[SPECIAL VIDEO] SEVENTEEN 7th Anniversary ‘Chapter7:teen’

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  • 게시일 2022. 05. 24.
  • [SPECIAL VIDEO] SEVENTEEN 7th Anniversary ‘Chapter7:teen’
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  • taerirahmawati
    taerirahmawati 개월 전 +5045

    Happy 7th anniversary SEVENTEEN
    Their life journey from debut until now was the most wonderful, funny, emotional and happiness.
    Let's continue walk together on flowery path and until the last SAY THE NAME~

    • Bini Dazai
      Bini Dazai 개월 전

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    • Jalan Kaki
      Jalan Kaki 개월 전

      @Psng Kamchi for how many years?

    • Psng Kamchi
      Psng Kamchi 개월 전

      @Jalan Kaki yes they all are renewed their contract

    • 김경아
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    • Velansia
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  • Honey Jane Mangumpit
    Honey Jane Mangumpit 21 일 전 +391

    is really true. It is very rare nowadays to see other kpop groups with large number of members to still be together after so many years. There are even some few-member groups that despite having few members, they still got separated from each other due to some reasons. But in Seventeen, I have really seen how they value each other as family not just by sticking together as 13-membered group, but also sticking to their promises for theirselves and for us Carats and I think that's really beautiful.
    I still just can't believe that throughout the 7 years of these BIG 13 wonderful people, they were still able to do it together and wishes to pursue their dreams together despite the storms that may come.
    I hope and pray that SEVENTEEN will always be 13 until their last "Say The Name! SEVENTEEN".

    • kpopie
      kpopie  21 일 전 +13

      It really is an amazing thing that they stayed together
      Honestly like all the members said there is so much that the public doesn't know and in order to stay as a group you have to make sacrifices but seventeen managed to stay together and I hope they remain together in the future too

  • Hana Farhan Atteyeh
    Hana Farhan Atteyeh 개월 전 +500

    "There are so many people more charming and cooler than us, but OUR FAN love US" yeah WE love U SEVENTEEN ❤

  • winwin's only lines in boss

    I love how realistic Hoshi is. I love that he is a dude who's sometimes hot, sometimes crazy, sometimes funny, and sometimes analytical.
    "I took the members for granted when I was younger but growing up, I realize that we might not always be together."
    "It could be somewhat heartbreaking to say and hear but I don't think anyone gets to be sure of their future. So for the time we're allowed together, I hope we do our best for each other and only share good times."
    I love these quotes because it shows how much he's thinking and the others are thinking so hard about why they're staying together. And I also love the sentiment because I believe in it. I don't think any of us get to know our future. We're only human and the future is just something that we'll never get to know. But while we're still here with each other in this moment, let's have fun and enjoy ourselves.
    I don't know where I'll be 5 years from now and I don't know know where SEVENTEEN will be 5 years from now. But the best we can do is take things one day at a time. They've said this in Hit The Road, these tiny footsteps will gather up and make us a new road someday. We might not notice it until we look back, but we aren't where we started.
    I hope everyone who reads this, I hope you find happiness one day and you like where you end up. Dreams can be possible, but dreams also carry a weight. If the day comes and you decide that you don't want to carry the weight of it anymore, you can let go. I just hope you live a life you don't regret or have to constantly blame others for how you ended up. The mistakes we've made and the mistakes others have done to us, they can only be reversed by how we continue to live our lives. Find your own happiness, no matter how conventional or unconventional it is

    • Joanne T
      Joanne T 7 일 전

      i love you so much for this comment

  • janne zhs
    janne zhs 22 일 전 +189

    there are some times when i feel a borderline of a fan-artist relationship with some other groups, but with Seventeen i never felt that. whenever i watch them, there’s only one thought- “oh, that’s what family is”. they’re like one big family and carats have their own place in this family. even when they post sth on twt, IG, weverse (i couldn’t even finish my sentence, Seungkwan wrote on weverse) it feels so kind and closely. thank you for being Carats’ home. (thank you and home…ㅠㅠ) Carats are so lucky for having you.

    • 피아 · Pia
      피아 · Pia 14 일 전 +3

      Same, with other groups I could feel a heavy distance between fans and Idols, but with Seventeen... I really feel like Carat and Seventeen understand each other, support each other, care and grateful for each other. It's not that cringey-pretending treatment between Fans and Idols, it's definitely "family".
      I often feel like I'm not accepted and I don't belong where I am, even if I sit with many people, I felt like I was sitting alone in a completely different world. Strangely when I watch Seventeen's contents I feel like I'm hanging out with my friends, laughing without worrying about anything. Sometimes I thought that this world can be unfair, but we (carat) are the luckiest people on earth for finding Seventeen.
      No matter what, even far in the future, Carat will support Seventeen until the last of our breath

    • janne zhs
      janne zhs 21 일 전 +1

      @kpopie so true 🥹🫶🏻

    • kpopie
      kpopie  21 일 전 +7

      Carat is such a diamond fandom

  • Kathrina
    Kathrina 개월 전 +971

    Every second of this hour long talk was precious honestly; yet with that being said, there were 4 points that stood out to me:
    1) When Seungkwan said that he thinks it’s actually better for the entire team that each of them get to do their own individual projects, because they all bring back something to the table with their own unique experiences apart from the team, which actually is what in turn makes them a better team, because the synergy they have is so much better precisely because they all have different experiences;
    2) When S.Coups said that contract renewal is not as easy as just “wanting to stay together”. Because the fact is that they want to stay together, but that there are a lot of complex things they can’t disclose to the public that they had to consider if they do want to stay together. They talked about how, when they were younger and they would see the idol groups they admire suddenly disband, they would wonder, “why would they do they that, when they have so much more they can do?”
    They realise now, precisely in the process of renewing their contracts, that idols quit not because they want to quit. But it’s because it’s the surrounding circumstances that makes them unable to go on anymore. And that’s actually a sad and heartbreaking truth to hear straight from them: that idols quit not because they want to, but because circumstances-all these factors that they unfortunately can’t share to the public-forced them to.
    (And isn’t that sadly ironic, that with how much they try to “publicize” as much of themselves as possible as part of their job, it’s the most important things that they can’t reveal?);
    3) And in connection to that, when Hoshi said that all these ideal things they believed in when they were younger-friendship, staying together forever, etc.-is still is his ideal and still is his hope, as they grow older as adults he’s been having this realization that these are not enough for them to stay together. He doesn’t know what will happen in the future, what other factors may someday force them to be apart even if it wasn’t what they wanted. So his determination now is to make the best of the time they have together while they still can, precisely because he doesn’t know how much longer they’ll have this. He doesn’t want to take it for granted;
    4) And this is where I teared up: when Woozi said that in contrast to what the other members were saying in which they still have that goal to be the “best” in the world, he personally doesn’t believe they need or even deserve any more success. What they have now is enough for him-is already more than enough, because he can’t imagine ever having this much before. When he asks himself “what do I work so hard for?” His answer is that he’s doing this for his members. And because his members want to be the best in the world, then he will race alongside them and make that dream come true for them.

    • AA
      AA 25 일 전 +5

      They've grown into such endearing and wholesome men, bless them

    • amelia_do
      amelia_do 25 일 전 +1

      your observation is so so good. you make me cry one again after reading all this

    • xreeigghh
      xreeigghh 26 일 전

      this comment is just so good that i can feel my heart whelming

    • Wr Wati
      Wr Wati 개월 전 +5

      seventeen sure is funny, but their deep talks always bring me tears

    • Anna Dang
      Anna Dang 개월 전 +9

      Love your comment and I wholeheartedly agree, I teared up at Wooozi's closing speech as well

  • -
    - 개월 전 +340

    Jun always says the sweetest things , I'm glad he's gaining more confidence these days

  • Beidou's son
    Beidou's son 27 일 전 +266

    "There are beautiful sceneries in every step." - SEVENTEEN JUN

  • zob
    zob 개월 전 +236

    watching this, i realize that svt are truly gems in this industry; this world. they’re one of the few groups that are super genuine and passionate about music, fans, and performing. it’s so rare in groups nowadays. svt are and will always be my comfort artists, and i could not be happier to spend the rest of my life supporting this group. carats love you even more than u know. say the name seventeen til the end.

  • chet10367
    chet10367 22 일 전 +107

    Carats are the luckiest fandom! Imagine all SVT members renewing their contracts. It could have been hard for the 13 of them, to all agree on the new contract terms and conditions. As Seungkwan said in an interview, each one of them had their own concerns/worries. I mean DK or Seungkwan could have decided to go solo. Jun and The8 could have said they will now pursue their solo careers in China. One of the Thirteen could have said, he no longer wants to stay in the industry. As he put it, it was a time for them to think about each other again and set aside personal interest. So for all 13 of them to renew their contracts, says something of how much Pledis cared for them and of their loyalty to Pledis management and staff. Granted that SVT, saved Pledis from bankruptcy and hence they are treasured. But remember that Pledis was considered a not good agency due to what happened to After School and Nu'est.
    For us to appreciate much more what they did, we should note what happened to Super Junior and EXO, where some members pursued careers separate from the group. Some big groups lost members due to healrh issues such as: TheBoyz and Golden Child. and some groups lost members because they do not get along.
    So let us rejoice that SVT survived the 7 year curse and support them a lot because they truly deserve it.🎉❤

  • 박채현
    박채현 16 일 전 +4

    세븐틴이 어느덧 7년이되었네 연습생시절 보는게 어끄제 같은데 어는덧 7년이라니 7년을 축하하고
    앞으로 열심히 건강하게 있자 세븐틴 영원하자

  • Lan Zhan
    Lan Zhan 9 시간 전 +1

    I love deep talks like this because the character of the person stands out when he speaks his mind. I am so late discovering Seventeen but I still consider myself lucky that I did. I love groups who can heal emotional pain and ease mental exhaustion, and for that I thank you Seventeen for bringing humor, joy, and inspiration to my life through your music and content. I wish you all the best for the years to come, this time I'll be on your journey spectating with love from afar.

  • 펭프
    펭프 15 일 전 +6

    절대 적지 않은 연차인데도 아무렇지 않게 감사함이 커진다고 말하는 모습이 너무 보기 좋아요
    세븐틴이 13명이라는 것이 여전히 변하지 않았다는 것도 너무 좋은 말이고.
    앞으로도 스스로 선택하고 잘 조절하면서 탈력감을 느낄 새도 없이 오랫동안 행복했으면 좋겠어요 이 정도면 캐럿인걸 인정해야 할 것 같아요😂

  • Chén Qíng [Lynx]
    Chén Qíng [Lynx] 개월 전 +86

    As time goes by, I was getting more and more scared of losing SEVENTEEN. Even after they announced the contract renewal, there is still this... uncertainty inside of me. It's just... growing up made me realize how short time is. Seven years just passed by. Another year will, and another, and soon, another five or seven years will be up. Life is fleeting. That's why I treat every moment as precious. That's why sitting down here for an hour watching and listening to SEVENTEEN talk means so much to me.
    I used to take SEVENTEEN for granted. It didn't even occur to me that one day, I won't be seeing them make music anymore. Now that I am given another chance to keep watching them, I feel so grateful. I will cherish every moment, every content, every second I get with these men who became part of me as if they're my own old friends. I'll forever be here, as SEVENTEEN's carat, and I will always love and support them no matter which way they go. I know that even if they go the wrong way, they will be able to learn something cause that's how they are, anyway.
    Life is precious. Time is priceless. I am hoping that carats treat every moment with SEVENTEEN as precious. Cause I'm pretty sure, after watching this, this is how SEVENTEEN treats every moment as well.
    Til the last say the name,
    til my breath ends,
    til the earth fades away,
    I love you forever, SEVENTEEN.
    - Carat

  • 원
     개월 전 +1277

    7년을 쭉 함께한 사람으로서, 세븐틴 덕분에 지난 7년은 정말 값진 시간이었고, 배워갈 수 있었고, 행복할 수 있었어! 정말 7년 동안 단 한순간도 세븐틴 좋아한 걸 후회한 적 없고, 부끄러웠던 적도 없어. 그러기 위해 노력한 걸 알기에 늘 고맙고 자랑스럽다. 앞으로 시작될 두 번째 챕터가 또 얼마나 큰 행복을 안겨줄지 상상도 안 가. 서로만 믿고 열심히 사랑하자🤍 7년 동안 정말 고마웠어, 수고했어!

    • 예원우
      예원우 9 일 전 +4

      @HYBE BTS TXT 아이고. . .우리 친구 '부럽다'라는 말을 참 상스럽게 표현하네요. 친구가 응원하는 그룹은 친구같은 팬이 필요없을것 같은뎀😆
      댓글마다 계정만 바꿔서 악플달고 다니는게 참 재밌나보네요 그럴수록 너가 응원하는 사람의 이미지만 깍여나가고 있다는걸 알았으면좋겠다.

      HYBE BTS TXT 22 일 전

      겨우 고작 꼴랑 7주년~!! ㅋㅋㅋ

    • 지원지원
      지원지원 개월 전 +11

      멋져요 캐럿선배님!!! 세븐틴 캐럿 모두 영원하쟈💍💎💕

  • naengdongingan
    naengdongingan 23 일 전 +56

    캐럿이 아니고 그냥 세븐틴 노래 좋아하고 영상재밌는거 보고 그래서 재계약한 지 몰랐는데, 진짜 대단한 거 같아요... 특히 중국인 멤버가 있는데도 남자그룹이 7년을 이어가다니 새삼 저런 평생 친구들이 12명이나 있을 세븐틴 멤버들이 부럽기도 하고 다들 캐럿 생각도 많이 하는 것 같고 마음도 이쁘고 말도 이쁘게들 하고... 기분 좋아지는 영상!😌

  • 망망
    망망 24 일 전 +40

    29:29 단계마다의 예쁜 풍경이 있다는 말이 참 세븐틴 같고 좋다. 이 그룹은 볼수록 응원하게 되고 나까지 벅차 행복해져

  • keep it going
    keep it going 27 일 전 +32

    난 진짜 이 친구들이 웃는것만으로도 나도 행복해진다고 느꼈을때 어느샌가 내가 스며들었었구나 싶더라. 무대를 봐도 불안하지않고 함께 웃고 있는 나를 보며 이친구들을 진짜 오래오래 좋아할 수 있겠다, 비록 캐럿은 아니어도 그냥 케이팝을 듣는 한 리스너로서 세븐틴이라는 그룹이 이 시대의 케이팝에 한 획을 긋는 과정을 보는게 이렇게 행복할줄은 몰랐다. 오래오래 보고싶다 세븐틴

  • a.m rima
    a.m rima 6 일 전 +3

    Just want to say this, SEVENTEEN is my youth from when I was 12 to now that I'm in college at 21. I was new to KPOP in 2013 and I happen to read an article about PLEDIS planning to debut SEVENTEEN and also heard about the live stream through USTREAM. Those 4am live streams kept me interested and wanting to be there as a fan during their pre-debut.
    I'm very thankful to have fallen to a fandom where we all appreciate one another and have SEVENTEEN that I know for sure has impacted all of our lives through all our own paths. SEVENTEEN was there when I had to go through my own teen angst hahaha but in all honesty, the amount of gratitude I have for SEVENTEEN and other CARATS is much more than anything or anybody could compare to.
    Can't wait to see SEVENTEEN in Seattle,WA this August

  • Anabelle
    Anabelle 개월 전 +723

    When Hoshi was talking about how the future isn’t guaranteed, I started tearing up. It’s so true that the reality is even though we hope seventeen will stay together forever, life has its own challenges and obstacles. So for the next five years, let’s do our best to support these 13 members and show them the love they deserve. Till the last say the name! ♥️💍

    • mckeuylla
      mckeuylla 개월 전 +3

      Huhu ikr 😩

    • sheifs
      sheifs 개월 전 +9

      Me too i started tearing up, because this is my biggest fear. But just like hoshi said let's enjoy and do our best with this given time!!

    • Namira T
      Namira T 개월 전 +16

      @alantes Yes, we only see the outcomes, but they are the one who experienced it. I personally proud seeing each of them growing to their own way and their way together so far. So, when the time comes, lets respectfully accept their decisions.

    • alantes
      alantes 개월 전 +18

      It will be extremely tough to keep all 13 together forever; esp with 3 international members.
      I see Woozi quitting idol life to become a full time producer/solo recording artist. Mingyu’s future is in acting. DK and Vernon can go solo easily tomorrow. That’s the shortcoming of super groups. Much smaller groups cannot manage to stay intact.

    • Namira T
      Namira T 개월 전 +19

      Couldn't agree more! Especially when they say it is already hard even when all of them clearly want to stay together. So, lets enjoy our next five years to fullest, Seventeen and Carat! Till the last say the name! ✨💎

  • Sun Woo
    Sun Woo 개월 전 +120

    We're so lucky to have SEVENTEEN in our lives. Them talking about their firsts and their love for Carats, made me feel that I'm really blessed to know SVT and the friends I've made because of my love for their music and each member. Thank you Seventeen.

  • Alegra Asita
    Alegra Asita 7 일 전 +6

    I love that SVT is such a fun and energetic group, but what I love most is when they have sentimental talks. That's when I feel like I am with them almost talking with each other. Thank you SVT for seven years💎✨

  • janne zhs
    janne zhs 22 일 전 +40

    i see, cheer is everything for an artist.. i sign under every word they say. even though i’m not an artist, i can imagine that when they see or feel the cheer fans give them, they have no choice but to show everything they have till the last drop. that’s why they work so hard, practice every movement- to be perfect in front of fans, to prove their worth, to pay back fans’ love and support. i see this attitude from Seventeen. they’re Carats’ everything, Carats are their closest friends/family (like this).

  • Chenalin De Los Santos
    Chenalin De Los Santos 개월 전 +73

    They have a good balance, indeed. The thing about energy Mingyu was talking about when they were young, half of them still have thag kind of energy like the way Jun said he wants to co tinue to bigger dreams and half like Woozi is along side the dreams of the other members having to realize the simplicity of life.. And I know they're continuing their journey with us Carats, with their much deserve balance in life. Oftentimes, as fans we forget that they really aren't ours and that they are individuals with their own life too. So, my wish for them of their 7th year and my 3rd yr as a carat, is that they live life to the fullest.. with pure happiness.. that's all I want for them really. I'm so grateful having to see them, it heals my heart amidst the chaos of life. :)

  • Krisha Camill De Jesus
    Krisha Camill De Jesus 개월 전 +845

    "I hope we try our best for each other while we're able to be together." - Hoshi, 2022
    Cheers to seven years, Seventeen! Until the last Say the Name.

  • Dazzle Flakes
    Dazzle Flakes 개월 전 +93

    7 years may have passed but the fact that SEVENTEEN and CARATS' bond made our youths so precious! Thank you, SEVENTEEN, for making our lives more happier and lifting us from our darkest past. For sure, not every path is filled with pure happiness but with SEVENTEEN, even those painful and exhausting experiences will be relieved because we have each other. Thank you very much and Carats will love you always and forever.

  • Tuho Kim
    Tuho Kim 28 일 전 +40

    난 캐럿도 아닌데 왜 울컥하지ㅠㅠ 사실 데뷔부터 지금까지 팬인 분들 너무 부럽고 나도 처음부터 팬이였으면 좋겠다 라는 생각도 들고 후회가 됐어요 근데 이제라도 너무 응원하고 싶고 아끼고 싶어요 저한테 감동, 또 웃음을 많이 줘서 너무 고맙고 앞으로 진짜 열심히 응원할게요 ㅠㅠ🤍 나 캐럿 됐나봐ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Daniisssavichee
    Daniisssavichee 9 일 전 +2

    We caratss are always and will alwayss be proud of everything that you will do now and even in the future.
    Honestly, I'm super grateful for you guys as you always makes me happy throughout my journey in my not so interesting hs life, you guys also served as the light in the darkest path of my life, when my m*m d**d.
    CARATS, thank you so muchhh as I find joy in this family, this may not be my first fandom BUT this fam will always have an special space and comfort in my heart. It's so funny that I started commenting in yt because of svt and became talkative when me and my bestie talks about kpop, and I would always blunt about svt until god knows how long, til she gets irritated of my rumbling HAHAHAHAHHA.
    Plssss let's all continue supporting our babiesss til the end😩 Again, happy 7th anniversary our dear seventeen!!
    Walang makabubuwag sa pamilyang ito!!
    I'm sorry that I'm late😭

  • Love_ Chinz
    Love_ Chinz 18 일 전 +20

    This video is so emotional, I think some of them consider not renewing the contract since it is possible for them to be a solo (ALL OF THEM CAN DEBUT AS SOLO) . I can feel that they made a lot of thinking and arguments about it, I am genuinely grateful that they renew. I hope I can see them in their future concert, thank you for giving me a chance Seventeen. I really love you guys and I wish for all of your happiness

  • circuitmwoya
    circuitmwoya 개월 전 +412


    • FLO0808
      FLO0808 개월 전 +6

      totally agree with you. When I hear Seventeen's contact renewal I was beyond happy even at that time I was facing some issue that make me really struggling and down. But hearing Seventeen's renewal help me to go thru it.

    • Roompa
      Roompa 개월 전 +22

      I'm a new Carat and I can totally relate to this. If it wasn't for their viral Going Seventeen episode Best Friends, where they played Red Light Green Light, then I wouldn't be here as a Cubic turned Carat.

  • peachycarat
    peachycarat 8 일 전 +4

    I enjoyed every second of this video. Every memory with you guys are so so precious. I love you guys so much 💕

  • janne zhs
    janne zhs 22 일 전 +5

    32:16 We’re an old group (officially!)
    Mingyu: NOOO! (his 아니야! was so cute)

  • Mikaela Swift
    Mikaela Swift 3 일 전 +2

    Joined caratland just this year🥺 love them because of their performance and as I dwell deep into the fandom and seventeen it just makes me happy that I'm not too late to be able to celebrate with them their 7th anniversary 💎
    After watching this, I really want to attend their concert🥺😭

  • Wixy
    Wixy 일 전

    Actually, it made me really when they renewed their contract because I still have the time to study hard, finish college, find a job, get a job, and save money to be able to watch their concert one day... it's one of my goals to see them in person while they are still active🥺

  • Gressyl
    Gressyl 개월 전 +496

    "You did not stan seventeen late, you just met them when you needed them the most." We may have not met yet, and you may not know me, but, all I wanna say is - Thank you!
    Thank you for coming into my life, thank you so much for existing. I am very grateful that we are under the same sky. I hope in this lifetime I will be able to see you all! Happy 7th anniversary, SEVENTEEN! I love you, best boys❤️ Until the last say the name, and even after that.

    • Gressyl
      Gressyl 개월 전 +5

      thank you! Didn't expect this comment to blow up. I'm just really thankful to them, and it's my first anniversary with Seventeen since I became a carat. :')

    • min9yu_k
      min9yu_k 개월 전 +6

      Woah, your comment just made me goosebump, i like it. For a moment i just wanna cry realized that i'm very lucky person cause know seventeen and i never regret to know seventeen and become a carat.
      Thank you so much for this beatiful word or commentㅠㅠ

    • Tanvi Bhargava
      Tanvi Bhargava 개월 전 +6

      Okay this is unfair...now even my co-carats are gonna make me cry..

    • Nesia Kristian
      Nesia Kristian 개월 전 +3

      Nice quotes

  • 넝
     개월 전 +29

    7주년인 사람들은 세븐틴인데 내가 왜 울음... 나 이렇게 사랑받아도 되는 사람인가ㅠㅠ 세븐틴 정말 너무 고맙다아... 7주년 너무너무 축하하고 앞으로도 먼 미래에도 함께하자... 🥺 사랑해용...

    • 예원우
      예원우 9 일 전

      @HYBE TXT Bighit music BTS 아이고. . .우리 친구 '부럽다'라는 말을 참 상스럽게 표현하네요. 친구가 응원하는 그룹은 너 같은 팬이 필요없을것 같은뎀😆

    • HYBE TXT Bighit music BTS
      HYBE TXT Bighit music BTS 26 일 전

      겨우 고작 꼴랑 7주년!! 풉!! ㅋㅋㅋ

  • 아릐랑
    아릐랑 20 일 전 +7

    마지막 소감… 우지랑 슈아 말이 너무 가슴에 와닿고… 정말 진심에서 우러나오는 한마디한마디인 것 같아서 울컥한다… 그무엇과도 자신의 위치를 바꾸기 싫은 슈아와 세븐틴과 캐럿이 한다면 함께 발맞추어 뛰어나가는 우지… 난 몬베베인데도 너무 가슴이 웅장해진다 이런게 아이돌이라고 생각하고 얘네 같은 아이돌 다시는 안 나올듯 정말 유일함

  • Mia Pajo
    Mia Pajo 18 일 전 +2

    Their are a lot of points we as fans have to take seriously. Seventeen stayed not only because of music but with the thought of how they love CARATs. And i think that's the most precious thing that we shouldn't take granted for, they are growing older and i hope we can give more achievements, awards to them as they deserve everything!! Tho HOT ended so quickly we shouldn't stop streaming~

  • Joi Adonis
    Joi Adonis 20 일 전 +9

    I really can't imagine spending the next years of my life without Seventeen. They're songs saved me so many times. They're videos always make me smile even if i'm sad. Seventeen has been part of almost half of my life and i'm really happy that I get to know them since they started. I will always be glad and thankful that you mad me and all the CARAT's in the world happy. You guys deserve all the love and support

  • 조와나.
    조와나. 개월 전 +148

    I'm still new to this fandom but whenever I see Seventeen, it always feel like I've known them for a very long time.
    I remembered I went through a lot of stress and problems, then suddenly, Seventeen came up to my feed. They became my motivation and inspiration to live each day. I would listen to their songs whenever I'm going through difficult times and they have been my escape.
    Truly, I didn't stan them too late, it just happened when I needed them the most. And that was the most beautiful thing ever.
    All I could say, My youth is SEVENTEEN.

    • 조와나.
      조와나. 개월 전 +1

      @boubidiboom I'm glad I'm not the only one that was saved by them :))

    • boubidiboom
      boubidiboom 개월 전 +1

      omg yes !!! That I be anxious, tired, stressed, sad, that I have bad thoughts or having a bad time, I just have to watch one of their video and I forget everything during these few minutes. They make me smile so easily and even in the hardest moments.

  • Trina Ruperez
    Trina Ruperez 13 일 전 +6

    I still can't stop crying throughout this video. They were really the first KPOP group I stan and made me meet so many new friends. Even though I wasn't at the very start, I really hope I could be with them and be a fan to the last moment. I am also very grateful to each one of you like so much, I cannot express it in words, but thank you so much for being one of my happiness and precious gifts in my life. I love you all and I pray for all the best for all your journey in your career and personal lives. Stay safe and healthy too! Happy 7th-anniversary SEVENTEEN and happy 6th anniversary for me as a CARAT

    • Trina Ruperez
      Trina Ruperez 13 일 전

      Though I got busy and got caught up with so many things that happened in my life, I also can't keep up with every content SVT have, but your music, content and everything that you do make me laugh are so motivating and inspiring. I will never be ashamed that I am a CARAT.

  • 김민경
    김민경 16 일 전 +3

    26:20 세븐틴이 여전히 열세 명이라 너무 고마워 ㅠㅠ 이 말을 명호한테 들으니까 더 감동이야... ㅠㅜㅜㅠ

  • Bbb Ccc
    Bbb Ccc 29 일 전 +2

    I didn’t plan to cry today, but i had to know that by watching this video, cry baby mode would automatically turn on.
    I feel really bad sometimes for not stanning seventeen since their debut and even predebut days(but i was 10 back then🙂👍 soooo…). But i got to know you, and thats what really matters. I’m growing up together with you, and got to learn maaaaany things thanks to you!!!
    I promise to keep going on the same path as you, and hope that we can reach our own destinations together, when the time comes. I will support your every decision, coz I believe that it’s for the best. There will be hard times, but we will overcome them together as SEVENTEEN and CARATS.

  • svtcarataghae
    svtcarataghae 16 일 전 +1

    I just love the way they greet loud,cheerful, energetic etc.
    I hope they will keep doing it in future too
    annyeonghaseyo SEVENTEEN INMIDA

  • gian
    gian 개월 전 +377

    "you didn't stan seventeen late, you just met them when you needed them the most"

    • gian
      gian 개월 전

      @LIFE'S BASTARD same! i just turned one month today! (with the drop of new album) ♡

    • jminic2h
      jminic2h 개월 전 +1


    • Nian Lumbera
      Nian Lumbera 개월 전 +1


      LIFE'S BASTARD 개월 전 +8

      The fact that i start staning svt this month makes me more emotional cuz they renewed their contract just at the same time i start remembering their full names 😭😭

    • Amber Eunicky
      Amber Eunicky 개월 전 +5

      Same im a baby carat too. I started stanning them during pandemic 2020 in March 🤍

  • Hearth D.
    Hearth D. 24 일 전 +1

    Wow, the very first time I became your fan was when I was in 8th grade. Time indeed flies so fast. Now, it's your 7th year and I'm in 2nd year college. I lost count of how many times you'd saved me from sorrow. I'm grateful of you. Let's count 7 or more years again, let us stick together okay? However, I know the future's unpredictable, a lot of things may happen, that's why I wish you all the biggest success and happiness. And maybe too I'll be the first one to settle down than you. But before that, I hope to see you personally.
    Anyway, I'm so proud to say that you, SEVENTEEN is my youth. I'll be here to witness your “say the name”, even the last one.

  • Andre Lopez
    Andre Lopez 5 일 전

    ay que lindo todo, espero que seventeen siempre tenga ese amor por la musica como dijo dino

  • Yahe M
    Yahe M 23 일 전 +19

    43:19 I really hope this is gonna be my reaction in the future when looking to my younger self. That little smile of him showed acceptance and I really hope he realises what a precious person he has become to so many.

  • Natalie Eustice
    Natalie Eustice 8 일 전 +1

    So proud of all of them!! I am inspired by the way they view their group, careers, and us as fans. I can see they truly love what they do and going forward they will always remain true to themselves. Keep going Seventeen!! We always love you and are cheering for each of you!! Bring on the future, whatever it brings!

  • Rayina Hasan
    Rayina Hasan 개월 전 +422

    Seungkwan: Why are you so heartwarming today?
    Jun(shy): It's because the drink is warm.
    Jun is sooo cute🥺🥺

  • Gabi Costa
    Gabi Costa 개월 전 +1

    Seventeen is a group that inspires me a lot, i became a carat by chance and it was literally the best thing that happened to me. I am pretty lonely and not that social but they make me feel I'm not that alone and they give me so much strength. i just want to thank the thirteen of you for making my days better and for being a safe place to me and all the carats.💗💎

  • [17's Mireya]
    [17's Mireya] 22 일 전 +8

    I started stanning seventeen when I was in middle school, now I’m going into college. I can’t begin to explain how proud I am seeing how far they’ve come these past 7 years. They’ve given us nothing but love and comfort and it’s something I’m more than thankful for. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you’ll continue to do in the future with Carats. Thank you for being our youth, our home, and healing. Thank you most importantly for being Seventeen, here’s to many more years

  • ssiiijal
    ssiiijal 16 일 전 +1

    the fact that i can just listen to them talking all day long shows how we are actually connected💗🛐

  • 땅빱임
    땅빱임 개월 전 +51

    늘 세븐틴으로 있어줘서 고마워 너희의 음표 하나하나가 그 무엇보다 큰 행복이고 사랑이야 우리도 캐럿이란 이름으로 너희 곁에 남아있을거야 이것 또한 기약 없는 말일지 모르겠지만 몇년이 지나도 언제나 사랑해 💎💖

  • ar_ kei
    ar_ kei 개월 전 +802

    i know im not the only one who cried while watching this. Seventeen gave so much comfort and love with all the carats around the world. I am proud to say that I choose the right path in stanning them. MY HOME, MY FOREVER COMFORT HAPPY 7TH SEVENTEEN

    • Nouha K
      Nouha K 개월 전 +1

      @boosadan thank you luv ❤❤❤

    • Jeryl Soh
      Jeryl Soh 개월 전


    • POtatOisBae •
      POtatOisBae • 개월 전

      My home
      Seventeen 😭❤️

    • boosadan
      boosadan 개월 전

      @Nouha K I Wish ! ^^

    • Nouha K
      Nouha K 개월 전

      Hey does anyone of you know the song at 3:32 ???

  • Gabriella
    Gabriella 개월 전 +3

    hoshi being so real and down to earth about how anything could happen at any time is so reassuring. may they receive all of the love for their new music and into the future too. love these people soooo much

  • janne zhs
    janne zhs 22 일 전 +2

    starting from 32:00 SVT got into nostalgia…my favorite theme

  • SweetheartinJersey
    SweetheartinJersey 18 일 전 +1

    I can feel seventeen’s authenticity and the love they have for each other and Carats 🥹

  • annie
    annie 개월 전 +1

    Belated Happy 7th anniversary SEVENTEEN
    In my life it's my first time crying because of a video from a kpop group and didn't think I will stan SEVENTEEN and love them as how I love myself. SEVENTEEN gives me love that will never fade even they where far away from me.
    They laugh, I laugh
    They smile, I smiled
    They cry, and I cried too
    Many emotions is built on me as I start stanning SEVENTEEN and I'm grateful even though I never know them in their first debut, they give all of their best just too make us smile every year. Every efforts they make is so much that I want to give their every efforts a full love and supports even I'm far away .
    I'm always here and as a CARAT, I will support all of you and every decisions you make.
    Let's continue in a journey of full of happiness and successful life until the last SAY THE NAME~

  • moonI2
    moonI2 개월 전 +480

    “There are so many people more charming and cooler than us but our fans love us. We have our own style and charms and that is why our fans love us”- DK
    It is Exactly said, if even other idols much cooler and charming You are always ONE and ONLY for CARATS

  • candytuft
    candytuft  개월 전 +1

    The fact that I watched this after they released their new song.. It's kinda heartwarming, I hope you guys will stay together for a long time. Carats too, be healthy and happy okiee :))

  • Charisse Billones
    Charisse Billones 개월 전 +3

    As someone who just joined the fandom just a week ago, I hope I am not late in stanning. I want to be part of the next chapters of ther journey.
    Happy Anniversary 🎉🎉🥂

  • mjjjyby맠뽐쓴녕퇘뺌귬

    Happy 7 years Seventeen, and many more to come!
    The part where they talked about the contract renewal and what they went through to get all 13 to re-sign was so emotional. I used to think that those groups who disband after the 7-year jinx was because they wanted to go their separate ways and focus on solo activities, but i realised now that there are many other factors that could contribute to it. Thank you for keeping Seventeen, we Carats are so blessed.
    Mingyu's ending speech really resonated with me. I sometimes find myself comparing the present me to the past me, how was i so energetic then... did i really do this and that? my friends and i have become so mellow now, we just wanna find someplace nice to sit and chill XD and WOOZIIIIIII~~ how is this hitmaker so humble T__T SVT deserves all the love they're getting now!
    Seventeen is a gem, it's a little regretful that i didn't stan them earlier. but it's also because when they were so young when they debuted and i wasn't into that kind of bubblegum pop music and concept. Now that they've matured, i like them more and more. They got me through when my ult group GOT7 was going through a crisis, but i'm so happy to have them back and SVT too. These groups give me hope that their bond and promise are unquestionable, we just gotta believe in them.

  • Callin B.P.
    Callin B.P. 15 일 전 +1

    힘든 시기에 작품으로 위로가 되어주셔서 감사합니다
    Thank you for being a consolation in difficult times through your works😄

  • fpvlfndnd
    fpvlfndnd 개월 전 +724

    세봉이 7번째 생일 축하해! 그 자리에 있어줘서 고맙고, 포기하지 않아줘서 고맙고, 항상 싸워줘서 고맙고, 항상 사랑해줘서, 항상 웃어줘서 고맙고, 정말 고마워. 늘 행복하시고 항상 건강하시고 꽃길만 함께 걸어요. 앞으로도 좋은 추억만들자. 사랑해...

  • andrea galavis
    andrea galavis 24 일 전

    Realmente Seventeen es parte de mi adolescencia he incluso mi juventud. Gracias por hacer reír😁💞

  • Pacita Medina
    Pacita Medina 개월 전 +1

    🌬️ I hope that the wind takes away all your tiredness and pain. This could be the last but you gave us a chance to experience it more as a first. I really really hope that you'll only experience good things from now on. I hope that you'll be at your happy moments for all times because that's what you always made us feel everytime were with you SEVENTEEN. I hope that you'll always be the star that we look up everytime we feel like we're the moon in a lonely place. I only wish the best for you guys. Thank you for making us feel happy and contented with you guys. Thank you Seventeen.

  • marshmellowwww
    marshmellowwww 28 일 전 +1

    SEVENTEEN I love you so much, I hope you are always together, we 'CARAT' really love you very much, always take care of your health

  • janne zhs
    janne zhs 22 일 전 +12

    34:24 “We’re not ancient… We’re still young”ㅎㅎ
    You’re still babies to us, don’t worry!

  • Dorothy Casey Senarillos
    Dorothy Casey Senarillos 개월 전 +335

    Hoshi said on weverse that: "It's an album that we put into Seventeen's honest ambition & passion, so please trust & enjoy it
    Thankyou for wishing our 7th year anniversary, I love you always" thats why we should really do our best this comeback too!

  • oyasumi_sopsop
    oyasumi_sopsop 25 일 전 +10

    I've been a carat since mansae era and seeing them now makes me so emotional :((( i am SO proud of you boys and i can't thank you enough just for simply existing. happy 7th anniversary SEVENTEEN !!! heres to many more years of success ♡ i just know there is still so much in store for you guys and im so excited to see it all happen

  • Irreplaceable
    Irreplaceable 개월 전 +3

    51:44 stuck right here and i love how real seventeen are, i love mingyu honesty here the most and i really appriciate it, expressing their emotion like this makes me think they are ok even if its hard, they are going to be ok as long as they keep talking about what worries them.
    Big hug mingyu, i wrote a long message in waverse and i'm going to write here too..
    I guess the reason behind disappointment, sadness and tiring is that we keep running in circle without stopping or feeling satisfied and the world itself is pushing us in this way. I guess all we need to feel ease at least is appreciating the small steps and learning gratitude towords the smallest things. Maybe i understood your point wrong but i hope that whenever you feel you lost meaning in your life, you find a new hope and meaning
    Lets be brave in this life and never be discourged by our fears

  • bui
    bui 20 일 전 +1

    I might not have been there from the start, but I know that I will always be there with SEVENTEEN until the end.

  • O_X
    O_X 개월 전 +16

    내 청춘이 되어줘서 고마워
    너희가 내 청춘이 되어준 것처럼
    우리도 너희의 추억 한켠에 좋은 기억으로 남아있길 바라

  • Ain Tails TweenTales
    Ain Tails TweenTales 개월 전 +93

    We'll only have 2 more years for an OT13, Cheol and Jeonghan will be required to have military service in 2 years from now and the succeeding years will be the other members. They most likely talk about their decision for the coming years with the new contract. The earliest year we'll have an OT13 again will be on 2029, and that'll be another contract signing. God, they make it seem easy but this is most likely overwhelming for them, i really do admire how strong and dedicated they are. I truly hope for them to be healthy for the years to come.

    • Memory Prime
      Memory Prime 29 일 전

      They could all go into the military at the same time and have only a 2 year hiatus.

  • kpopie
    kpopie  21 일 전

    I cried so much and all for good reason
    I've been with seventeen for almost 4 years and the only regret I have is not standing them sooner
    Seventeen gives me so much energy and emotional support
    This video was also a reminder that even tho the thought is sad but seventeen won't be there forever so I really have to cherish the time I have with then now and make the best of it
    Each moment I spend with them truly is an everlasting memory and seeing the members talk about the past was emotional
    I really laughed when they were trying to convince us that they aren't an old group but truly 7 YEARS have flown by and if I think about it it's ALOT of time
    I just hope I can continue to love and support the boys as much as they have loved and supported me 👑👑

  • Haidelyn Rotoni
    Haidelyn Rotoni 5 일 전 +1

    Not me crying when they mentioned staying together 😭 I’ve been a kpop fan since grade school and I’ve stan a lot of groups, some of them promise to stay together but due to some unfortunate circumstances they split. I have trauma 😭 pls stay together for a long time. Fighting

  • 십년동안살면서뭐내칭찬해준적있냐

    하는 말 하나 행동 하나가 너무 예쁘고 사랑스러워서
    열 세명이 얼마나 서로 아끼고 팬들을 아끼는지 너무 느끼게 된다 얼마나 서로에게, 그리고 팬들에게 진심인지 잘 보여서 너무 고마워 서로 다른 열 세명이 모여서 7주년이라는 시간동안 큰 문제없이 있어주는 것만으로도 고맙고 우리 캐럿들에게 청춘이 되어줘서 위로가 되어줘서 사랑이 되어줘서 행복이 되어줘서 과분하게 고마워 세븐틴 ❤

  • janne zhs
    janne zhs 22 일 전 +1

    26:21 Some wise words from Minghao.
    I’ve been watching this 58 minuted video for almost 2 hours quoting and commenting every word…

  • m h
    m h 개월 전 +227

    i really almost cried when mingyu made his ending comment saying how they feel the negative emotions more now that they’ve grown. especially when everyone talks about mingyu being such a happy virus and a positive person, i really wish everyday something good happens to him. i want to give him a big warm hug telling him he is literally the best thing that has happened to me and so many of us. his existence makes many of us exist today too. the fact that he pushed the contract renewal the most and in the most comfortable way only proves how much he cherishes all of this. mingyu i know you probably won’t read this but i will forever and always wish the best of the best for you. i would give you my whole life’s happiness too, that is how much i love you and the members.
    and to our scoups, jeonghan, joshua, woozi, jun, wonwoo, hoshi, dokyeom, minghao, vernon, seungkwan, dino: thankyou for enduring everything and making it this far as one team. now that the cheers will be back, i hope those can give the 13 of you great energy and big achievements too. i can guarantee you all that TONSS of people look up to you, me being one of them.
    and now another journey begins for us and for our most beloved 13 boys so,
    SAY THE NAME! Seventeen!

    • m h
      m h 개월 전 +2

      @hiranadyyy its morning now and i am still not over all of this 😭

    • hiranadyyy
      hiranadyyy 개월 전 +4

      almost tearing up reading your comment😭😭

  • mrg75
    mrg75 개월 전 +1

    You know, even if in the future someone leaves the group or if you disband, you don't need to worry about us. If it's alright with you then it's alright with us. We will continue supporting you, all of you, in everything you do and maybe hope to see you together again even if only for a talk like this

  • Rhea Suhot
    Rhea Suhot 26 일 전

    In Seventeen's name, I will succeed and buy all the albums and merchandise that I can't have now. Whether they're still active or not, they will forever be my joy and home. So no matter what, when and how, I will always show my love and support to them. 15th generation of K-Pop will come, I'll still watch their old videos over and over again. I will always be a carat, always. 💎

  • Angell
    Angell 24 일 전

    This was such a sweet anniversary. I held my tears almost the entire video. Woozi stating that he feels undeserving BUT if his members' dream is to be the best then he'll be beside them chasing that goal, I cried so hard & so fast. They are truly already the best in my eyes! 🖤🖤🖤

  • mjjjyby맠뽐쓴녕퇘뺌귬

    Woozi doesn't think they need to be more successful than now, but he's willing to make it happen because Hoshi wants to be the best in the world... hahaha. I personally feel SVT is doing amazing where they are now, I surely wouldn't want them to become too global and pressured to go a different direction from what they wanted. Self-producing idols Seventeen who handle everything themselves, that's their charm

  • Angie Ya
    Angie Ya 개월 전 +272

    I love how they speak up their mind like this, how Hoshi told us that it's hard to stay together forever, that they might break up one day, but they're going to cherish these days until they're old and going to do their best while they're able to. Also how The8 puts a clear line that we're all his friends and he's gonna marry some day in the future 😂 I like how they always say they love us (and I do love them too) but they still guide us to the right, non-delusional path. I think that's very important, that's a healthy relationship between the idols and their fans. Anyway, love you all, my idols Seventeen, their crews, and my fellow carats ❤️❤️

  • Joanne Caranto
    Joanne Caranto 개월 전

    Happy 7th Anniversary SEVENTEEN!!

  • Joanna_Yoon
    Joanna_Yoon 개월 전 +1

    36:30 I'm thinking, what Seungkwan's felt after knowing that some of his friends not renewing their contract is really heartbreaking🤧 (especially GFriend and Nuest)

  • Hearth D.
    Hearth D. 24 일 전 +10

    The most open kpop group to their fans ever.

  • Ace Heeseung
    Ace Heeseung 개월 전

    I’m crying like a fool! My love for SVT is incomparable. I am a multi stan, I stan other groups for almost 7 years now and I just stan SVT last year but my love for them is just too great. I feel like my love for SVT is the greatest and purest love I could ever give to someone. Stanning them is the greatest and the best decision I have ever made. I hope SVT and CARAT will be forever. Until and after the last say the name.

  • Hafsa Naleem
    Hafsa Naleem 개월 전 +203

    I feel so emotional, Hoshi is so right, you'd just never want something to end, you'd think you'd last forever with them but that's not true and things don't always go the way you wish them to be, you might still want to be together but it might not be possible and so the best is to realise that and cherish it while it lasts😭

  • Nurul Nadiah
    Nurul Nadiah 26 일 전

    Happy 7th anniversary SEVENTEEN! Thank you for staying together till the end ❤️
    I may not be with them since the first day, but I’m glad that I meet them along with their journey. For me, they are my comfort place and home. I’m proud to be your fan and proud to have you as my idol ✨ May all the best things and happiness came to you. Until the last, say the name.. Seventeen ✨❤️

  • Maria Fatima Guerrero

    Just want to say this, Seventeen, thank you for completing my life. In the future days ahead of us, i'm really not good at promises, but i will keep loving you even more than i love you today. Even if the last say the name comes, even if i become a grandmother, and you guys become grandfathers, i will always remember the 13 people who brought light in my life. I will always remember each of you and the memories we had and will keep having. To grow old with you, Seventeen! Let's keep going together, in our very own caratland and diamond.

  • karynxx
    karynxx 24 일 전

    Seventeen always teach me about the value of life and remind me to be grateful with all of that i have, and keep do my best for the future.
    And i'm always grateful to be part of carat, they give me a lot strength when i'm in my tough time. Just thanks for being my youth seventeen and carats, will keep this precious youth in my heart.

  • Layno
    Layno 개월 전 +17

    I just watched "Chapter7:teen".. I'm just feeling so many emotions right now ( i'm literally in tears),, this is my 2nd year being a carat and all i can say is that I'm forever grateful that you came into my life. i just feel like i'm with the right people in the right place at the right time. Even if i do not know them personally but somehow this group of 13 beautiful people became my hope, my sunshine, my safe place and my home. I hope you will shine even more in the future and achieve all your dreams. And i wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my 13 reasons to keep on going and be a better version of myself.. i love you to the moon and back ❤️. Happy 7th anniversary to our precious SEVENTEEN, thank you for always being with us and thank you carats for always being there for svt, towards more chapters with seventeen!! And until the last "say the name" let's stay together for as long as we can, okay ?

  • thatwasnotme
    thatwasnotme 개월 전 +169

    Vernon saying "there are so many celebrities but they love us out of everyone" GUYSSSS you are simply amazing in all possible ways, thanks for being Seventeen. Carat is proud of you. God bless you Seventeen.

    • solomon n
      solomon n 개월 전 +1

      it’s funny how they also said that we were gonna comment things like this after vernon said that, they really know carats lol

  • blossoms time
    blossoms time 19 일 전

    Thank you SEVENTEEN.
    I really thankful for my cousin to introduce me this group seven years ago, she said "There's a new group with a lot of members, and there's a handsome member who is tall, cute, and shy". The first time I watch was when Jun too shy around female interviewer, but I fell in love with Jeonghan.
    And then, of course, I also fell for every member(灬º‿º灬)♡
    Thank you for every moment!

  • mazz
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    HAPPY 7TH ANNIVERSARY!!! carats will continue to support you!!

  • Vernon Twil
    Vernon Twil 개월 전

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    Hay momentos en los que me siento vacía, entonces reproduzco todas las canciones de seventeen y me desahogo, me siento mejor porque eso es lo que provocan en mi.
    Jamás me cansaré de decir que son lo que más quiero yo en este mundo, no importa cuando se lea esto, los amo muchísimo, son mi lugar seguro, mi casa.
    En el futuro espero seguir con ellos todos los años que quieran seguir con su carrera, inlcuso cuando ellos terminen su carrera, yo seguiré justo a su lado, porque ese es mi lugar.
    Carat, queda poco tiempo para el lanzamiento del àlbum, esforcemonos y demostremosles todo lo que nos hacen sentir.
    Feliz 7mo aniversario❤

  • Angela Deniña
    Angela Deniña 개월 전

    Happy 7th Anniversary Seventeen!
    Thank you for being part of my youth. Every happy, funny, sad, and emotional memory we shared together will be treasured and carried in my heart forever.
    Let's keep walking down a lovely path until we reach the last SAY THE NAME.
    May our future be filled with wonderful memories.

  • Pure_ Bliss
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