu535jack5 년 전 +34

    과연 세리에A 강팀들다운 명경기였다. 누가 이겨도 이상하지 않았다고 본다.

  • @streampunk6932
    @streampunk6932 년 전 +2

    Kvaratskhelia had one of his worst games for Napoli, still managed to book Calabria and Kjaer by 45 mins, they were changed by 46 min, Dest comes on and it's a penalty. Still very decisive even tho he wasn't able to score or assist.

  • @nickf6198
    @nickf6198 년 전

    Really entertaining match! Could of went either way. Napoli came out with the win but Milan looked equally impressive!

  • @adibammarsaily3262
    @adibammarsaily3262 8 개월 전 +12

    Who is here after milan will face again napoli🎉❤

  • @davidthebuilder8702

    Kvara its amazing, he hasn’t played well today and he still manage to make a penalty , what a baller

    • @francescosisto7131
      @francescosisto7131 년 전 +13

      And 2 yellow cards for Milan players

    • @ass640
      @ass640 년 전 +12

      When he got the Milan full back in the book, I knew Napoli would win from there... after that booking it meant that Kvara could run at him without fear, because the Milan player could get sent off for one bad move... Kvara won a penalty in the end because of Milan defenders hesitation and Napoli go on to win.

    • @romee1474
      @romee1474 년 전 +2

      @@ass640 you are not exactly right. Pioli subbed off calabria in the half time.

    • @jimmyenucci4530
      @jimmyenucci4530 년 전

      @@astanco1574 especially when there is no reason to rush huh? 😅 Teacher 😎👌

  • @rezaadiyta6370
    @rezaadiyta6370 년 전 +16

    napoli did great business in the transfer, i thought when they lost some key player in every position such as insigne fabian koulibaly they would be struggle but suprisingly they are getting better and better especially their new player kim and kvara

  • @bajil_pakde
    @bajil_pakde 년 전 +4

    What a match 👏👏👏 Qongrats Napoli ✊

  • @spacesweeper4968
    @spacesweeper4968 년 전 +3

    King Min-Jae 🤴 Player of the Month in September [Serie A official] congratulations 🎊 👏 💐
    forza Napoli sempre!!! 💣💥🔥🔥🔥🐰🐳👍

  • @Cecilia-ok1zh
    @Cecilia-ok1zh 년 전 +5

    Vai Napoli 💙💙💙🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • @JPark-nl3ly
    @JPark-nl3ly 년 전

    What a collision of two Gigantes. And how marginal a sheer gap between the winner Napoli and the defeat Milan. Both parties executed their own game plan with dignity. I thank you all for your upbringing sound causes to spare time and effort for an excellent football game.

  • @user-be4sh7bd4h
    @user-be4sh7bd4h 년 전 +5

    마지막에 김민재가 다리들어 헤딩 막은건 하이라이트에 없네...포효하는 모습이 인상적이었는데

  • @chagchannel.
    @chagchannel. 년 전 +18

    Great match.. even as milanista... congrats Napoli

  • @thomasswords9120

    Unbelievable result for Napoli they look like serious title contenders this season

  • @xbulelo
    @xbulelo 년 전 +2

    I watched Napoli embarrass my side (Liverpool - we didn’t play well either but Napoli were terrific) & began taking notice. They’re playing very well. Keep it going Napoli although I must say that I like AC Milan too (Maldini is an icon). That chance at the end. Wow. Title race?

    • @deg6788
      @deg6788 년 전

      Maybe this is napolis year

  • @pev1ce_original_217

    Im am so happy for napoli! I live in greece and never miss a game from tv! Every year i buy things from the eshop and i wish to watch a game by the stadium in the near future!!! Forza 💙💙

  • @georgeesakia5350
    @georgeesakia5350 년 전 +25

    Kvara was the best with 3 yellow cards and penalty ❤

  • @juriggaming3952
    @juriggaming3952 년 전 +52

    Well played for Milan.. this is not everything. The game has just begun.. dont give up milan!

  • @francescosisto7131
    @francescosisto7131 년 전 +50

    I'm a Napoli fan, but must be honest and say that Milan deserved to tie the game. But that's football! #FNS 💙💙

    • @ass640
      @ass640 년 전

      @@astanco1574 Yeh precisely, this person is not a napoli fan, they're a troll trying to cope with the fact that Milan lost.

  • @hishaamhussain3786

    Napoli are looking very dangerous this season and They ended the AC Milan's unbeaten streak in their own backyard what a performance from Napoli and Giroud is having a stellar carrier

  • @MaverickWall238
    @MaverickWall238 년 전 +2

    That corner from Bennacer was sublime

  • @iraklixxxxx
    @iraklixxxxx 년 전 +15

    Kvara is key player in all matches we played! 🇬🇪 Beast!

    • @jasonum9267
      @jasonum9267 년 전 +2

      Kvara is insane... every team is going to want him... i hope he stays along with Kim. Love from Korea! #ForzaNapoliSempre

    • @nodgig
      @nodgig 년 전

      George Best 2.0

  • @herryvaliant7689
    @herryvaliant7689 년 전 +2

    We should've done better with our chanches, but congratulation to Napoli.
    This gonna be a tremendous season for Serie A lovers

  • @benjaminmorgan3766
    @benjaminmorgan3766 년 전 +14

    The competition in Serie A this season is on a whole new level. We are up for all the thrills.

  • @ItaThe3rd
    @ItaThe3rd 년 전 +4

    Lobotka is the new Kante of world football. He is the most dynamic defensive midfielder in the game right now.

  • @Feanor1992
    @Feanor1992 년 전 +4

    Credit to Napoli for taking their chances, Milan was definitely the better team but paid the price because they were lackluster in front of goal. It was just one of those nights where one team was clinical and for the other, the ball simply won't go in. In terms of quality and squad depth, both teams are amazing but Milan has a clear edge and as the season wears on I think they will eventually climb back to the summit as Napoli have a tendency to underperform in the latter stages of the season.
    I feel both Napoli and Milan are the most modern teams in Serie A, and the game was nothing short of spectacular, however, right now Milan is at a much more advanced stage in their project which is why I feel they will eventually trump Napoli back at the summit.

    • @giovanni00789
      @giovanni00789 년 전

      Not this time sunshine😉

    • @Feanor1992
      @Feanor1992 년 전 +1

      @@giovanni00789frankly other than Milan the only team I'd really love to see win serie a is Napoli because of their whole political history and the discrimination they've had to face over the years.
      However I still feel that it's too early in the season to count them as contenders. Plus, what happens if Kvara gets injured? Napoli don't have the bench strength of Milan. Lets not forget Milan were without Leao, Ibra, Origi, and Rebic. Yet still, Milan created more chances and effectively dominated Napoli and played better football. I mean you forgot Milan hit the post twice lol, it is unlucky for them because Calabria got injured. I still feel Napoli got lucky. I don't think you understand this Milan team. They are the best team in Italy for a reason.
      However, I feel next year Napoli actually have a huge chance of winning the league if they can retain Kvara, Osimhen and Co.

  • @temotkebuchava2342

    Kvara the best!
    Forza Napoli 🇬🇪🇮🇹❤️

  • @iraklixxxxx
    @iraklixxxxx 년 전 +11

    Kvara won a penalty! He doest it in every game🎉 Unstoppable!

  • @AxeDharme
    @AxeDharme 년 전

    Lost but encouraging signs. We were dominant but unlucky with the finishing. On a different day the crossbar would not have denied us.
    Still, well played ragazzi, we move on.
    Napoli congrats.

  • @chikish
    @chikish 년 전 +19

    Napoli really have an eye for 'hidden gems'!
    They killed it in the transfer market this summer.

  • @chrisl9934
    @chrisl9934 년 전 +1

    Milan played some great football. Really unfortunate to not have scored more.

  • @gracielapedemonte3390

    Grande Napoli, ganamos otra vez en el estadio Siro de Milán un segundo tiempo espectacular, Napolitano y Simeone dos goles ⚽️⚽️ para el recuerdo de Milán siempre fuerza y adelante 3 puntos más anotamos,.Feliz y feliz este triunfo para mi amigo napolitano y todo los napolitano saludos cordiales y a festejar. Vamos Napoli todavía, fuerza y coraje.

  • @902dev
    @902dev 년 전 +3

    김민재 적응 잘해서 정말 좋다.

  • @petesmart1983
    @petesmart1983 년 전 +2

    Another great game by zilenski so important on both sides of the ball for Napoli, won't get plaudits the attacking players get but he is far the best player

  • @turinoik9477
    @turinoik9477 년 전 +9

    I think Simeone should be given more time. He is a talented striker.

  • @Carlos-oq7jl
    @Carlos-oq7jl 년 전 +5

    Kvaratskhelia well done, still unstoppable, great debiut in napoli and in high class world football

  • @7cheerito
    @7cheerito 년 전 +12

    Min jae è un regalo dal cielo. È una grande muraglia in sé. Naples🙃

  • @lupina5968
    @lupina5968 년 전 +22

    Napoli's golden days have begun with KIM Min-Jae. Gooooooo Napoli.

  • @salvatore855
    @salvatore855 년 전 +42

    Kim Minjae is a wall itself 🇰🇷🧱🔥

  • @aristiyanto
    @aristiyanto 년 전 +45

    Khvicha Kvaratskhelia....Hard to spell the name, but easy to recognize him in the game. What a talent! But today I think it was Mario Rui's game.

  • @arielgh270
    @arielgh270 년 전 +5

    Partidazo del Milan merecía ganar, suerte del Napoli.

  • @user-wp1ex3zd7x
    @user-wp1ex3zd7x 년 전 +9

    I ve seen all teams play and my Milan is by far the best followed by Napoli.Leao huge absence. We deserved at least the tie if not more. Maldini and Massara we need a right wing asap .Our right side kills our potential as a team

  • @defmosdef
    @defmosdef 년 전 +1

    Someone has got elite off the ball movement and that makes him very difficult to mark...
    Very slippery...
    Napoli doing well so far but they need to maintain this throughout the season and hope injuries don't affect this momentum

    • @ass640
      @ass640 년 전

      Osimhen got injured and it seems Napoli aren't reliant on him

  • @clivechama1740
    @clivechama1740 년 전 +1

    Hands down the most competitive league at the moment

  • @asdfgh1304
    @asdfgh1304 년 전 +18

    Kim is a gift from Korea. Such a beast of a defender

  • @haymanottube-4849
    @haymanottube-4849 년 전 +5

    Forza Napoli let's gooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!love it💙💙💙

  • @tcjusttc5418
    @tcjusttc5418 년 전 +3

    Hard fought battle. Forza Milan

  • @cristianotozzi7564
    @cristianotozzi7564 년 전 +63

    Simeone is Diego's soul for Napoli this year

  • @myril.kennedy
    @myril.kennedy 년 전 +1

    Hard core Inter fan here. I'd be pleased to see Napoli win the title. I was too young to remember them with Maradona. I've seen the other 6/7 sisters do it.

  • @jadworld4125
    @jadworld4125 년 전 +1

    due to the cancellations in england i’ve really been enjoying serie a in recent weeks the standards feel high again and the title race is open. feels like the older days again.

  • @GabrielGonzalez-ec1jk

    Argentina es de Napoli. Siempre alentandolos. Éxitos.

  • @jmmakun1181
    @jmmakun1181 년 전 +3

    kim is so strong..world class defender

  • @slickswings
    @slickswings 년 전

    As a neutral I think Napoli and Lazio are exciting to watch, I hope either one can win the Scudetto this season!

  • @loopy8059
    @loopy8059 년 전 +141

    Unpopular opinion: Kim is the best defender in the league

    • @wioserpent4462
      @wioserpent4462 년 전 +15

      Actually, it's not an unpopular opinion, greetings from Georgia.

  • @tonysoprano2912
    @tonysoprano2912 년 전 +1

    Bravo Napoli 👏 💙

  • @googledev3162
    @googledev3162 년 전 +37

    Korea's greatest defender of all time, Kim Minjae 🇰🇷🔥

  • @user-cz1nl4ey4h
    @user-cz1nl4ey4h 년 전 +4

    World class depense 11 player
    Kim min jae🔥💪🏻

  • @ciceroalvesjunior7069

    Go Napoli, let’s believe!!

  • @georgeagu7388
    @georgeagu7388 년 전 +2

    This was nothing short of a game of luck for Napoli.

  • @anchikoanchiko
    @anchikoanchiko 년 전 +5

    Kvara is on fire!! As allways!!

  • @christiankabano8502

    We really needed Rafael Leao in this game, he is the type of player that can make a difference for Milan

  • @geovannyl.379
    @geovannyl.379 년 전 +1

    It's a long season!
    We were a little unlucky.,

  • @iraklipartsvania8682

    Politano will become the top scorer with Khvicha's penalties 😂❤ forza kvaravaggio 🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪