[SKZ VLOG] I.N : I.N의 퐁당로그

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  • 게시일 2020. 08. 27.
  • [SKZ VLOG] 아이엔(I.N) : I.N의 퐁당로그
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  • Blue Lemonade
    Blue Lemonade 21 분 전

  • Gayatri Dewi
    Gayatri Dewi 15 시간 전

    11:17 The pants I'm wearing right now are the same as I.N's pants. Unmyeong xixi

  • Sunnysunshine^^
    Sunnysunshine^^ 일 전

    He's fam are so nice and also they think about He's members aw.....💖

  • Kang marli Marli
    Kang marli Marli 2 일 전

    Make coffe for mom,so swet

  • Allehc Drake
    Allehc Drake 4 일 전

    2:40 being the most relatable person
    2:45 classic sibling energy

  • lee felix
    lee felix 4 일 전 +1

    Te amo mucho mi amor

  • Susan Vistnes
    Susan Vistnes 5 일 전

    jeongin is so good at vlogging !! like i love this content please do more

  • 내마음에양정in
    내마음에양정in 6 일 전 +1

    1:04 오빠.. 잘생긴 얼굴로 그런 말 하기 있기 없기?

  • Vfxtaes
    Vfxtaes 7 일 전

    1:10 am I hearing I land in the back ??? bhvbsrbfwuebrfuwi

  • nam nam
    nam nam 9 일 전 +1

    I love I N

  • Rosario
    Rosario 11 일 전

    how old is his brother???? he's so funny omg HAHHAAHAHA

  • Laura Casablanca
    Laura Casablanca 11 일 전

    ¿Alguien sabe si su hermano mayor sigue en en el Servicio Militar?
    Does anyone know if his older brother is still in the Military Service?

  • lia_ iralyss
    lia_ iralyss 11 일 전

    Savage brother lol😂

  • Carolina Murillo
    Carolina Murillo 12 일 전

    te amo innie

  • Stxybroke
    Stxybroke 12 일 전

    We just became his girlfriends for 12 minutes

  • 꼬르륵꾸루룩
    꼬르륵꾸루룩 12 일 전 +1

    어머니 손으로 할 수 있는건 다 잘하시는거같다 멋있으세요! ㅎㅎ

  • Rosanne Seah
    Rosanne Seah 12 일 전

    8:04 if i heard a cat meow,

    JEONGIN HAS A CAT??? minho would be proud

  • yas
    yas 12 일 전 +1

    jeongin best boy

  • yas
    yas 12 일 전 +1

    jeongin i love you king

  • Viih Oliveira
    Viih Oliveira 12 일 전

    Ele me salva da depressão

  • Sunsun’s Seaweed soup

    1:05 ohh i just noticed after rewatching his vlog.. i.n was listening to into the iland 😂🥰

  • Gaby Costa
    Gaby Costa 14 일 전 +1


  • Gaby Costa
    Gaby Costa 14 일 전 +1

    jeongin eu amo seu blue hair
    amo vê-lo fazendo "nada "
    amo vê-lo comendo, ah que terapia assistir seu dia, seu rostinho de bebê, mds te amo

  • hamda alkumzari
    hamda alkumzari 15 일 전

    are you kidding me

  • alicia
    alicia 15 일 전 +1

    te amo

  • me fidz
    me fidz 17 일 전

    The weather is sunny and you have to wear mask*yeah corona made all us wear but thinking that idols have to wear mask all the time in public places it is so hard and annoying🥺

    • me fidz
      me fidz 15 일 전

      @alicia yeah maybe but i know that idols use masks and hats in public places for not recognizing

    • alicia
      alicia 15 일 전

      i thought that koreans used masks because of pollution (before the pandemic)

  • Shannon Wiwill
    Shannon Wiwill 17 일 전

    This man is so beautiful 🥺

  • Lina
    Lina 18 일 전

    8:56 this is my brother and me , we're always bickering like this 😂😂

    • widya duta
      widya duta 12 일 전

      @roséisart his younger brother is a 07 liner cmiiw

    • Lina
      Lina 18 일 전

      @roséisart I really don't know since I don't search for the members family but I have saw once on twitter that he had an older brother and a younger one and I think the one in the video is the younger one :)

    • roséisart
      roséisart 18 일 전

      How old is his brother?


    1:05 Into the i-land in the bg?

  • feeling minsung
    feeling minsung 19 일 전 +1

    him asking his mom is he can go to the gym is the cutest thing ever

  • mordred
    mordred 22 일 전 +1

    ti amo muito

  • agustina rosendo
    agustina rosendo 22 일 전

    you're beautiful

  • agustina rosendo
    agustina rosendo 22 일 전

    i love u so much

  • 여름봄
    여름봄 23 일 전

    2:48 언니야가태

  • Carolyn Coffey
    Carolyn Coffey 23 일 전 +1

    i.n.: 'i am so ugly'
    me:......... i think he's confused..... really confused...

  • Kelly Tan
    Kelly Tan 24 일 전

    is it just me or did i just hear the i-land song....

  • Diana Lopes Ferreira

    Am I the only one telling myself "apaaaa" everytime that he is putting cream or whatever on his face ?! haha he is so aggressive, my face would be red asf after that hahaha

  • Hridhitha Devi
    Hridhitha Devi 25 일 전

    10:30 whos the flower here?
    omg that cute look

  • Melany Sarahi Castillo Domínguez

    tamo mi vida >///

  • 하얀구름
    하얀구름 27 일 전

    애기다 애기

  • Didin Nurhaedin
    Didin Nurhaedin 개월 전

    My name is wulan

  • Didin Nurhaedin
    Didin Nurhaedin 개월 전

    I love you i.n

  • Didin Nurhaedin
    Didin Nurhaedin 개월 전

    I love you i.n

  • Thalia Balqis Saribanon


  • Kido Yatsuda
    Kido Yatsuda 개월 전 +1

    I think I.N's vlogs are the best 🤩❤️

  • Kido Yatsuda
    Kido Yatsuda 개월 전 +1

    4:15 why is he suddenly panicking ?? 😶

  • Kido Yatsuda
    Kido Yatsuda 개월 전 +1

    the goal of the holidays is to stop thinking about work
    I.N: I'm going to film all my vacations for my job

  • celine toft
    celine toft 개월 전

    "I look so ugly"

  • (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤imaginas de Ale entertainment

    그 아름다운 소년 내 정인

  • btseditturkey
    btseditturkey 개월 전

    07:22 when i.n asked us can you see it STAY ( for coffe ) i be like : yes daddy u saw you oh fck coffe

  • Vic Lz
    Vic Lz 개월 전

    jeongin te amo😭😭

  • thaxuali
    thaxuali 개월 전

    4:28 who is yoon

  • its okay idc
    its okay idc 개월 전

    I love his mom she is soo calm, nice and loving

  • adam
    adam 개월 전


  • adam
    adam 개월 전

    aat3 AM9

  • nEw yOrk sHitY
    nEw yOrk sHitY 개월 전 +1

    "Que feo soy"

    nah bro fea soy yo no jodas

  • Daniela parrado morales


  • Darién arroz
    Darién arroz 개월 전

    Los músculos de AIEN 😍✋

  • min ;D
    min ;D 개월 전

    hes so precious

  • GlyGly
    GlyGly 개월 전 +1

    Es la milésima vez que veo el vlog
    Lo amo mucho ❣

  • Tuyet
    Tuyet 개월 전


  • Mora
    Mora 개월 전


  • ebrar ersoy
    ebrar ersoy 개월 전


  • OceanNap
    OceanNap 개월 전

    1:37 😊 b E r R y ❤️ B e R r Y 🥺 s T r A w 💅🏾 B e R r Y 👁️👄👁️

  • Theresa G.
    Theresa G. 개월 전 +1

    1:08 he was watching the survival show i-Land lmao

  • loan_ ins
    loan_ ins 개월 전 +1

    yo: -pensando que en lo bonito que es*
    jeongin: que feo soy :/
    yo: QUE &#*%#! DIJISTE??


    amé ver esa carita tan tierna durante 12 minutos con 18 segundos

  • Maria Camila Gonzalez Bolaño

    Primero amo la voz de la mama de I.N segundo el hermano de Jeongin me representa tan sidksorksork ayuda no puedo

  • Cake Soy
    Cake Soy 개월 전


  • Khylie Iborde
    Khylie Iborde 개월 전

    I'm so ugly
    Jeongin do be bussin
    I have never tasted him AT ALL OK!!