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Stray Kids Play "I Dare You" | Teen Vogue

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2023. 06. 14.
  • Stray Kids play a fun game of "I Dare You"! Bangchan, Felix, Hyunjin, Han, Changbin, I.N., Lee Know and Seungmin take turns choosing between truths or dares to test their boldness. See the boys do squats, reveal who in the group is messiest and more! Which SKZ member has the most aegyo? Watch to find out!
    Stray Kids' new album, 5-Star, is now available.
    Director: Jameer Pond
    Editor: Lucy Nebeker
    Guest: Stray Kids
    Producer: Frank Cosgriff
    Line Producer: Jen Santos
    Associate Producer: Rafael Vasquez
    Production Manager: Natasha Soto-Albors
    Production Coordinator: Jamal Colvin
    Talent Booker: Tara Burke, Paige Garbarini
    Translator: Lolly Lim
    Post Production Supervisor: Christian Olguin
    Post Production Coordinator: Scout Alter
    Supervising Editor: Erica Dillman
    Assistant Editor: Andy Morell
    Graphics Supervisor: Ross Rackin
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  • @shalala105

    The way Lino flipped that scissors up, threatening Chan who immediately apologised is hilarious 😂 NO WORDS NEEDEED TO BE SPOKEN

  • @YouTube

    i loved learning everyone's most used emojis they were so cute 🥹

  • @alice_17778


  • @kaley9986


  • @user-tl1jh3qz5q

    Felix's "Hyunjin stop that!" Whilst he had the blindfold on, and Hyunjin's adorable "okay" makes me soft ..❤

  • @sarahichavez178


  • @riversmind1545

    “What is your worst fear?”

  • @narges6188

    The fact that they need to keep assuring it’s brotherly love whenever they do bromance stuff is so funny 😂😂😂

  • @anandithasaibanka7707

    The way all members are taking care of felix after blindfolded so cute❤

  • @Cationna
    @Cationna  +583

    I hope Han knows he doesn't have to always be a high-energy, quick-witted entertainment machine to make Stay enjoy "spending time" with him. I loved his vlogs, they feel like hanging out with a friend, and I actually frequently rewatch them when I'm in a real need of some comfort and warmth. As an anxious introvert who was in no way prepared to be a vlogger and was just handed a camera on his day off, he managed to share a slice of his life, a different side to himself and even a bit of his struggles and development, and connect with people naturally. He didn't have to do any of that and I really appreciate he did it. Also I'm pretty sure the guys being their genuine selves and hopefully feeling comfortable and relaxed and doing things they enjoy is all that Stays want to see anyway, whether it's in crazy game situations manufactured for a show or in every day life.

  • @un-jamless_party_party_yeah

    Changbin being the workout instructor gave 5 more years to my life

  • @LadyBri24
    @LadyBri24  +558

    “When I saw his smile It is my happiness” -Changbin

  • @miss_venus


  • @maniyajones-wt2kp
    @maniyajones-wt2kp 28 일 전 +30

    hyunjin’s “okay” was so cute i love them

  • @creativekayla


  • @isa_bilher2768

    Hannie's vlogs are actually my favorites along side with Changbin's, they are so calming and warm to watch

  • @Crystal_Sky_


  • @ayibanna
    @ayibanna  +126


  • @anah7785

    the way everyone fixes Felix hair after removing the sleep mask

  • @Stay-85
    @Stay-85  +42

    Chan being cute and going close to Lino's face.