[Stray Kids : SKZ-TALKER(슼즈토커)] Ep.27

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  • 게시일 2020. 07. 07.
  • [Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) : SKZ-TALKER(슼즈토커)] Ep.27
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  • Karen
    Karen 일 전

    난 그렇게 신메뉴 활동 때 슼즈토커를 보러 와,,,,, 아주 꿀잼 모음집,,,❣✨

    ARMY STAY 일 전

    hyunjin.. i miss you

    BLACKBLINK 2 일 전

    13:38 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Moon Night
    Moon Night 2 일 전

    8키즈 넘 보고싶어요...

  • Özlem Avar
    Özlem Avar 4 일 전

    I really want to see this greek statue Lee Know with the eyes of the world. He is really HANDSOME, CUTE AND TALENTED

  • sabia salima
    sabia salima 6 일 전

    lately while watching skz talker , i've been really curious about their double sided fan, anyone knows where to buy it? 😩

  • XxHannahXgachaxX
    XxHannahXgachaxX 10 일 전

    Wait... the moment when they were eating the mint chocolate ice-cream... and han was sleeping... isn't that the moment when seungmin fed han the mint-chocolate ice-cream when he was sleeping?? Seungmin did tell a story about this and I'm curious...

  • ellyka garuka
    ellyka garuka 10 일 전

    Han at 1:46 "Oh,my goodness. I look like a mess"
    How a mess can be that HANdsome?

  • Başak nim
    Başak nim 10 일 전

    16:41 "you look so pretty somehow" ikr?!

  • 0T8 STAYs fighting!
    0T8 STAYs fighting! 11 일 전

    6:48 missing this trio

  • Benedetta pissarello


  • Kim Minh Lưu
    Kim Minh Lưu 13 일 전

    7:50 what filter app did they use

  • Kim Minh Lưu
    Kim Minh Lưu 13 일 전

    0:09 We're only at the beginning and I'm already dead 🥺💖 stop licking ur tongue like that Chan

  • jeonginasaur
    jeonginasaur 13 일 전 +1

    i miss ot8 content😭

  • ビスコ/비수코


    STAY ABNEW 16 일 전 +1

    When is hyunjin coming back? Just me looking at his moments, i wanna cry

  • Re Yann
    Re Yann 17 일 전

    11:48 Hyunjin and Felix are so cuteeee! Rawr

  • dilara⁸
    dilara⁸ 18 일 전

    6:16 why they are killing me with their visuals help

  • Eizah Ahmad
    Eizah Ahmad 18 일 전

    12:31 How stuggle I.N just wanna take one damn picture 🤣🤣

  • Vitória Titon
    Vitória Titon 19 일 전

    6:20 Lee know almost crying?????

  • Trisha Alexandrea Macam

    Two modes of hyunjin
    First is saying I hate you then seconds later saying I like you more 😂

  • BTS ARMY !! 사랑해

    11:48 cute

  • Acm1hvn h
    Acm1hvn h 22 일 전

    i love them

  • -marti-
    -marti- 22 일 전 +1

    7:39 name app?

  • Vikaa Zahrahh
    Vikaa Zahrahh 22 일 전 +1

    kangen hyunjin help

  • Rama 6973
    Rama 6973 22 일 전 +1

    I miss hyunjin so so so much i just wanna go hug him now😢

  • Noelia Francesca MENDOZA SALAS

    3:54 ay Minho es tan yo

  • Ariunbolor_Gn
    Ariunbolor_Gn 24 일 전


  • Clueless
    Clueless 24 일 전 +1

    "Let's all die in a natural way"
    Dude i-

  • SiarahSilverRain
    SiarahSilverRain 26 일 전 +1

    If any of you know some "natural healthy ways" to die, let me know. I'm interested.

  • ch ip
    ch ip 27 일 전 +2

    14:54 ダンスラチャ金銀銅で草

  • Jania Gonzalez
    Jania Gonzalez 29 일 전 +1

    Hyunjin te extraño, I miss you so much 😭😭😭

  • Sakura Is The Revolution

    Chan al principio del vídeo:
    Yo: Acaso quieres matarme?


  • shabnam jafari
    shabnam jafari 개월 전

    here we see again jeongin abusing his changbin hyung while looking like a manga character

  • cyber
    cyber 개월 전 +3

    8:30 the way Minho’s looking at hyunjin-

  • black stan
    black stan 개월 전

    Hyunjin: loves taking pictures

    I can't even blame him cause if I was that pretty I would too

  • Bbs_free
    Bbs_free 개월 전


  • ani_girl
    ani_girl 개월 전

    Han has somehow also a low and deep voice like in 16:43 ik it's not that deep like cutie felix but I rly love Hans voice✨

  • MINSUNG Chimchim
    MINSUNG Chimchim 개월 전

    Ahhhh los amooooOooo

  • daniela
    daniela 개월 전


  • Minho is bae
    Minho is bae 개월 전

    0:24 damn minho what an honor that we get to look into that shirt hehehe

  • Buttercup7009
    Buttercup7009 개월 전 +2

    10:17 real maknae and fake maknae fighting and then there's the third youngest trynna stop them ksskskks

  • Buttercup7009
    Buttercup7009 개월 전 +1

    My bias: brownies
    My bias wrecker: brownie boi

  • Buttercup7009
    Buttercup7009 개월 전 +1

    woah sweaty Minho............................................m

  • Buttercup7009
    Buttercup7009 개월 전

    Damn I wanna see a full vid of Han exercising o__o

  • saas
    saas 개월 전 +1

    i can't with jeongin he's too cute

  • Ezgi işler
    Ezgi işler 개월 전

    7:21 ilk stay olduğum zaman bunları et sanmıştım evet yanlış anlamadınız et sanmıştım

  • Ezgi işler
    Ezgi işler 개월 전

    5:57 bizimle uğraşırsan olcağı bu annem

  • Mehriya Stanikzai
    Mehriya Stanikzai 개월 전 +1

    Han : i look like a mess
    Stay: I can't spell handsome without han, he always cute.
    - han and stay

  • natasha nadiah
    natasha nadiah 개월 전

    17:22 I.N buat apa sia..hahahahag

  • Katia Rosalia Lagos Mendoza

    Que malo fefi, no te voy a despertar dice JAJQHQ

  • ᴗᴗᴗププちゃん


  • Buttercup7009
    Buttercup7009 개월 전

    they're so weird o__o

  • Buttercup7009
    Buttercup7009 개월 전

    14:40 when is this getting released

  • Buttercup7009
    Buttercup7009 개월 전

    4:15 I cannot with Han lmao he really followed Changbin to taunt him into having a push-up battle ksksksks

  • Buttercup7009
    Buttercup7009 개월 전

    4:13 Minho saying "let's all die naturally in a healthy way" with a big smile on his face makes me wanna exercise-

  • Buttercup7009
    Buttercup7009 개월 전

    3:23 lol Felix looked so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee saying okaaaaayy~~ >__<
    Also-- I love how Chan was just smiling at Felix
    Also also--- I love how their manager also laughed haha that was cute

  • Buttercup7009
    Buttercup7009 개월 전

    2:41 okay so Felix and Chan's in the front playing a word game but I can't stop staring at Han exercising at the back T___T -leh arms strangle me senpai- i mean uhm....

  • Buttercup7009
    Buttercup7009 개월 전 +1

    Felix's visuals is no joke. My life span is expanding. I wanna live another day just to see Felix

  • Buttercup7009
    Buttercup7009 개월 전

    I.N + black hair + sleeveless shirt = *ILLEGAL*

  • Buttercup7009
    Buttercup7009 개월 전

    Damn what is up with Jeongiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn >__< ever since he became an "adult" he suddenly looked manlier wtfff pls stay cute >__

  • Buttercup7009
    Buttercup7009 개월 전

    One word I learned today: *tang tang tang* i love soup

  • MothmanOfficial
    MothmanOfficial 개월 전

    I love Han yelling about how its a prank like he knows that's the only thing that's gonna save his life

  • Sky qk
    Sky qk 개월 전

    Healing for a while after str34ming the kingdom stage and im well pissed by the experts.

  • Anushka Lama
    Anushka Lama 개월 전

    Whats the song name playing in the backgroung at 12:28

  • 황차드
    황차드 개월 전 +2

    썸넬 황현진 용안 머선129.. 현진아 니가 나라다

    BRENDA TY 개월 전

    at minute 16:36 a part of blackpink is heard

  • A. Christian
    A. Christian 개월 전 +1

    5:40 Hyunjin doing his lvl 3 skill. Han doing the oohhh... aahh 😁

  • duru gezer
    duru gezer 개월 전

    Videolarda türkçe altyazı kullanın